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Chidori Shuriken
07-30-2009, 07:42 AM
This is some of my Fanfic. I have more, I'll update later, but I'm only getting into the introduction.
Introduction Arc
Seishin Holon (Sai-Shin-Hoe-Lon) had just faced the fact that some ugly rich person bought his way into Seishin's squad, kicking Seishin out. And... Apparently this rich guy also paid the Kage what would be worth $1,000,000,000,000 in your money, to have gone rogue. It's tiring explaining things in third person... Might as well convert to first.

Please don't ask why I'm all alone with this forest, with two kids that are also rogue but from different villages, fighting two keen enemies who just popped out of nowhere. But, hey, let's rewind a bit to learn more about this.

"Seishin..." My father said while we were eating dinner. I'm 14, I should be a Chunin, but.... The whole Rogue thing came up, and... "That rich guy meant what he meant. He was serious, don't smirk at him, he'll charge us." "Your father is serious about this," popped in my beautiful mom, who had flowing black hair and green eyes. Maybe not flowing, but you get it. My Dad is like an army drill guy, when he wants me to do something, I do it or my ears burst from loudness. "The goodbye ceremony is tomorrow, and..." "I'm not a little kid, I can go out on my own, just watch me!" I ran out the door with my backback, left a note on my friends' doors and ignored the calls of plea for me coming home from my parents. What hypocrites! And with that last thought... I traveled away from the village. Hopefully I'll be welcomed into another village, who knows.

I know, I know. This all happened too fast that I don't even want to explain that rich guy to you. Short and chubby, horrible attitude, and is filthy rich along with his opposite-looking father. You don't even wanna thing about him, I don't even know if he knows his math tables yet, because he seems to always buy himself in everywhere. My old friends... Tsunmi and Keichii. Keichii is a girl, she's pretty, light brown hair that leans down. Tsunmi is just... Cool, though I've never admitted that to anyone before. You can imagine him. No matter how you picture him, he's cool.

Okay.... The next day (in this flashback, not in the present) it was hell. My backpack was open overnight and some idiot bear came along and ripped my fricken' back open, ate most of my food and shredded my material, and almost killed me in my sleep. I was like, c'mon, dumb bear, go feed on some other Rogue...

I was about to roast this thing alive with my Fire Style, but he was already going away and, well, I didn't want roasted bear for lunch, mostly because I didn't know how to cook it. You can only guess how I survived that day, when a person needs something, more people come along, at least that's what happens to me. So.... I got lucky, today.

The Continued Introduction (Read)
I've been an idiot for not packing enough. How was I going to survive in this world? With other people, of course. Or a person. That'll do.

Some kid around my age came along. Blond and wavy, he wore clothes kinda like I did(tattered from rolling around on the ground...) and he looked kind of like me, too. He was carrying two backpacks around. "Need a little food?" He asked politley. "Yeah, sure. What is your name? I'm Seishin. You?" "Ohion. Do you also need some company?" "I would like some," I replied. He unzipped the bulging backpack, he handed me ice cold soup from the can (this soup you could drink from the can without cooking, or so it said, for an emergency.), and I opened it (it was already partially opened) and drunk it. Ahhh. The best ice cold chicken soup I've ever had. Or hadn't...

"I'm also guessing you want to sleep on something, too?" Ohion commented on my look. "Yeah, forgot to pack sleeping bags." "Me too." I choked on my heart. I was beginning to like this guy. "So... Why are you a rogue? Some rich guy just... Blasted me outta the village with his money. You?" "Really? Me too..." Ohion replied, with darkness in his voice. "Have you been in any fights in this forest yet? There's mutants everywhere. I'm bleeding on my arms, they just... When you punch them, they kinda turn their mucas int- Here comes one now!" We both turned. I never seen these things. Green, brown, red, forest blob like thing the size of my Dad lurched toward us. Too bad it wasn't slow, like in the cartoons.

It's globby stuff spiked with metal. Wait, not metal. Bone. Bones from innocent humans. Some bones left the arm to fly into us, while others stayed to protect the body. I dodged some, but some hit me right in the hand which instantly counted as a minor injury, and it started to bleed. I wiped it off on my arm, and threw some Kunai attached with Paper Bombs (I know, I don't have a backpack full of stuff but I have some Paper bombs with Kunai...) which clinged onto the bones, but when they monster tried to shake it off his hand moved in front of his face and BOOM. There was no more monster. "Ohion," I said. "This guys aren't getting half b-" Ohion wasn't there. I panicked. What am I gonna do without him?

That stops my story there until my next update.

Chidori Shuriken
07-30-2009, 07:44 AM
I hope some people actually look at it...

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Good story!

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I'm gonna post some more to it soon... Introduction part 2.

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nice it looks good

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I'm putting the next part on the first post now.....

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its a pretty good story... if i get bored maybe ill post one up lol