View Full Version : Relation of Science & Religion (Poem)

Maikeru D. Shinigami
02-12-2013, 10:29 PM
I did this as an assignment for Humanities and really liked the way it came out.

My father whom I believe to be in Heaven, how does I explain,
The nature of mine beliefs, relating to this astronomical plain?
Where do facts and thoughts of mine mind end or begin?
What is the point of seeing anything as a virtue or sin?

Hypotheses are formed, and some are engraved in stone.
But one that is yet to be answered is the existence of your heavenly throne.
What is it that takes this art known as the universe and gives it light?
Is it science or your most holy existence that brings mine ideas to life?

The beauty and magnificence of that which influences me most, mind and skies,
Art they the land where the stars roam free or where a holy angel flies?
As I read these texts and observe the mystery of scripture,
My mind moves from this world to a world too lovely to capture.

The history of your believers is written in tears and blood.
Without that promise, would you consider another great flood?
The complexity of our brains is often so mighty and grand.
Should I thank you or is this the result of a mind's expand?

Why do I sit here and question why they can't be one in the same?
Why should there be one answer to life, this most difficult game?
We roll the dice and flip our coins, trying to make meaning of this board.
But what I wonder most is where my eternal soul will be stored.

Will I cease to exist? Will I float through space? Will I see a pearly gate?
Is there one path? Can destiny be escaped? I question this idea called fate.
The argument of religion vs. science is what we see vs. what we believe,
Of that I ask, is there a truth that I, a mere mortal, can conceive?

Why am I asking these things and believing you are here,
Whilst there are neither signs for mine eye nor mine ear?
Of these questions, I shall ponder for the rest of my days,
And pray each night that I die worthy of your heavenly gaze.

But will mine death be the end of life or just a beginning?
Why should I care? My mind and heart I wish devoid of sinning.
Not because I fear the idea of demons or a venture into hell,
But because I feel it right beneath mine mind's stubborn shell.

With all these thoughts there still reigns one most high on my list.
Is it possible that you even created science as it exists?

Rikudo-Sennin Kage
02-13-2013, 03:38 AM
Love it. You are better at making poems than me. It took me months to make one. Good job Maikeru D. Shinigami-Sensei.