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It was a snowy winter day in Detroit and it was also the day before Christmas. Bumblebee went to ask Sari a question. "Hey,um..Sari?" he said. "Oh hi Bumblebee! What is it?" Sari answered back. "Whats Christmas?" Bumblebee said. "You don't know what Christmas is?" Sari smiled. "Bumblebee, Christmas is when you get lots of presents, yummy yummy food, and there's also misiltoe." she explained. "Oh. But whats a misiltoe?" Bumblebee asked as his arms were crossed. "A misiltoe is a thing hung on a door-way on the top and when two people are under it, they have to kiss each other." Sari smiled. "Well, anyway I'm going shopping to buy some gifts." She said. "Need a lift?" Bumblebee asked. Sari nodded.
When they got to the mall, Bumblebee started to look around. " This is called the mall. It's were you can buy many things...like presents!" Sari said as she looked around with him. "Oh got it." Bumblebee nodded. "I'm gonna go pick out something for you okay Bumblebee? And you pick out something for me." Sari said to him. "Of course!" Bumblebee winked. "But, what do girls like?" Bumblebee asked Sari anxiously. "Well...girls like sparkly things, stuffed animals, candy, and jewlery." Sari replied back. "Gotcha." Bumblebee said.
Sari walked to the left and Bumblebee walked to the right. Bumblebee looked in many stores, but he couldn't find anything she would like. He sighed and sat on a bench. "Im not sure what to get her." He said as he looked down. Bumblebee looked up and saw a commercial on the top of a jewlery store, with a man and woman, the man gave the woman a sparkly necklace with her name on it. Bumblebee smiled. " I know what to get Sari!" he said happliy.
After he bought what he needed he smiled and said to himself.."She's gonna love it." Sari thought about what Bumblbee liked. " I know he likes music, video games, and fast things.Hm..." she thought. " Oh I know! I can get him that new video game!" Sari smiled as she ran into the video game store. They both met up again. "Okay I'm done!" Said Sari as she held bags. "Yeah me too." Bumblebee said as he hid the gift he bought for her.
Bumblebee drove them home. After they got inside, Sari ran to her room and closed the door. She found some wrapping paper and wrapped Bumblebee's present up and wrote "Have a Merry Christmas Bumblebee" on a stamp on the gift. Then Sari went to sleep. Bumblebee had been looking for wrapping paper for over an hour. " Scrap!" he cursed. "I need that wrapping stuff!" Bumblebee looked in the living room and then he sat on the couch upset, then he thought for a moment. " Sari has some! But I'm gonna have to be quiet..." Bumblebee said to himself. He went to Sari's room and opened the door slowly and found some left over wrapping paper. He took it with him, but before he left, he gently kissed Sari's forehead. He went back to his room and started to wrap her sparkly special necklace. It took a couple tries but he got it. but then he wrote a little note on the box."For being the best friend and girl i guy could ever ask for".Then he went to sleep.
The next morning was Christmas..... " Bumblebee!Bumblebee!!" Sari shouted. "Huh?!" Bumblebee groggly mumbled. " Its Christmas!!!! Wake up!!" Sari said as she grinned. " Its Christmas!!?" Bumblebee said shocked. " Yeah! Come on!" she said as she grabbed his hand. Bumblebee blushed a little. " Look at all the stuff!" said Bumblebee amazed. Sari went to the pile and started to open up her presents like crazy. " Sari where is Boss-bot and the others? Shouldn't you wait?" Bumblebee asked her. " Oh they went out for a while because Prowl wanted to go to the " Snowman Contest". My dad is still sleeping." Sari told Bumblebee as she put a pretty ribbion on her Santa hat. " Here Bumblebee!" Sari put a hat on him. "Thanks!" he said. Sari and Bumblebee both remebered each others presents. " I'll be right back!" said Bumblebee. " Me too!" said Sari.
They both got the gifts and stood in front of each other. Bumblebee gave Sari hers first. " Open it." he said gently. Sari read the note first." For being the best friend and girl a guy could ever ask for" She blushed and smiled at it as she read it. She opened it up and there she found, a beautiful sparkly necklace that said " Sari". Sari blushed. " I-Its beautiful Bumblebee! That's so sweet of you! Thank you very much I'll wear it forever." she smiled and teared a little. She put it on. Bumblebee was so happy to see that she liked her gift and that she was smiling. " Oh and here's your present Bumblebee!!" Sari said as she gave him his present. Bumblebee opened it and his eyes grew huge." This is so sweet!!! So super mega awesome!!!" Bumblebee smiled very big as he looked at his new video game.
"Thanks Sari!" Bumblebee said grateful to her. "Your welcome Bumblebee!" Sari smiled. " Look!" Bumblebee said as he pointed up. They both looked up.
" A misiltoe."Sari mumbled. They both looked at each other and blushed. " Does this mean we have to kiss each other?" asked Bumblebee. " Uh huh." replied Sari as she blushed. She climbed up to his chest and looked at his blue eyes. Bumblebee started to lean towards Sari as she did the same. Then they kissed! Both their faces were red. After that the two smiled at each other.
" Merry Christmas Sari!" Bumblebee said as he hugged her. " Merry Christmas Bumblebee!" Sari said back.


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This story is about Sari Sumdac and Bumblebee from Transformers Animated! This little pairing is going to happen for sure and I support them all the way!!

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transformers 2 was beast!

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