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OK I will be posting my fanfic here and here is where you can discuss it at (http://naruto.vfatality.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?p=688763).

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Chapter 1: Escape

I, Akira Miyamoto, had just ran away from the Village Hidden in the Flames because they tried to execute me for what I did. I kept running and running and it started to rain. I couldn't stop running or else they would find me. I got too tired, and the road got too wet, I just could not run anymore and so I eventually just slipped and fell. When I woke up I was at a Ninja Hospital. I asked one of the nurses, "Hey were am I?" She didn't reply and just continued to walk on by. I then finally tried to get up but then I just toppled over onto the floor. Another Nurse came by me and helped me up back onto the bed. She then said, "You have to stay in bed, you need to get your rest!" I then saw a ninja walk by and looked at his headband, it was a Wood Village Headband. Then the same nurse that came up to me earlier asked for my name, and I got up from the bed and ran out the door. I knew the Wood Village was after me too, so I needed to get away and learn medical jutsu so I could heal myself when I needed to just because of that last incident. I started running then I saw three people start to approach me.

07-26-2009, 04:06 AM
Chapter 2: Surrounded

As I stop they surround me. Then the first one says, "Heh, We finally found you." I recognized the voice but I couldn't see the persons face due to it being so dark out. I had no choice now, the only way to get out of this was to fight. I started drawing my Katana and then I stabbed it into the ground. I jumped onto it and the three Ninja's started charging towards me. I then used Lightning Style: Thunder Cloud Movement Jutsu which makes a thunder cloud in the air and lets me travel anywhere I want at the cost of most of my chakra. I grab my sword and as I am being transfered it drops me of at a Village Gate. I notice I am high up on a Mountain but it does not scare me much. I then start to approach the gate and I see...

07-27-2009, 01:45 AM
Chapter 3: The Gate Keepers

As I walk up to the gate I see two Gate Keepers. They are 6 foot each and look as strong as if they could pick up a building without any effort at all. They then say, "You can not pass unless you defeat us!" I then start running up to them grabbing my Katana and then the Gate Keeper on the left barely touches me but it pushes me back 50 meters in the opposite direction. I get up and start running again only this time I go seriously. I jump up in the air and use Lightning Style: Shock Wave jutsu which allows me to touch an opponent and paralyze them by sending an electrical shock wave through the opponents body. As both of them are about to punch me I simply tap there fists and then they fall over. They weren't wearing a headband so I asked them, "Which Village is this one?" One of them replies, "Why should I tell y-" then the other replies cutting off the sentence of the first Gate Keeper, "This is the Lightning Village, and the only reason I am telling you this is because we have to grant you entry because you defeated us." "The Village Hidden in the Lightning huh, never heard of it. I guess I'll be safe here", I stated. I walked through the gates and the village looked like giant piles of stones. I started walking through the village and I started to see the more artistic type of the village in the buildings. I then found a giant building and I knocked on the door. I couldn't believe it, when the door opened I saw...

07-28-2009, 02:16 AM
Chapter 4: Hakikage

When the door opened I saw the Hakikage! I only knew it was the Hakikage because of the clothes and the hat he was wearing. I then stupidly asked, "Are you the Hakikage?" He then replied, "Why yes I am. I am also known as Akiyoshi Iwao." I responded, "Well I have to find a place to stay while I'm in this village so..." "Your a newcomer right, well you can stay in the mansion until you can find a place to stay", stated Akiyoshi. "O.K. thanks!" "Oh by the way if you are a ninja then I can train you", proclaimed Akiyoshi. I said, "Thanks! O.K. does training start tomorrow?" He stated, "Yes the training will start tomorrow at 7 sharp! You better get a good nights sleep." Thanks! but can I look around the village a little bit more." "Sure what ever you like," Akiyoshi said. I started traveling around the village and I saw some people glare at me, and I don't blame them, I mean I am an outsider. At the outskirts of the village there are the three ninjas from earlier. Ninja 1 says, "Hm, this is where I tracked down Akira." "Don't worry we'll find him eventually, and besides sometimes your tracking is off", said Ninja 3. "Well this sheild seems pretty weak, I think I can break through it." stated Ninja 2. Ninja 3 added "I think I can take down this shield in one blow."

Preview: What is this ninja's special attack that can take down a shield made by a Kage, and what do they want with Akira

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Chapter 5: The Invaders

"Earth Style: Destruction Drill jutsu", Screamed Wood ninja 3. The ground around the ninja then suddenly rises into the air and clumps together to make a drill. The Ninja then makes a hand sign and the drill starts drilling into the shield. Meanwhile I wake up hearing a nose outside so I go outside. Back with the wood ninja they finally drilled into the shield. Then the shield starts to crack and eventually breaks. As they walked through the village gate I am in front of them. I then state, "I thought I heard something, never guessed it be you guys though." Ninja 2 then says, "Stay back Akane and Hanako, I can take him on by myself!" Chouku then says, "NO, You can't take him on by yourself! You will be killed!" "Heh, what are you talking about, I can sense his chakra. He's not that tough", Chouku stated. Chouku starts to charge up a beam attack produced by his fist. Chouku screamed, "Water Style: Water Beam Jutsu!" As the beam starts shooting at me, I simply put up my hand and reflect it back at him with double the strength because I added my lightning element to the attack. As it hits Chouku it simply destroys his head and sends his body flying out of the village. I then ask, "Okay, who's next?" The ninja Akane then asks, "Hey Hanako, should we go at the same time, we can get this over with much faster." "Your'e right lets just finish him with that jutsu" stated Hanako. Hanako starts to generate Earth chakra in his right hand and Akane starts to gather up Water chakra in his left hand. They then form the snake hand sign with the hand that gathered up chakra to make Wood Style jutsu. They both scream, "Wood Style Giant Spear Jutsu!" A giant spear made out of wood is now right above me. Akane then states, "Hey you should be worried now because even though this Spear is made out of wood, it is sharper than a thousand blades." The spear starts coming down, so i use and say, "Fire Style: Dragon Breath Jutsu!" I then release a large amount of fire from my mouth. After the smoke clears the blade it not burnt down. Hanako then proclaims, "This spear cannot even burn up if it touched the sun, fire style has no effect! Now DIE!!!" The blade comes closer to me and I can't dodge! I then think, "Well, I guess this is the end for me..."

Preview: Will this be the end for Akira, or will he be saved somehow. Next time: Chapter 6: The Co-Hakikage

07-30-2009, 10:44 AM
Chapter 6:The Co-Hakikage

As the spear is about to hit me, I see a bright light and a crushing sound. After the light goes away I see a kid about the same age as me standing right in front of me. I then get up and ask him, "Who are you..." He then replies, "I am Katsu Hideaki, also known as the Co-Hokage." "You didn't need to butt in, I can take these two on by myself!" I screamed. Then Katsu stated, "Is being killed part of that plan of yours, huh! If it wasn't for me you would be dead right now! Now for you guys..." Akane proclaims, "Heh, there's another joker." Then Hanako stated, "Let get them!" Akane starts charging at Katsu but then he suddenly disappears. Katsu reappears next to Akane and punches him in the stomach. Katsu then grabs Akane's head and throws him up into the air. Before Akane crashes into the ground, as Akane is right in front of Katsu while he is still falling, he uses Ninja Art: Superhuman Death. The effect of this jutsu causes the senses of the opponent to speed up trillions of times while the relatively "slow" body fails to keep up, so basically a second to us is a 100 years to the person under the jutsu. Katsu then takes his scythe and does the finishing blow on Akane. "Heh, that's what he gets for going in alone", said Hanako. After Katsu states, "Well only one to go..." I then reply, "It won't be as easy as the last one, this one... I can tell he is very strong." Katsu the proclaims, "Ya your right, are you rested yet because I might need your help on this on." "Wow, I never thought the Co-Hakikage would need help, well I'll do my best" I point out. Then Katsu replies, "Well if we die we only lose our lives."

Preview: Katsu and Akira's battle with Hanako goes underway and The Newly found heroes are found with a lot of trouble and at the brunt of Hanako's attacks. How strong is Hanako and can Akira and Katsu defeat him?
Next Time: Chapter 7: Hanako's True Power

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Chapter 7: Hanako's True Power

Both Katsu and I start charging towards Hanako as he starts to make hand signs. Then he disappears and Katsu and I stop. I then ask, "Is this a genjutsu?" Katsu then states, "Ya, well I know how to get out of these! Release!!!" 'Nothing happened, you said you could release it..." I added. Then Katsu yelled, "Hey this isn't any ordinary genjutsu, well I have one other way how to get rid of it, Akira pretending you are standing on water and just let yourself sink." I then thought, "How is this suppose to he- WOW IT WORKED! Katsu how did that work?" Katsu then replied, "You completely stopped your chakra flow and it releases the genjutsu immediately." Hanako then states, "Very good but that was one of my weaker jutsus. Now it's time to finish this. Wood Style: Tree Crash Jutsu!" Ten 100 foot trees then grow around Katsu and I which they all fall towards the middle. As I see the trees falling I scream, "Fire Style: Fire Cage Prootection Jutsu!" A cage of Fire surrounds Katsu and I to protect us from the falling trees. Hanako then uses Water Style: Giant Wave Jutsu to make a giant Tsunami that can easily take out my fire cage. Katsu then uses Lightning Style: Dark Lightning Jutsu which takes a price at the amount of Chakra it takes but it powers up his Lightning Style Jutsu tremendously. Katsu then uses Lightning Style: Shock Strike Jutsu which allows the user to gain tremendous speed for the attack able to connect with the opponent, so Katsu is able to destroys the wave plus stab Hanako through the heart. Katsu then replies, "It's over, your'e dead." Hanako dies and then Katsu faints right next to him. I then rush over to him and bring him to the villages hospital. As I walk up to the hospital door it says "Closed for the Night" and I think, "What Hospital closes during the night?" I then carry him to the Hakikage Mansion and rest him on my bed. I then start to use my limited knowledge of Medical Ninjutsu to try to heal him.

Preview: I try to use my knowledge of Medical Ninjutsu to heal Akira but nothing is working, could I be the reason for the Co-Hakikage to die.
Next Time: Chapter 8: Resurrection

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Chapter 8: Resurrection

I try to heal Katsu but nothings working, I then try to add some chakra into his chakra network. As I listen for a heartbeat I hear one beat, so I try to add a little more chakra. I then think to myself, "I need to learn how to control my chakra better." As I work a little more I hear him start to cough. As he stops coughing, he sits up and asks, "Where am I?" I then told him, "Don't worry, your'e okay. You just used up to much chakra in the last battle." Katsu then states, "Oh, I used that tehnique, I should have died from using it..." I then add, "Well you are okay now, and that is what matters." Katsu then gets up from my bed and states, "Thanks for treating me, but I have to get home." I then say, "Well see ya later." As Katsu is leaving he turns around and states, "Oh, I have decided to take you on as my student.

Preview: A tired Akira could get into trouble if he is not lucky, will he have someone to help him out of this new situation?
Next Time: Chapter 9: A Talk with a New Friend

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Chapter 9: A Talk with a New Friend

I wake up the next day but I just shake it off. When I walk outside of the Kage building, the sun is so bright because we are so close to it due to being high on a mountain and above the clouds. I then walk towards a dumplings shop and ask for three dumplings. They were the best dumplings I ever had but then they gave me a bill. I realized that I had no money on me so I told him, "Sorry I guess I have no money on me." Then when the owner was about to yell at me, I hear a familiar voice behind me and say, "Don't worry I can pay for him." After I look behind me and see it is Katsu. We then start walking off and then I ask him, "Hey, why did you do that, I mean pay for me. I mean you hardly even know me..." Katsu then states, "Well you did save my life, so this is a favor in return. Besides that is what Sensei's do, right?" I then say quietly, "Ya..." Then I look up and notice that we are at a grassy plain. I then ask, "Where are we?" with Katsu replying, "We are at the training field, this is where I will train you." After I add, "Train me for what?" whih Katsu responds with, "For the Chunin Exams, even though I think you could pass them easily with the skills I have seen you use so far, but there might be some people as strong as even a Jonin there taking the test, and besides this will help me train as well."

Preview: The training starts between Akira and Katsu, Katsu believes that Akira will become chunin easily, but will the other ninja taking the test all be as strong as Akira or stronger, or will they all be weaklings.
Next Time: Chapter 10: The Training Begins

12-27-2009, 05:47 PM
Chapter 10: The Training Begins

The wind blows with Katsu and I just standing still on the Training Field. Katsu then starts the battle by throwing some kunai with paper bombs attached to them. As I have little time to react, I use Lightning Style: Stratis Bow to shoot down the kunai that were being thrown towards me. Katsu then starts to make new hand signs for a jutsu, so I take the opportunity to go and try to hit him with my Katana. As I am running forward, Katsu finishes his hand signs but before he is able to preform his jutsu, someone comes in between our battle. Smoke rises, but I hear Katsu state, "Oh, it's you..." but I cannot see through all the smoke. As the smoke clears, the only trait I can tell of this person is that she has pink hair. As the smoke completely clears, I see that she is a Lightning Village Ninja. Katsu then says, "So I'm guessing you want to train your new teammate?" I then think to myself, "Who the hell is this person...?" Akira Miyamoto, my name is Rukia Hayami and I will be your opponent from this point forward.

Preview: Who is this woman and why does she want to battle Akira. Will she be too strong for him, or will she be way over her head?

Next Time: Chapter 11: The Mysterious Woman