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This story is created by me, and it's main character is Kana Tenshi and the village is called Soragakure no Sato(Hidden Sky Village). The sky village was found by Yori Tenshi the first Sorakage but he mysteriously disappeared with no trace. With a new Org established, traitors and secrets reveled can Kana bring the ninja world back to peace?

Arc 1: Yami Tenshi Clan Massacre
Chapter 1: A Vision (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=787779&postcount=2)
Chapter 2: Shinkangure no Sato (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=787784&postcount=3)
Chapter 3: Jiro's Mission (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=787797&postcount=5)
Chapter 4: Yami Tenshi Clan Massacre (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=808673&postcount=32)
Chapter 5: The 2 Kage's Meeting (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=815781&postcount=39)
Chapter 6: Keji vs. Kanana (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=832118&postcount=45)
Chapter 7: Ulmo The Water Lord (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=853778&postcount=50)
Chapter 8: Village Hidden in the Frost (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=886596&postcount=58)
Chapter 9: Warning (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=908908&postcount=64)

Arc 2: Ryuusei
Chapter 10: Infiltration (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=924738&postcount=70)
Chapter 11: Hayato Sato (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=969960&postcount=75)
Chapter 12: A man with no Emotions (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=980686&postcount=81)
Chapter 13: The Second Star Wolf (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1022845&postcount=84)
Chapter 14: A consequence (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1085748&postcount=88)
Chapter 15: The Chase (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1096184&postcount=90)
Chapter 16: Fail (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1114050&postcount=92)
Chapter 17: Concerns (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1209901&postcount=99)
Chapter 18: The Calm (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1355164&postcount=103)
Chapter 19: Godly (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1437213&postcount=105)
Chapter 20: Rain (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1445036&postcount=114)
Chapter 21: The Space (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1452362&postcount=118)
Chapter 22: The Time (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1467974&postcount=119)

Arc 3: The War Within
Chapter 23: Upcoming Tournament (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1477481&postcount=123)
Chapter 24: The Tournament Begins (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1484831&postcount=129)
Chapter 25: Akira vs. Amaya (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1510411&postcount=130)
Chapter 26: Hidden Grass Technique (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1539149&postcount=134)
Chapter 27: Fate (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1728871&postcount=137)
Chapter 28: Shiro-Yume (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1780228&postcount=140)
Chapter 29: Hidden Within (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1885931&postcount=142)
Chapter 30: Civil War (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2004340&postcount=144)
Chapter 31: A Taste (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2047187&postcount=145)
Chapter 32: 2 Battles (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2054390&postcount=148)
Chapter 33: The End (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2101872&postcount=150)
Chapter 34: Mysterious Zenaku (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2106434&postcount=153)
Chapter 35: Hayato Underestimates (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2149898&postcount=155)
Chapter 36: Hayato vs. Riyo (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2153140&postcount=156)
Chapter 37: Hayato's Ace's (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2157033&postcount=158)
Chapter 38: Battle Rages On (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2161980&postcount=168)
Chapter 39: The Spirit Aces (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2170828&postcount=190)

Arc 4: The Past
Chapter 40: Aftermath (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2227325&postcount=211)
Chapter 41: The Prodigy (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2232068&postcount=215)
Chapter 42: The coming of Rein (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2235275&postcount=225)
Chapter 43: Discovered (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2239931&postcount=226)
Chapter 44: Plan is Revealed (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2250669&postcount=237)


Kana Tenshi:
Age: 16
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
Is a 16 year old Jonin and is in Anbu, His elements consists of Lightning, Fire and Water. Hailed in the Yami Tenshi Clan; Kana shows that he has the qualities and strength to be the next Sky Village Kage. But Kana deals with obstacles that can cost him his life and the village.

Amaya Tenshi:
Age: 15
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
Is a 15 year old female who is a jonin and in Anbu. She is Hailed from the Yami Tenshi Clan and elements are Earth and Lightning. She develops love for Kana but will never speak upon it. She advises Kana about the dangers that they will face in the future.

Leiko Tenshi:
Age: 16
Rank: Chunin
Status: Alive
Leiko is a 16 year old female who is hailed from the Yami Tenshi Clan. Her elements are fire and water. She is a Chunin.

Yukio Hayashi:
Age: 27
Rank: S-Class
Status: Alive
He is the current Co-Kage of the Sky and have 4 elements and they are: Water,Fire,Earth and Lightning. He is 27 years old and kind of shows doubt in Kana. He participates in the war with in the village on Nariko's side.

Nariko Tsukino:
Age: 36
Rank: S-Class
Status: Alive
Is the current Anbu Leader who wishes to become Kage of the Sky. His elements are Fire and Lightning and is hailed from the Tsukino clan. He has been shown to do some shady dealings.

Sada Mizushima:
Age: 28
Rank: Kage
Status: Deceased
Was the third Kage of the Sky and she is 28 years old. Very beautiful and has a body to match. Her elements are Water,Fire and Earth.

Jiro Tsukino:
Age: 20
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
Is the rival of Kana and he is 20 years old. He is the nephew of Nariko and has single Handily massacred the Tenshi clan. His elements are Water and Earth. He is also a Jonin.

Kaori Tsukino:
Age: 14
Rank: Chunin
Status: Alive
Is the the Younger sister of Jiro and she is a chunin of the Sky. She is 14 and her elements are Lightning and Earth.

Asa Wakahisa:
Age: 57
Rank: Kage
Status: Alive
He is the Kage of the Silent village and he is praised for his strength and smartness in battle. He is 57 years old and his elements are Lightning and Water.

Emiko Yamada:
Age: 17
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
She is part of the Yamada clan and her elements are Fire and Lightning. She is 17 years old and is hailed from the Silent Village. Part of the Yamada Clan and is a Jonin.

Haru Yamada:
Age: 18
Rank: Jonin
Statu: Alive
Is 18 years old who is always joking. He is part of the Silent village and is an Anbu/Jonin. His elements are Water and Fire. Hailed from the Yamada Clan.

Keiji Akiyama:
Age: 27
Rank: Jonin
Status: Deceased
Was the Co-Kage of the Silent but Died from Kana's hand when he wanted to steal Lieko's eyes. His elements are Lightning,Water and Fire.

Kimi Himura:
Age: 14
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
Kimi is from the Silent village and she is 14 years old. Even though she is young she is a jonin and Anbu Captain. Her elements are Earth and Fire.

Kuri Inoue:
Age: 15
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
Kuri is a 15 year old male who is from the Silent Village. His elements are Lightning and Fire. He is also a Jonin.

Matsu Kimura:
Age: 16
Rank: Chunin
Status: Alive
Matsu was Nori's student and he is a Chunin. He is 16 years old and his elements are water and fire.

Nori Yamada:
Age: 25
Rank: Jonin
Status: Deceased
Nori was the host of the second star wolf, and she was 25 years old. Part of the Yamada clan and her elements are Fire and Earth. She was a Jonin. Ryuusei member Hayato kills her.

Kazuki Abe:
Age: 25
Rank: Jonin
Status: Alive
Is from the the Frost Village and is a jonin. He escorted the kage to the Sky village and is very quick. Kazuki elements are Lightning,Water,Wind and Ice. He is 25 years old.

Masaru Kimura:
Age: 18
Rank: Kage
Status: Alive
Is the Kage of the Frost. He is very powerful at a young age of 18. His elements are Wind,Water and Ice.

Habi Okanzi:
Age: 32
Rank: Jonin
Status: Deceased
Was the Host of the 3 star falcon. He was in his mid 30's and from the Darkness village. Showed that he had control in his transformation. Captured and killed by Rein

Ryuusei Members:
1. Hayato Sato

He is the most feared puppet user and he is hailed from the village hidden in the Waterfall. He can control up to 30 puppets at a time. His most feared puppets are the deadly Ace's. Never lost while the deadly Ace's was in play and his clothing under his Ryuusei Cloak is painted with blood from everybody he killed. He is a cold hearted killer and never hesitates to do it.

Elements: All of them

Ex Village: Waterfall Village

Assignment: 2nd Star Wolf and The 8th Star Frog from Hell

Abilities (So Far):
The Deadly Ace's (15)

2. Zenaku Mori

He is hailed from the Hidden Star Village. Many people called him the prodigy after he beat everybody in his class, many thought of him as the next Kage for the Star Village but he has evil intentions. Wanting more power the village council kicked him out the village and for 5 years he was alone. At some point in time he was recruited by Ryuusei

Elements: Fire and Lightning

Ex Village: Star Village

Assignment: 1st star Dragon and 4th Star Shark/Whale

He has shown no certain jutsu yet but it seems like Zenaku is the quickest and has this jutsu that controls people movements.

3. Rein Yoshida

He is hailed from the village hidden in the Darkness. A very experience jonin who is always serious about whatever he is doing. He is wanted from the Darkness Village because he assassinated the 2 kage's. He has a unique ability to control rain whenever he want's to. Some point in time he encountered the leader of Ryuusei and was recruited after they fought.

Elements: Water,Earth,Space,Lightning, and Time

Ex Village: Darkness Village

Assignment: 7th Star Anaconda and The 3rd Star Falcon.

Abilities (So Far):
Panda (Boss) Summonings
Lion Summonings
Snake Summonings


08-05-2009, 12:44 AM
Chapter 1: The Vision

3 kuni's at lightning speed went through the tree's at perfect aim and hit the rogue ninja in his back, and he felled. "Damn Kana! who the hell can he still hit me?" The rogue ninja pulled the kuni's out his back and start running again but slowly. "I was well ahead of him, he wont cat..." The rogue ninja stopped talking and felt someone was looking at him, he looked and saw this figure squating down on a tree with red and black eyes. "No no no, how could you? So quickly? Your not that fast, no on.." The figure quickly got behind the rogue ninja and said "I'm not everyone". The rogue ninja felled to the ground with smoke coming out of his back,

"Where is Kana Tenshi!?" asked lady Sada. "I know he caught that rogue already, he should be back by now." The Co-Kage comes in, "You know i heard you all the way at the end of the hall, what do you want Kana to do now Sada?" asked Yukio. "Recently I promoted Kaori Tsukino to chunin and i need to appoint her a trainer, being that her older brother is out on missions now" Kana appears sitting on the window frame, "Is that all? You want me to train an Tsukino, knowing that thier clan and the Tenshi clan has been feuding for awhile now?" Lady Sada looks down, Yukio steps in closer to Kana, "Why cant yall ask Amaya to do it, i also have an Anbu mission that needs to be completed." "I canceled your anbu mission so you can train her, you have nothing to do but that and as your kage that is an order kana!" Yells lady Sada. "Very well then", Kana jumps off the Kage building and starts walking to the Tenshi Clan area. "Kana has become very cocky lady Sada, he even question you, must we do something to stop it?" Lady Sada looks out the window at the Tenshi Clan entrance, "No don't, Kana dosent mean no harm. Besides I think he knows he is in the running for kage. He is a very talented ninja who can back up what he saids." "Very well then Lady Sada." Yukio walks out the room anguishly and only said kage while he was walking.

Kada walks through the Tenshi clan entrance and is immediatly greeted by Leiko. "I heard you recently reached Jonin status, you still can't beat me" Kada said's playfully. "Whatever give me time i will do it" Leiko looks down and then back up to Kada, "Kada, Amaya recently has gotten meaner. I think she is stressed from her anbu missions. She barely eats anymore." "I'll handle it right now", saids Kada. Amaya is standing on the Tenshi clan tower looking at everything. She'd sighed 3 times, then Kana comes right beside her. "What do you want? Kana don't try to lecture me cause i do not want to hear it im tired right now. The Tsukino clan are a headache." Kada smiles and saids, "Well nobody said being in anbu was going to be easy especially when a tsukino is the anbu leader. Just have to suck it up, besides I love the way your nose flares out when you are stressed" Amaya starts laughing, "Kada when is it going to end? The feud between the Tenshi and Tsukino clans, I have a vision that one day the Feud will end and the village can become united. If the 1st Yori Tenshi was here and seeing this he would be mad" Kada just looks away, and starts thinking. "It will end one day,whether im the Kage or Lady Sada as Kage, i promise you it will end and we can unite as one."


"Nariko sir another sky shinobi was found dead." "Hmm that's the 4th time this week, well every thing points to Shinkangakure. We need to eleminate that village once and for all" Nariko looks around and saids "Call in my nephew Jiro Tsukino, I have a mission for him."[/SPOILER]

08-05-2009, 12:44 AM
Chapter 2: Shinkangure no Sato

"I know it's coming, and I want it to come. Just the thought about it tickles me." saids Asa Wakahisa. Asa is 57 years old but he looks like he is in his twenties. Countless of times he said the reason why is because of the drive and commitment of the village, but some think that Asa might have stolen his brother and father's chakra. "The anbu has inform me that 4 of their shinobi has died this week. I know it didnt come from us and the land of Stroms really has no talented shinobi except for 3. Therefore they have a traitor in their village." Keji walks up to Asa, Keji is a very talented ninja and Asa even said that keji is the only one that can beat him. "You know Asa maybe they wont come and attack us, their kage is very cautious and scared of us." saids Keji. "If they do come they wont stand a chance." Kimi Himura walks in and greets the two, Kimi is the youngest jonin and anbu member of the silence village. She is 14 and already has been made anbu captain. "Lord Asa, im calling an anbu meaning so we can discuss the recent info we have on the sky village and the plans to invade the Land of Storm's." "Very well then, where is matsu?" asked Asa. "He is training with Nori" replied Kimi.

"Water style: Rain Needles! got you now Nori" Nori at quick speed reply's with her own jutsu, "Earth Style: Wall protection!" The needles have no effect on the earth wall at, out of no where Nori holds a kuni at the neck of Matsu's throat. "How in the hell did you get behind me so quick? You was in that earth wall protection." asked Mastu. "Here is a new jutsu that you are going to learn today, Shinkangure most known and deadliest jutsu. Ninja art: Dead Silence."

Mean while

"I cant let it go, how can Kana Tenshi always beat me? Our last battle i thought for sure i had him. But he alway's seems to come through!" Emiko punches the wall and leaves a whole in it. "Iv been working on a new just's that goes well with the daed silence jutsu. Kana wont get the upper hand anymore." Haru Yamada walks in, and sits down. "You know if you keep doing that, im going to be the one that fix that. Emiko let it go. You might not even get the chance to face Kana again. Why wont you let it gg.. Oh i know.. Do you have a thing for Kana Tenshi?" Emiko immediately looks at Haru "Wha what? No no I hate Kana with all my heart." Haru looks and puts his head over his head while leaning his chair, "Um hmm, ok Emiko. But i warn you Amaya already has dibs on Kana" Emiko walks out the room but flips haru chair over while him in it.

"Jiro i have an assignment for you. You will need another person to complete it though. It involves the Yami Tenshi Clan" Jiro starts smirking and saids "perfect"

Sai's brother
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This story is made up, i just put in some made up characters in the yami tenshi clan. As you can see niether me,you,jeremy or zeek is in it

ok then ^^

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Chapter 3: Jiro's Mission

"Jiro as you know the Tsukino clan has always been around in this village since the 1st Yori Tenshi. A Tsukino was next in line for the kage but at the last minute the 1st went back on his promised and appointed another Tenshi as the kage. We have been loosing battles and the chunin exams was embarrassing. The sky village needs a new leader, a leader who is strong and put this village back to greatness. In order to do that Jiro you know what you will have to do." Saids Nariko. Jiro does a devilish smile and saids "In order to do this uncle i will need another person to help me" "Very well then, but make it silent."

"Alright listen kid, im a very impatient person and lady Sada told me to train you. So lets get through this very quickly and easily." Kaori smiles and saids "Well sensai I already got you. Look behind you and look at your feet." Kaori already has a clone with a kuni to Kana's back and another one holding his feet. Kana rolls his eyes and sighs, "You know you should of waited till i said go, But whatever lets do it then." Kana hold up to fingers,"KI!" His body turns into crows and while in the air they turn into shurikens and kuni's. "I didnt anticipate that he can do that so quickly, well Earth Style: Rock Dome!. With this his kuni's and shurikens won reach me." Kana appears in the rock dome when she turned around. "what how in the hell did you..", "No,no the question you should be asking is why lightning is starting to cover your dome" Kana smiles, and Kaori dome is destroyed and she gets electrocuted. Amaya comes rushing in to Kana. "Kana Nariko put us onan anbu mission to the land of storms. We have to leave now.", Kana raises his eyebrow, "Why the both of us? that never happened before. Well lets go. Kaori I will be back, While im gone i want you to upgrade your earth dome. Amaya lets go."

At Night

"The Moon is shining brightly, it's like it's happy that we are about to do this." Jiro saids. Keji Takes off his black silent village mask,"hehe perfect, a win/win for both of our villages. Lets do this." Keji and Jiro both put thier black anbu masks on and heads to the entrance of the Yami Tenshi Clan...

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Later Yori

[in mind- why did i even choose the moonlight village]

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Later Yori

[in mind- why did i even choose the moonlight village]
Cause you weren't thinking about active villages you were thinking about powerful ones.

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Ok chapter 1 is up now

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It's cool...and I see your arranged the character profiles my way.

Yea, i didnt want to give a paragraph about each character

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Great Story Yori

Cause you weren't thinking about active villages you were thinking about powerful ones.

I guess so Rotate

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You could start making books if you keep this up. You can be famous for writing good stories like this one.

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You could start making books if you keep this up. You can be famous for writing good stories like this one.

Thanks Broko:D

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Yeah and you need to have a illistator as well. It takes alot to write a book

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Yeah and you need to have a illistator as well. It takes alot to write a book

It really does take a lot.

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Chapter 4: Yami Tenshi clan Massacre

Chapter 4: Yami Tenshi Clan Massacre

Amaya and Kana are both heading through the Land of Storms and they are both in the forest now. "hm, why did Nariko put us both on this mission. It dosent seem right at all" saids Kana. "Well Kana I understand where you coming from but what's done is done. Lets hurry up with this mission and go back to the village. Besides why are you worrying about it for? Mr.next in line for Kage." Kana looks at Amaya and they both smiled at each other. "You know Amaya I never met my dad or grandfather, it alway's has been me and my mother, if anything happens to her i.." Amaya interrupts Kana, "Dont even say that the village is in great care by Lady Sada, everything is ok"

Back at the Village

"I love the look of blood when it drips down off my kuni" saids Keji. Jiro looks around and saids "Well so far i think we killed about 30 people. There are 15 more, I'll take care of Kana's and Amaya's family. You take care of the rest" Keji rolls his eyes at him, "You know just because we are working together dont forget im also your superior because im the co-kage of the Silent village"
"Hm whatever im about to go kill Amaya and Kana's i'll meet up with you back here" Jiro saids. Jiro reaches Amaya's door step then kicks it in, with his speed he took out her father and mother, leaving only her little sister. Jiro reaches Amaya's sister room he filled the room with water while she was sleeping, Drowning her. "Now kana's mother turn." Jiro kicks Kana's door in but to his suprise 5 kuni's came out on him on sight. Then Kana's mother does Fire Style: 3 mini balls at Jiro. Keji looks at Jiro and saids" are you seriously having trouble with that old women?" Both Jiro and Keji rushed in and they was too quick for her. They both stabbed her, one in the front another in the back and she yelled out a scream. Jiro looks up and see's a crow flying around. "Oh no, Keji do the dead silence jutsu to kill the rest or this is going to get dangerous." Keji looked at Jiro, "Now what"

While jumping through the tree's, a voice yelled "Kana!!" and it sounded like his mother. "Hold on Amaya did you hear that" "Hear what Kana?", Kana looks around now with a concern look on his face. "Hold on one second." he saids. Kana closes his eyes and can see his mother laying on the ground with blood coming from her, then the other Tenshi members dead. He opened up his eyes and saids, "Amaya i want you to start heading back to the village now, something is going on. Im going to use my crow technique to go back now", "Kana whats going on. Why? take me with you." I cant Amaya i need prep time to take another person with me, and time isn't on our side. Hurry back to the village." Kana holds out 2 fingers "Now!" and all of a sudden Kana was gone. "Kana used his crow teleportation technique he was telling me. Before he leaves the village he always does the jutsu and leaves a crow behind. Wherever that crow is he can teleport there"

"Alright it's done Jiro. Jiro?" "Go back to your village now as fast as you can but be quiet." saids Jiro. Keji looks, "who is that with the red eyes on top of that tower" Jiro saids, "that is Kana" Jiro poofed out of there leaving keji. "Crap!" saids Keji. Keji threw a kuni beside Kana mother and starts running. Kana turns and see's his mother and jumps down next to her, and starts crying, "no, no, no. Why?" For the first time in his life Kana's Kamimeh has been turned off.. "Kana.." His mother whispered his name..

To be Continued..

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The suspense is killing me!!!!!

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Chapter 5: 2 Kage's Meet

By the next morning the Sky village police force was on the scene at the massacre. "Where is he?" asked lady Sada "Up there, he has been there since we got here earlier." Yukio replies. "I hope this dosent crush him enough for him not wanting to be kage. The sky will need him as their leader, we can only hope Kana can bounce back from this." A loud scream came from the entrance. Loud enough that it caught Kana's attention. Kana just simply saids "Amaya." Amaya ran out of her house crying non stop. The air that morning was cold and the sky was full of thick clouds. Kana while sitting on the tower just looked at the sky thinking about his mother, Then it hit Kana. "I didnt see Leiko's body.", Kana flips off the tower and runs up to Lady Sada. "Where is Leiko?", "What you mean she's de.." "No she isnt" interrupts Kana, "Her body is the only i havent seen, she is still alive." Lady Sada looks around, "Your right, Kana This is your mission, find Leiko and bring her back here." Kana eye's immediately went into the Kamimeh and with blinding speed he took off. "In the mean time I have to go to the Land of Storms to meet with the silent village kage. hm Jiro and Nariko you two accompany on our way their lets move out."

Asa sit's at the table playing with his fingers, "She is late, my patience is growing thin." "Well my lord the Tenshi clan has been killed last night, that's why she is hold up" reply's Nori. The moderator there was an old man , who shows no emotion. "She's coming. In the meantime Asa think about the peace treaty." the old man saids. Asa stops playing with his fingers, "Ah the peace treaty, this should be fun." Lady Sada comes through the door, "sorry it took so long, something happen in the village. So i called the meeting because i want peace between our villages." "Peace? hm the sky village was always weak and i knew y'all was going to be the first that want's peace. Well you are a weak kage." The moderator looks at both Kages and saids, "I for one prefer this peace, this has been going long enough, it needs to stop before both villages kill each other. Asa Wakahisa do you agree on peace?" Asa smiles and saids "Of course I do, but my village shouldn't be there concern right now. How will Kana feel when he learn of the peace treaty. I know he blame us for killing his clan. Good Luck, you'll need it. Well i'll be on my way. By the way the Village Hidden in the Rain has invaded the Land of Wind. Something you should know." Lady Sada opens her eyes big, "Oh god i forgot about how Kana would react to this"

Kana jumps from tree to tree and it's now night. So many thought's are racing through his mind, from his mother,Amaya and Leiko. "Leiko im not loosing you too." Kana closes his eyes to see if any crows was flying around. He opemed his eyes, "didn't thought I have to fight him so soon, well im not loosing Leiko so be ready. Now!" Kana teleports where the crow is and in front of him is Leiko and Keji the co-kage of the silent village. "now what do you want with Leiko? She just turned jonin and won't be no use to you." asked Kana. "Well seeing that the Tenshi clan is almost extinct i want the kamimeh and it's powers. Thats right im taking her left eye." "Your going have to beat me Keji to do it, and by beating me i mean killing me." Keji starts laughing and throws down Leiko, "Well the sky village golden child will be dead soon enough." Keji Starts running towards Kana.. To Be Continue

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Chapter 6: Keji Vs. Kana

"Prepare to die Kana!!" Keji with speed ran up to Kana with a kuni knife but Kana easily avoided each strike Keji threw at him. Kana does a backflip and kicks the kuni out of Keji hand but Keji was already leaning in with his other fist striking Kana in the dace. "Hehe you know every other village knows you as untouchable, and saids hitting you in a fight is Very Very rare. Well i put that to rest didnt I?" Kana looks on but dosent say nothing. All of a sudden Keji is kicked in the back with great force sending him into trees. "You know Keji you talk too much while you fight. Thats the reason why i was able to make a clone." Keji gets up and runs towards Kana again and the two does hand to hand combat. The taijutsu lasted for 10 minutes until Keji gets stricked with a crushing right hand from Kana. "Enough! Water Style: Pouring Rain!" Keji saids and the sky immediately is filled with heavy clouds with rain coming down. "He's planning something but what? Well i guess i should fall back into defense till I see through his plan. Keji is crazy but a highly skilled ninja." Kana saids in his mind. "Kana you will die today, I promise!" Keji starts running at Kana again.

"Hmm, Where is Keji?" Asa asked. "Sir Keji did not make it back yet." Asa thinks in his mind,"What? Keji should of been by here by now. " Asa walks to his window looking at his village then a crow fly's and lands on his window pane. "A crow, their isnt a crow near he..Kana is nearby" "Emiko gather 10 shinobi and send them to the borderline between us and the sky village" Asa ordered. "Keji is in trouble"

"Haha got you!" Keji strikes Kana in the face. "Your Slipping Kana whats wrong? hehe" Out of no where Keji is behind Kana holding a kuni knife to his throat. "You know this was too easy Kana, Your dead." When Keji started to pull back the knife Kana's body disperse into crows, while in the air they turned into kuni's and shurikens all ready too strike at Keji. In Kehi mind he saids,"So the power of the kamimeh comes forth." Keji starts running the other direction while the shurikens and kuni's all comes down on him. But then Kana appears in front of him successfully doing a devastating 10 hit combo on Keji. While Keji is trying to get up he starts coughing out blood, "enough, i have to get Kana now." Keji starts doing a series of hand signs, "Water Style: Rain of Death!", Kana opens his eyes big, "Oh no this the jutsu, Keji did to wipe out the land of storm military. Leiko is in trouble too. What to do, what to do!?" The rain stops for 5 seconds then the rain starts again but the rain was as sharp as the deadliest kife. "Oh shoot Leiko!" Hehehe even if Kana survives this Lieko dies. Wait, what is that?" A big pair of black wings covers Kana and Leiko. "Whew in the nick of time i summon my angel death crow." The rain stops and the crow unravel it's wings and Kana jumps on the back of him. "Come on Kana, you have Yet to show me why soo many people fear you. Show me!" Kana closes his eyes but when he opened them the kamimeh rings in his eyes were now spinning. "Alright angel, you know what to do." Kana saids. Kana jumps off the crow and angel starts circling around Keji. "What is this Kana, this is useless." Angel Disperses into 100's of crows surrounding the battle field. Keji laughs and saids,"Kana this is useless." Kana does 3 hand signs, and with a blink of an eye he is gone. "What the hell?", saids Keji. A thunderous punch hit's Keji in the face, then another and then another. "I cant see him he is moving to Damn Fast!" Kana continues his assault and when Keji tries to run Kana keeps catching him. Cuts starts appearing on Keji. Kana was using one of his deadliest moves, The Kamimeh 5 minute Teleportation. 5 straight minutes Kana punishes Keji to a bloody pulp. When the Jutsu was over Kana appeared beside Leiko, almost out of breath holding his right eye. Keji tries to stand on his feet but his right arm is broken and his legs has soo many cuts. His right eye is almost swollen shut. "I , I could of killed you but I have a heart unlike you. It's over Keji." Kana saids. Keji looks at the ground shaking his head, "no no NO! Im taking a Kamimeh eye! im not loosing!! Kaji with his left arm start doing a series of hand signs and the sky starts turning black. "I give up almost the rest of my chakra for this jutsu." Keji Stops and a huge wave of water appears behind him. "My most deadlist jutsu kana. Ulmo the Water Lord!" A Humongous Figure stands out of the water with a sword with glowing eyes. "HaHaHa, can you feel it Kana, it's the end!!"

To be continue

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Chapter 7: Ulmo The Water Lord

The big figure just stood still looking at Kana. "You know Kana, you should have killed me with that flying god technique but, no you had a heart. Because of that you will die." Keji lifts up his left arm and Ulmo does the same, Keji starts doing a series of hand signs and lightning starts to appear in the clouds. "Lightning Style: 7 Strikes!" Ulmo's sword glowed yellow and he point it at Kana's direction, and the 7 big lightning bolts comes out. "Shoot, his lightning bolts are big and hard to dodge." Kana starts running the opposite direction dodging each lightning bolt coming at him. When Kana jumped up to dodge the 6th one the 7th one caught him in the air, electrocuting him. "Hehehe, Got you. Know way in hell you can be alive after that direct hit. What?!" Kana slowly staggers to his feet, with smoke coming everywhere from his battle. "That hit did a great amount of damage to me, im lucky to be still standing, but the question is do i have the will to even complete one full jutsu." Kana thinks to his self, then he looks at Lieko. "No matter with this next jutsu you will be gone for sure." Keji again starts doing a series of hand signs and all the water around the battle field starts to have violent waves. Ulmo opens his mouth and the water around the battlefield starts getting suck'd in Ulmo's body. "I can already anticipate his next move, but idk if i can dodge this one. Hold on maybe by a chase i can reach one of them." Kana closes his eyes and starts focusing. "Kana Your useless, and your also finish, Water Style: The Blue Death!" Ulmo's eyes glows light blue now, and he takes in one huge breath getting ready to do the attack. "NOW!" both Kana and Keji saids out loud. Ulmo shoots out the water like a cannon and a huge destructive water ball comes out his mouth. The battle field is almost ruin after that attack and most of the tree's are gone. "Now to find the body's. I guess that's the price of using that attack." Keji starts walking to the other side of the field to find Kana and Lieko. "That was too close, luckily I contacted the nearest crow and I teleported to his location. Running low on chakra and i know i don't have enough to beat his Water Lord. Think Kana, Think." Kana start's thinking, the he remember's what his mother told him, "Kana you have the same jutsu your grandfather had, how i know is because when you was a baby i felt you taking chakra away from me. Your grandfather did a great deed for this village because he has that jutsu. One day it will be useful to you." Kana open's his eyes, "That's it, but how in the hell do i learn how to use it. I use to do it with out me knowing it but i dont know how to do it on command." Kana looks at Lieko and concientrates, "Where is he!, There is now way he could of gotten away from that attack! Hm, Ulmo got a little bit left in him, mind as well use it. Alright Ulmo do that attack again!" The same attack happens again but still no Kana. "Im doing it, I feel it, Im taking Lieko's chakra. That will be enough to do this last jutsu." Kana jumps from the tree and start's running back to Keji. "There you are, alive and well I see. Kana give up already." Kana closes his eyes and again the rings in them are moving rapidly again, and he starts doing a long hand sign then he slames his hand on the ground. "10 Sign Angel Seal!!" A large black Angel statue appears behinds Kana, The statue opens it's eye's and the eye's glows grey. "I'm sealing that jutsu of yours Keji." Ulmo starts being suck'd in the Statue piece by piece until he is gone. "What, what kind of jutsu is that? No way!" Keji Yells. Kana does 2 hand signs and a black Saturn like shape ball appears in his hand, "This is it!" Kana slams it through Keji's chest,"The Black Death!'" Keji falls on the ground dead, and Kana does the same but still is alive. "I did it."

Mean While

2 people sitting on trees with black hooded cloaks with golden spades all over them watches Kana. One saids, "He can be a problem when the time comes for us to go in the Sky village." The other one replies, "True, we have to warn our leader of this." The 2 fades in the darkness..

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Chapter 8: Village Hidden in the Frost

"How is he?" asked Amaya, "He will be fine but the only major damage I did see from him was in one of his eyes. It was bleeding non stop for some minutes." Replies the medic. Amaya Stands next to Kana's bed looking at him, then she kisses his for head and smirks and saids,"Always gotta show off don't you?" In the other bed in the room lay's Lieko with bandages wrapped around her head. "We are the last three of the Tenshi clan. What a loss to the village." Amaya saids. "Lady Sada the ShimKage is on his way to discuss something that's been going on in his village." "I know he is coming i gotten word, and I fear what he has to tell me is a threat to all villages." Sada replies. "So Kana killed Keji? I know Keji wasent an easy opponent. Besides he was the co-kage of the Silent Village. Any word from them?" Yuki nods his head and saids,"Asa told me that he has no interest to start a war with us because of that. Keji was in the wrong and he knows it. In other news Lady Sada our Jinjuriki is making his way back to the village after training with Ayumu." Lady Sada just nods her head while doing paper work.

"Uncle you don't think Keji told Kana that me and you was involve in the massacre" Asks Jiro. "No if he did Kana wouldn't even be sleeping right now. We would be hearing an ear full right now, or fighting the other Tenshi members." Jiro steps in closer to his uncle so that his voice wouldn't be heard from a distance. "So what now Uncle?", Nariko looks down "Nothing for now. Trouble is arising , that's why the Kage of the Frost is coming to the village. A new threat has occurred and even us will have to help the village."

The Village Hidden in The Frost was covered with Snow. It's a very Stable and elite village. They have been to war once against the Silent village and was victorious. The Kage name is Masaru and he is the youngest kage out of the other villages. "Lord Masaru, it's almost time to head out." Saids Kazuki. Kazuki is an elite Jonin in the Frost village , and he never lost a match. He is escorting Masaru to the Sky Village. "Very well then Kazuki lets go. The village will be safe while we are gone. But there is always that possibility that they are coming to us first. Hopefully if they do we can hold them off." Masaru put's on his Frost Village Mask, Then him and Kazuki Starts heading to the Sky village...

Mean While, Somewhere in the Land of Snow

"It's Almost Time for us to go after the Star Beast's. I gave everybody their assignments. I'v arrange hide outs, by every village y'all are going to. You all know what to do after you capture the host. Remember the host has to alive as well." The person talking had a hood over his face, and the cloak he was wearing has gold spades on it. In front of him are 7 other people. He lift's up his head and show's his Left eye and the Kamimeh was shown, "Our Goal is almost complete. Head Out!" To be continue!

Who are these people and what are there goals??

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Chapter 9: Warning

The ShimKage Enter's and sit's in council chair in the Sky Village Council room. In the council room their is also Lady Sada, Nariko, Yukio, Kana and Kazuki. "I called this meeting because their is a new threat that appeared and is dangerous to all the surrounding villages." Kana raises his right eye brow, his left eye is still bandage up and so is his arm. "How dangerous are you talking?" Kana asked. " World ending?" Masaru replies. Lady Sada nods her head and saids, "Go head Masaru i'm all ears." Ok about 2 years back I sent an elite squad to do a maintenance search around the Land of Snow. Every thing was good as usual until the squad met two stranger's of the land. Both of them wearing different village head bands. Before the squad leader could even asked them a question the two attacked them with no care in the world and killed them. These were some of my top elite ninja's they killed. I know your wondering how did i found this out, well they sparred on of them and told him to go back in the village and tell what happened their. I sent a larger team but when they got their the 2 was gone. Ever since then I couldn't find a trace or a clue until recently. The same thing happen again but there were two new ones. Wearing the same clothing but different. I saw them attacked and kill 10 of my Jonin and before i could even signal out a order they disappeared and left a note behind them. The Note read, "We are called the Ryuusei, and we have one goal in mind and that's taking the Star beast's one by one. I believe that the Ryuusei are finally about to make their move. The Ryuusei wears Black Cloaks with Golden Spades imprinted on them." Everybody in the room got quiet all thinking and imagining. "Kana.." "I already know Lady Sada i'm on it." Kana leaves the room, and Nariko saids, "The frost have the most skilled ninja, if 2 people can take out 10 then we have to train our ninja's more and limit our activity outside the village. Including not letting our Host leave the village." "As a matter of fact, Iv gotten word that him and Ayumu are almost here. We will inform them 2 when they get here. Yukio inform the silent village of this at once. Nariko increase the night time Anbu Watcher's." "As you wish my lady" Nariko saids as he is leaving. Lady Sada looks at Masaru, "What's wrong?". Masaru looks at Sada and saids, "They killed 15 of my jonin's. 4 of them did. Im just worried that's all. Anyway, I have to get back to my village as quickly as I can. Nice talking to you Sada. If you need the Frost just tell us." Masaru and Kazuki leaves the sky village heading back to the snow.

"Ahh The Village Hidden in The Silence. Hmm do you think you can get the jinjuriki out of their alive Hayato?" "Zenaku, shut up before I kill you. This shouldn't take long anyway. While im in their i need no distractions. You know what to do" The 2 Ryuusei member's starts heading in the Silent Village.

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Chapter 10: Infiltration

Nori Yamada is laying down in a tree looking up at the sky thinking about the village and the loss of Keji. Nori is the host of the 2 star Wolf, and when she was little her parent's died right in front of her. "Well I guess I can train Matsu for a while." Nori Jumps off the tree and Start's heading to the Silent Village Academy training Session. "Hm he is showing so much growth, One day he will surpass me. Matsu come here." Nori walks in Matsu training session and starts training with him. "Our main goal is to keep the host alive so we can seal the wolf. No distractions Zenaku, you hear me?" "Fine geesh you told me already im not dumb you know." Zenaku replies. "Alright go, I'll stay at the top of the village while im waiting." Hayato starts walking in the village, and the sky immediately turns grey and the weather get's cold. Asa in his office stops writing and raises his eye brow. "Something is off." Asa get's up and starts walking out his office and out his tower. "The village got colder and the sky turned grey. The Silent never get's this cold." Asa turns around and see's Hayato walking. "His chakra, I can sense it from all the way over here." Asa Saids. "So that's where the jinjuriki is huh? Let's see if i can can lure her out." Hayato pulls both of his hands back in his cloak and when his hands came out each finger was holding a kuni with a paper bomb attach to them. "This should do it." Hayato throw's the kuni's at the academy. "Matsu duck now!" Nori yells, and the academy explodes. "There she is"

"That Hayato alway's have to make a grand entrance." Nori Stands covering Matsu while looking at Hayato. "Who are you and what do you want?!" Hayato stands still with his hood over his face motionless. He pulls back his hood and show's his face. Nori eye's open wide, "Your, Your..", "Yes I am Hayato Sato." Nori looks at Matsu and tells him to run and take cover. "Everybody think's your dead.Why you come here?" "Well Nori I want what's inside you. Yes the 2 star Wolf. Now come along easy or am I have to do this by force? And I assume you heard what skill's I can do." Nori thinks in her mind, "He's right I have heard of him. The best puppet user in the world and can control up to 30 puppet's at a time. No he is not taking me this easily.", "Bring It!" Nori saids out loud. Hayato roll's his eye's and turn around to block Asa's kuni that's coming at him. "Old man sit down, this does not concern you. Zenaku do it now." Zenaku snicker's. "I shouldn't do it but i feel like being nice." Zenaku do 3 hand signs and holds out his hand's and everybody stood still except Hayato, Nori and Zenaku. "Hurry I can only do this for a certain amount of time." Hayato start's unbutton his cloak, "Nori say goodbye to your village. This will be your last fight." Hayato saids.

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Chapter 11: Hayato Sato

Hayato stands still looking at Nori, waiting for her move "This one is cautious. This could take long well let's see if I can lure the stupidness out of her." Hayato thinks to his self. At blinding speed Hayato Punches Nori in her face,"Damn he's fast." As she falls to the ground Hayato throws 3 kuni's but Nori blocks them with her sword. "That damn Hayato alway's playing. Just end it already." Zenaku saids. Nori appears behind Hayato which catches him off guard but he dodges her punch. "The silent village signature jutsu eh? That won't work on me." Hayato with this chill look in his eyes saids, now witness the first puppet you will go against. "Hayato unfolds a puppet scroll and then he summon's a puppet. "I call this puppet the 1st Ace. You should know the reason why there is 14 more to go." Nori looks and saids to herself, "Damn he's right, the 15 deadly Ace's is his signature, and only one person forced him to use all 15 at once." Hayato swings his arm froward and the 1st Ace quickly comes at Nori, and she start's doing back flips to create some space between them and she does ((Fire Style: Fire Inferno)) and a blazing fire comes out her mouth and engulfs the 1st ace. Hayato stops moving his arm and stands still, "Heh" Hayato saids and moves his arm forward and the 1st Ace jumps out the fire and pull's out a sword from it's arm and cut's Nori in her arm. The Hayato trigger the puppet to make it's body filled with swords sticking out and make it rotate it's self around and around real fast. Nori get's cut about 7 times before before she uses ((Earth Style: Opening Crack)) to make Hayato's puppet fall into a big crack created in the ground. "Marvelous ain't it. Yeah I really out did myself with the first Ace, he got other trick's and the first was him escaping threw your fire style jutsu alive. Now let's hurry this fight up shall we." Hayato pull's out another puppet scroll, then he summons his second ace, which look's like a young girl in her pre-teens. "Im going to end this with using just these two puppet's." Zenaku still at the top of the village looking saids, "Hurry up Hayato, my jutsu isn't going to last long." Nori Stands holding her rib's which the 1st Ace cut deeply and she is breathing heavily. Hayato laugh's and send's the Second Ace right at her.

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Really though, its an amazing fight scene I can't wait to see it progress!

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Chapter 12: A man with no Emotions

The pre-teen puppet stands and looks at Nori. She look's calm and is even smiling. "This puppet i made when i killed a little girl and her village. So what you are seeing is a human turned into a puppet." "You are sick." Nori saids, "Well he always been kind of disgusting but hey everybody has their on way." Zenaku saids. Hayato pull back his arm to make the 1st ace come back to him. Then suddenly Hayato sends both puppet's at her, Nori still injured start's running the other way and does ((Earth Style: Mountain Creation)) and mountains starts popping up from the ground, "Now things are picking up" Hayato saids to his self, he made the 2 jump in the air but he pulled his middle finger back and the 2nd ace wings came out and grabbed the first ace. Nori then turns around and does ((Fire Style: Solar Disk's)) and fiery disk's start's coming at Hayato, "Hm look's like she is picking things up" Zenaku saids. Hayato start's dodging her disk's but a huge fireball start's heading towards him, "Dammit I can't move in time." The fireball landed a direct hit on Hayato. Nori still gasping for air and holding her wounded side saids, "Is he dead?" Everything stood still as the black smoke that cover's Hayato start's dissapering. "What the..?" Nori saids, as she see half of Hayato's face is peeling off. "Surprised? do you really think i'll start a fight while using my real body? No, im inside this puppet right here." Nori look's confused, "But, but that was your real face though.", "Key word was, when you completely wash out every emotion in your body, your facial appearance start's to change. Im a man that killed his family for the fun of it, then laugh's at the idea. Im a man that use's humans as experiences and use their body's for my own purposes." Hayato shakes his head hard one time and the fake face fell off and the real Hayato is wearing a white mask the cover's his whole face. "Pat your self on the back, it's been awhile since i had to shake that off. Now back to business." Hayato moves his hand and the 1st ace start's falling towards Nori with two sword's coming out his hands, But Nori moves out the way but then come's the second ace who lands a direct hit in Nori's wounded side. Hayato then make's the second ace hold out her hand's and the circles in her palm's open's up and Fire start's escaping and start's heading toward's Nori. "This is too much, dammit." Nori said as she tries to avoid the second ace fire, but here come's the first again popping out of no where cutting Nori's other side deeply and she falls to the ground. Hayato then make the two puppet's come back to his side. Nori start's spitting up blood and looks at Hayato which got his head tilted to the side as if he was confuse at the sight of blood. "Your blood, your blood I want it after you die." Hayato saids. Nori then closes's her eye's and she is standing in front of a Big white Wolf with yellow glowing eyes. The wolf saids, " I don't know why i got sealed in a weakling like you, but i guess if you die I die, so I'm going to help you out as much as I can." The wolf then hold's out his index finger and touch's Nori's Heart; Nori then Wake's up but white chakra start's glowing around her and her ear's and teeth becomes wolf like. "Uh oh, Hayato look's like her Star beast decided to step in. This Battle is long from over." Zenaku saids. Nori then let's out a loud howl, while Hayato is looking.
Kana look's up at the silent village direction and saids, "Amaya is's night time right?" "Yes why do you ask", "The silent village night sky is pure white." Amaya then look's out the window and said's "your right."

Lady Sada the Silent Village is being attack'ed and it looks like their Star Beast is escaping Nori. Lady Sada nod's her head and saids, "Send Kana,Kaori and Amaya to their village at once!"

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Chapter 13: The Second Star Wolf

Nori White chakra start's getting more intense and wider and Hayato is standing beside his two puppet's looking on. "Hayato will die if he keep's playing like this,, He need's to hurry up. If another village found out that we are here they might send a squad over." Zenaku saids. Hayato at quick speed swing's his arm and the first ace start's running while the second jump'd up in the air. With the moving of his pinky finger the first ace start's sliding on the ground while releasing swords through his hand's but with one yell Nori reflected the sword's back at Hayato. Hayato then jump's up and move's his index finger and the second ace open's her hand's but this time she is releasing min fireball's at Nori then with the last move she releases a blazing blue fire at Nori."Hm, is she dead? No too easy." Hayato saids, Nori jump's out the fire and with her claws she slashed through the second ace. "Are you serious? Im going to have to make another puppet." Hayato then hold's out 2 puppet scroll's and the 3rd and 4th Ace's comes out. The 3rd look's like an old man but his body was green and the 4th was a very muscular young man. Nori now has white fur covering her and is more wolf like. At great speed she charges at Hayato, But he reacted by triggering the 3rd Ace Poison Ball's attack. Nori dodge's them and when she was in reach of Hayato the 4th Ace uppercut's her in her jaw sending her flying in the air; The 2nd Ace meet's her in the air and releases Fire from her Hands again making it an direct hit on Nori. "Great combo Hayato." Zenaku saids, but the ground start's cracking and separating and white beam's start's appearing out of the cracks. "What is this?" Hayato ask, when he looked at Nori she was in her full transformation and had her claw's in the ground. Hayato then jumps with his puppet's and start's backing up but the second ace got caught in the beam and disintegrate. "Well that's deadly." The beam's kept on shooting up at Hayato and he is desperately trying to dodge all of them while his puppet's are still in tact. When the beam's stop Nori let's out another yell and then shake's her body one time to make her fur fly up in air. While in the air the white fur start's molding together and form's a little white wolf. "Dammit another one? This is not looking good." Hayato saids. The little white wolf then curl's up into a little ball and begin's to glow bright white. The little wolf then begin's to levitate in the air and shoot's toward's Hayato's direction. Hayato then move's his 1st ace to jump in front of him but the Wolf shoot's right threw it still in it's ball. The process kept repeating till Hayato puppet's that was on the field was gone. The white Wolf still in a glowing white ball went beside the Star wolf waiting. "Now, now is the time. It's been a while since I use the next wave of puppet's but im going to kill you." Hayato take's out a big puppet scroll and a big smoke comes from it. When the smoke cleared there was a life size gorilla-puppet standing beside Hayato. The little white wolf then shoot's again towards Hayato gorilla puppet but when it hit the gorilla it was sent back and forced out of it's ball, then died. "That little trick is no more. The next wave of puppet's are way more dangerous than the 1st wave. Im going to make you my pet by the time this is over!!". Zenaku smirks and saids, "Hm well hurry up my arm's are tired. You should of been used them from the damn beginning."
"Hey Kana what's that white glow?", Kana look's and said's "Well the 2nd Star Wolf has been released and what you see is pure chakra. Look we are almost there, you two be careful when we get there you hear me?" Both Amaya and Kaori saids, "Right!"

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Chapter 14: A consequence

Hayato stands still with his big gorilla puppet right beside him. The 2 star wolf already created another little white wolf that's levitating from the ground. The wolf howled then the little one shoot's again at Hayato's direction. "That's the end of that!" Hayato saids, he move's his index and thumb finger so the gorilla stomach opened up liked a trapped door and it shut when the mini white wolf was in it him. "You got to admit it, Hayato's 2nd wave of puppet's are very dangerous." Zenaku saids. The puppet gorilla started glowing bright white then it open it's mouth. Hayato then balled his hand into a fist to pull the gorilla puppet back a little, then suddenly the white wolf shoot's out at blinding speed at the 2nd star hitting him. "Hehe got you." The 2nd star wolf layed on the ground and when the smoke had cleared he got up and started at Hayato. The wolf chest then start's to glow gold and a star is now visible within him. "Heh what is this?" Hayato saids.
"There they are." Kana saids. "So beautiful. Are the beast's really that big?" Kaori saids out loud. "Yes, and they can get bigger. I sense another Ryuusei member here. Amaya turn on your Kamimeh and sense him out. I then want you and Kaori to to go to him and hold him off until im done." "Right!" Amaya and Kaori start's heading to Zenaku's direction. Kana start's thinking to his self, "The second star wolf is about to do it's most deadliest move. How can I stop it, and stop that Ryuusei member at the same time? On top of that if Amaya fails and the other come's in then I won't stand a chance. What to do."
A golden colored star start's forming over the head of the Wolf. The wolf fur then start's to change color's from white to grey, then black. "This is not good. The chakra I sense off that thing is very destructive and can kill almost everybody here." The golden star is now getting bigger and bigger, "No time to wait and see what's gonna happen," Hayato then makes his gorilla to charge at the wolf but before it got to him 10 crows landed on him and then explode. "What the hell!" Hayato yell's. Kana jump's down right in front of the wolf looking at it. "Oh so I see, the famous Kana Tenshi. I heard of you. Amazing and skilled ninja. Your body would make a great puppet." Hayato gorilla then charges at Kana but Kana jumps and and punch through the gorilla body through it's head. "Dammit he's strong." The star is now big and the area start's to get hot. "I'm running out of time. Time to do it." Kana activates his Kamimeh and a big crow came to pick him up. Kana then fly's so he can look directly at the wolfs eyes. The rings in Kana's eyes starts rotating real fast then the wolfs eyes takes form of the Kamimeh. "Whats this? He can tame it?" Hayato saids. The star now starts dissapering and the wolf starts taking form of Nori till she is back to her regular form. "Dammit im exhausted from doing that." Hayato tilts his head to the side fascinated at what Kana did, Then saids, "Now Zenaku."
Zenaku hear's Hayato and then see's Amaya and Kaori. "Aint that a shame that we won't get that chance to fight but you will see me again. Wanna see something cool kid. Look how fast I get by that jinjuriki." Zenaku then starts lowering his arms and then at striking speed he takes off and grabs Nori then a bolt of lightning strikes them and they disappeared. "No!" Kana saids, "How did he? So fast. Wait there is still one more." Kana jumps down and runs at Hayato grabbing him by his Ryuusei robe. "Tell me where they went or die!" Kana saids while forming the black death. Hayato stares at him and saids, "Kana Tenshi im afraid its to late. By the way the next time you interrupt my fight. I will kill you." Hayato body then falls apart like a puppet. Kana stands still holding his rob. "I let them go away. I slipped up yet again." It start's raining in the village hidden in silent.

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Hayato and Zenaku character's have been added in the front. There is also back ground info on these 2 and their assignments

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Chapter 15: The Chase

Kana just looks, staring at Hayato's robe. By then Asa and everybody else regain their the conscious and immediately tried to find Nori. Asa sees Kana and he runs up to him, "What happen? Where is Nori!", Emiko, Matsu and Kuri runs towards their direction. "Before you lost your thought you saw two people infiltrate your village right? Kana asks. "Yes, I tried to stop them but I blacked out.", "Nori engaged in a fight with one of them and her biju fully got out. When I came the wolf was about to do its most destructive move and destroy your village with every one in it. I managed to tame it but when she reached her regular state, the other member blind sided me and took her. I don't know where they went but it cant be that far." Asa looks around and finally saids, "Alright here is what we are gonna do. I want Emiko, Matsu and Kuri to go along with Kana, Amaya and Kaori to find Nori. She cant be that far and as soon as you reached where they is holding her Kana give me a signal." "Right, alright everyone lets move out!" The 6 man squad at speed moved out to find Nori.
"So Hayato, was she hard to capture?" There was 5 other members surrounding Nori, but all of them was a shadow and you couldn't see there face, only their eyes. "Hmph she was giving Hayato a run for his money once she reached her star form." Zenaku saids, "But here is a twist, it seems like the sky and the silent villages became allies because the famous Kana Tenshi came to her rescue." There was a silent pause till the leader spoke, "Kana Tenshi could become a problem. Trust I can sense his Kamimeh from where he is at because of mines. I want everybody to be on a look out for him, and stay on your toes. Alright time to seal her." The leader shadow did a series of hand signs and the rings in the Kamimeh started rotating. A hug Black Angel Statue came forth behind him. "Alright every one. This is going to take a while so stay focus. Also Rein you are behind on your assignment. We will need your jinjuriki next.", A shadow with yellow eyes looked at the leader and saids with a very chilling voice, "Very well then. I guess its off to the village hidden in the Darkness."

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Chapter 16: Fail

"I can sense that puppet user, He is getting closer." Kana thought to his self. "Dammit how could everybody in the village just blacked out like that? That doesn't make sense." Emiko saids. "I sense the other guy was using a jutsu with my kamimeh before we got to him. Seems like he has the ability to disrupt the mind." Amaya replies. A crow comes flying right beside Kana, "Alright I get it. Stop everyone!" Everyone stops and waits for Kana's command. "Up ahead my crows found the Ryuusei hide out." "Well is it guarded?" Matsu asks. "No it's not but we cant just barged right in. We don't know who is inside or what trap they have planning. Im going to inflitrate from the air. Amaya will stay just out of seeing distance so she can activate the second level of the Kamimeh. Matsu and Kaori stays with her. Emiko and Kuri you both will come with me. Do you everybody got it?" "Yes!"

As the sealing takes place the shadow with yellow eyes noticed something, "Somebody found us. Hold on give me time to see how many there is." The shadow closed his eyes and when he reopened them his yellow eyes has a black triangle in the middle of them. "There are 6 of them. 2 from the Tenshi clan. Should we eliminate them?", "No, we wait. The sealing is almost done anyway. Soon or if they invade in here they will die on sight.", The leader saids. "A shadow with icy blue eyes saids, "Them two dummies over there should have came up with a better approach to get the wolf. We wouldnt have been found.", "Hey don't blame me. Blame Mister puppet user over there. It was his target." Zenaku yells back. "Enough! Focus back on the sealing."

"Ok everyone do you have your places ready?" Kana asks. "Alright on my Mar..." A pair of Big Kamimeh eyes appear behinds Kana and the others staring at them. "What is this?" Matsu asks. "Hm if this is genjutsu then.." Kana in return turned on his kamimeh and stared back at the eyes but nothing happened. "Dammit I cant release us. This is a genjutsu for sure but its to hard to reflect is back upon the user." Kuri mutters something then slobber starts coming down from his mouth. He then gets his kuni knife out his pocket and tries to to stab Emiko. "What the hell Kuri, whats wrong with you?! Stop trying to stab me." But Kuri goes on trying to hit Emiko, "Whoever placed us under this genjutsu is expierenced if they can invade someones mind." Kana saids. "Stop dammit!" Emiko then punches Kuri in his face. Kuri gets up but immediately falls. "What the.." Matsu starts running to kuri side and when he gets there he noticed that Kuri is dead. "He's, He's dead..", "Dammit, Amaya Come here, We need to get out of this before we all die. Look at the eyes and focus on the Kamimeh release. Together I think we can do it." Both of them focused on the eyes, but Emiko grabs his kuni, "Dammit Emiko is turning too, we need to hurry!" The sky starts turning back to normal and the eyes starts fading away. "Release!" The genjutsu fades away and Emiko falls to the ground heavily breathing. Kana gasping for breath looks and see the Ryuusei hid out has been blown up and nobody but them is there. "Dammit! we fail. Somebody placed us under a genjutsu and even though it seem like it wasn't that long, in reality it must have been hours passed. Dammit we lost her!" Nori's body is laying flat on the ground under the rubble and Kuri body lays dead on the ground beside Kana.

"So Rein I guess its off to your old home. The village hidden in the Darkness." There was two people walking with Ryuusei hoods over there face, One of them looks up with his right eye and it was Yellow with a black triangle in it. "Yes, its time for me to get the 3rd star falcon."

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Chapter 17: Concerns

"So you failed your mission? Tell me how strong are they?" Yukio asks, "I mean we must know what we are facing." Kana thinks back and remembers the Kamimeh Genjutsu he was trapped in, he then speaks, "So far one of them is very quick, quicker than any one I ever fought, The other is..Hayato Sato" The room got very quiet, "Hayato Sato, I remember fighting him. I lost. I was over whelmed by his second wave of puppets. Lady Sada if they have people like Hayato then this will escalate into a big problem" Yukio said. "Well when our jinjuriki gets back we will inform him of whats going on. Kana you failed your mission. You are dismissed." Kana then walks out the room and starts on a long walk.
"Lady Sada I'M a bit worried." Yukio said', "They will be coming soon.", "And when they come Yukio we will be ready. Besides have faith Yukio, Kana already put his self as the leader of this Ryuusei operation.", "But Kana failed Lady!", "So What, I remember you failing a while back in killing Hayato. Yukio have faith. Did you speak to Nariko about this yet?", "No Not yet Lady im on my way now."
"Who has the Kamimeh other than me, Amaya, and Lieko? Everybody died that night. Is it possible that maybe one of us escape a long time ago. This user isn't a new user because I couldn't get out of his genjutsu. Something is off and I feel it." Kana thinks to his self. "Hello Kana, failed your mission I heard. Hmph figures." Jiro saids while walking away. Kana turns on his Kamimeh and dispersed into ravens all flying towards the tree's.
"Say Rein is it true that the hidden darkness village is always Dark, and the only time the sun came out was the day you left?", Rein with his hood cover over his face saids with a very raspy and deep voice, "Yes that is true. Listen, when we get there stay back for a minute. There is something I want to do before we infiltrate.", "Your gonna kill the kage's again. Jeesh they sure do hate you over there.", Rein looks at his partner with his Kekki Genki on, 'Alright I'll shut up, don't look at me with those eyes. Scary." , "You know you talk to much." Rein saids.

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Rein Suzuki has Character background has been added in front!

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Chapter 18: The Calm

Nariko walks in Lady Sada's office, "Alright my lady I gathered up 10 of our finest ANBU and we are ready to be on our way to our designated villages. Anything else?" "No, just make sure that we don't cause no trouble while in the other villages. Dismissed" Nariko walks out with a grin on his face and started out through the village gates with the 10 Anbu members. "My Lady the Silent village rebuilding is on it's way. Asa saids thank you for your help." Lady Sada just looked down and saids, "Yukio, Kana has me worried. He seems troubled ever since he gotten back. The loss of his mother must be getting to him. So much talent he has", "My Lady if you don't mind don't think its time for Kana to train our host when he gets back here?" "Your right call Kana in here later so I can tell him, Dismissed"
Two figures from a distance with hoods over there heads are walking towards the entrance of the Darkness Village. "Well Rein, are you ready? Rein? Rein? Silent treatment eh, you think your so cool." Rein looks and saids, "Hekeriki I want you to stand back while we are in their i'll try to get in as quiet as I can, and if that don't work then my eyes will help me through." Hekeriki looks and saids,"Fine steal all the glory for your self. Selfish."
Kana jumps through the trees with 5 kuni's each held by his right hand, he then jumps off a branch and in to the air and throws the kuni's all in the opposite direction hitting their targets. "Only if you was here mother, you have the answer for everything. I know you have the answer on who this Tenshi member is. If only you was here." Kana punches the ground and for the first time since the massacre Kana starts to weep.

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Chapter 19: Godly

Rein looks at the kage statue in the darkness village then looks at his old home. A flash back replays in his head on that tragic night when he had to leave. "I want this to be quick" he saids. Rein then summons a two headed panda once he got in the middle of the village. Standing on the top of the panda head. He then does another summon and summons 6 lions, all 6 of them turned invisible once they are summon. He does his last summon and a snake shoots out of his sleeve going very fast then it explodes next to a building. "Hello jinjuriki of the darkness village" Rein saids. The jinjuriki was a average height man with a full grown beard, he is also heavy weighted and his hair is bright gray. He looks back and see who is behind and see's rein on his giant panda. "Idk who you are, but im assuming you didn't come all this way just to fight me. You want my falcon right? Well Bad luck for you because me and him has a mutual understanding." The man saids. He then stands up, takes one last sip of his drink and then before his drink could fall he was all ready half way to rein. "Im going to kill you! HAHA!" The man attitude quickly changed to blood lusted but rein with this calm and cool look on his face simply saids "Now" a lion then slams into the jinjuriki sending him back and too the ground. "Rein I feel more Chakra coming and it's not from him." The panda saids. "Understood" Rein quickly does 3 hand signs and holds out his palms and the bright light comes forth surrounding Rein and the jinjuriki. The light is pushed all the way back to right in front of the kage mansion and the darkness village clan. "Heaven Barrier" Rein saids. The Jinjuriki looks at rein and said "Who are you?"
"Well it looks like I can't take it easy with you, by the way my name is Habi" Habi then stands up and black chakra starts escaping and forms large black wings. "You should of stayed where you was, whoever you are" Habi then takes off in the sky right toward Rein. Rein's panda the spreads out it's arms and make a very large and huge clap and very large gravity waves hits Habi doing big damage sending him back to the ground. "You have no chance. You won't get as close as to 10 feet away from me." Rein saids. "The waves was a direct hit and now causing internal damage in you. You are now too hurt to pose a threat to me." Habi takes long breaths and thinks in his mind, "Whoever he is, he is godly. Well leaky I guess we have to go into your full form." Habi eyes turns red and his nose becomes more narrow. Black chakra now forms around him turning into dark feathers once they grab onto him. Into a matter of minutes Habi has turned into his full 3 star falcon form. His full form was big, black and has the devilish red eyes. Rein looks at him and simply saids, "Perfect"

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hmm...wow....long new one huh....

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Yeah I really like rein's character. He deserves it

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Chapter 20: Rain

The 3 star beast quickly fly's up in the air and opens it's mouth and lightning beams starts shooting out of it. Rein looking at the on coming attack does 2 hands and jumps of his two headed panda and starts running. Reins two headed panda as big as it is quickly start's running the opposite direction and jumps high in the air. Rein while still running releases his hands far apart from each other and a big Cylinder block shoots from it and in front of Rein protecting him from the star beast beams. Reins panda surprised the beast and jumps on it back but gets electrocuted after being on it for more than 3 seconds. "Hm Habi this one is an elite. He surprised me on his first attack and summon this defense that my beams can't get through. But whatever he can't defeat me."

__________________________________________________ ____________

The star beast starts flapping it's wings, then electricity starts coming forth from it and winds picks up. By now the electricity forms 20 average size falcons, all lined up beside the star beast. Rein takes in a long breath then does 4 hand signs and holds out his palms. Rain starts to fall but they don't hit the ground. The instead gather up above rein's head and forms a big ball in a fast spiraling motion. "As If I let You!" Habi saids then the falcons starts coming towards Rein. Rein panda splits into two and stands in front of him and the 5 lions comes forth in front of him also. "Do as much as you can." Rein saids to all of them. Then Rein's 7 summons all starts running towards the 20 falcons. The 2 panda's stands up and tosses the other in the air while running. While the other one is in the air he lets out a loud burp and it sends some of the falcons back killing them. The lions all stop and hold their guard for the 10 that's coming. The 10 falcons all merge together to form a big one, "Lightning In pulse!" Lightning from all direction from the falcon hits 4 lions and one of Rein's panda's.

__________________________________________________ ____________

The spiraling ball that Rein is forming turns bright yellow. "It's almost done. Keep it up." He saids. The panda stood up and with speed he took off and jumps in the air again trying to slam into the falcon but lightning from it catches hit sending him falling into the ground. In the mist of that 2 lions jumps from 2 separate buildings and bites into the falcon causing it to screech but lightning comes forth again send them 2 into the ground. "His summons are exhausted and done. Where is .. What is that!?" Habi saids, Rein eyes glows yellow with a black triangle as it's pupil. "You all have serve me well. It's Finish." Rein then turns his right hand into a fist and the spiraling yellow ball becomes little and sits on his left hand. Rein then looks at the star beast and then at the falcon, he shoots from where he is standing and jumps off his panda unto the falcon. The electricity hits him but it doesn't hurt nor slow him down. He jumps from the falcon and great speed and is coming to the star beast belly, "He's crazy if he thinks that little thing will hurt me." Rein with determination on his fast holds out the spiraling jutsu and it meets with the star beast belly. "The Falling Rain!" Once the jutsu hits the star beast belly it lets out a huge screech and a bright yellow light glows all across the darkness village with a high pitch noise, "He truly is godly" Habi saids

__________________________________________________ ______________

After the jutsu done it's work the battleground where Rein and Habi was fighting is destroyed. Habi eyes are pure white and his mouth is wide open. "Sad thing is, that wasn't my best" Rein saids. The barrier fades away but all of the darkness jonin ninja's and the 2 kage's surrounds him. "It's truly you. The legendary Rein Suzuki. And you beat Habi in his full transformation. But I'm afraid this is it for you." The Kage saids. Rein picks up Habi and puts him on his shoulder. "How can you stop someone so godly?" Rein saids then his panda and his remaining lions all touched him and they all vanished. Hekeriki out of sight looks and saids, "Well thats all she wrote. He went to where his panda's summonings are. Time to go" Hekeriki leaves the darkness village with a smirk on his face.

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Next!: Kana meets Rein!

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Chapter 21: The Space

Kana is laying down underneath a tree until one of his crows comes. Kana opens one eye and said's, "Report" The crow starts screeching and tells Kana of it's report. Kana quickly stands up, "They moved so fast into the darkness village. I must go to Lady Sada." Kana runs to the Kage mansion and bust through the door. "We know what happen Kana, we were too late." Lady Sada saids while sighing. "But by now our anbu has warned the other villages of this on going attacks. This should slow the, down." Kana saids, "But Lady Sada my crow tells me that the Ryuusei member that attacked the darkness was legendary and his power are unimaginable." Lady Sada looks and saids, "Kana leave my office I don't need this right now." Kana out side goes back to where he was. "No respect or no care at all. So far we are losing the battle. This is so frustrating!" Kana takes out a scroll his mother gave him and dark crow eyes appear. "Oh no, this is bad" Kana does his summoning hand signs and a average black crow comes forth.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

"Kana, It's bad. The crows we had in the summoning world that was on surveillance in the Pandas part have all died. We believe that someone their and powerful are causing the panda's to go wild like this." Kana loos and saids, "Alright Im going in." Kana then touches the crow and make the summon go away with him in it. Kana then appears in the land of crows. The sky is gray and the sun is dark red. The grass that grows is the color of blood. "Alright we are here I need to get to the land of panda's." The crow gives Kana the portal scroll to the land of panda's. "Good Luck" The crow saids. Kana does the hand signs and slams his hand onto the scroll then the scroll pulls him in. Kana now appears in the land of panda's. At the gates their are two big panda's guarding it with two big swords. One with a thunderous voice saids, "Let him Naki, No human other than Rein has been here. I want to see what Rein does to him." The gates open and The land of panda is a beautiful place with waterfalls all over the place and gold palaces.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Kana walks to the biggest palace and go in the door. "OK nothing threatening yet." As Kana walks a huge stoned ball in the mouth of a panda statue above him drops and comes towards Kana. Kana then jumps out of the was but the impact sends him back. "So this is the Land of Crows sacred brat. The famous Kana Tenshi" A Huge panda with a crown sitting on a thrown saids. "My Name is Rikuro I assume you are here on investigation. Let me tell you something kid, the reason we killed the crows that was here was because once Rein saids it was time, It was time. This is his place of Zen and he doesn't need intruders like you poking around while he is handling his business in the human world." Kana looks angry at Rikuro and saids, "I'm assuming your the king of this land. Why would a human tell you what to do and how to do it. You all can kill him can't you?" Rikuro start's laughing and saids, "It's simple Rein is Godly." Kana now even more angrier saids, "Well where is this God! I want to meet him" Rein steps out of the shadows with his KG on and saids "Space!" The room immediately turns black with a pair of Yellow Eyes glowing down on them. "Kana I am Rein. Nice to Meet you."

10-19-2009, 05:09 PM
Chapter 22: Time

"You look puzzled, you don't like my space jutsu?" Saids Rein. Kana was looking around more afraid than confused because he never saw a jutsu like this before. Kana then look at Rein, a person who seems so calm and cool. "Your part of the Ryuusei; I can tell by your hood. Why have you driven out the crows that was here?" "Its simple the reason why that is because I need no distractions. Is that a problem Kana?" Kana in his head thinks, "How could a person like him be so cool about it." Kana then reaches in his Kuni then starts running towards Rein, "Well since I know your part of the Ryuusei I can't let you get away!" Rein looking at Kana still calm see's Kana's kuni inches away from him then he saids, "Time" Kana immediately slowed down while still going in motion very slowly. Rein then starts circling around Kana and saids, "You are at a big disadvantage here. I could just kill you right now if I wanted or release the space and let the panda's have their way with you. But Kana I will not do that. I believe that would be cowardly and if I do kill you it would be in battle. I won't fight you now because you are in no comparison to me yet." Kana listening while still going into slow motion thinks in his head, "I'm sad to admit that he is right. I'm not even in his league." Rein stops circling Kana then saids, "Release" Time went back to normal and Rein's space vanished putting them back into reality.

__________________________________________________ ______________

There was about 10 panda's all circling around them. "Let him go. I will not kill him now but soon I will see him again and I won't be so kind." Rein saids Kana looking starts feeling embarrassed about who the situation panned out start doing some hand signs and slammed them unto the ground. He was back at the Sky Village angry at him self. "Don't worry Rein my goal is to train and kill you before you come to the sky." Kana looks around and starts walking back to see Amaya and then, "Kana Sensei!" The person that called him was standing next to a tall man who had a beard and the sky village attire and head band on his leg. "Well Kana are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna welcome back the Sky Village 9 Star Host?"

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Arc 3: Upcoming Tournament!

10-20-2009, 06:15 PM
Chapter 23: Upcoming Tournament

"So I hear that the villages are still going to have their annual tournament." A Ryuusei member with ice blue eyes saids. The Ryuusei are in the middle of sealing away the 3rd star beast in a secret hide out. "Yes they are. that means the star beast host's are going to be their. We have to put this on hold until that is over with. We do not want to start a war with all the villages together in one place." The leader saids. "Hmph what a bunch of immature jerks; having a tournament knowing we are at larger. So disrespectful." "Zenaku you sure do talk a lot for someone who never showed their skills among us." Hekeriki saids. "Stop it before a argument starts. As soon as the tournament is over we will be back on track. Back to the sealing." The leader saids and his right kamimeh shows.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Kana looks and see's the sky village host. The boy was 14 years old, tanned and his eyes are green. His hair is dark colored and his village heard band sits on his arm. "Well Ayumu it's about time you too come back. I was beginning to worry." "Yeah we had a little trouble when he started going into his transformations but everything is alright. Isn't that so Siya?" Siya shakes his then looks at Kana. "Well Kana sensai what's been going on." Kana smile vanished and he told Ayumu and Siya to come with him.

"So they already have 3. How tough are these guys?" Siya asks. "Well from personal experience so far they are very elite jonin. Hayato Sato is still alive and the most powerful I came face to face with is Rein Yoshida" Kana replied. "So Hayato is still alive. I thought I killed him when I fought him a while back. And the brat Rein is alive and well too. This is dangerous Siya. Hopefully us training won't be in vain." Siya shook his head but looked worried. "Nice to see you two again. Siya I hope you are participating in the annual tournament. We are having it here this year. I already got word from the Frost,Darkness,Silent, and Grass that they are on their way here." Lady Sada saids. "I am Lady, I'm ready to go." Siya saids.

Mean While

"Well Jiro you are participating right? I need you to because of our goal nephew." Nariko saids. "We are close and we shall have power for the Sky" Jiro smirks then Saids, "Yes Uncle I know"

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Chapter 24: The Tournament begins:

The first team arrived from an outside village was the grass. Their team consists of 2 jonin, 3 chunin and 1 genin. "Ah! How nice for you 6 to arrive. And nice to meet you again Akira." A medium height boy with a sword carried across his back, with very lazy eyes replies saying, "Yes nice to be in the sky village again. I see we are the first team to arrive. Very well then, I remember where we bunked last time. Lets go team." The 6 grass ninja's walked into their bunks and the genin named Hideyoshi saids, "I can't wait to see Kana again. I bet he has gotten a lot stronger since last time." The other jonin named Ken who was also medium height and averaged all around replies back to Hideyoshi saying, "You shouldn't be worrying about Kana. We are here to represent the grass not make friends understood.

The second team from the Frost arrived and got settled into their bunks. On of the jonin saids, "Remember that the kage saids represents him well but make sure we keep peace after our fights. Under stood everybody?" The jonin had 3 scar marks horizontally under his right eye right under the next. He was built strong and hair is long and clean. The Silent,Darkness and Waterfall teams all made it safely to the sky village. Kana looking from the Tenshi Clan tower looking down thinks to him self, "I have a feeling this year is going to be a whole lot different. Not in a good way"

"Hello all, and welcome to the Yearly Annual Shinobi Tournament.!" Lady Sada saids. "The screen behind me will put you up against your opponents. The first fight will begin 15 minutes from now. The board screen appears and immediately everybody let out an surprising gasp. "Hm well it was bound to happen some day. Looks like im going against Akira from the grass Kana." Amaya saids. "You just be careful with Akira i heard stories about him and it's not pleasant for his enemies ears." Kana replied. Akira rolls his eyes, and saids "Hell we just got here and I'M first. This sucks so much, but whatever." Both Amaya and Akira meets in the middle of the battle field looking at each other intensely. "You know, I am such a ladies man." Akira saids.

10-24-2009, 02:21 PM
Chapter 25: Akira vs. Amaya

Both Akira and Amaya looks on at each other, both with intense eyes. "Akira is going to murder this girl in this fight." Ken saids. "Hmph don't doubt her. She posses those annoying Kamimeh eyes." Jiro replies back. Kana looks on standing beside Lady Sada.
"You aren't nervous for her my boy?" Sada asks, "No not eve. She will be OK. She isn't a jonin for no reason." The judge comes, "All right, you two know the rules. No killing and summons are limited to one. Other than that try your best. Begin!" Amaya takes off towards Akira..
__________________________________________________ ________________

Akira smiles and saids, "Damn your anxious." He then takes off towards her with a kuni in his hand. Amaya throws two shurikens and a kuni with a paper bomb and him, Akira dodges the 2 shurikens and throws his Kuni to repel hers. In the middle of the explosion Akira quickly got in front of Amaya and punches her in the face sending her back. Before touching the ground Amaya saids, "Lightning Style:Lightning Streams!" She then puts both her hands on the ground and Lightning streams escapes and comes at Akira. He then saids, "Wind Style: High Winds!" Large wind comes forth and dispelled Amaya's jutsu.
"His jutsu is fast and on top of that he already showed me he is smart at replying back to my attacks. I have to find an opening." Akira already with quick speed stands in front of her landing a hard kick to her stomach, then lands 3 more punches. Before Amaya reaches land again Akira saids,
"Wind Style: Razor Beam!" Akira motions his right hand down and a beam lands directly at Amaya.
__________________________________________________ __________

Amaya Still on the ground laying motionless. "Hmph some fight. Akira is too much for her." Jiro saids. Amaya then disperse into smoke, "What a shadow clone?" Akira saids then a thunderous right punch hits him sending him into the ground; "Freak she caught me" He saids. "Earth Style: Demonic Dome!" A big Dome made of earth surrounds Akira and all around the dome there are razor sharp spikes.
"This is not good." He saids. All the spikes released themselves all going towards Akira. "Dammit!"

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Chapter 26: Hidden Grass Technique

"Dammit!" The spikes from the dome all met at Akira's location creating a loud noise from within the dome. Amaya looks on and saids "I got him." Everybody around the arena looks in disbelief and is silent. Amaya then let's out a large screech. "What is this? It won't get off of me." On Amaya arm a patch of grass started to grow all around it. Then it appeared on her leg too. From the dome a voice saids. "Wind Style: Wind Dragon!"
__________________________________________________ _____________
The dome comes crashing done and there was Akira standing on top of the rubble unharmed. The crowd instantly picked back up the noise when they saw him. The grass that was on Amaya arm now spread to almost half her body now.
"I know what your wondering, what is this? Hidden Grass village secret technique. See experience ninja like me can manipulate grass and grow it very quickly as long as we have water and earth element." Akira quietly started laughing then he saids,
"Hidden Grass needles!" Amaya let out a larger scream and blood started dripping from the grass on her body. "See I can do whatever I want with it."
__________________________________________________ ____________
"Yep she is so done. Akira's move looks hard to counter." Jiro saids. Kana looking on thinks in his mind, "Come on Akira you know what the ultimate counter is for his jutsu." The grass now almost covered all of Amaya except for her left eye. Akira started walking up to her and saids, "Once it completely cover you im going to command it to squeeze the life out of you. Hm your from the Tenshi Clan and yet you didn't show those precious eyes. Show me them one last time."
Amaya then closes her left eye when she re-opened it the Kamimeh appeared but the rings in it started spinning. Kana smiles and saids "Game Over." Akira eyes widen when he looked into Amaya's eyes then grew blurry.
__________________________________________________ ____________
Once Akira gained eye sight again he looked around and saw that he was in a different location. The room was white with the moon above them have blood dripping from it. Akira then look in front of him and there was Amaya standing looking at him. With no grass on her perfectly fine. He then try to speak but couldn't.
"Look what's on you Akira." She saids. Akira grass is now on him squeezing him. "This is my Kamimeh reversal Genjutsu. It's over. Hidden Grass Needles!" Amaya saids. Akira eyes widen from shock then blood splatted everywhere. Once she did Akira jutsu on him reality came back and Akira still in his grass now has his head hang down with blood rushing from the top of his head.
"The Kamimeh still to this day surprises me. Match Over. Winner Amaya Tenshi!" The judge announced.

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Chapter 27: Fate

Since Akira vs. Amaya match the tournament had a number of matches in the past 3 day's, but the one who are left standing are: Kana, Jiro, Ken, and Siya. "To be so young Siya is hanging on." Kana saids to himself. "Alright our next two competitors will come on the screen, Now!" The judge announced and as the screen is shuffling through names everybody is on the edge of their seats. The screen stops, everybody saids, "Oh My God."
__________________________________________________ ______________
The place grew still and silent. Nobody made a move and nobody talk. "well isn't that something. Christmas came early huh Kana." Jiro saids. Kana looks at him and saids, "This isn't going to be a walk in the park." On the screen it announced that Jiro will be going against Kana.
"Oh what an ugly match this is going to be." Lady Sada saids. Yukio watches on with a smirk on his face. "Do it Jiro." he whispers.
__________________________________________________ ______________
As the two opponents faced their self the crows started to go restless. "Today will mark my 3rd time beating you in a match, right Kana." Kana started having flashbacks when he faced Jiro in the chunin exams and the tournament 2 years ago. Kana know showing his Kamimeh looks fiercely at Jiro. "You know I was thinking on playing it cool in this match, but there is something I have to prove to myself, so im going all out." A picture of Rein flashes in Kana's eyes. The judge raises his hand, "Kana Tenshi are you ready?" Kana nods. "Jiro Tsukino are you ready?" Jiro nods. "Begin!"
__________________________________________________ _____________
Both Kana and Jiro jetted off to each other with their kuni clanging with each hit. Jiro on his next attempt tries to stab Kana in the face but he blocked it;
Jiro then swings his right foot around Kana but misses again as Kana jump through the air. "Fire Style: Phionex Inferno" 7 mid size fire balls goes directly at Jiro, but Jiro countered it saying "Water Style: Perfect Waves" Water shoots from Jiro hands stopping Kana's fireballs.
The two now get back into their defensive stance waiting. "What a start." Nariko saids

Ace adventurer
11-14-2009, 01:03 PM
Chapter 23: Upcoming Tournament

"So I hear that the villages are still going to have their annual tournament." A Ryuusei member with ice blue eyes saids. The Ryuusei are in the middle of sealing away the 3rd star beast in a secret hide out. "Yes they are. that means the star beast host's are going to be their. We have to put this on hold until that is over with. We do not want to start a war with all the villages together in one place." The leader saids. "Hmph what a bunch of immature jerks; having a tournament knowing we are at larger. So disrespectful." "Zenaku you sure do talk a lot for someone who never showed their skills among us." Hekeriki saids. "Stop it before a argument starts. As soon as the tournament is over we will be back on track. Back to the sealing." The leader saids and his right kamimeh shows.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Kana looks and see's the sky village host. The boy was 14 years old, tanned and his eyes are green. His hair is dark colored and his village heard band sits on his arm. "Well Ayumu it's about time you too come back. I was beginning to worry." "Yeah we had a little trouble when he started going into his transformations but everything is alright. Isn't that so Siya?" Siya shakes his then looks at Kana. "Well Kana sensai what's been going on." Kana smile vanished and he told Ayumu and Siya to come with him.

"So they already have 3. How tough are these guys?" Siya asks. "Well from personal experience so far they are very elite jonin. Hayato Sato is still alive and the most powerful I came face to face with is Rein Yoshida" Kana replied. "So Hayato is still alive. I thought I killed him when I fought him a while back. And the brat Rein is alive and well too. This is dangerous Siya. Hopefully us training won't be in vain." Siya shook his head but looked worried. "Nice to see you two again. Siya I hope you are participating in the annual tournament. We are having it here this year. I already got word from the Frost,Darkness,Silent, and Grass that they are on their way here." Lady Sada saids. "I am Lady, I'm ready to go." Siya saids.

Mean While

"Well Jiro you are participating right? I need you to because of our goal nephew." Nariko saids. "We are close and we shall have power for the Sky" Jiro smirks then Said, "Yes Uncle I know"

11-14-2009, 02:01 PM

Thank you

11-20-2009, 02:26 PM
Chapter 28: Shiro-Yume

Both Kana and Jiro stands looking at each other hatefully. "You know, this rivalry of ours is getting kind of old Jiro. What's the point anymore. Besides you already have the upper hand in this fight because you beat me 2 times why do you envy me so much?"
"What!? Envy you? I never have and never will Kana. Besides too much talking back to business." Jiro start's running to launch an attack on Kana with his kuni. "Die!" Jiro already had a clone set up and it stabbed Kana in the back with his sword.
Kana start's spitting up, but saids "Really what's the point?" Kana body then bust out into white doves. "Kana's genjutsu is great. I didn't notice he already had one set up." Sada saids.
__________________________________________________ _______________
As the doves are flying around the field Jiro desperately searched for Kana, "His genjutsu is dangerous if I keep allowing my self to get caught in it." he thinks to himself.
Out of no where a thunderous right hand struck Jiro which sent him flying in the air. Kana then grabs his legs to pull Jiro closer to him. While in the air Kana lands 5 punches to Jiro's body. "Earth Clone!" Jiro yells and once his clone comes forth it manage to strike his sword through Kana's chest to the ground.
Jiro panting rigorously saids, "He's quicker and stronger but it's over." Jiro then start's coughing up blood, but on his third cough the blood turned bright white. "What the hell is this?" The white blood around Jiro then start's moving and trying to shape it's self. The blood then struck Jiro from all different directions like spears.
"AHH!! What is this!? No way!" Kana's body which is laying motionless on the ground burst into white doves again.
__________________________________________________ ______________
"Gen jutsu? Again? Dammit this hurts badly." Kana know is seen walking up to Jiro and dips his hand into Jiro's white blood. When he lifts his hand out the blood is stick to his hand but Kana sends it directly through Jiro's chest.
"Ah hurts doesn't it? This gen jutsu is one of a kind. I'm the only one who achieved this level of the Kamimeh in the Tenshi Clan before it was killed off. It's called Shiro-Yume. Most powerful Gen jutsu that comes with my eyes." Jiro still aching in pain eyes start dripping white blood and his veins are now showing all over his body.
"This isn't the same Kana, he is going to kill me in this Gen jutsu; and if I escape my body won't be able to move. I'm no match for him anymore."
"Don't worry I'm not going to kill you, your an comrade. But you won't be able to battle for almost 6 months though.. What!?"
__________________________________________________ ______________
Kana's Gen Jutsu was broken but it wasn't Jiro who did it. "This match is no longer Jiro's.. It's mine" Nariko saids while standing beside Jiro's body..

11-21-2009, 10:18 AM
Do anybody like Kana's gen jutsu?

12-01-2009, 05:11 PM
Chapter 29: Hidden Within

"This match is no longer Jiro's.. It's mine" Nariko saids while standing beside Jiro's body. Everybody got out of their seats standing in awe. "What the hell? What is Nariko doing?" Lady Sada asks. Yukio slips out of sight of the kage and start's running down the long hall way.
"You heard me right Kana. Fight me you little brat! But you can't right?" Kana gasping for air, holding his right eye which is bleeding falls to his knees.
"True that your genjutsu is high level and almost impossible to break out of, but it comes with a cost right?" Nariko continues by saying, "You were able to defeat my nephew because you exposed his weakness. Genjutsu."
Kana looks up at Nariko but barely see's him because his left eye is blurry thinks in his head, "Dammit maybe exposing Shiro-Yume when I just unlocked it was the worst Idea. This is bad."
To the right of the building a big explosion occurred to the right side of the battlefield, and there was Yukio standing on top of a Komodo Dragon with a fierce look in his eyes saids, "It's time for new leadership."
__________________________________________________ _____________
"Ah Yukio right on time." Nariko saids. 15 jonin ninja's from the sky jumped down beside Nariko. "Oh no, I can already tell what's about to happen." Kana saids, but then from the top of his lungs he yells "Siya, Amaya and Akira guard the Sorakage now!"
All three ninja's immediately surrounds Lady Sada. "You truly are amazing Kana. You already analyze what's going to happen and you right. A Civil War." Nariko saids. One of the jonin does a hand signs and Kana's right arm, left arm and both legs are hold by rocks in the earth.
"Sorry Kana, you will not be interrupting this fight today. All the years of planning and analyzing is about to pay off. Yukiro was in it the whole time which made it easier for me. The first step Kana, get ready to hear this, Was to eliminate your clan."
Kana looking down start's tearing up and all the images of people he was close with in the clan plays in his mind.
"Once we accomplished that Kana we waited to the tournament to carry out the last phase. Invasion from within. I want the power Kana, I want to invade every surrounding village and use their power to completely take over the world! Can't you see Kana! I will be king! Everybody in the building stares at Nariko and his men with frighten looks.
Tears starts dropping from Kana face and he remains silent. "Huh? What's that Kana? I can't hear you!" Nariko then spits on Kana and points out to the village. "Destroy it all!"
__________________________________________________ _____________
Mean while in a empty dark cave a dark shadow appears with icy blue eyes and saids, "The sky village is about to engage in a civil war. This will make it more difficult to catch the star beasts if Nariko carry this out. Kana cannot stop him because of him using the Shiro-Yume."
A man sitting down with a hood over his head opens his mouth and you could see the dark cold escaping from it.
"Correct, The Ryuusei do not need this right now. I'll take care of it since the boy is disable at the moment for over using Shiro-Yume." The man stood up and holds up his head and his Kamimeh started to change looks and took the shape of an dark angel.

12-01-2009, 05:14 PM
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12-15-2009, 08:26 AM
Chapter 30: Civil War

"Destroy it all! Anybody that's not with us kill them!" Nariko saids out loud. Yukio still standing on his dragon smirks at Kana and mumbles, "He never stood a chance." The 15 jonin all scattered to different parts of the village. "Dammit we have to do something." Lady Sada saids.
"Me and my team will cover the South-West end and the west end. Amaya you, Siya and Kaori cover the east end of the village. Hopefully this will work but we need more people." Akira saids.
__________________________________________________ ______________
"Gsh we are so late. We are the closest village to the Sky how did we end up late?" Emiko saids. "Well Sir Asa thought the tournament started the day after." Emiko, Kimi and Matsu all three are getting closer the the Sky village.
"What is it Kimi?"
"Isn't the color of the Sky village only turns red when they are signaling us?"
Emiko eyes widen and saids, "Pick up the pace guys, I'v got a bad feeling."
__________________________________________________ ______________
"I need a pawn so I can do this jutsu. Do you see anybody at the sky that's not injured."
The shadow figure closes his Ice blue eyes and saids "Yes I found one. He is a kid though. Will that work?"
"Yes that is perfect. Touch me so I can see him."
Once the shadow figure touched the Ryuusei leader on his shoulder he saids "Yami Tamashi Jutsu!"
__________________________________________________ ______________
As the civil war rages on Kana still looking down tied up asks himself how did he let them murder his clan like that. His Kamimeh was not activated anymore but his eye was still bleeding from the Gen-jutsu he did. "No No No. Mother, why? Why would they do such a thing? I don't see the light anymore. My eyes are closed into the darkness. This feeling, this feeling I'v never felt before. It's revenge, but dark revenge. I want it!!" As soon as Kana screamed I want it huge dark beam of lightning consumed him.
__________________________________________________ ______________
"I have to find my family where are they?" A little boy at the age of 9 runs around frantically looking for his family. While he is running he suddenly stops and see 2 jonin facing him ready to kill him. The little boy looks down and his bright green eyes turns pitch black. His body turned gray and his tongue was now black. He smirks at the two ninja's and saids, "Three Dark Ages jutsu!" 3 dark figures escapes from his mouth and consumed the 2 jonin ninja's standing before him. When the little boy spoke, he spoked in 2 voices at the same time. One was his and the other was the leader of the Ryuusei. "Eh now that im here, let's have fun."

12-20-2009, 01:44 PM
Chapter 31: A Taste

A huge explosion happened directly where Kana was and he was freed. Yukio still standing on top of his dragon saids
"Am I finally going to get a chance to kill this brat? Wait something is different about him."
Kana standing had black lighting surrounding him and the rings in his kamimeh were all filled with white triangles. Kana turned his head and looked at Yukio and blasted off.
"He's quick!"
Yukio's Komodo dragon exploded in .7 seconds since Kana blasted off.
"Damn his speed has enhanced greatly, not only that his chakra looks like it's 100% refilled. What is going on."
Kana now looking at Yukio saids, "You knew about it huh? Prepare to die!" Kana blasted off in quick speed again towards Yukio.
__________________________________________________ _____________
"Ahh!! Stop!" An anti-jonin screamed.
"Aw come on, yell louder!" The little boy that the Ryuusei leader took over had the jonin ninja by the throat crushing it.
"You bore me."
The leader ripped the bones in the jonin throat off and threw it.
"Where is that boy Kana? Ah at the tourney stadium, that's right."
Before he took off 6 shurikens stopped him.
"There is no way a boy that age could do that. Who are you?"
Ayumu standing on top of a tree awaits an answer. The boy turned around and saids, "Ayumu, my how have you grown. I guess I have enough time to play with you."
Ayumu does three hand signs and the elements lightning and wind surrounds him.
"Ooh now that's dangerous."
__________________________________________________ _____________
The Kage mountain a few yards away over looking the village have 2 people standing on top of the the first's head.
"You know, this is ridiculous. This civil war was uncalled for."
"True it was but it was bound to happen anyway. The question is can the Sky bounce back from this if they prevail. Let's go we are late."
The two people stood up and started their way off the mountain with their Ryuusei hoods on.

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Nice chapter, Yori.

12-21-2009, 08:14 AM
Nice chapter, Yori.

Thanks Pride

12-21-2009, 08:48 AM
Chapter 32: 2 Battles

Ayumu still standing on top of a tree with lightning and wind elements surrounding him. "I'll try close combat first, to see." Ayumu then jumps off the tree but the little boy stood still.
"Hm, why isn't he moving?"
Ayumu then tries to land a thunderous strike at his head but he miss
"Teleportation! That's it."
By the time Ayumu had time to regain his balance the little boy ran and punched him in the stomach and stick a paper bomb on Ayumu.
"A paper bomb? Wait I can't take it off what the hell."
"Yeah see I created that paper bomb that's a proto-type, you'll be dead soon."
"Damn this is bad, it can explode any minute. What to do!?"
__________________________________________________ _____________
Another explosion happened where Kana and Yukio are battling.
"Kana's eyes are different. Is this an upgrade? It's dangerous, Nariko didn't expect this, we might be at a disadvantage here."
Kana then appeared behind Yukio, grabbed him and threw him up in the air. Once in the air Kana landed 3 punches to Yukio's back and a hard kick to his stomach. But Yukio's body started to decay and Yukio arose from the ground at a different location.
"Im not going to take that for too long Kana. You want a fight then let's go."
Yukio does 5 hand signs held out his hands in the air and yelled,
"Lightning's Passed."
The sky turned black and what seemed like a dragon's tale was now seen from the heavens.
"Kana this is lightning straight from the heavens stronger than the lightning surrounding you. You are going to die!"
The dragon was now seen out of the sky with it's tail almost touching the ground.
__________________________________________________ _____________
Nariko standing on top of the Kage building thinks to himself,
"I was too over anxious. The civil war will not go complete. I have failed. Hm that's Yukio's move if I remember. What's going on?"
Akira and his team successfully took care of the West end's of the village, Amaya and her team cook care of the opposite end. Emiko and her team arrived to see half of the sky village beat down almost wiped out.
"What happened here?"
__________________________________________________ _____________
The paper bomb that is on Ayumu split it self into another paper bomb but this one was pitched black and it covered Ayumu's mouth.
"This paper bomb is sucking my chakra."
Ayumu's elements went away and he fell on his knee's. The black paper bomb split it's self two time and both tied Ayumu's hands and leg's. The process kept happening until Ayumu was completely covered.
"Am I going to die? No Im way stronger than what I shown, but he got me so easily."
The little boy sitting on a tree above with his head resteing on his hands saids,
"It's almost done. Don't worry you won't feel a thing it'll be too quick."
The black paper bombs began releasing purple sparks.
"Oh No!"
__________________________________________________ _____________
The dragon let out a big roar towards Kana.
"His jutsu is very very strong and if it lands on me I'll die. But I have nothing in my defense to protect me. Damn this is not good."
Yukio eyes widened and he yell's, "Die!"
The dragon went directly up in the sky and everybody noticed it. In the speed of light the dragon landed straight on Kana and the blast destroyed the tournament arena, 2 kage statues and wide range of buildings.
"I got him."

End of Chapter 32

12-21-2009, 08:52 AM
Spoiler for 33

Evil turns good for a split second

12-26-2009, 09:39 PM
Chapter 33: The End

The light from the blast was noticeable all the way to the silent village. Yukio standing smirk from the sight of it.
"That's Kana's location Amaya"
"Let's go"
Amaya's team, Akira's team, and Emiko's team all started heading towards that location.
Nariko looking at the damage Yukio caused muttered
"He better have hit him, or that was a huge waste."
Yukio now started to sense Kana's presence,
"I don't sense Kana's chakra at all. Burnt to a crisp. I wo.. What!?"
Standing in front of Kana was Lady Sada holding her hands in the sky and breathing as she is about to die..
__________________________________________________ ____________
"Hm? Well that's a bummer Yukio wasted that blast and you got out of my jutsu. Because of your stupid host. No matter looks like fun's over. Later"
The darkness from the little boy vanished away and he return to normal.
"Siya, if it wasn't for your chakra I'll be dead. He got me with just that move.
"Ayumu sensei rest. Huh?"
"What is it Siya?"
"The little boy. The little boy doesn't look like how he was a second ago."
"He was under a jutsu from somebody on the outside. Whoever that person is.. We are in danger."
__________________________________________________ _____________
"Blast! Sada got in the way with her Ultimate Light defense. But this didn't come without lost. She will die because she used that. But I better retreat while I can."
Yukio slipped away while everybody's attention was on Kana and Lady Sada. Kana with his black lightning surrounding him got up as Sada fell in his arms. Her skin became to get hard and wrinkle.
"The energy from her defense jutsu wiped out almost all her chakra and all her energy."
As Lady Sada begun to lose her eyesight she found the will to say last words to everybody around her.
"I made a sacrifice for the village sake. Kana is the future for the Sky village. If he would of died then all hope would probably be lost. The village will need care but I believe that you all will pull through it. Kana you are the true heir of the Tenshi clan and one of the strongest in this village. Don't disappoint me. Become a better Sorakage than me and most importantly became as good as a leader as the first Sorakage, Yori Tenshi. Kana if you succeed that and protect the village with your life, you will become.. Forever King.."
Lady Sada closed her eyes and she was gone. The sun came out and shined on her forehead.
__________________________________________________ _____________
"Master the Sorakage is dead, and I believe Kana will succeed her."
"I caught a glimpse of his power. He went to the second stage of his eyes. The Ultimate Kamimeh. He's strong, so watch out. The Ryuusei is back to business. Dismiss!"
"Hmph we could of destroyed that village right Hayato?"
"Shut up, your annoying me."
"Well anyway it's my turn to get our assignment. Off to find the 4th!"
Zenaku saids as him and Hayato both fade away in the fog covering them.

Vatanui AKA Pride
12-26-2009, 09:50 PM
Nice chapter, man.

12-27-2009, 12:52 PM
Arc. 4

Collision between two great forces

12-27-2009, 01:25 PM
Chapter 34: Mysterious Zenaku

Zenaku stood on the stomach of the 4 star Shark/Whale holding 2 peace signs in the air.
"Haha victory is mines. What what! I socked him, I rocked and I locked him!"
Hayato looking shook his head and thought,
"That damn clown actually did it, and with ease. Ugh he's acting like a fool."
"Hey Hayato, you had more trouble with your beast than mines. And mines was twice the strength as yours! Haha eat that loser face!"
Hayato began to pull out a puppet scroll but found resistance and just ignored what Zenaku said.
"Zenaku since you defeated it, you carry it."
Hayato began to walk with Zenaku just staring at him dumb founded.
"What!? Are you blind? Do you see how big this beast is!?"
"Not my problem.. Is it?"
__________________________________________________ ____________
Back at the Sky village the kage from the silent came once he heard news. The Sky village council called a meeting with all the jonin to decide who will succeed Lady Sada.
"First order of business is nominations."
A hand raised and the person called Kana's name. A few minutes passed by and no other name came up.
"Seems like Kana is the only choice for being the next Sorakage."
One council member said. Another one stood up and replied,
"As strong as Kana is, he is too young to lead this village. We just escaped luckily with our brief civil war. I say lets way from more years then Kana can be kage."
Some of the jonin nod there head and one called out Ayumu's name.
"Ahh Ayumu. I forgot he's back. He has the strength, age, and wisdom to lead us. Any oppose?"
Asa who didn't say anything in the beginning stood up and began to speak about it.
"Now it was to my understanding Sada wanted Kana to succeed her. She believed in him to lead this village now. I know I can't make any orders here, but don't forget Sada's last wishes."
Asa sat back down and everybody nodded their head.
"Look we can go about this all day, but time isn't on our side. The Ryuusei is probably back en route so we need to make an decision now."
The leader of the council stood up. He was an old man with lazy eye's and he spoke,
"Well I agree. The decision is for Ayumu to become the next Sorakage!"
__________________________________________________ _____________
Zenaku and Hayato walking with the shark/whale being dragged by Zenaku's summon gorilla's, both were going to meet with The Ryuusei to seal it.
Zenaku still smiling looked at Hayato and begun to laugh.
"What are you laughing about?"
"Oh nothing Hayato Sama. Nothing."
Zenaku laughed again and this time Hayato gotten angry.
"Um, Hayato Sama you are wearing a shield of puppet right?"
"Yes why?"
"Um, how do you ever use the bathroom!?"
Zenaku begun to laugh harder this time, but Hayato just breathed in deeply and shook his head.
"Hey Hayato Sama?"
"What Zenaku?"
"Um, Do you find me attractive?"
Hayato stopped and his eyes became red and he looked at Zenaku. Zenaku noticed and started running.
"Hayato, Hayato it was just a joke. Oh your gonna chase me puppet man come on, come on!"
Hayato reached out and extended his arm to a distance and caught Zenaku by the throat.
"Hayato Sama this hurts,"
"Do you think I care!?"
"I didn't use the bathroom today Hayato your gonna squeeze it out of me!"
"Oh yeah? Well my turn to have fun!"
Hayato tighten his grip on Zenaku's throat, and Zenaku grew red with his eyes widen. Hayato laughed and said,
"Clean yourself up."

12-29-2009, 08:06 AM
Big Ryuusei Fight Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

12-31-2009, 07:31 PM
Chapter 35: Hayato Underestimates

"Hurry Up Zenaku, we don't have all day. We are almost at the Mist Village."
Hayato and Zenaku were on their way to catch the 8th star host. The host was hailed from the Hidden Mist village by an 16 year old boy named Riyo.
"Hey Hayato, You have to be serious with this one."
"I know that Zenaku, this is a high rank star host. No games."
As Hayato and Zenaku are walking the air around them becomes misty and Zenaku looks around surprised.
"I understand."
Zenaku raises out his right hand and saids calmly..
"Gravity Balance"
The air around them halted and two mist ninjas were now seen giving a blank stare at both the Ryuusei members. Hayato drew out a kuni and slit the throat of both ninjas.
"OK Zenaku, that's good."
Zenaku lowers his right hand and the flow of things around them went back to normal.
"That's a very handy jutsu, Zenaku."
"Aye, that's the nicest thing you ever said to me."
Both members kept walking deeper and deeper into the mist until they were unseen.
__________________________________________________ _____________
The boy Riyo was sitting by the Mist lake looking at the different frogs that surrounds him.
"Hm, I now know all the names of the frogs here. Figures since the Frog From Hell is inside me."
Riyo was always a calm kid and liked to distance himself from the world. His parents both died when he was 6, but the kage adopted him. Riyo is also very intelligent and somehow know that the Ryuusei exist and what they are after.
"I'm surprised they haven't come yet. I predicted they would 2 day's ago. A delay maybe?"
Riyo looked at his heart and said,
"What you think?"
Inside of him A giant red frog was seen and spoke calmly,
"They should be here. Either way we are prepared."
Riyo and his beast understood each other well and got a long like best friends. The Frog from hell never tried to take an advantage over him. Riyo looked around and said..
"Well well, what was the hold up?"
__________________________________________________ ___________
"Well Hayato seems like he knew we were coming."
"Yep I figured that. Before I go, Zenaku you gotten serious lately what's been up?"
"Hm, you care? It's nothing, It's nothing I assure you. Go on."
Zenaku scattered away into distance but could see the both of them.
"Your Hayato.. Right?" Riyo asks.
"You are correct, and I bet you know I'm not here just for the scenery."
The air around the both of them started to feel uneasy. A nearby frog on it's Lilli-pad croaked one time and jumped into the water. As soon as that happened Hayato first ace was already about to stab Riyo through the heart. Once the first ace stab Riyo his body fell apart as a frog statue.
Riyo appeared out of the mist and with force punched through the first ace destroying it. Right after that Riyo does a back flip and accurately lands behind the second ace punching its head off. Hayato looking on saids to himself,
"I knew this wasn't going to be an easy feat but he already took down 2 aces. Stay calm Hayato."
"I don't like playing with toys, and that's exactly what your fighting me with. Using puppets is pointless. Prepare because this is your last show."

01-01-2010, 09:09 AM
Chapter 36: Hayato vs. Riyo

"With this mist, it makes it harder for me to fight him. This is no longer a regular mist but his. With two aces down I don't want to waste another."
Hayato pulls out another puppet scroll labeled 3. An old man comes forth, and stay's still beside Hayato.
"This should even the playing field."
Hayato moves a finger and his third puppet body parts starts falling off and a green poison smoke start's to over take the field.
"Poison Lure"
Once the smoke got well into the field Hayato's 4th puppet comes forth in front of him.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Riyo who is laying down underneath a bush see's Hayato's poison.
"If I'm correct then this is Hayato's poison that killed 5 squads in 10 seconds. His poison works fast. I can't inhale it but he's on the other side of it. What to do."
Riyo looking around caught a glimpse of a frog in the river and said,
"Of course."
__________________________________________________ ______________
Hayato standing still aware of his surroundings said,
"I'm not that stupid, and that won't work!"
Hayato with speed made his fourth puppet punch the ground behind and Riyo was seen flying in the air. Hayato then made his puppet meet Riyo and landed a direct hit on Riyo back when he fell down.
"Hmph, you had me on my toes for a second there kid. But now it's over."
Riyo's body dispersed into frogs and Hayato is surprise.
"What? That was a fake?"
One of the frogs hopping towards Hayato quickly changed in the real Riyo and he landed a direct punch to Hayato.
"Dammit, the real one was mixed in."
Hayato before he fell down moved the tip of his finger and the limbs of the third ace all stabbed Riyo in different parts in his body.
"He rigged his fallen puppet and waited for a situation like this."
Once Hayato gained his composer he looked around to see where was Riyo.
"Lightning Style: Over Shock!"
Hayato heard Riyo's voice and could see the visible lightning coming towards him. Hayato then starts running to avoid it but isn't quick enough to escape. Hayato then sacrifices his fourth ace to save himself.
"He's keeping me on my toes. This isn't good."
Riyo then comes behind Hayato surprising him again landed three blows to Hayato's chest. In counter though Hayato stuck a paper bomb on the ground before Riyo, and once it explode Riyo was caught by a big beam delivered by Hayato.
"You know, your a tricky one I'll give you that."
Hayato stood beside a puppet gorilla and a black puppet lion.

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-01-2010, 09:40 AM
Hayato > All

Seriously good chapter.

01-01-2010, 08:14 PM
Chapter 37: Hayato's Ace's

Hayato stands beside two big puppets.
"I welcome you the 6 and 7th Ace."
Riyo looks on and thinks to himself,
"One of his aces has the ability to use Hayato's chakra, and pretty fast."
Inside Riyo his beast start's getting a little bit riled up,
"Riyo this is getting dangerous. Use some of me."
"No not yet. Right now he still can't see me, and I have the advantage."
"Your pushing your luck with him. His last attack was a direct hit and you took some damage."
"Just calm down. I promise I'll use you when the time comes."
Riyo still squatting down trying to keep away from Hayato seeing him noticed a few pebbles shaking beside him.
"Oh No!"
Hayato's gorilla ace emerges from the ground and landed a direct hit to Riyo's face. Once Riyo got back up to his knees the lion ace head butted Riyo from behind, sending him crashing down to some near by trees. Hayato's gorilla puppet re-appears jumping from the air attempting to crush Riyo. Riyo avoids the impact but Hayato's gorilla caused an after shock which sends Riyo landing hard on some tree's. Riyo again tries to get up but he is met by the lion ace's beams coming from all directions. Riyo now barely standing falls to his knees and to the ground.
"His new set of puppets are so strong and in sync with each other. I can't fight him alone anymore. It's time Kazu.."
__________________________________________________ _____________
Hayato with his right arm out stands still looking at Riyo's shadow figure.
"He stop. No he let his beast step in."
Riyo heart started to grow orange and now was visible. Orange chakra started to over take him and his his hands and feet started to become amphibian like. Riyo stood up and his eyes were now black.
Riyo screamed and took off with enormous speed, Riyo was now face to face with Hayato but with a flick of a finger a tale caught Riyo's arm before it could hit him. Hayato then drifted off into the mist with his scorpion tale still holding Riyo. Riyo flexed his arm and the tale broke, but Hayato's gorilla was know a few inches away from Riyo. Riyo let out one croak and it sent the gorilla ace back destroying it's parts.
"Hm what to do, what to do? His beast stepped in and now he became harder to hit. Hmm..."
Hayato took out a big scroll labeled 9 and 10 and then a Panda and a Rhino comes forth.
"These are the last two of my second wave. They should do because I still have another animal puppet out there. But just in case I have my last and deadliest wave left."

To be continued.......

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Nice chapter.

As Patty said, Hayato > All.

And nice to see your writers' block cured.

01-01-2010, 10:03 PM
Lol so its Hayato>Rein too?

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-01-2010, 10:07 PM
Rein's pretty close, but Hayato roflstomps. xD

01-01-2010, 10:09 PM
Haha ok, but I have really big plans for Rein coming up. But right now it's too tough to tell who's the strongest out of the two

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-01-2010, 10:26 PM
I can seen that.

01-01-2010, 10:36 PM
Everybody likes Hayato, well right now im re-modifying Kana's jutsu list. Some of them are getting thrown out.

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-01-2010, 10:38 PM
So you're going to make a Plot Hole. xD

01-01-2010, 10:41 PM
Lol I grown a lot since the first chapter to now and some of the jutsu's he got earlier on in the story is kind of ridiculous. But I WILL not get rid of Shiro-Yume, that's one of my favorite gen-jutsu for him

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-01-2010, 10:43 PM
I was going to reckon you'd keep that particular technique as well, it's intriguing to me.

01-02-2010, 02:13 PM
Chapter 38: Battle Rages On

Hayato now gets in his battle stance, in control of his three puppets on the field.
"Riyo let's be careful, he could have summon another set of puppets."
"Right, so for now lets play it safe for a b..."
Hayato's lion beams caught Riyo directly sending him back, and once Riyo got back on the ground Hayato's panda landed a hard punch to Riyo's mid-section. Riyo then does a back flip after the hit and does 2 hand signs. Once Riyo finished the hand signs orange chakra and lightning started piling up in his left hand. But before Riyo could finish his jutsu the Rhino ace horns stabbed Riyo directly through his stomach and shoulders.

Once Riyo got up blood was now dripping and he was losing breath.
"Pull yourself together Riyo, do you want to go into Level 2?"
"Yes, let's do it.."
Riyo orange chakra start's to over take his skin and Riyo had become more amphibian like. Riyo loss his human features and was now a mini size beast with horns on his head. Riyo's star heart was now visible.
"All right let's end this."
Riyo shot off frantically searching for Hayato. He stopped when he saw Hayato's Rhino puppet in the open.
"A trap perhaps?"
Riyo ran and and on sight destroyed Hayato's Rhino puppet. As soon as he did that the gorilla puppet parts start's gathering around Riyo then all the other Ace's part's gathered around Riyo. Hayato from a tree does 5 hand signs and hold his hands out in the sky and the puppet sphere was complete.
"8th star beast..Captured."
__________________________________________________ _____________

Riyo inside Hayato's puppet sphere felt it moving.
"Riyo we better hurry up because right now he got us."
"I know, I know."
Riyo inside the sphere hold out his left hand and orange chakra gathered in his left star until it formed a black and orange sphere.
"Demonic Wave!"
Riyo slammed the jutsu on Hayato's sphere but it didn't budge.
"Hm, alright I know what to do. But once I do it, we will lose level 2."
"Alright do it Riyo, but be careful."
Riyo started glowing and lightning started to surround him. He bended over to his knees and a white light started glowing from within him. Riyo with his veins starting to pop out, expanded his arms and yelled,
"The Croak From Hell!"
The sphere started to light up and white and orange chakra started to beam out.

"He's escaping."
Hayato said to himself. The puppet sphere exploded with Riyo falling out back in his level one form. Hayato standing started to feel a little bit frustrated. Hayato started to loosen his Ryuusei cloak and Hayato body appeared.
"What the hell?"
Hayato's body had five slots with scrolls each in them. There was a long sealing marking connected to each scroll.
"You sure are something I give you that. I haven't have to use my last wave since I fought Ayumu, But see this last wave of jutsu is so dangerous that I had to seal it within my self, so I won't lose them. I hope you can revert back into your level 2 form because this is the final stretch!"
__________________________________________________ ______________

The mist was now almost cleared up, and Hayato started to do 20 hand signs real fast. He then clapped his hands together and a long breeze of wind over took the field. Hayato still holding his hand the sealing markings on his body started to move away from each scroll and to Hayato's stomach. The five scrolls all dropped out of their slots and to the ground UN-folded. The seal markings that was on Hayato's stomach shot off his body and to the scrolls.

Zenaku looking on said's to him self,
"I'm really getting a chance to see it. Hayato's masterpiece."
Once the sealing got into the scrolls a large cloud of smoke came forth from the scrolls. When it cleared standing beside him were five human body's.
"This is it."
Hayato saids..

Next Chapter.. The Conclusion Of This Fight

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Great chapter.

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Awesome chapter, senpai.

01-02-2010, 08:18 PM
Thanks guys, too bad the big fight is going to end. Who do yall think is going to win? And why do yall think Zenaku got serious all of a sudden earlier?

01-02-2010, 11:27 PM
11th Ace: Yami Tamashi (Dark Spirit)
Abilities: 2 Dark Jutsu

12th Ace: Kin Tamashi (Gold Spirit)
Abilities: Fire, Earth, Lava

13th Ace: Gin Tamashi (Silver Spirit)
Abilities: Earth, Fire, Metal

14th Ace: Tengoku Tamashi (Heaven Spirit)
Abilities: 2 Light jutsu's

15th Ace: Kagirinai Tamashi (Eternal Spirit)
Abilities: N/A

Major Major Spoiler. I had to do a spoiler because I have to end the fight next chapter.. But I did manage to leave 15 a mystery..

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-02-2010, 11:28 PM
15th should be spiritual and be intangible.

01-02-2010, 11:30 PM
15th should be spiritual and be intangible.

Lol that's what I'm going for.. Something real complex

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-02-2010, 11:31 PM
Now, that would be hax, yet badass for Hayato.

01-02-2010, 11:35 PM
Now, that would be hax, yet badass for Hayato.

That is true but Riyo has yet to go into his full transformation yet (If he could do it, I haven't decide on that) I want 15 to be his most powerful puppet because if Hayato does lose I want him to go out with one of the strongest jutsu. This is hard to decide on, because at the same time I putting limitations on Rein's space/time ability's and Zenaku's special ability

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-02-2010, 11:38 PM
Now, that would be hax, yet badass for Hayato.

It would go with the awesome theme that Hayato > All and I have a soft spot for him in my heart for numerous reasons.

01-02-2010, 11:39 PM
It would go with the awesome theme that Hayato > All and I have a soft spot for him in my heart for numerous reasons.

Lol because he's a true puppeteer

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-02-2010, 11:40 PM
Well, that and I helped create him a little bit. lol

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-02-2010, 11:50 PM
It would go with the awesome theme that Hayato > All and I have a soft spot for him in my heart for numerous reasons.

I can see so. He's an awesome puppeteer.

01-03-2010, 09:55 AM
Hmm, What to do about that last puppet... After this you all will see a lot more of Rein, Siya and Emiko will get some screen time, and another member of The Ryuusei will be introduced.. I'm trying to keep it kind of balance of power between Hayato and Rein because them two right now are the strongest..

Sasori who is stronger out of Hayato and Rein?

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-03-2010, 10:05 AM
My memory is blurry what can Rein do?

01-03-2010, 10:33 AM
Reins Jutsu:
Space/Time Nin-Jutsu (Limitations)
The Fallen Sky (Can destroy the Konoha Chunin exams arena)
Panda (Boss) Summonings
Lion Summonings
Snake Summonings

--Rein is very quick, but his strength is not as great as Hayato's, and his stamina is about a 3.5. Very intelligent

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-03-2010, 11:10 AM
It depends on his Space/Time ninjutsu, other than that it's Hayato.

01-03-2010, 11:13 AM
It depends on his Space/Time ninjutsu, other than that it's Hayato.

Alright, Thanks.

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-03-2010, 11:22 AM
What kind of Space/Time Nin doe his have?

01-03-2010, 11:28 AM
Time: He has an interval of 1-3 seconds of slowing down the speed of time, or turning off time completely.

Space: Intangible but, shuts his body down after the 3rd time

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-03-2010, 11:31 AM
Na, Hayato's got him than only 1-3 seconds Hayato has multiple puppets he's able to use thus he could hae him use it and overwhelm him afterward.

I'd guess that in order to dodge more than one puppet at a time, he'd have to go intangible sometime but he'd have to be careful where to use it so I Hayato would find an opening.

01-03-2010, 11:33 AM
Ok then it's settle, Hayato is the strongest person in my story

01-03-2010, 01:36 PM
Chapter 39: The Spirit Aces

Five human body's were all standing beside Hayato. All five of them had markings on their faces, and all were wearing the Ryuusei cloaks. The 11th Ace was a dark skinned ninja, with red lines on his face. His name was the dark spirit. Next to him was a little girl with a gold flower in her hair, and black hair. She was name the gold spirit and 12th ace. Next was the 13th ace named the silver spirit. An middle age man with a mean face, short hair, and black markings on his face. The 14th ace was named the heaven spirit. A women with this bright aura and golden long hair. The final ace was named the eternal spirit. A man, with a pleasant look and white spiky hair.

Riyo squatting down in his 1st level form looked with amazement.
"Face it we don't stand a chance anymore. We can barely enter into level 2 and level 3 will take a lot out of you. Possibly draining your chakra to 0."
Riyo now inside of him facing his beast waits for a reply,
"Riyo, I don't care. We must live. If we have to go into level 3 then do it. Be careful though, and end this fight."
Riyo got up and his orange chakra again started to over take his skin and going back into level 2.
"This is it" Hayato said while swinging his left arm.
__________________________________________________ ______________

The dark spirit jumped into the air and holds and clapped his hands together,
"Dark Style: Night Arms!"
The puppet arms extended to to reach for Riyo and when he missed another pair of arms branched out from the original set chasing Riyo. Riyo did a back flip and out of no where a big wave of fire was coming at him. Riyo evaded it but a spike coming from the earth landed into his stomach.
Hayato's gold ace delivered the fire and earth jutsu's.
Riyo got him self together and jumped off but was met by a metal spear coming from the silver ace. The spear didn't pinch through Riyo's skin though but left him hurt.
"They are all in sync and quicker. I guess we have to go into level 3"

Riyo orange chakra started to boil and his horns have gotten longer and bigger. Riyo's muscles have gotten way bigger and by now Riyo was one step away from changing into his beast completely.
"A new level? What can he do?"
Lightning started to appear around Riyo and he took off and the sound from it was so great it was heard around the village. Riyo jumped and attempted to claw through the silver ace but the dark spirit caught him with his claw's. While being held on Riyo flexed one time and lightning over took the dark spirit's claw and electrocuted him.
"Lava Style: The Great Ocean!"
The gold ace started pouring lava out of her mouth and an ocean of lava over took the field before Riyo. Riyo started running and jumped on a tree and was in arm's length from the silver spirit. Before he could destroy it a dark force started to pull him back.
"That ace I electrocuted is still active."
Once Riyo was back on the other side of the field he looked at Hayato and his aces.
"I have no choice. Time to do it."
Riyo's star beast heart was now visible and glowing brightly. It levitated in front of him and energy started to surround it.
__________________________________________________ ______________

The energy started to rotate around the star heart, then lightning and wind over took it until it became an orange rotating sphere. Riyo grabbed it and could barely controlled. Once Riyo had control over it he looked at Hayato.
"Hm, this could be destructive."
With barely moving the tip of three fingers the silver, gold and dark ace set up a defensive barrier in front of them lined up. Riyo with all his might threw it towards Hayato.

The sphere was closely coming towards Hayato and it was gaining momentum. Beams started to shoot from it and on Riyo's command it expanded into this great force. It made impact and the force was so great some of the houses in the mist village and nearby got wiped out.
__________________________________________________ ______________

After it was over the battle field was no more. Half of the nearby mountains and the river was gone. Riyo was sitting on a tree back into level 1. The dark, gold, and silver ace were destroyed in the blast but the heaven and eternal both had their hand up with this light barrier protecting Hayato.
"He just won't die.."
Riyo could barely stand and he waited for Hayato.
"You are strong, but.."
Hayato started coughing up blood and kneel to ground, and thought to himself
"I'm over doing it."
Hayato then move his finger and the heaven spirit clapped it's hands and a strong bright light came forth. Hayato then moved his right and the eternal spirit moved in front of him doing something.

When the bright light was over, beside the eternal spirit was a spiritual being named Kingu Tamashi. The being had a very bright figure and heavily armored. Hayato moved both of his arms out and the being held his hands out towards Riyo. Kingu started to release wind out of his hands. The wind cut through the rocks and left a ton of scratches on Riyo.
"This it it huh? I couldn't keep up with somebody like him. I give.."
Hayato seeing Riyo was down and out started walking with all three spirits with him. Once Hayato was a few feet away from Riyo he fell forward. The Kingu spirit vanished and the eternal and heaven spirit both fell with him and vanished.
"Hmm? It can't be"
Zenaku came a little bit closer and saids,
"Hayato is dead..."

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Hayato is dead. =(

01-03-2010, 02:53 PM
Longest chapter I spent on making. Yep Hayato is dead, which means the big dog is Rein now.

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Noes.>.> <.< >.<

And the longest chapter I've ever made was the last Nui Gaiden chapter.

01-03-2010, 03:17 PM
1. Hayato Sato

He is the most feared puppet user and he is hailed from the village hidden in the Waterfall. He can control up to 30 puppets at a time. His most feared puppets are the deadly Ace's. Never lost while the deadly Ace's was in play and his clothing under his Ryuusei Cloak is painted with blood from everybody he killed. He is a cold hearted killer and never hesitates to do it.

Elements: All of them

Ex Village: Waterfall Village

Assignment: 2nd Star Wolf and The 8th Star Frog from Hell

The Deadly Ace's (15)
Puppet Sphere
Lava Style: The Great Ocean
Kingu Tamashi
Fire Style: The Great Release (Gold Spirit)
Earth Style: Spikes of Hell (Gold Spirit)
Metal Spear (Silver Spirit)
Dark Pull (Dark Spirit)
Dark Style: Night Arms (Dark Spirit)
Poison Lure
Light Beams (7th Ace)

-- Hayato died from over use of the last wave of Ace's. That spiritual summoning did him in.

01-03-2010, 07:35 PM
Noes.>.> <.< >.<

And the longest chapter I've ever made was the last Nui Gaiden chapter.

Lol I think Sasori is a little bit mad that Hayato died. I saw him in here after I posted he just didn't post. xD

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Ok then it's settle, Hayato is the strongest person in my story

Two hours after that I read and it says this:

"Hayato is dead..."

Lol I think Sasori is a little bit mad that Hayato died. I saw him in here after I posted he just didn't post. xD

It made me sad/mad.


Still enjoyed the chapter though.

01-03-2010, 07:49 PM
Two hours after that I read and it says this:

It made me sad/mad.


Still enjoyed the chapter though.

lol I had to do it, 2 beasts already been captured back to back with ease, and Zenaku has gotten more serious over the course of this fight. Also I want Riyo to go against somebody else in the Ryuusei. At least I didn't make Hayato die from Riyo's hand.

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01-03-2010, 07:53 PM
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01-03-2010, 08:14 PM
If you look at it, Hayato died like Sasori did in retrospect. Sasori was so much hax that Kishi killed him off early and by chiyo and Sakura, kinda done with Hayato too except in a better fashion.

Yeah exactly I seen that after I posted it. I feel bad that I killed of someone so powerful as Hayato.

01-09-2010, 07:56 PM
Okay who's ready for an exciting new arc.

I'm telling I plan this arc to be my best yet. Expect more fights like or better than the last. Expect new villains, new character's and a big look at the past. Expect Kana's first full length fight. I have big plans for this arc...

1. Tenshi Clan: Better understanding of them
2. More Siya and Ayumu
3. More Rein
4. Beginning of a fall out
5. A kage fight
6. The Ryuusei leader identity is finally reveled.

Get Ready--

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Ryuusei Theme ^^

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I'm looking forward to it.

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A nice subtle hint, Senpai.

01-11-2010, 03:07 PM
Chapter 40: Aftermath

Riyo laying down face up turns his head and looks at the fallen puppeteer.
"I can't believe.."
Riyo eyes widen as he caught a sight of another Ryuusei robe.
"Hayato, Hayato. How can you just die like that?"
Zenaku circles around Hayato body and finally look towards Riyo direction. Zenaku then started to walk towards Riyo's direction.
"I guess I should handle he rest.. wait"
3 kuni was coming towards him but Zenaku avoids them.
"Reinforcements. Hayato failed."
Zenaku smirked at Riyo then lightning struck and Zenaku was gone.
"Riyo sensei!"
An 3 chunin all circled around the broken host body. A tear was now falling from Riyo's eyes as he gazed at his students.
"Yeah.. I'm just fine."
__________________________________________________ ______________
"Zenaku. You sure are quick. I take it as Hayato died?"
"Who would of thought. I will find a replacement."
The man turned towards Rein's shadow and asks,
"Are you ready? You most likely will come into contact with Kana."
As chilling as his voice ever been he simply replied,
The Ryuusei leader took off his hood and faced towards the whole Ryuusei.
"We are almost near our goal. We may have lost a member but his sacrifice will not go unnoticed. Dismissed!"
Once the Ryuusei members shadows disperse the leader turned and looked at the sun with his Kamimeh.
"I will fulfill my goal. I will become the name they use to call death."
__________________________________________________ ______________
Back at the sky village Siya was training the Ayumu.
"Seems like your only good for 2 transformations. After that you lose control. Got that?"
"Yes Ayumu sensei. Do you think they are actually coming?"
"Well if Kana Intel is is correct one of them should come for you soon. Don't be scared Siya. I have faith in you."

Kana standing on top of the Tenshi clan tower looks towards the sun.
"What is it?"
Akira comes forth behind Kana.
"We are taking off soon. If the village ever needs the grass's help, we will be here. No questions ask."
"Good, later Akira."
Akira started to leave but then turns around one last time and saids,
"That eye of yours can't see her love can it?"
Kana eyes widen and then turns around but Akira was long gone."
__________________________________________________ _____________
"Ugh filthy pig! Don't even deserve to be defeated by me."
"Akuma as beautiful you are, you have a filthy mouth."
A short brown hair girl with light blue eyes turns around and saids,
"I didn't join the Ryuusei to pal around. Pick him up and go. 6 star host has been captured.
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Space Cowboy Sasori
01-11-2010, 03:17 PM
Very nice capture indeed, who's the new girl at the bottom?

01-11-2010, 03:18 PM
Very nice capture indeed, who's the new girl at the bottom?

I introduce to you Akuma. Another Ryuusei member

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-11-2010, 03:35 PM
Nice chapter, I like Akuma so far.

01-12-2010, 02:38 PM
Chapter 41: The Prodigy

Kana still sitting on top of the tower watching the moon felt the presence of Leiko.
"Well it's been a while since me and you talk. I take it you have a question?"
Leiko look down and away from Kana.
"Aw don't be shy. Ask me"
Leiko finally found the courage to ask him and saids,
"I want to know about the prodigy!"
Kana kamimeh immediately turned on as his eyes widen.
"That man is the reason why we were look down, for so long. Why have you ask me this?"
Ask Kana
"Well when I was eight I over heard my father talking to my uncle about a forgotten person everybody use to call the prodigy."

The wind around Leiko and Kana shifted and started to blow in Kana hair. He turned around and looked at her.
"The prodigy was a man that was feared for his knowledge of nin-jutsu, forbidden techniques and most of all his swiftness. You heard the name Yori Tenshi right?"
Leiko looked at kage mountain and said
"Yes him, the first Sorakage. Why? Was it him?"
"No, it wasn't. To tell you who this man is we must go back in the early days of the Tenshi clan."
The rings in Kana's eyes started rotating as Leiko gazed at them. When she regained her thought she was in the room filled with the sun light. A boy with a long pony tail tied up with a red band was doing hand signs.
"Kana where are we?"
The little boy started to get frustrated and threw his paper shurikens at the wall.
"It takes time to learn that."
Another boy with short hair walked in and said,
"Listen to your older brother, I'm always right."
"I know..Yori.."
__________________________________________________ ______________

Leiko's eyes widen and ask's
"Is that the first?"
Yori walked up beside his little brother and taught him the hand signs.
"You know so many jutsu's but you can't nail this one. Prodigy.... Yeah right"
Leiko now started to breath heavily.
"No, the first and the prodigy were brothers?"
"Correct, now watch this."
The scene had change, and now they were in the forest. Yori was now in his teens, and stabbed a ninja with a kuni.
"Keep up Yori, I'm three ahead of you."
Yori's brother jumped down with his pony tail still in but more bushier. He wore a red flight vest and a black long sleeve shirt under.
"Eiji stop bragging."
"Come on Yori, you have to enter into the second level in your eye, like I already did."
Yori bowed his head in shame and walked off.

"Kana, why are you showing me the little stuff?"
"Because this was the first time resentment came between them."
Kana and Leiko were now back into reality.
"Eiji Tenshi was probably the strongest ninja that came out the clan or ever. Leiko what does the name Eiji means?"
"Great, Peace."
"Right, Eiji became the opposite of that one day. The first Yori succeed him and became the first Sorakage. That didn't sit well with Eiji so he wanted to over throw his own brother. Eiji had the power to control every single star beast. He only had 2 in his control so him and the 2 attack the village and fought his brother. Yori won, and he killed his brother. Eiji sworn to protect the Tenshi clan and cherish it. Instead knowing he could do it he killed over 15 members while he was alive and was ruthless. If he couldn't do it his way, then nobody could. He was the perfect ninja, but evil got to him and he decided to do away with everything."
__________________________________________________ ______________

"The first defeated someone so powerful?"
"No, the first was assisted by the strongest beast of them all. With out that help Eiji would of defeated him very easily. He was the perfect prodigy."
Leiko look back in the past and remember what her father was saying.
"My father said, that he didn't die. And he could feel the presence of the prodigy surrounding the clan.
Kana raised his eye brow and said,
"Hmph, your father was probably nervous. Eiji is long dead Leiko. Now go get some sleep."
__________________________________________________ ______________

The leader of the Ryuusei sat down on the statue of Yori Tenshi that was built in his honor in a nearby land. Looking at the moon, his left eye had a scar, and his kamimeh was on all he said was,

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-12-2010, 03:09 PM
Great chapter, Senpai. The hint on who the Ryuusei's leader was nice.

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-12-2010, 03:27 PM
A very nice chapter indeed.

Ryuusei leader seems like a badass.

Vatanui AKA Pride
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Yes he does.

Although not as badass as Hayato. xDDD

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01-12-2010, 03:53 PM
xD, cheer up Sasori, I told you Zenaku and Hayato balance each other attitudes out. Zenaku is on his own side mission right now, but you probably won't know what that it until the end of this arc. But it's good

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Yeah, I MIST Hayato.


01-12-2010, 09:34 PM
Chapter 42: The coming of Rein

"Eh, Rein you sure do capture your hosts slow but so quick."
A big fat man walking next Rein carrying his sword kept on talking trying to get a word out of him.
"Off to the sky village huh? That village has so much history. My grandfather actually fought the first.. But he died. What if your host is someone with the kamimeh?"
Rein kept on walking ignoring Hekeriki question.
"Come on Rein say something."
"Alright, alright. I already made contact with a Tenshi clan member. Most likely I will be fighting him."
Hekeriki stop and stared at Rein, then asks
"You didn't kill him?"
"No I decided to give him time to train. I know he's waiting for us. We have one more village to through then we will be there.."
Rein stopped and look at the sky and saids,
"It's about to rain."
__________________________________________________ ______________

Kana in the Tenshi clan training arena shoots black lightning out his first two fingers. The black lightning directed it's self towards the arena stands and destroyed a big chunk of it.
"The power of the UK? It feels good, but can strain my body greatly."
Kana's kamimeh had gain the second level, the Ultimate Kamimeh. Only been achieved by 3 Tenshi clan members.
"Rein I'm waiting for you, I will kill you. I promise."
"Kana Sensei?"
Siya walked in all beaten up and worn down.
"You've been training also huh?"
Siya nodded his head and the ask Kana,
"How many beasts can you control?"
"Only 3, why?"
"Is mines part of the three?"
"Sadly no. I'm thinking of an alternative if you ever lose control. Don't worry Siya."
__________________________________________________ ______________

"Have plans to manipulate that village gone OK?"
The Ryuusei leader still sitting down on Yori's statue asked Shadou,
"Good, I will come out of hiding soon enough."
"Why wait this long?"
"Because, I wanted to see him grow up and unlock the second level. He did so I have to come into contact with him."
"Right, well I'm off"
"Shadou start searching for another Ryuusei replacement."
"Just do it."

Author's note: I'm sorry of things are going a little bit slow. It's just I want you all to see what the leader is trying to do. As you can piece by piece of him and his plan is being reveled. Give me time because a fight is coming.

01-13-2010, 09:34 PM
Chapter 43: Discovered
Zenaku appeared back into the old battle battleground where Hayato have died.
"Stupid me. I easily forget things."
Zenaku searched around and around the field until he stumbled unto something.
"Ah here it is."
Zenaku picked it, and it was a scroll. The scroll was labeled "16"
"Ryuusei won't mind if I take a little break.."
__________________________________________________ ________________

"Are you okay son?"
The hidden mist kage staring directly into the eyes of his step-son, kept asking over and over. A nurse came up beside the kage and said,
"He's not going to respond."
"What? Why?!"
"The damages he received and his chakra did a lot on his body, inside and out. I predict he won't be back normal until another month or two."
The kage started to tear up as he looked at Riyo's body,
"Who was the person that caused this?"
"The body that laid in front was the infamous Hayato Sato from the waterfall."
The mist kage left the room and started his way down the hall way,
"Call a meeting between me and the Sukage now!"
"Right my lord"
The mist kage assistant started running to the messaging room..
__________________________________________________ ______________

"We have one village in our control, and the seeds of a war have been planted. The ninja world hasn't changed at all. Shadou it's time for you to go get your assignment. You should be happy to visit your old home."

"The Frost is nothing to be happy of.."
Said Shadou replying back to the leader.
"I'm off. See you in 2 day's.."
Shadou slipped off in the night with the leader still sitting down looking at the sky.
" Oni and Tengu... I will once again unlock these two great powers.."
__________________________________________________ ______________

The wind over the Sky village started to blow way harder than unusual and the cold air took over the village. Two figures standing on top of a hill over watching it.
"It's time to bring my Rain.. Stay here.."
One of the figures started to walk down the hill

In his hut Kana kamimeh turned own by it's self.
"What's this feeling.. feeling of death?

"Don't take long Rein!"

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-13-2010, 09:36 PM
Nice intro, Senpai.

Got me scared for a moment, thinking that was all the chapter.

01-13-2010, 09:38 PM
Lol, I'm getting so excited for this arc. Zenaku is a man on a mission

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-13-2010, 09:49 PM
Lol, I can see so, Senpai.

01-14-2010, 03:59 PM

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-14-2010, 04:00 PM
Nice chapter, Senpai. =]

01-14-2010, 04:03 PM
Thanks pride, taking a break for some days.. New fights comes with new jutsu's (Also I have to work on what the Oni and Tengu power does)

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-14-2010, 05:01 PM
Thanks for informing your fans.

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-14-2010, 05:07 PM
Nice job on the chapter broski.

01-15-2010, 02:11 PM
Update: I have just completed Reins jutsu.

Vatanui AKA Pride
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That's cool, Senpai.

01-15-2010, 09:16 PM
Chapter 44: Plan is Revealed

The Ryuusei leader with his hood off and hair completely down waited to come in contact with Rein.
"I'm here."
"Are you completely ready? This host's power is extremely dangerous Rein."
"Don't worry about me."
The Leader got quiet for a few seconds and Rein thought to himself,
"I can feel dark and cold chakra from here."
The leader looked at Yori's statue and said,
"You do know how much of an importance this is? I didn't kill the first Sorakage for nothing."
"So it was you, I knew it. What is exactly your plans?"
The leader took in a long breath,
"Alright, I plan on bringing back Sōjōbō"
__________________________________________________ ______________

Ginyaki the mist kage sits on a chair opposite of the Sukage.
"The meaning of this is?"
"Hayato Sato came into my village and nearly killed my son also known as our star host."
The Sukage started laughing and said,
"Hayato Sato left our village a while ago. Lucky you your host wasn't captured. Ours were."
"What!? You kept that to your self?!"
"Calm down it's no big deal, I always saw the hosts as a pain anyway."
"Your talking about my son!"
"Ginyaki I don't like your to--"
"So what! You haven't tell the other villages about the capturing of your host and your talking down on my son! What is with you?"
The Sukage took a brief pause and said,
"The Ryuusei is an unknown org made up of S-Class Rogues from different villages. The go around capturing hosts. I don't know the reason why and I really don't care. This meeting is done."
"No it's not!"
Ginyaki grabbed the kage arm and pulled him. The Sukage escorts came rushing but he stopped them.
"You know more don't?!"
"I always ignored your way of doing things, because it never involved my village. But now you laid hands on me. Your tone and how your reacting you accused my village on something shady. Without even asking me. You wanted a war, and now your going to get one.."
Ginyaki let go in shock and said,
"I, I didn't mean to --"
"Save it. I already said what I said."
The Sukage walked out of the room with his escorts with a smirk on his face..
__________________________________________________ ______________

"Who is Sōjōbō?"
Rein asks,
"He was or is the Tengu king."
"Tengu? They are a myth."
"No they are not. I met many people and saw many things. Back in my prime my eyes had the ability to make contact with non-human things. I came across a statue of a sacred Tengu and to my surprise it made contact with me. One thing lead to another and I learn about the truth about who they were."
"Why Sōjōbō?"
"He is the king of the Tengu's and the most powerful one. To awaken him I need the power of the beast's that made up every part of his chakra."
"What's in it for you? I know you get something out of it."
"Yes there is. Once I capture my beast and seal it in my eyes, I will awaken the true power of the Tenshi clan. Sōjōbō is the most powerful power in my eyes. With his powers I will kill the most important god that shine and gives hope to this world."
The leader took out a red band and tied his bushy hair. He looked directly at the sun and said,

Space Cowboy Sasori
01-15-2010, 09:24 PM
A war?

That was unexpected, but a great chapter.

01-15-2010, 09:28 PM
A war?

That was unexpected, but a great chapter.

"Have plans to manipulate that village gone OK?"

Remember when the leader ask that to Shadou

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-15-2010, 09:28 PM
A nice twist with the war, Senpai.

And you spelled Revealed wrong. xD

01-15-2010, 09:31 PM
A nice twist with the war, Senpai.

And you spelled Revealed wrong. xD

Oops corrected xD, Did you think that sending Hayato into the mist was actually planned?

Vatanui AKA Pride
01-15-2010, 09:33 PM

Possibly. xD

01-17-2010, 02:54 PM
I have a chapter special but Pride hasn't been on to give me the okay to post it.. Hopefully he will get on today

Vatanui AKA Pride
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01-17-2010, 06:35 PM
Chapter 45: Tenshi Clan: Special

"This world is in great turmoil, I wish I can stop it."
"That's just it.. You can't."
"No hope?"
"I don't see it."
A young Yori and Eiji both standing over a hill watching different clans fighting each other, both shaking their heads,
"I'm going to stop this.."
Eiji bushy long hair started to blow in the wind as he saids,
"Stop it? How Yori? I know our clan is strong but we can't re-shape the way of things. Besides we are holding our own and created a name for ourselves."
"Eiji you are bent on continuing with this, but I am tired of it. So far our clan has killed over 15 clans in a month period. We barely made it out of that last fight because of that one man there."
A tall, thin and had white long hair male was seen fighting the kage of a clan member. Eiji face became serious and all he said was,
"Nui Onimusha."
Note: Before you say I'm lost remember who Yori and Eiji are

Yori quietly laughs and started walking,
"He sure did a number on you Eiji. That was our clans first lose and plus we lost a lot of people."
"So, we must keep fighting to rise to the top, and be feared by all."
"That's your dream Eiji."
Eiji and Yori both walked into the Tenshi clan area. The place was filled with houses and at the very end near the middle stood the clan shrine.
"Yori, Eiji"
Shii is a gifted shinobi who have always been by both the brothers side.
"We were just about to go in the shrine and hold a meeting, tell everyone to be there."
Yori and Eiji were the most powerful ninja's coming from the clan. The Tenshi clan and it's powers was founded by an unknown source of power. No one but Eiji knows and he swore that he would never tell.
__________________________________________________ ______________

For many years clan's have been battling each other for territory, power and most of all the star beasts. It's been said that all the clans came from three unknown powers and from their clans kept branching off each other. Unlike the other clans the Tenshi are direct descendants from their power.

"I call you all here because I want to discuss something. Our last battle, we lost a lot of people. Friends and family members were kill; we were forced to retreat. It was from that very moment I wanted to put an end to this pointless fighting."
Eiji right eye brow raised, as he listened.
"I decided that to end all the fighting, we should ally with another clan and create a village system."
Eiji stood, looking at Yori like his brother betrayed him.
"Ally!? Village!?"
"Yes, by doing this the other clans will most likely follow our foot steps and the fighting will stop."
Everybody in the room started talking and looked at each other.
"What about the beasts we have?"
Shii asked Yori, while Eiji still looking at his brother angrily.
"We will keep one, and as a sign of peace we will give the remaining away."
__________________________________________________ ______________

"Give away a beast!? That's non-sense brother."
"I agree with Yori."
Shii stood up against Eiji and said,
"We are tired of fighting pointless battles. Peace is good."
Everybody nodded their heads , as Eiji stood in shock.
"But, but"
Setsuko was an old shinobi as well as the father of Yori and Eiji.
"Your brother is right, stop being clouded by your personal gains and think of others. You may be gifted but you have a lot to learn, unlike your brother. Eiji bowed his head and said,
Eiji walked out the shrine, saying nothing.

Some few day's later the Tenshi clan ally with the Tsukino clan and created Soragakure no Sato. Once the other clans saw this they followed their footsteps and villages were born. Peace was kept because of the beasts and no one complained but one person.

"I can't believe Yori did this. Sure peace is now, but this is temporary. Yori this Yori that, I'm way stronger than him. I'm always over looked and he became the kage of this village. No not anymore.."
Eiji UK turned on it's self and black lightning gathered around him,
"I'm going to kill Yori.."

Next Chapter: A glimpse of the legendary battle between Brothers!

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Vatanui AKA Pride
01-17-2010, 06:43 PM
Nice Chapter, Senpai! =]

01-19-2010, 08:18 PM
Chapter 46: Brothers no more

Eiji took three day's to get ready for his battle with Yori, all the while to deceive every body Eiji made up a fake mission for him and his squad to go on.
"Yori sensei, whats been up?"
"Oh , nothing Shii. What do you think of Eiji?"
"Oh um, Eiji senpai seemed to calm down since the conversion to villages. I think he is taking it well."
Yori with this sadden look on his face nodded his head.
"Shii before you leave, I want you to visit all of the parents of the genins in Eiji's squad."
Shii eyes widened,
"Just do it.."
Somehow Yori knew that the younger brother he once knew is long gone. He knew that Eiji wasn't going on a real mission, and he knew that the genin in his squad would never return.

Two days past and Yori have not spoken since Eiji left for his fake mission.
"What is wrong with our kage?"
"Eh, just probably tired."
Setsuko walked up with a smile on his face towards his son.
"Don't tell me the great Yori fell into a depression. Come on stop looking like a sad puppy?"
Yori still looking away from his father asked him,
"How can I? How can I, when I know that it came down to this between me and him?"
"Eiji huh? Son Eiji took his own route and we can't bring him back. He fell down towards the pit of darkness. We have to do away with him, sooner or later."
"Really father? You been made your choice about him and gave up. But I'm not, the bright smile my brother use to carry everyday is somewhere in him.."
__________________________________________________ ______________

Eiji standing on top of his brother's statue wearing his traditional warrior garments. Dressed down in red and white in everything with his kamimeh on.
"Kaz'e.. You know what to do. You are the only genin I kept because I saw potential. Don't disappoint me."
"Yes my lord."
Eiji jumped down from the hell only to see his brother waiting at the kage tower for him.
"He expected me."
Eiji flashed his way beside his brother and took out his sword. It was met with Yori's.
"Don't do this to me brother. Please!"
"No, you left me dry, and forgot about me. You and father gave up on me. I was feeling alone!"
Eiji's sword wrapped it's self around Yori's and he snatched it away from him. Eiji then while twirling in mid-air held out his palm and gravity hit Yori directly in the chest, sending him back.
"If you plan on fighting and letting me live then you will die."

"He's right. I must fight to kill him."
Yori in a flash picked up his sword and attempted to slash his Eiji in his leg. It was met with Eiji sword but in a flash again Yori appeared on both sides of Eiji and landed 2 punches on his face. Eiji did a back flip,
"Black Ice: Demonic Pressure."
Black Ice appeared behind Eiji and at a quick speed attempting to crush Yori.
Yori held up his sword and his right palm. Yori as long as he could held back the ice with his gravity pressure long enough to escape.
Eiji jumped with his sword and tried to struck his brother, Yori who hasn't regain his composer left an opening and was slashed in his right shoulder.
"What's wrong brother don't tell me you gotten weaker."

Eiji held up his sword to his face with Yori's blood on it. Yori in a flash again tried to struck his brother but this time he had his right palm out first and it blew up the two walls behind Eiji with gravity. When the walls started tumbling down Eiji jumped on the separated walls in the air and so did Yori. When their swords struck again their huge wave of chakra disentergrated the broken pieces of the walls and the building their were standing on started to come down. Eiji half of chakra was black and Yori's half was white.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Both of them flashed into the sacred kage hall clashing with their swords. But now their chakra were now more visible. On the third strike they both grabbed each others hand trying to break the other one down, but to no effect. A big whole was created in the hall because of it.
"Give up Yori!"
"Black Ice: Luring Kill"
Black Ice came forth again but this time way bigger than before. It circled around Yori until from all sides it met and tried to crush Yori in the middle. Before it happen Yori threw his sword in the air and with both hands up yelled,
"Spirit Bound!"
The black ice fell to the ground easily but Yori was caught in the face again by Eiji. Yori again got back up and clapped both of his hands together and yelled,
"Spirit Bound: 1st Nature!"
Eiji eyes widen and said,
Blood splattered from Eiji's stomach, as Yori holding his sword at the end of it stabbing him. A green aura over took Yori as he stood up,
"Eiji you caused this.."
As Yori started to walk away he caught a glimpse of this shock coming at his fast. He jumped on top of the ceiling. Eiji holding out two of his fingers saids,
Black lightning still visible on Yori's robe, as he fell from the ceiling to the ground.


Eiji With out his Robe and extra Garments: (Credit to Reala)

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