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08-12-2012, 12:51 PM
This is a chapter I found in an old school book.
What do you think?? Its old so the spellings and stuf are a bite wierd!!!

But yea .... enjoy!!

About the charactar:

About the charactar:
May Stunning<
My birthday is may the 1st that’s why my mum called me May.
Why is it that wen i get up i never remember what i dreamt about?
and why do we dream in the thirst place ?
why every thing is a question these days, a question you really want answered but you never really get one …... and this how my life starts with a question.
why whats the point of life?

my diary is really important to me it means every thing and every thing.
i use it for my thoughts. i love taking photos of my friends and scenes.

Chapter 1


“Once upon a time there was an ocean, with big waves that according to story tellers reached up to the sky and beyond”.

“Nah that’s not right” muttered May. ((seating in english))
((May stunning was seating in class and today she was doing creative writing normally she was the best but today she was distracted .))))

At the end of class May found here friend Leah Owl~hunter on the second corridor looking at the school pin board.
Leah was a tall and very pretty girl with brown straight hair up to here shoulders,
here eyes were so green like emeralds and so shiny.

Leah looked up here eyes shining like always.
How can they always be shining. fought May glumly.
“whats up May, look they are having a school barbecue for year nines it’s next Saturday are you going; May looked up sulking ‘I don’t think so;
‘Why not, it will be fun’
‘well i can’t go okay’ May walked off moodily Leah taken aback went after her friend.
‘what’s wrong May you look so moody and angry’
May looked uncomfortably at here friend.
“ i am moving next weekend’
“what where, how?” gasped Leah
“well i am moving in with my cousin Colin, my mum says its for the best, you know she has a new job, and our house is too fare for here to travel every day’.
“your cousin , don’t make me laugh”
“may looked around and whispered that’s not what i am worried about”
Leah looked up surprised.
“what is it then?’
“well you guys live in an estate right, well what if they don’t like me,
i don’t now any one there except you and Colin”
Leah’s face letup “you are so silly. what do you think i had to go throw when i got there i didn’t know anyone”.
“really. oh so you are saying that i am lucky”
“well yes you can put it that way. you don’t always have to worry okay May”.
and May was left in the empty corridor alone.

May took a slow long walk home that day. Leah had been here friend for all her life seence nursery maybe she was wright about it, maybe it was not that bad after all at least she had Leah and Colin.
May turned into a side street and run the last thiw yards to the last house on the street

once may got use to the fact that she was moving she was quit calm about it all,
by the weekend she had her boxes ready and packed,

“May lets go, come on; here mum called from down stairs “coming”
May leaped off here bed and gave here room one last look and shut the door gently behind here.
she run down stairs and into the kitchen ‘wow, it’s so difrente.........
May could not stop here self from piking into the living room one more time,
Everything was gone...

May found here self in a back of a car.
were was she, May had fallen asleep during the 3 hr journey to their new house.
“Mum where are we? “ no worries darling were nearly there”
they turned the corner and arrived in to an estate.
“um Mum, did we turn the wrong corner this can’t be it?”
“well what did you expect ? of couers we have arived “