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12-28-2012, 12:38 AM
So, I was bored tonight.

My favorite band, The Dear Hunter, is a band that makes music in a story line. As in there is actually a story being the music that they make. I have always wondered what the story was, so tonight I decided to go through and decipher it.

So, without further adieu, the story of The Dear Hunter. The meaning behind all the songs.

Here is a playlist of all the songs described here, in order:

Act I: The Lake South, The River North

1.) Battesimo Del Fuoco: This song is practically the intro or prologue to the story. It explains the birth of a man all the way to his unfortunate death.

2.) The Lake South: A lead in to the story.

3.) City Escape: What really starts off the story, It is about a girl by the name of Ms. Terri trying to escape a bad city only referred to as "The City." She getting chased by unknown people. Almost being beaten to near death she escapes The City, takes a train called The Delphi Express to a place known as "The Lake and The River."

4.) The Inquiry of Ms. Terri: In this song, you discover Ms. Terri was pregnant. And while on the train she questions herself. If what she is doing is "the right thing." Giving up her "Career" for a child. (Note: The Father is unknown.) Also you find out Ms. Terri was a prostitute. Also in this song Ms. Terii gives Birth to The Boy. The Boy does not have a name.

5.) 1878: I like to think that the story takes place in the year "1878" Anyway, Ms. Terri raising The Boy. Ms. Terri tells The Boy that she made a lot of bad decisions.

6.) The Pimp and The Priest: Back in The City; You discover who is the antagonist is in the first two Acts. You see, he is a priest that runs a church during the day. But at night, The Priest runs a brothel inside the church known as "The Dime.", and the priest changes from a Priest to a Pimp. (Hence the name The Pimp and The Priest.) (Side Note: He is one person.) Here you discover that Ms. Terri was a Prostitute and got pregnant, she decided that The City was a bad place to raise a kid and wanted to have a simple life. She tried escaping, but The Pimp does not allow anyone to quit The Dime. The Pimp then sent his minions after Ms. Terri, who were attacking her in City Escape.

7.) His Hands Matched His Tongue: In The Lake and The River, Ms. Terri is raising The Boy, in his young teenage years. And telling him to do good in his life and all that. Ms. Terri then writes a letter about how she's gonna die and he will have to move on.

8.) The River North: Another instrumental. Kinda old, years passing with The Boy and Ms. Terri.

End of Act I
Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

1.) The Death and the Berth: Back to the story. In this part...Ms. Terri has passed away.

2.) The Procession: The Boy sees Ms. Terri's funeral after learning about her death. The Boy wept tears and then starts walking back home. But no, he does not go home. He passes it...

3.) The Lake and the River: In this part of the story, The Boy decides that he wants to learn more of his mother's life. He decides that while Ms. Terri always told him not to go to The City, maybe he shouldn't believe what he is told to believe. He steals a train ticket on The Delphi Express.

4.) The Oracles on the Delphi Express: Here in this song. During the train ride. The Boy encounters a group of Oracles. He has a talk with them and The Oracles foretell his life and what will happen to him. They warn him that his unfortunate luck begins with The City. And they warn him to go back to The Lake and The River for The City is a bad place and all. The Boy ignores their warning and then arrives in The City.

5.) The Church and The Dime: The Delphi Express enters the city. He notices he is all alone in The City. He sees The Church, not knowing about The Dime inside of it.

6.) The Bitter Suite I and II: The Boy encounters a very beautiful girl by the name of Ms. Leading. They talk and Ms. Leading decides show him her room, and takes him to The Dime.

The Bitter Suite II: Here, The Boy sees The Dime for the first time.

7.) The Bitter Suite III: Embrace: Ms. Leading and The Boy have sex.

8.) Smiling Swine: The Boy wakes up alone, and decides to leave. He encounters The Pimp, (Now The Priest.) and has a conversation with him. The Priest tells The Boy that he is in need of a "driver". He asks The Boy if he knows how to drive, and The Boy says he can learn. The Boy can't stop thinking about Ms. Leading. The Boy finds out his mom was a prostitute.

9.) Evicted: This is through the eyes of Ms. Leading. She talks about her life, and how she is a prostitute and why. While this is happening, she is going to "house appointments" with customers. The Boy drives her to each appointment, not knowing what she does when he drops her off. The boy always hands her a red scarf before she goes in to her appointments and she always gives it back when she is finished.

10.) Blood of the Rose: The Boy and Ms. Leading notice they are in love with each other, and have sex regularly. (Note: The Boy doesn't know Ms. Leading is a prostitute. He thinks she only loves him.)

11.) Red Hands: One time when The Boy drops off Ms. Leading for an appointment he forgets to give her the red scarf. He remembers and runs in the house to give it to her. He sees her having sex with a portly man, and runs away. He gets really angry, because he thought she was in love with him.

12.) Where the Road Parts: The Boy notices that every time something wrong happens, he gets back up and falls back into the same thing. Ms. Leading calls The Boy to explain the situation, but The Boy doesn't answer, figuring it is just a phone call.

13.) Dear Ms. Leading: Here Ms. Leading writes a letter to The Boy to try to convince him that she is in love with The Boy. (These are not read) The Boy responds to her, saying that he doesn't want to associate with a prostitute. He says he wishes he didn't know about this, but now that he does, he can't go back.

14.) Black Sandy Beaches: Back at The Lake and The River; Somehow the letters from Ms. Leading reach its beaches. The Boy reads these messages and doesn't respond. He convinces himself that she must be happier now that she doesn't have to keep secrets.

15.) Vital Vessle Vindicates: The Boy seeing that there is no reason for him to stay in The City (He already found out Ms. Terri's past.) and knowing what it did to him, he takes a ship. (Possible the steam ship out of The City Mentioned in The Oracles on The Delphi Express)

End of Act II!

Act III: Life and Death

1.) Writing on a Wall: Act II ends with the Boy boarding a boat headed somewhere, which is where Act III picks up. The Oracles once again warn him about what's ahead; he shouldn't have gone on the boat because it sparks the chain of events that happen in Act III. They tell him he will be in a war.

2.) In Cauda Venenum: Flash Foward, the Boy is in the war. He knows what he is doing is wrong, but continues killing. He notices how horrible it is to be killing all these people, "Replacing a pawn for a body. And the players? Politicians, who say what they need to say." He means that they are sent to war by politicians, and told that the enemy is just a pawn, not a human. At the end of the song he starts thinking about Ms. Leading, not knowing it.

3.) What It Means To Be Alone: During the war The Boy notices that a ton of people are dead due to the war. He notices that in war you are truly alone. He prays to god, but he doesn't answer his prayers and he notices that the only one he has is himself.

4.) The Tank: The Boy encounters an enemy tank, which the soliders try, hopelessly, to halt. The Boy seeing there really isn't any hope, fleas to a nearby city. (Note: The Tank is one of the 4 incarnations of war and represents Destruction.)

5.) The Poison Woman: The Boy flees into the nearby city and meets up with The Poison Woman, an apothecary. She joins both armies as a spy, leading a couple of soldiers to their deaths. She gives The Boy a bottle of poison to use against others because The Boy looked innocent to her and she knew he wouldn't harm her. (Note: She is one of the 4 incarnations of war being deceiving.)

6.) The Thief: The Boy heads back to camp, only to see a thief who is robbing soldier's valuables. They have a conversation about how its wrong to rob, but the Thief then counters his argument saying war is wrong. (Note: He is one of the 4 incarnations of war being greed)

7.) Mustard Gas: The Boy leaves the destroyed city and reaches a baron field. The enemy army sends out mustard gas He sees a group of enemy soldiers before collapsing in a hole. They are all praying to God, wondering why he would allow them to be in this much pain. (Note: Mustard gas is one of the four incarnations of war; it represents pain.)

8.) Saved: The Boy lays there in the field deciding he would be okay with dying right now. He is then saved by a man. The man tells The Boy what to do and where to go.

9.) He Said He Had A Story: The Boy and his squad are telling stories of their past; one person tells a story of his experience at The Dime and how he had sex with a prostitute, but couldn't remember her name.

10.) This Beautiful Life: The war goes on. During a battle he thinks about his encounters with the tank, the poison woman, the thief, the mustard gas, when he was saved, and the Oracle's prophecy. He then notices how beautiful life is and wishes he could just go back to the house by the lake and forget everything.

11.) Go Get Your Gun: The soldiers are at a local bar and relaxing. One soldier is singing a song about if they lost, they should be thankful that they cheated death. He also sings and mourns the deaths of his fellow soldiers.

12.) Son: Another battle occurs. The Boy and his friend fight along side one another. His friend's father almost gets shot, but his friend gets in front of him and sacrifices his life to save his father. The Boy learns that his friend was really his half-brother. His father didn't care his son died and shows no sorrow whatsoever.

13.) Father: The soldiers are sleeping. The Boy is enraged at what his father did that day, and he couldn't stand loving him as a father. As such, he poisons him.

14.) Life and Death: The soldiers learn about the death of one of their comrades. The Boy gets away with it and steals the half-brothers identity. The Boy goes home with his half-brothers mother.

End Of Act III.

And that is the story of The Dear Hunter thus far.