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08-05-2009, 05:15 PM
Aigyou Nonkimono
Name meaning- loving and happy
Age- 17
Likes-Sweet,family and friends, being lazy,reading, picking on her friends,the summer time, raining days, and learn new jutsus
Dislike-going on a missions,people hurting the one she loves, people calling her a boy and say her name wrong
Persoality-Aigyou is hot-tempered, easygoing, lazy,tomboyish, and sometimes hyperactive,unlike like her two best friends, she does not like going on missions and like to stay home for this reason her and miyo get into fights often, but still love her friends and village and willing to do anything for either one.
Looks-Aigyou has fair skin orange hair that goes to the middle of her back like miyo and her eyes are light green that become a dark emerald went she is mad or upset.
clothing-black hat with a orange strip around and with orange sakura in the middle of it her heardband is under her hat on her forehead,black jacket with a orange strips on the arms and orange sakura flower on the right side of her collar, two pocket on jacket for holding scrolls, with black pants with strips on each pants leg,black running shoes with orange sakura flowers on each side of them,and black fingerless gloves. she also made this outfit herself
chakra nature-earth and wood
powers & abilities-Taijutsu,weapons specialist,Painful Sky Leg-This jutsu is simply a falling axe kick to the ground,this kick results in either a gigantic crater or a deep fracture along the ground, killing any opponents caught in its immediate strike zone,Earth barrier-a barrier at least ten feet high topped with timber walls at another fifteen feet-keep the emery out while at war and other emergency
hobbies-visting hot springs, reading, training, learning new jutsus, hanging out with Miyo and Harumi
weapons-large scythe on back,pack of kunai on left thigh, two kodaci strapped arcoss her shoulders like Miyo
Dream- to be the greatest taijutsus kunoichi in the village hidden in the Sakura

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is this ur character

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she's cool

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yea she is. you like her.