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This is MY FIRST story. (I really don't know if it's a story, but...) It's has many chapters. I don't know how many chapters there are but... I'm going to write 1 chapter each day. Let me begin 2 Chapters today.


Written by Sasruto


Well, welcome, welcome, all of yous. If you didn't know, this is my constitution, so details are provided with bandages in need. This took like over 1 month to do it, so before we get ready, the rules are simple. Just follow, and don't mess up.

This is a constitution. My things are simple, so please reply with a detailed explaination of all the things there are. If you didn't know, this is a thank you place where constitutions meet. If you didn't know, this is my story, so, be sure you don't make a thread in the forum with this in it.

All that ends well, let's take a short preview of why are what the wonders should be like.

This constitution explains all the stuff you need, and no takebacks. Don't copy it. And that's one of the rules. If you see a mistake, please do not correct it. Don't delete this post. If you delete it, it really doesn't matter to me at all. I know this is really a confusing and gibberish constitution, don't worry. It will be better in each chapter of the constitution.

Any ideas? Please contact the bottom of this. It's all real, don't worry. It will be better each time.

The short preview is dedicated to many people that helped me do the constitution, so, please save your thoughts until it is time, or i'll say later for no reason.

Let me begin on all the constitution subjucts and let me take a short note of who is following and who isn't. I know that this is a brief explaination...

As i said, it will get better. Anywho, let me start my constitution TODAY and also...have a wonderful time on your reading. You should also be improving your skills somehow.

If you didn't know, toothpicks are like bandages...

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Written By Sasruto


Oh my, oh my, such days. Is it time already? OH MY MAMA.

Well, let me begin. Begin means start. Its antonym is End or I don't know. If you didn't know, Didn't is also Did Not, which is a contraction. Contractions are somewhat NOT that popular for some reason. It's all just a hound that eats groundhogs. Groundhogs sometimes come when it strikes, so be patient. It will have courage. Groundhogs are also the best living creature on the Earth if you didn't know.

Speaking of Earth, let me tell you the planets. There are (EDIT: No really, I may not edit this part) many planets like 12 or something. Basiclly it's 9. Okay, now....These are the planets:

Something, Something2, Earth, Something3, Something4, Something5, Something6, Something7, Something8, Ceres?, Or maybe Eris? Well, Something3 and Something2 are close to our planet. Basiclly, it's a' closer. Well, well, I did a "a'" Again. Well, a' is more like Madam a' than Madam b'. Wat am I talking about?

It's in the mood of disruption if you don't know. Did i just say Wat? Wat is a different word than what, but that's what the forums say (Wat, wat, wanna play, wat?) Did I capitalize the i? No, I didn't. It should ALWAYS be capItalIsed. I am really not followIng. Well, looks lIke wanna Is the Igly. Igly, like ugly!

Wanna..waIt. Why am I capItalIzIng all my I s? Well, looks like I shouldn't anymore. You should know...you do really. As I was saying, Wanna is the i don't know (I didn't capitalized i for some reason...) , which is also Want to. "Want to play" --- "Wanna play" You maybe don't use it in the forums often. You maybe SAY IT alot.

But it all depends. Did you learn I stuff? Well, luck is completed. That's the End of this CHAPTER, so...tomorrow comes the next (or today!). Chapters are divided, usually. That's why smilies are like toothpicks and toothpicks are like bandages!

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I don't know why NOBODY has read it yet

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Yeah I guess I won't go on till I get more posts.

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Written By Sasruto


Haven't done this forever. You know why...right? Well, of course you do. Nobody ever writes "Comments" before.

Comments are nothing like concerns. They are just different. If you didn't know, the opposite of different is alike, which is at a totally different subject. To be honest, different shapes really do come in different sizes. That, what I just typed, is a "Saying" (oooohhhhhh). Yep.

Yep is just a "teenager" (just like us!) word. Otherwise, kids will say "Yes". We say lol, g2g, brb, and more. Otherwise, kids will say "Haha, Got to Go, Will Come Back" and more. We also use "Emotions", which you should know what it is. We use colons and parentheses and more to do our "Emotions". Kids just use feelings.

Now, let's go back to the "beginning" paragraph. Wow. That sentence just made me gasp. Okay, now we got more work to do. Beginning is just the first part of the thing/story...etc. A paragraph is chops of the whole thing/story...etc. Gasping is another word for shocked. Or something similar. Shocked and Gasping are synonyms.

Call one eight hundred---- oh, another thing. (I just want to go back to the first paragraph!!!) If you are watching movies, and you see somebody calling someone, there IS a 555 in the phone number. Really. I'm not kidding.... Toma RNK. Wow. That was just random. (+3 Things to do)

Can I just go to the first paragraph yet....NO!!! Aww..... I just did an emotion. Anywho, Toma RNK is a member of the Naruto Discussion Forum. I'm not explaining what a forum is. You should know what it is. Just like Sage Mode, a mod (no, not this too!!!) of the Naruto Discussion forum. Naruto is a TV show. A mod is just a moderator. dot dot dot (...) means to continue something.

Finally, I got a chance to go back to the first paragraph... "(Quotes)" are quotation marks. Someone or something is saying some--- (My Brain: hey, no more space) --- Oh, no!!!!!! Well, I just was...brainfrozen. Well, bye! Brainfrozen is why similes are toothpicks and toothpicks are like bandages!!!

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That is an awesome story yo!

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This is interesting[x

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Not to be rude. But what is it exactly? Better definition that Constitution.