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10 Years ago in the Village Hidden in the Roses.

"You dont belong here..."
"Barakage, long time no see..."
"I told you, you rouges dont belong here.. Rose Style: Razor Petals!"
As another rouge ninja hit the ground, more waves kept coming. The Barakage's eyes grew wide.
"I have to warn my family." As the Barakage ran back to his home he saw the countless bodies lying on the ground, both rouge and Rose shinobi. He also saw every ninja he had in the village fighting to save their village.. and its people. As he reached him home he saw his wife Hisate and his young son, Rasu. He clutched Rasu in his arms..
"Son.. are you ready for your first ninja mission?"
"Yes daddy," the child said beaming.
With tears streaming down his cheek's he told his son.
"I want you to run.. run.. and never look back.. dont stop running until your legs give out.. and remember your mother and I''
The child took off running, and the Barakage and Hisate went out in battle.

Chapter One
The Village Hidden In The Pines
"Gahh, no, no, NO!"
Rasu awoke with a scream of terror recalling his last conversation with his father. Rasu had grown now, he was about 13 years of age.
"Don't stop running until your legs give out"
"I did it dad, I ran until my legs buckled out from under me" Rasu said tears streaming down his face. Rasu picked up his Rose Village headband and put it on. Another day in The Pine Village. With my 'team.' They can never relate to me..
Rasu was on his way to his second ninja mission. He recalled his first and quickly put it out of his mind. On his way to his mission he met his teamate, Erochu.
"Yo! Rasu!" Erochu walked over to his teamate, hands behind his head.
"Oh, hi there, Erochu. We should be going to our mission now"
"Your the boss"
"...Just cause im the strongest doesn't mean i'm a boss. A boss' life is filled with leadership, something i could never handle."
"Whatever, Rasu, we should pick up Saruse. The hottie of the group. Hahaha"
"..Do you ever stay focused?"
"Do you ever have some fun?"
"Hey you two. Stop! Saruse said sharply."
"Hey Sarruse." Rasu said. "Lets get sensei"
"Welcome to your very first mission, Team Pine!"

Alrite, i know its pretty bad but what do you think? Ill add more if ppl like it.

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Omg! Great job! http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a311/SanativeStigma/clap.gif

I wanna knowz mooaaaar http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/nfforums/wth.png

Rogue Priestess
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Hmm, you got the reader wondering and you started off with an action scene... It's a good start.

Ashurii Kisate
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Its pretty good.

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Wow.....this is a lot better than most I've seen *adds subscription*

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Early April Fools Much?
I hated this. I almost died when i saw people started to comment.
I just made it for the hell of it.

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So now continuance? It was better than a lot off the others Shika.

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If i can think of something. Yea, i'll try and make more soon.

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Chapter One Just Added.