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Hikari Ikosha
07-23-2009, 04:50 AM
These are a stories we will be doing involving us four we may add other ppl into the stories in the future though!!
Characters list:

Here it begins:
*Scene fades in*
~Naru: *bows on stage with a rose in her mouth* thank u thank u
~Mai: *gets on stage and asks you to dance the tango*
~Naru: of course *grabs ur hands* should u lead or shall i? *smiles*
~Mai: You please! *Takes rose from your mouth with my mouth*
~Naru: *suprised and lets go off ur hand claping the lights go down and the spot lights go on us and tango music starts to play* *reclasps ur hands and starts leading u acrossed the floor to the beat of the music* that was pretty cool how u took the rose like that ...but *takes the rose back* i want it back *grins*
~Mai: *Blushes and follows you in dance* Fine with me. *Hums to the beat*
~Naru: *spits out the rose after a while**contines twirling u every now and a again and diping u when the music calls for it* ur a very good dancer, u kno *smirks*
~Mai: *blushes, and while you dip me i kick a leg out* You to! *smiles*
~Naru: *continues finishing the song and ending it with a bow* that was nice*smiles*
~Mai: Hai! *bows* *Lowers head, and slow music starts to play* *looks at you and smiles*
heh *Snaps fingers, turns pitch black, snaps fingers again your in a Beautiful blue dress (http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t178/liertosasuke/Gowns%20and%20Dresses/pic-blue7.jpg), and i am in a Black and white dress (http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t178/liertosasuke/Gowns%20and%20Dresses/GothicLollie1.jpg)* *I bow and hold out my hand for a slow dance*
~Naru: *smiles gently* ur leading? *takes ur hand and moves closer*
~Mai: *Sets hand gently to the small of your back* Yes. yes I am. *Snaps fingers and Eternal Snow - Full Moon wo Sagashite (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-7bwEfVK1w) starts to play* *looks down and leads you across the stage on step at a time, as singing to the song.*
~Naru: *follows smiling while my eyes are gently closed and i peaceful relax into the music following ur lead enjoying ever second*
~Mai: *sings to the song* ♫Hold me tight♫ *Spins smoothly on the stage* ♫Eien ni furu yukiga aru nara, Kimi he to tsudzuku kno omoi kakuseru no kana? Hold me Tight..♫
~Naru: *smiles still lets u spin me and giggles at ur singing*
~Mai: *Smiles and shuts eyes* ♫Hm, Hmm Hm♫ *Steps back to front and twirls softly* ♫Hold Me tight..... I Love you♫ *My singing becomes soulful and wings (http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c191/Siberian_Tiger1989/KAYS%20ANIME/angel.jpg) began to pop out.* *We fly into the air and dance on a cloud*♫Hmm! Kimi wo!♫
~Naru: *looks around in awe as me dance on the clouds giggling and closing my eyes again as i continue to follow u*
~Mai: *Song slowly ends and we drift to the ground* ♫Hold me tight konna omoi ni kana♫ *I kiss you on both cheeks and whisper to you* Arigatou
~Naru: *looks surprised by the kiss but then smiles slightly* ur welcome *bows**a faint ringing sound is herd* oh! i must go it very late/early and i must get some sleep *smiles* untill we meet again mai *waves and runs off in to the shadows* *u hear a whisper from the shadows* ill be waiting
~Mai: *shudders* Bye Bye!
~Kasumi: Why are you even here Hikari!?! No one wants you here *Kasumi leaves out the other door with Mai*
~Hikari: *sad* u guys hate me......... i kno when im not wanted.... *sad*......*leaves*
~Naru: no wait-!
~Naru: *runs after u* lil brother!! little brother!!
~Hikari: *still walking as if nothing happened...turns around looks back*What? i clearly am not wanted here... *sigh* *continues walking into the forest of my mind*
~Naru: *keeps running* thats not true! i want u here ur a wounderful person to be around i love to get to kno u better but thing keep coming up so now i have a chance please come back!
~Hikari:*waving from behind disapears into the darkness of the forest of my mind*
~Naru: get back here!!! brother! *screams* u said u would leave me!!!!! u promised!!
~Hikari: *peeks head out of shadows...smiles...* I didnt say i wouldnt be back..*smile fades*.. but then again i didnt say i would. *disapears again back into the shadows*
~Naru: *looks utterly shocked and falls to my knees* nande? *starts sobing im my hand* U PROMISED!
~Hikari: *is gone into the darkness of the forest of my mind following a path that will eventually lead to my death crushed inside full of emptyness*
~Naru: *screams thing to the air feeling very alone and hurt..after doing this for a few minutes i curl up in to a ball on the ground and wait for the end....or the begining*

Four Years Later
~Naru: *walks numbly down the path i took to stop u 4 years ago* *whispers* brother..*eyes sadded* ~Hikari: *i appear right before the darkness i wave and then fade away into nothing because this is ur memory of me* WHHOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!! *you hear a strange noise coming from the left of you*
~Mai: *runs out of the forest all scathed up and bleeding. tears in eye*.................................. *pants and falls over in front of you*

To Be Continued...

07-29-2009, 07:43 AM
its original....
its definitely original....
it is good :D