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11-21-2012, 09:21 AM
My top 5 lists of the Blazblue series which is one of favorite series right now.

The Categories:

Top 5 Best Characters

Top 5 Worst Characters

Top 5 Drives

Top 5 Astral Heats

The Lists:

Best Characters

5) Relius Clover
- This dude is full on creepy, but that's what I like about him. He loves to do experiments on interesting subjects and is responsible for the creation of the prime field devices. His move set is ok, it's reasonably unique and is effective at zoning.

4) Makoto Nanaya
- Her bubbly personality is fun without being overly annoying, she's one of the 'I fight to protect my friends' type of characters but she doesn't get so much screen time that it gets irritating. She has a pretty decent move set as a character, her Astral is nothing short of amazing and it just never gets old.

3) Ragna the Bloodedge
- It's rare that I would have the main protagonist of a series so high, however Ragna isn't like most protagonists. He's grouchy, foul mouthed and short tempered. Sure he wants to protect people but that's more of a side aspect to his character, rather than the over-riding feature. Also, blessedly, unlike many main protagonist's, he isn't incredibly annoying. On top of that he has a pretty decent move set and is very much an 'easy to use, hard to master' character.

2) Jin Kisaragi
- Ok, I'm a bit bias on this one since he's my main but what appeals to me about Jin is his psychotic almost duel personality. He can be perfectly calm one moment and ready to slit throats the next. In the latter part of CS when he briefly controls Yukianesa properly, he becomes one of the most powerful characters there is, even able to dispel the Phantom's spell circles, something no other character has yet been able to do. Another easy to use character in battle but also unique in that he has moves besides his distortion drives that use heat.

1) Yuuki Terumi aka Hazama
- I love this guy, he's an interesting villain and the king of trolls, he just loves to make snide, mocking comments knowing there's nothing his opponents can do about it. He drives some people mad but I find him amazing, he says the kind of things we'd all love to say to people we know in real life just to make them angry. I'm not a huge fan of his move set, it's a bit too fiddly for my liking but someone who knows how to use him can be incredibly difficult to defeat.

Worst Characters

5) Hakumen
- There's nothing overly special about Hakumen as a character, he seems a generic hero type although the fact he's Jin from a different timeline is intriguing although I'm not sure that aspect of his character is going to go anywhere. His fighting style relies mainly on countering in fact his drives centre solely around it.

4) Tager
- The dude is basically nothing more than Kokonoe's bish, doing everything she says like a good little drone. He doesn't seem to have much of a personality of his own. He is massive and slow making him a pretty easy target for faster characters although he is a bit of a tank as he has way more HP than any other character.

3) Taokaka
- Pretty simple reason why Tao is here, she is incredibly annoying. Hyperactive and never shuts her mouth. She does have the occasional funny moment which is why she isn't lower but other than that, meh. As a fighter she is one of the fastest characters in the game and one of only two who can triple jump.

2) Litchi Faye-Ling
- She reminds me way too much of Sakura, she's a doctor, she's desperately trying to save someone who everyone tells her can't be saved and she doesn't seem overly relevant to the main plot. Her move set is actually not too bad and she is one of the faster characters.

1) Arakune
- This guy seems virtually pointless to the story, he has no major roles and does nothing but jibber incomprehensibly at you whenever he has screen time. He is a bit like Terumi in the regard that he is one of the more fiddly characters to use but can be effective when used by someone who knows what they're doing.


5) Ouroboros
- Making up for Hazama's lack of long range attacks, Ouroboros allows him to quickly zip around the battle field, pull himself towards his opponent or pull his opponents closer into melee range.

4) Voltic Battler
- Being a rather slow and cumbersome character, Tager's drive is well suited to him, allowing him to magnetize his opponents for a short time, preventing them from making a quick escape as they get slowly sucked in towards Tager and into his attack range to feel the full force of his high attack stats.

3) Wehrwolf
- Valkenhayn's ability to transform either fully of partially into a wolf can be extremely useful if used correctly. It gives him a huge speed and power boost while in effect and if an opponent isn't careful, can smash through a large amount of health very quickly.

2) Soul Eater
- Ragna's drive is amazing, with each drive hit that lands healing a small amount of Ragna's health. However this healing is greatly increased during Blood Kain. During Blood Kain Ragna regains massive amounts of health when using Soul Eater and considering Ragna's relatively low health stat, this is perfect for him.

1) Reito
- I'm very bias here as I mentioned, Jin is my main and his drive is a big reason why. The ability to momentarily freeze your opponents is very useful, multiple times in succession when using moves such as Flying Ice Strike and the variation of the ways it can be used gives Jin excellent variability in battle tactics causing opponents to be careful of getting too close.

Astral Heats

5) Black Onslaught
Not one of the most spectacular but still very cool.

4) Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls
One of the flashier ones really.

3) Rengoku Hyōya
A little bias again but still amazing.

2) Sword of Destruction
One of the best easily, this looks brutal.

1) Planet Crusher
I love this one, it never ever gets old. (The first two are her distortion drives, the last is her Astral)