View Full Version : What I think Iran is actually trying to do.

07-05-2012, 11:17 PM
So lately it seems like Iran is always bragging about some new toy it's got.
Some missiles. Some drones. Whatever. They keep trying to act tough.

So is Iran just insane and trying to piss off a FAR more advanced military than themselves? Well it's a possibility. A lot of nut jobs out there.

But I actually think Iran is smarter than that. Instead I think Iran's primary target right now is not the U.S but Israel. Why Israel? Well quite simply
if Israel is destroyed then the U.S pretty much has no more "friends"
in the middle east and can't build bases there making a future attack
against the U.S easier.

But Iran can't just attack Israel. That would make them the aggressor and that would be VERY bad for their global image. Plus it would piss off the U.S. Iran has to be more cautious and more sneaky in their tactics.

Rather Iran is trying to drive Israel to a preemptive attack.
If Israel "attacks first" then this would get Iran a HUGE
political advantage. Attacking Israel would then be an
act of "defense". The U.S would be pressured to not support
Israel because supporting the "aggressor" would look bad.
The reason Israel would attack first is because in a way they have to.
Israel can't afford to wait for an attack otherwise Israel won't exist.
However if the U.S still sides with Israel then it would put the U.S on bad terms with the rest of the West. Israel already isn't very popular.
And if the West supports the "aggressor" Israel. It will cause cultural and political tension with the Muslim population. Which the west doesn't want.

In short this is all just a big scheme to get Israel to lose political support.

07-06-2012, 10:36 AM
But what about Arabs hating the Persians?

07-06-2012, 06:30 PM
But what about Arabs hating the Persians?

I would think they hate the Israelis even more.

I don't think Iran is trying to gain Arab support.
Rather they are trying to get Israel to lose it's
Western Support. The little left it is has.

What do you think?