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not much of a writing good thing this is typing

prologue... or the beginning IDK

I was a normal kid like any other.... that was untill the day of my father's death.
it was a bright day there even a rainbow round the sun, yet I witnessed my father die right before me.
I was young then, but unlike me my brother did not weep he didn't shed a tear.

Instead he told me "If your so sad avenge him become a ninja."

He then threw a shuriken towards me- this shuriken was oddly shaped like a triangle yet shined a silver luster- this is the clue to find the ninja who killed my father in cold blood.
with that said i joined the ninja academy.

several years later

10 years old still in the academy in the Blood Village.

"Remember the graduation exam is next is week."said Maikeru sensei
Maikeru was the chunin teaching my class

I had no interest in failing, yet my body wasn't meant for this kind of life.
Taijutsu was slow, genjutsu was pathetic, ninjutsu could barely be executed.
Not to mention i have no chakra control I am a pathetic ninja.

"Hey why you staring off into space"

Waking from my daydream I realize Leena ( my friend ) had been helping
me with my water clone jutsu.

"Uh... just thinking" I said

"'bout what" she asked

"Forget 'bout it let's spar" I said trying to change the subject

"Ready to get your butt whipped already" she said arrogantly.

"shadup" was all that came out

I quickly backed up and my water hose jutsu
clumsily i fell back and instead she used water clone and ganged up on me.
Now in a conner she went in for the strike, luckily I had a smoke bomb.
unable to see I left the smoke and flung an explosive tag.
I believed I had a victory untill she knocked me unconscious.

"You've gotten better i'll give you that much." she said acting cocky

"That's what you think." I said

Then with that I suker punched her.

"I perfected my water clone and beat you in one day." I excitedly exclaimed

"Drop it"she said "Let's go the Exams will start soon."

Its finally time I became a ninja.
This is where my story begins.

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if ya want more post and tell me
writing tips are welcome

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omg awesome

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