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08-07-2009, 07:41 PM
Many many years ago, a young orphin Boy lived on the outskirts of the cloud village. He wished of becoming a shinobi like the people in the village. So he studied there movements and jutsu's. For years he trained until the village considered him part of the community. The boy grew into a man. A very powerful man. So powerful, lightning ran through his blood. He created a new fighting style and many jutsu's. Years later, he established the Takahashi clan. When he and his wife became one, the lightning in him, was passed to her so that she was like him and he was like her. There 3 children possed the same lightning in their blood. And the proses went on.

Many years later, to happily married people from the Takahashi clan, had a child. His name was Kyo, and he was one of the most advanced shinobi in the village. He bacame a Jonin at the age of 14. Kyo had a wonderfull relationship with his father. The day Kyo was made a jonin, he found his father, minutes away from death, in the mountain. Kyo satyed with him until he passed away. That day, a part of Kyo's heart hardened.

08-07-2009, 07:54 PM
Years later, Kyo met a wonderful woman and married her. The day she was due to have her baby, she later died during giving birth to her child, Ren.

6 years later, Kyo was prosicuted and sentinced to exicution for a scandel, killing many sand ninja.

As Kyo was led to the exicution room, his daughter ran after him. When she met up with him, the gaurds allowed her to give her father, one last hug.

His last word to her were "I love you." The gaurds shooed her away as her entered the room. Ready for his exicution.

As the years went by, Ren lived in her fathers shadow. She was insulted and spit on, but refused to let them discurage her. Ren had developed a hatred for her father and his doings. She vowed to become the most powerful shinobi the cloud village had ever known.

08-07-2009, 08:11 PM
One day, a man claiming to be a Takahashi friend, took Ren for a month to train her. But on the way, he reviled a secret. Rens father was still alive. Aperently, he had killed all the gaurds in the room, and left with his brother, (the man who took Ren to train) and Rens cousin. Her father had sent him to fetch Ren so that her could train her and give her the secrets of the Takahashi clan that she was never informed of. Ren accepted his invatation and Trained with her father for a month, learning the powerful secrets to being a true Takahashi shinobi.

Thats all I have for Rens adventure. I know its not too descriptive,but I wanted it to be that way. I'm lazy. :mrgreen: