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07-24-2009, 01:23 PM
M.C. chaotic ages is a comic im working on,taking place 500 years from now in colonies of the few places on earth still liveable,conected and put into an artificial climate,these are where those who could not afford to live in space colonies could live,the story begins where our hero
john "ace" howerd lives,even though he is only 14 he has exceptional piloting skills in vehicles ranging from simple cars,trucks,etc. to the most complicated fighter jets,this is a big part in the story. the ones who are ruling the colonies,led by general cyrus (who i desighned after zecks from gundam wing) have created the most powerful M.C.C (mechanized combat component,wich is a type of giant robot simalar to a gundam/evangelion,yeah M.C. stands for mechanized combat) wich is made of rare types of material,uranium material (in the comic material or metals,stone,crystals,etc. are charged with atomic energy that,when come close together,combine into a machine) since no one could go into a full mind synch,it was uncontrolable. once ten soldiers died on the project,general cyrus decided that they could get rid of it,so they set up a plan to trick the star bandit group (the group led by ace's brother,ronald howerd,wich are trying to overthrow the corrupt government after there parents were executed for refuseing to become millitary officials) into stealing the M.C.C. nicknamed "rogue slade"
(not rogue blade) in wich they would loose control and all get killed. after they are able to steal it,they learn that it can be controled by ace,once the government learns this,they send general cyrus to kill ace,in wich he starts to kill off certain star bandit members who were ace's childhood friends,they were all diagnosed with an infection from being slashed by a radioactive blade
more later

08-02-2009, 04:43 PM
we have another part of the story up