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Ryoji used to be a normal student that had a crush on
the school's idol Mana, who eventually returned the feelings.
But it soons turns out she just used him and it lead
to Ryoji having to work in a Meat Factory where
an accident took place, on the day the heiress Hanako visitied.
Ryoji's life was saved by her, but Hanako suffered tremendous
wounds and says for saving him, he has to help her
fulfill her wish and is invited in her Mansion.
However, Hanako fooled him and it turns out
she forces him to make her life comfortable,
and among that is to serve food for the family.
And the first dish is......Mana.
However, that is the last of his problems as his
Twin Sister is psychotically obsessed with Ryoji
seeing him as part of herself.Sample pages:



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That last part makes me cringe