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08-05-2009, 05:16 PM
Masaaki Nakamura
village hidden within the Twilight
Name meaning-True brightness
Personality- Masaaki is generally mature and serious,and quite optimistic,very free-spirited, cold and meanheart went first meeting Miyo in the story.
looks-5'4 tall,Dark blue hair,Dark blue eyes, round face that make him look older that he really is
clothes-he was wears a dark blue shirt with black short, black elbow protector, black fingerless gloves and blue ninja sandles,and his headband on his forhead
Clan-The Nakamura Clan is know for there swordsmanship and Genjutsus. Masaaki is the first natural genius in the clan graduating the academy at the age of 10 at the top of his class and become a chunin by the next week
Family-father middle child of three brothers is older Brother Aace wanted the clan power for himself and murder the whole clan to get it beside his younger Brother Gajiu and Masaaki,not much is known about Masaaki mother