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Sasori Hatori
08-03-2009, 05:03 AM
Ok every one, about time i posted my charecter for the fourum. So i will!

Sasori Asyko
of the Asyko clan

Name: Sasori Asyko

Sex: Male

Weakness: Death of a loved one

Personality: Nice, Descrete, pationate, mis-understood

Chakra Nature: Lightning & Fire

Village: Village hidden in the Lightning

Kekkai-Genkai: Lightning Fang - This blood-line trait is only passes down by the Asyko clan.

Kekkai-Gekkai description: Nin-Jutsu - Lightning Fang is a Nin-Jutsu which gives the user a moderate boost in chakra. The boost only last half a day. While Lightning Fang has been activated, the users chakra is no longer blue, it emits an yellow, electrical discharge.

Weapon of choice: Katana

Weapon description: A single-handed katana with a chain hanging off the hilt alowing the user to swing it like a flail. The blade is made of the same substance as kazuma's dager's. alowing it to store its user's chakra

Current Age: 16

Main Style: Ninjutsu

Favourite Jutsu: Katon Karyuu Endan

Jutsu Description:Fire Type; Fire Dragon Flame Blast, A jutsu that sends a stream of fire towards the opponent, in the shape of a large dragon, from the users mouth.

Story: Sasori was only 13 when he became a jounin. And at age 15, became an Anbu black member. Sasori is a very talented ninja, with high level's of chakra. When he learned that the entire Asyko clan was murderd, she was forced into hiding by the third hokage. She has finally returned from hiding, and is ready to take her anger on the man who murdered her clan, Inyo Asyko. Unknowingly that there is still another survivor of the Asyko clan! His older brother Iyan. Sasori can control Lightning and Fire chakra natures.

Clan Symbol: The Asyko clan symbol is a yellow lion to resemble their kekkai-gekkai: Lightning Edge.