View Full Version : Multiverse: Jesus Naruto vs Alucard

Naruto the Sage of Life
07-09-2012, 03:40 PM
This is Alucard from hellsing before he becomes omnipresent
Current Naruto without his 5 minuet time limit.

Alucard starts in his sealed state, but he can release himself as he pleases.

Alucard has no knowledge of Naruto, but Naruto has knowledge on what Alucards guns are and Naruto knows the basics of what a vampire is and that Alucard is an increadibly powerfull vampire.

They start half a mile away from each other, and are fighting in forest setting.

Naruto is bloodlusted but Alucard simply wants to see how powerfull his opponent is.

How will Narutoverses very own Jesus fair against Alucard!

07-09-2012, 03:57 PM
Naruto gets some garlic and feeds it to Alucard.

shinigan no sora
07-09-2012, 05:26 PM
Naruto doesn't have anything to kill Big Al with considering al has regened from a pool of blood and various singular body parts

Basically only thing that'll take down alucard is total atomic destruction, mind/soul-rape or quantum deletion.

Basically Alucard kiinda makes Edo Tensei regen look like a joke

07-09-2012, 11:01 PM
I thought this was a joke thread, where naruto gets a jesus-like power boost XD

07-09-2012, 11:09 PM
Naruto gets some garlic and feeds it to Alucard.

Alucard doesn't have the vampire weaknesses.

The guy was struck with Helena's Nail (one that crucified Jesus and blessed with his blood) and even that didn't leave any lasting damage.

Devils Lawyer
07-09-2012, 11:13 PM
Wouldn't a bijuu bomb constitute as totally cellular destruction considering it vapor stone? Which is understating it.