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08-01-2009, 11:39 PM
this is my fanfic...well the info to my fanfic i will make a thread of the official fanfic but this is just the info

personality:calm and focused dosent like to be around people
history:she was hated by her family for bieng the stronger one she was always being chalenged to test her stregnth that one day she unlocked ultimate power.but instead of a gift it was a curse that she had little control over

personality: powerful determined humorous he specializes in genjutsu
history:was born in darkness village but he hated it so he quit and went rouge but made a friend zara. before he left the darkness village he had a special sword made out of shadows and writen on it was a chakra enchancment jutsu

personality:a leader
history:one day while walking through the forest he met up with a young soul with a very powerful sword he quikly found out his name was kentaru. he later took kentaru under his wing and formed the akatsuki 2nd devision but it was a failure so he created a peaceful org. called the loners

the sunset village
the darkness village
the fire village
the shaddow village
the storm village
the forest
akatsuki 2nd devision hideout
the loners main building
sakura village
more when i get there

more info when im ready

post what you think