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This is a Pokemon story that follows four new trainers in their journey in the kanto region. They are named after the four games on gen 1 Blaze representing Red and Fire Red games. Razor (named after the Razor Leaf attack) represents Green and Leaf Green version. Aqua represents Blue verison and Lightning represents Yellow verison. Pokemon from all five gens will appear in the story.

Chapter 1 Path to your first pokemon

This world full of creatures with incredible powers called Pokemon. Humans form bonds and friendships with Pokemon as they battle and travel together, but use Pokemon for evil. The humans that train Pokemon are called Pokemon Trainers. Today four young Pokemon trainers begin their journeys with their first Pokemon given to them by Professor Oak.

The first of the four to arrive at Oak's lab was Razor Oak the grandson of Professor Oak and a kid that is expected by many to be the Pokemon League Rookie Champion. The Pokemon League Rookie Tournament is a tournament that requires first year trainers to collect all eight badges from their regional gym leaders and the winner of the Tournament is named the Rookie Pokemon Champion and gets to battle the 5 best trainers in region known as the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion. Razor woke up early that morning and ten minutes before his alarm clock when off. Razor put on his plain black shirt and purple pants before he went out. His hair is brown and spiky and he has blue eyes. He excepted to be the first of the rookie trainers to arrive but he was suppressed to see that his grandpa hadn't arrived yet. Five minutes later Razor said, "I really hate it when I have to wait for those people". "Silly boy, its your fault for being too early all the time", said a girl who had just arrived.

Her name is Aqua and she is a girl with amber green eyes and brown hair. She has been outsmarting the boys since she was 4, and because of that she is considered to be the dark horse to win the tournament. She is wearing her favorite blue top and a tan skirt. She also is wearing a white hat with a poke ball symbol on it. That hat was the last gift that she got from her father before he died. She arrived at the lab at the time the trainers were told to be at the Lab by Professor Oak. "Annoying girl" Aqua said to Razor. "Hi, Blaze how are you?" Aqua said with a smile on her face. "Sorry I'm late again, and I'm feeling good, thanks Aqua", said Blaze who had just arrived a little late.

Blaze is a boy that has been dreaming of being the greatest trainer in history since he was 2 years-old. He has black hair and black eyes. He is considered the underdog to win the tournament and the main rival of Razor. He is wearing a red shirt with a white stripe down the middle and blue jeans. He was late to the lab because he overslept, but amazingly he was not the last to arrive like someone that exists in a different world of Pokemon. "Where is Lightning?", Blaze. "I hope she she is alright", Razor. "Their is normally only three Pokemon, so with her not being here we each get will our Pokemon and she'll have to wait her turn", Razor. "How dare you say that Razor", both Blaze and Aqua at the same time.

The last member of this group is a girl named Lightning Oak. Her parents disappeared when she was just a baby, so she was adapted by Razor's parents. She is a very shy girl and lacks confidences in her skills, but she is still Blue's best friend. Her shyness has caused her to be an unknown to people that pick the chances of young trainers. She woke up before Green and had ran off into route 101. She stopped at a small pond that is near the middle of the route that she would normally go when she felt afraid of something. "How am I supposed to compete with my brother who is knows the abilities of every Pokemon, Aqua who is skilled at reading people, or Blaze's battle instincts", Lightning said with tears in her eyes. She is wearing a yellow top and a black skirt. Her hair is a bright yellow and her eyes are as blue a crystal. An old man walked over to her and said, Lightning you not be as skilled as the others, but your love for Pokemon is just as strong as theirs and possibly even stronger". "Thanks grandpa, I needed that" Lightning said with a smile after whipping away her tears. "Lets go the others are waiting for us" Professor Oak said as they began to walk back towards the lab.

Chapter 2 My First Pokemon is???

As the two of them enter the lab, a smile comes across the faces of both Red and Blue. "It's my fault that we were late, I needed Lightning's help with something", Oak. "Grandpa can you give us our Pokemon already?", Razor. "Impatient as always Razor, but don't worry you'll get your Pokemon soon", Oak. "The order will be selected by drawing a number out of this hat". Professor Oak picks up a hat with small pieces of paper inside. "OK we will pick numbers in the order you arrived". Razor picks up a paper with the number 2 on it and he gave his grandfather a mean glare after he looked at the number. Aqua picks up the paper with a 3 on it and she smiled when she looked at the number. Blaze picks up a paper with the number one on it and which means Lightning will be picking last. "Before you pick your Pokemon, I would like you each to have a my invention, the pokedex. There are hundreds of Pokemon in the world and my dream is to collect data on all of them, but I'm too old to do it myself so I'm intrusting the job to the four of you" Oak. Professor Oak hands all four of them a pokedex.

"Now I'll show you the Pokemon I brought for for you four", the Pokemon professor said with a smile. "First is the strong grass type Bulbasaur and this one is really easy to raise". The professor throws Bulbasaur's poke-ball and the little grass type comes out with a smile on it's face. "Second is the powerful water type Squirtle and this one is worth raising". The second poke-ball is thrown and a little water type comes out. "Alright next up is the high-spirited fire type Charmander and you should raise this one patiently". A third poke-ball s thrown and the fire type comes showing the flame on it's tail with a lot of pride. "The fourth Pokemon is the speedy electric type Pikachu and this one is difficult to raise". The poke-ball is thrown and the electric type comes out sleeping on the floor. "Lastly we have the skillful normal type Eevee and this one can raised in many different ways". The final poke-ball is thrown and the shy little normal type hides behind the professor's legs.

"Alright Blaze time for you to make the first pick". Blaze smiled and looked at the five Pokemon. He quickly decides against picking Pikachu because it looks lazy and he also decides that Eevee reminds him of Lightning so she should be the one that gets it. While looking at the other three he considers picking Bulbasaur, but he quickly remembers the many weaknesses that grass types have. He then notices charmander attempting to make the flame on it's tail larger to impress him. "I pick you Charmander", Blaze. Charmander jumps towards Red and he catches it in his arms. "We are going to be best friends". "Aw, so cute", Aqua. "Alright Red would like to give a nickname to that charmander?", Oak. "Hmm I'll name him Red", Blaze.

"Your turn Razor", Oak. "Now the future Champion is going to show you losers who's boss", Razor. "You're all talk and you have nothing to back it up", Aqua. "Nice one Aqua", Blaze. Anyways since Blaze picked Charmander, I'll pick Squirtle", Razor. The squirtle walks over to Razor quietly. "Razor would you like to give a nickname to that Squirtle?", Oak. "No, why would I want to do something like that?", Razor. "That was rude Razor even from you", Blaze."I don't care what you think Blaze", Razor.

"Anyways it's your turn Aqua", Oak. "Only three left, and they all look so cute", Aqua. The Pikachu is still sleeping on the floor. Eevee continues to hide behind the professors legs so she can't see it. Bulbasaur is looking at Aqua with it's eyes wide and with a smile on it's face. "Aw, I pick you Bulbasaur". Bulbasaurs runs over to Aqua with a huge smile smile on her face. "Aqua would you like to give a nickname to that Bulbasaur?", Oak. "Yes, and I'll name her Victoria", Aqua.

"Lightning it's your turn now", Oak. "Alright thanks Grandpa", Lightning. "Don't mention it sweetheart", Oak. She looks at the lazy Pikachu for a moment and then she turns to the Eevee hiding behind the professor's legs. "Come on out little one, I will not hurt you", Lightning. Eevee walked slowly towards Yellow, but it still kept it's distance. "Hurry up sis, I can't wait for you all day", Razor. Hearing Razor's loud outburst Eevee run back behind the professor's legs. "You scared it Razor and can you stop being such a jerk", Aqua. "Annoying girl", Razor. "Don't worry Eevee I'll protect you from my mean brother and I pick you", Lightning. The Eevee did not move. "Lightning would you like to give a nickname to that Eevee?", Oak. "Of course I would, I'll name her Vee", Lightning.

Pokemon 1: Red/Charmander lv5
Ability: Blaze
Attack 1: Scratch
Attack 2: Growl

Pokemon 1: Squirtle lv5
Ability: Torrent
Attack 1: Tackle
Attack 2: Tail Whip

Pokemon 1: Victoria/Bulbasaur lv5
Ability: Overgrow
Attack 1: Tackle
Attack 2: Growl

Pokemon 1: Vee/Eevee lv5
Ability: Adaptability
Attack 1: Tackle
Attack 2: Tail Whip

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Chapter 3 The adventure starts Here

"Sorry Pikachu they didn't want you return", Oak. The pikachu is returned to it's poke-ball by Professor Oak. "Here are your poke-balls, I have given each of 5 poke-balls to start your adventures and I except you all to do your best at catching em' all", Oak. Oak hands the four kids their starter Pokemon’s poke-ball and 5 empty poke-balls.

"Anyone want to battle?", Blaze. "Bring it on loser cause you are going to lose", Razor. "Lets make things a little more interesting and make this a double battle me and Razor vs Blaze and Lightning", Aqua. "No way you'll just get in my way, when I'm creaming Blaze", Razor. "What are you scared that your little sister is going to beat us", Aqua. "No, OK fine we can have a double battle. Annoying girl", Razor. "I knew you were going to change your mind", Aqua. "Are you ready for this Lightning?", Blaze. "I'm nervous, and I've never had a Pokemon battle before", Lightning. Blaze smiles. "Don't worry Lightning it's the first battle for all of us and you're battling with me so their is no way you are going to lose", Blaze. "OK, Blaze I'll give it my best try", Lightning.

"OK everyone no battling inside my lab, I have a battlefield in the back that you can use", Oak. "Thanks professor", Red. Everyone walks outside to the battlefield with the four Pokemon following them.
"Since this will be your first battle for each of you , I'll explain the rules of a Pokemon battle", Oak. "Come on that's boring grandpa", Razor. "It may seem boring but it is extremely important. Rule number one Pokemon battles are battles between one to six Pokemon with the number being decided before the battle. Rule number two attacking the opposing trainer is not allowed. Rule number three the losing trainer must transfer money to the winner by pressing the transfer button on your trainer card, but in for this battle I'll pay the winning trainers instead. Lastly, rule number four never kill a Pokemon during a battle, Oak"
"Red time to battle", Blaze. The charmander, Red enters the battlefield. "OK, Vee .... let's do this", Lightning. The little Eevee named V slowly enters the battlefield. "Lets show these boys who's boss go Victoria", Aqua. The little Bulbasaur runs on the battlefield with a smile on it's face. "End this quickly Squirtle", Razor. Squirtle walks on the battlefield.

"We'll start this off Red use scratch attack on Squirtle", Blaze. "Squirtle take the hit and use tackle attack", Razor. Red charges at squirtle and Squirtle jumps at Red. Red's claws glow and hit squirtle in the chest and then Squirtle tackles Red back a couple of feet.

"Let's now let the boys have all the fun, Victoria use tackle attack on Vee", Aqua. "............. Dodge it Vee", Lightning. Victoria charges at Vee at full speed. Vee doesn’t hear the order to dodge until it was too late and is knocked back by Victoria. "Lightning you need to react quicker and remember to attack back", Blaze. "Sorry Vee, I'll try to react quicker and thanks Blaze", Lightning.

"Need any help Razor?", Aqua. "No and don't get in my way or I'll attack you too", Razor. ".... OK Victoria use tackle on Vee again", Aqua. "......", Lightning. "Red help Vee and then use Scratch attack", Blaze. "No you don't Squirtle stop it with tackle attack", Razor. Victoria runs in to tackle Vee but Red pushes Vee out of the way and gets tackled by Victoria and then Squirtle. Red scratches Victoria but is barely standing on his feet.

~Lightning's Pokemon should be winning this fight being the only Pokemon with the stab advantage but hopefully she'll learn from this~, Oak's thoughts. "Blaze, I'm sorry", Lightning. "Don't worry about it, we can still win this fight", Blaze. "In your dreams Blaze, finish that Charmander off with Tackle attack Squirtle", Razor. "Use scratch attack quickly", Blaze. Squirtle begins to tackle Red but Red manages to scratch Squirtle right before it gets hit by Squirtle's tackle. Red falls to the ground. "Red is unable to battle", Oak. "You gave it your best shot partner, we'll beat them next time return", Blaze. Blaze sends Red into the poke-ball.

"Vee use tackle attack......", Lightning. " Use your tackle attack Squirtle", Razor. "Victoria use Growl", Aqua. The two Pokemon tackle each other at the same time. The sound attack weakens Vee but it was too late to save Squirtle as it falls down. "Squirtle is unable to battle", Oak. "What? Unbelievable! You were lucky this time Sis, but you won't be lucky again next time, return", Razor. Razor sends squirtle back to it's poke-ball.

"Let's end this fight Victoria use tackle attack full power", Aqua. "Vee use tail whip....... and dodge", Lightning. "Use the moment it moves it's tail to attack", Aqua. Vee releases a wave of energy that weakens Victoria’s deference but at the same moment Victoria tackles Vee. Vee remains standing but just barely.

"Vee use hmm tackle attack", Lightning. "Sorry Lightning but it's time to end this fight for real this time Victoria use tackle attack again", Aqua. The two Pokemon tackle each other at the same time and both of them fall down. "You can do it Victoria get up now", Aqua. "Vee?", Lightning. Victoria gets up and Vee attempts to get up but falls back down and passes out. "Vee is unable to battle and the winner is the team of Aqua and Razor", Oak.
Squirtle and Vee grew to level 6
Victoria grew to level 7 and learned Leech Seed

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the teams will not be Kanto Pokemon Only and no Pikachus on any of their teams. Some of your ideas for the teams are goob but some not so much (Geodude and Onix on the same team that is just crazy). Lightning will get Ponyta thank you for helping me pick which of the girls will get it since I could not decide between the two.
I saw Lightning as the one who gets the cute pokemon who turn out to be powerful pokemon lol

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