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07-25-2009, 10:59 PM
Chapter One:Homecoming

Lion Syder is one of the Middle East's finest assasins.Everyday Lion has to go through a adventure to get what he wants.The Templars are Lion's enenimes.Lion must go through them everyday even though he doesn't like them.His greatest rival is Altair.Everytime Lion sees him,he looks at Altair with disgust.There is one thing that they both have in common.They both hate The Templars."Stop him",The Templars shouted.Lion was swift and fast.No Templar could ever catch him.The marksmen fired thier arrows at Lion.Lion easliy dodged them with his fast speed.He was able to escape through the doors of Jerusalem.There was one guard standing outside the door.Lion slowly crept up to him,and took out his Hidden Blade.He stabbed the guard right in the back quietly without sound.Lion knew he must escape quickly.Lion arrived in his hometown Tyre.He saw his good friend Lord Bashir."Greetings Lion",Lord Bashir said."I need to find The Chalice",Lion said."You mean Ada?I saw her ten minutes ago going north with two guards.Be careful Lion".Lion knew he can catch up with Ada with his quick speed,but have to use the rooftops though.Lion jumped from one rooftop to a another.Finally Lion saw Ada,but she was with Altair."Altair must be looking for the treasure too",Lion said to himself.He knew he can't let them escape.Lion threw a sharp dagger aiming towards Altair,but missed on purpose.Altair turned around,and Ada quietly stood there watching."Long time no see", Altair said.To Be Contuined.

07-25-2009, 11:09 PM
There will be at least a chapter releasing each week.