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08-11-2012, 02:32 AM
So i have spent alot of time playing generations. Although in the beginning i would lose in like 10 seconds (i didnt know anything about chakra air dashing ninja moving or even combo cancelling) so in that i would often resort to my awakening.

The thing is most awakenings are simply a waste of your time in two ways gameplay wise and just awesomeness factor(just made that up)

So lets look at the first one gameplay. Your are able to awaken when your health is around 50%. But when you do what do you actually get. In most cases simply more powerfull moves. In other cases near unavoidable jutsu etc things that turn the tide. But lets also take a look at what is taken from you:

1 Supports:
I dont mind awakenings not having supports it makes the games more balanced and it weird be weird to see 4 tailed naruto running around with sakura helping him. But what do we get to slightly compensate in terms of options
the answer is : Nothing.

2 Combos:
In most generic awakenings you keep your moveset so in those cases there isnt any problem. This changes when you look at actually moveset changing awakenings. Go check your movelist when youre not awakened and in most cases you will see 4 ground combos(4 directions) and 1 air combos. Now awaken and look again. Suddenly your moveset is A.l.o.t smaller. You probably see that you are now reduced to 1 ground combo and 1 air combo. Why did they feel this need to restrict your options? What is there wrong with awakenings atleast having more then 1 combo option. Combo-wise you will be just playing as a cool looking shell of your former self.

3 Throws:
Why did they feel the need to take these away. They usually replace it with some unblockable attack which is quite easy to avoid because it needs to be charged by holding down the throw buttons. Why do they slow down 'your throws' We are basicly stuck with a slow 1 hit 'combo'.

4 Ninja tools:
They are not that important. I understand that the kyuubi would have trouble using ninja tools but why take it from awakenings which could easily use them?(like asuma)

5 Subs:
This is only in the case with giant awakening such as 8 tails and susanoo.
These awakening are very powerfull on the offense but once your opponent gets you in a combo your basicly doomed. Because for some weird reason you sub infront of your opponent and your awakening has slow attacks you will get combo cancelled to death( i ve done it many times)
All these awakenings do is make you it bigger target with a dartboard stuck to your head saying ' Hit me'.

6 Ougis:
Slightly understandable although i would prefer i they had ougis that do less damage and return you immediately to your normal state. Another option lost.
They also could give them ougis with the damaged halved and that half the damage is redirected to the chakra bar or something.

So you gain:
Stat boosts, More powerfull jutsu(sometimes just a stat boost to your jutsu)

You lose:
3 combos, your throw, 2 supports , Access to ninjatools , Subs (giants only), ougi(ultimate jutsu).

As you see in most cases you will lose more then you gain. Making awakenings gameplay wise not viable. When i started playing better i also resorted less to awakening since it only makes you a one trick horse glass canon. Atleast try to compensate a little for this by giving you an extra option when awakened.

Awesomeness Factor(yes it is a word `;) ) :
Sure you get the awesome awakening animations but what else? Nothing but a mere stat boost. But in the case of generic awakenings there is no eye candy except for the wierd chakra glow and the darkening of the stage

(which they should take out of the game because on some stages it hard to see while awakened and this isnt dbz chakra rarely shows on the outside)

Awakenings now:
Instead of those two things which are totally out of place in a naruto game how about more visually pleasing moves.
I understand that with generic awakenings u cant always make a whole new moveset that no problem. But i still want to see and feel like i am awakened. Take for example sakura she has an generic awakening where her moveset stays exactly the same only with some sound effects.
They could simply keep the combos the same but only change the combo enders/cutscenes to fit with the awakened status .

I dont know sakuras movelist but lets the she has an up combos which ends into uppercutting(brief cutscene close up whatever you call it) the oppenent to the other side of the stage. In her awakening her up combos would stay the same except instead of uppercutting them she punches them in their gut and throws him to the other side of the arena while saying something cool that would be in character. Or lets naruto ends a combo with a rasengan in awakenings he could finish it with oodama rasengan etc.

This already makes the awakenings feel more unique even if they are generic.
Lets proceed with sakura jutsu: cherry blossom crash she punches the ground the opponent flies up and debris/rocks appear from the breaking of the ground. They could simply give a different animation like would kick instead of punch. Or they increase the size and amount of rocks that appear so that the jutsu would appear more powerfull which would make you feel like your actually playing an powered up state of a character.

Here some example of other jutsu that could use more "impact' in awakening
Fire ball jutsu: in awakening could make the screen tremble slightly which would increase the closer it comes to you.
Dynamic entry: instead of kicking them immediately away gai could first make a short 2-3 hit combo and then kick them away.
Chidori: Increase the size of it a little and making it sounds louder so you hear the chirping birds its so famous for.
Shinra Tensei: When he pushes people away you can also see dust and pieces of rock flying.
Sand Tsunami: Make it taller/bigger let it have a longer trail (gaara would do sand tsunami but instead and the sand disappearing(moving) as it goes to your oppnent The tsunami would make a trail from gaara to the enemy which would disappear 2-3 seconds after the jutsu.
Water dragon jutsu: Simply give it a bigger splash at the end make it rain for a second.
Enton kagutu(sasukes thing): Have it simply still burning on the gound for 1-2 seconds. Makes ribcage susonoo appear for 1 second covered in amaterasu.
Etc. Just adding little soundeffects and visuals that really make it stand out from the normal one.

Amount of combos:
On to non generic awakenings again on the combo thing. Why do they usually have only 1 combo. They only have one (often very short string) to impress you with awesome visuals but often its a big disappointment. Because only have 1 combo string matches with awakenings are quite boring because they can only do 1 thing. If they had more(impressive) and longer combos that actually would end in close ups/cutscenes (like their non awakened version) I would be alot more impressed by the awakenings maybe even use them more just to see them in action.

Giant/ Large Awakenings:
Giant awakenings in terms of visuals they do well but still they feel alot smaller then in the show making me feel like im playing again a shell of the character.
They dont have to be as large as gamabunta in storm but give some sense of scale some sense that i am fighting (with) Something that is way larger then me.
Make the giant awakenings about susanoos true size (How it is in the show) And change the camera angle like it does when you have 2 giant awakenings.
Then you would actually feel giant.

In the old ultimate ninja series they would be the(my) main reason to awaken. My opponent would have like 5 % health but i would awaken just to hit them with that final overkilling ultimate jutsu. It gives you that wonderfull 'I Effin stomped/disintergrated your ass hahahahahaha' and makes you feel superior and cool and awesome.
I really think that the awakenings having no ougi or cutscene attack in general just hurts them. It makes the game have alot less ougis for one. Some moves dont get any use. Awakenings/are often the same as the ougi.
The return of the ougi or some similiar 'show-off' attack for awakenings would bring alot more variety to the game.

This all helps making the awakenings fun to use, fun to see, and they would see alot more use.

What do you guys think? Do you like the current awakenings
Are there other games doing it better and how owuld you improve the awakenings?

08-11-2012, 05:01 AM
IMO they should have no awakenings, the ones that have an actual awakening (8 gates, CS2 Sasuke, KCM Naruto) That should be a permanent form, and the giant awakenings like Susano'o should work like they do now.

Uchiha Sora
08-11-2012, 10:59 AM
Awakenings are OP enough... depending on the character...

08-11-2012, 11:13 AM
I dont mean Improve them Damage Wise. Just Give Them More Options If i want to Smack someone to the side with a kyuubi combo i should be able to. If I want to do a fatality/ Ultra combo style beat down with my awakening i should be able to( I dont care if its only 1% damage) I just want the cool visuals. Awakenings are boring to play (against) because they only have one combo. Making it often look like spamming while they actually cant do much else(Kyuubi)

08-13-2012, 04:32 PM
Awkenings are good where theyre at right now. They helped us when fighting Susano'o THANKFULLY. Some could still be made more practical for situations when awakening swould be used but as of now its good.

Depending on who you use you could literally be losing like every match but boom awaken Naruto and by the time the awkening is done you got your guy in the orange.....That kinda bothers me

08-14-2012, 01:27 PM
Awkenings are good where theyre at right now. They helped us when fighting Susano'o THANKFULLY. Some could still be made more practical for situations when awakening swould be used but as of now its good.

Depending on who you use you could literally be losing like every match but boom awaken Naruto and by the time the awkening is done you got your guy in the orange.....That kinda bothers me

How does an awakening help fight an awakening srry im kinda lost here.

Yeah Kyuubi should just do 1 powerfull menacing ball not some lame filler volley.