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Nick Tasogare
06-25-2012, 07:24 PM
Hello War System Participants! The War Council has been working tirelessly to get everything wrapped up and ironed out so that we can finally bring the War System to you. We're really close, and we hope to have everything done pretty soon, but first we need YOUR help!

We're looking for any and all jutsu ideas that you might have for each of the following:

Fire Style
Wind Style
Lightning Style
Earth Style
Water Style

Frost Style
Sand Style
Blood Style
Dark Style
Plant Style

Ninja Arts

With everything that we need to work on, we figured that asking your help in this area would be a great idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it lowers the work load that we have, and frees us up for the other things that need to be edited and added. Secondly, we thought that letting you guys submit jutsu to us would make the system more fun in the long run. How cool would it be to use a jutsu in the system that YOU came up with, right!?

So if you have any ideas, post them here, or if you're not sure about them, PM one of the WC and they'll bring it up in the Database or help you with it in PMs. Make sure to follow this template though:

Blank Style: Blank Jutsu
Strength: What element is this jutsu strong to? (Fire is strong to Wind, Wind is strong to Lightning, Lightning is strong to Earth, Earth is strong to Water, Water is strong to Fire.)
Weakness: What element is the jutsu weak to? (Fire is weak to Water, Water is weak to Earth, Earth is weak to Lightning, Lightning is weak to Wind, Wind is weak to Fire.)
Description: A basic description of what the jutsu does. [Rank E, D, C, B, A, S. E is the weakest, S is the strongest.]

06-25-2012, 09:58 PM
Blood style: Splatter
Strength: Plant style (infects/kills plants)
Weakness: water style (washes away the blood)
Description: The user splatters their blood on a surface, or in the air. Weapons or clones can be manifested from said splatter. The size and amount depends on how much blood and chakra are used.

06-26-2012, 12:04 AM
Plant Style: Posion Pedal Dance
Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire
Description: The user blows a barrage of razor sharp pedal's at the enemy at high speeds if the enemy doesnt stop them they will dance around them in a tornado like motion giving them many small posionous cuts.
Rank: D

06-26-2012, 02:22 PM
Fire Style: Kamikaze Birds
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Water
Description: 10 birds the size of robins fly out of the user's hand. They fly at their target at a pretty fast pace, but they have speed in exchange for power. When they explode, they are only capable of causing minor burns.
Rank: E

Wind Style: Tornado
Strength: Lightning
Weakness: Fire
Description: The user creates a small tornado about 10 feet in height and 4 feet in width that sails towards their enemy. It is capable of causing several minor cuts if it lands.
Rank: D

Lightning Style: Lightning Speed
Strength: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Description: This jutsu increases the user's speed to that of a Wind Clone as well as increasing the damage the user can do with their legs a bit. As long as the user is willing to expend Chakra on it, the jutsu can last.
RanK: D

Earth Style: Mud Shot
Strength: Water
Weakness: Lightning
Description: The user spits out a stream of mud from their mouth with enough force to dent a boulder and enough to rip through a single tree. It can be shoot up to 15 feet.
Rank: C

Water Style: Water Wheels
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Earth
Description: The user creates 3 pressurized wheels of water that speed off towards their target. They're strong enough to break a bone or two if they hit their mark.
Rank: C

Frost Style: Ice Shards
Strength: Water (freezes it)
Weakness: Fire
Description: The user spits out 5 shards of ice that can cause some puncture wounds that can't be taken lightly.
Rank: C

Sand Style: Sand Bullets
Strength: Fire (ignites the sand)
Weakness: Water (causes it to lose shape)
Description: The user creates and fires 6 sand bullets at their target that is strong enough to break some bones.
Rank: C

Blood Style: Bloody Sword
Strength: Dark
Weakness: Water
Description: The user creates a sword of blood.
Rank: C

Dark Style: Shadow Ball
Strength: Lightning
Weakness: Blood
Description: The user creates a single, large ball of darkness that they send towards their target that can cause some serious damage.
Rank: B

Plant Style: Poisonous Thorns
Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire
Description: The user shoots out thorns from their hands that can cause some deep cuts as well as lethal poison.
Rank: A

king kakashi
06-26-2012, 06:56 PM
wind style: doom palm
weakness: fire
description: the users hand is covered in wind chakra that can be used as a projectile or up close and personal
up close{it slices through nerve endings basically shutting down the nervous system}
distance{creates a burst of wind that cuts everything in its' path}

06-26-2012, 08:56 PM
Sand Style: Sand Clone
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: The user creates two clones of sand. They have the same speed as the user and can only use simple punches and kicks. If they manage to attach themselves to a target, they will attempt to suffocate the target with sand.
Rank: C

06-26-2012, 09:38 PM
Sand Style: Sand Wave
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: Creates a medium wave of sand that sweeps over the area in front of the user.
Rank: D

Sand Style: Sand Downpour
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: User manipulates his/her sand to create a small amount of sand in the air which he/her controls to fall down towards the opponent. Before reaching the opponent the sand splits into multiple shots increasing the spread of its attack range.
Rank: D

Sand Style: Twisiting Sand Jutsu
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: This Jutsu would cause sand and rocks on the ground to rise up in the air, and twist around at extreme speeds like a tornado. Not powerful enough to make make large cuts, just hundreds of small yet painful cuts.
Rank: D

Fire Style: Razor Dragon Slice
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Water
Requirement: Can only be done if user has a Katana.
Description: The users Katana begins to glow red and soon takes the shape of a firey dragon. The user then makes a slicing motion and the dragon shaped fire launches towards the enemy at great speeds.
Rank: C

06-27-2012, 09:28 AM
Earth Style: Stone Guantlet
Strength: Water
Weakness: Lightning
Description: Dirt and earthen matter gather around the user's hand and compresses, forming armor out of solid stone to be used as a shield or melee weapon.
Rank: D

Earth Style: Earthen Blade
Strength: Water
Weakness: Lightning
Description: Dirt and rocks begin to shift and shape into a sickle-shaped blade, which the user can then send shooting along the ground.
Rank: C

06-27-2012, 09:42 AM
Sand Style: Sand Weaponization
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: The user can form sand into a weapon of their choice. Iron sand can be also used to make weapons as it is a type of sand.
Rank: C

Kyūbi no Yōko
06-27-2012, 11:45 AM
Dark Style : Ascension
Strength : Water
Weakness : Wind

Description : The user can bring a lot of Darkness and move it in his free will.
Rank : A


Frost Style : Storm
Strength : Water
Weakness : Fire

Description : Brings up a storm that nearly freezes everything it touches.
Rank : S


Dark Style : Hell Hounds
Strength : Water
Weakness : Lightning

Description : Creates some hounds covered with darkness and fire, their power is great.
Rank : A


Water Style : Water God
Strength : Water
Weakness : Earth

Description : A large creature appears, it's made out of water, it can create Water from anywhere and move it at free will, this creature obeys the jutsu user.
Rank : S


Wind Style : Wind Blade
Strength : Lightning
Weakness : Fire

Description : It creates a sharp blade, sharp enough to slice big walls and trees, when the user swings it, its range can go up to 200m.
Rank : S


Sand Style : Sand Storm
Strength : Fire
Weakness : Water

Description : Creates a large, terrifying sand storm that can cover and kill anybody, considered as a Kinjutsu.
Rank : S.

06-27-2012, 01:09 PM
/runs away screaming

Earth Style: Golem Jutsu
Strength: Water
Weakness: Lightning
Description: Rank C (or B I suppose), Creates a gigantic (say, 15-20 ft tall) creature made of stone, capable of taking telepathic commands from its creator. High physical strength, but slow.

...Damn ideas... "<____<

king kakashi
06-27-2012, 02:15 PM
ninja art: dragon skin
weakness:users chakra
discription: the ultimate defence the user takes a crouched stance(probrably horse stance if you don't know what that is watch a kung fu movie or google it) and hold thier hands in the dragon hand seal
this defence can block most attacks but the stronger the attack the more chakra it takes
for example to block a weak fire attack it would take very little chakra
but to say block the lightning blade it could take more than half of the users chakra

rank: B or A possibly S( one or the other)

06-27-2012, 05:05 PM
Sand Style: Sand Tsunami
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: A large wave of sand is created in front of the user, moving quickly and threatening to crush anything in its path under its pressure, including trees and other obstacles.
Rank: B

Plant Style: Vine Entanglement
Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire
Description: The user sends forth vines that threaten to bind their victim and constrict until the target is crushed to death.
Rank: B

Fire Style: Flame Grenade
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Water
Description: The user sends forth a flame grenades hat explode on contact with anything. It threatens to burn anything in its vicinity to into barbeque.
Rank: C (or B)

06-27-2012, 05:09 PM
wind style: wind bomb.
strength: fire (you have to read the description to understand.)
weakness: wind style.
description: You throw a spinning ball of wind that explodes in contact with anything. When it explodes it creates a spinning expanding vortex of wind. If it comes on contact with fire it makes the fire part of the vortex, increasing the devastation. wind can blow it away.
rank: the more chakra cakra you use the more powerful it gets, so it can be any rank.

Earth style: Boot to the face.
description: you kick at you opponent and earth in the shape of your foot flies at them, it comes at your target so fast, it can blow away most defenses.
rank: D C or B depending pn how much earth you launch at them.

06-27-2012, 05:24 PM
Sand Style: Quicksand
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
Description: The user turns a small area of the ground into quicksand. It can't completely sink someone under, but is capable of trapping them up to their waist.
Rank: D

Devils Lawyer
06-28-2012, 07:01 PM
I got some great ideas. How about a move where a rope and spear head comes from your hand and spears the opponent through his chest. You need a catch phrase with it.

Oh got another one how about a move that instantly freezes your opponent.

Man I am on a roll how about a move set using smoke.

Another one how about a move set centered around robotics.

I am such a genius. They all sound so dope. Maybe a game should be made using them.`:P

06-29-2012, 02:20 AM
I planned on make a drunken fist fighter, jutsus for that would be awesome, i'm drawing on inspiration from primal rage.

06-29-2012, 11:19 AM
Lightning Style: Lightning Soul
Strength: Water
Weakness: Earth
Description: The user becomes engulfed in lightning,
and whatever he/she/other touches gets electrocuted.
Rank: B or A

06-30-2012, 03:20 PM
Water Style: Water Cannon Spike Jutsu
Strength: Earth
Weakness: Lightning
Description: Water shoots out of pools of water and forms spike falling down forming crystal ice.

Blood Style: Blood Mist shield jutsu
Strength: Beats Fire style and Earth
Weakness:Blood weak to Frost
Description: Rank c
A shield of blood forms from blood mist and blocks attacks.

Blood Style: Mist Blood Jutsu
Strength: Beats Lightning style and Fire style
Weakness: Frost Style and Earth style
Description: A Mist of made blood forms around me and the opponent.

Earth Style: Rock body Jutsu
Strength: Fire style and Water style
Weakness: Lightnign style and Frost style.
Description:Rank C
Rocks forms around the users body blocking some attacks.

Earth Style: Jet Crush Jutsu
Strength: Earth style and Lightning style
Weakness: Water style and Frost style
Description:Rank B
The person using Rock body a jet like obstruction forms out of their back and hands and boosts them towards the opponent at great speed.

Earth Style: Replusion Jutsu
Strength: Frost style,Lightning style,Earth style,Fire.
Weakness: Water
Description: Rank B A Giant wall forms out of the users back and holes forms out of the hole comes a giant Flamethrower like projection.

Earth Style: Jet Ball Jutsu
Strength: Frost style,Frost style,Lightning style.
Weakness: Water,Earth.
Description: Rank B a jet like obstruction forms on the users hand the user is able to launch giant balls of Blazing Fire at the Opponent.

06-30-2012, 08:28 PM
KG jutsu: Mermaid transformation
Weakess: needs a body of water to be used
Description: turns the users legs into a mermaid tail and allows the user to breath underwater

Kg water style: Mermaid's rath
Strength: Fire style
Weakess: Earth Style and must be used in mermaid form
Description: The fires a strong pluse of water capable of destoring steel
Rank: B

Hando Craap
06-30-2012, 08:46 PM
Earth,Fire,Wind = Steel Style
That's all I have for now,sorry.

07-06-2012, 05:02 PM
Fire Style: Flaming Whips
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Water
Description: The user summons several whips of fire from their hands.
Rank: D

Water Style: Torrential Rain
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Lightning
Description: Rain is summoned at the user's feet and continues upwards. Used as defense.

Frost Style: Freezing Trail
Strength: Plant
Weakness: Fire
Description: Ice materializes where ever the user steps. Allowing them to even "Walk on air".

Plant Style: Thorn Dance
Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire
Description: The user creates thorny roses and throws them at the enemies.

07-11-2012, 01:13 AM
B Rank
Lightning Style: Lightning Step
Strength: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Description: User channels lightning chakra throughout the lower body to give it a energy surge, allowing the user to move in lightning fast speed across long areas with the speed of a lightning bolt in one step.
Steps: 3

S rank
Lightning Style: Zeus's Cannon
Strength: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Range: Long Range
Condition: Storm clouds must be in the sky
Description: The user raises his hand forth as a storm cloud sends down a red lightning bolt into the users hands. The user then aims his/her hands at the target then blasts a large & powerful lightning blast over a long distance severely shocking anything caught in its path.

Stoffy Uzumaki :)
07-23-2012, 06:23 AM
I planned on make a drunken fist fighter, jutsus for that would be awesome, i'm drawing on inspiration from primal rage.
drunken fist character would be awesome :D i think that a great idea

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07-25-2012, 09:28 PM
The ice pillar jutsu would probably be more useful if it created more than one like the old earth style pillar jutsu.

Uchiha Sora
07-26-2012, 06:03 PM
Plant Style: Chloro-Blast
Desc: The user gathers energy from the surrounding plants and sunlight, and fires it off in a beam of chakra. Hard to use without sunlight or plants in the area. The beam is about 1ft wide and 1ft tall.
Rank: A

Plant Style: Photosynthesis
Desc: User gathers energy from the surrounding plants or sunlight to triple their speed. Lasts for two turns. If in a place with no plants or sunlight, it's impossible to use.
Rank: B

Mangetsu Hozuki
07-26-2012, 06:33 PM
Traditionaly, I like to make my jutsu as tributes to dead characters, or my favorite ones.

Futon: Gekko Hayate (Wind Release: Moonlight Hurricane)
Hand Seal(s): Dog, Serpent, Boar, Dragon, Tiger Horse, and then a special seal-the user places his palms facing away from himself, index and thumbs touching to form a triangle (this will direct where the jutsu will target, as well as how big it is). This Special seal must be maintained throughout the jutsu.

Rank: A to S, depending on the user.

Category: Offensive Ninjutsu

Element: Wind (An aditional water element will greatly increase the "hurricane effect" of the jutsu, as well as its effectiveness).

Effect: A miniature hurricane surrounds the target, and the gale-force winds and rotation may be able to tear him apart. However, this is rare. Usually, it is as if a continuous Wind Scythe Jutsu surrounds the target, slashing, cutting, and tearing away. The hurricane can be moved - all the user must to is move his hands where he wishes the Jutsu to move to. The user can spread his hands apart from each other to increase the size. Obviously, this requires more chakra to sustain the Jutsu. To end the Jutsu, the user simply puts down his hands.

Weakness: If the target can somehow surround himself with a Fire-based Jutsu, the hurricane will be greatly weakened. This can be countered if the user has a water affinity as well as wind.

Requirements: High mastery of chakra control. Without this, the hurricane will be dispersed almost immediatly. Of course, a wind affinity is needed as well.

This jutsu is called Moonlight Hurricane because the hurricane is bathed in chakra, which can be slightly seen. This gives the jutsu a blueish white tint, as if bathed in moonlight.

07-27-2012, 11:01 AM
style:lighting and wind
description:a mix of rasengan and chidori
weakness:cant be stoped
whoever comes upon the chidori will be killed

07-27-2012, 03:07 PM
earth style: quicksand
Strenght: Water
Weakness: Lightning
Description: Small area around your opponent gets turned to quicksand restricting his moves more with every action he takes. (kinda similiar to jiraiyas dark swamp.)
Rank: C

Wind Style: Current Blade.
Strenght : Lightning
Weakness : Fire
Description : an air current that you are able to make contact with(via touch) gets temporarely accelerated and infused with chakra and directed toward your opponent(s). Turning the current into a temporarely chakra blade that disappears after they make contact with something like the opponents or trees.
Rank: B

S-rank Variation
Wind Style: Current Blade Storm
Description: The same as above only you simoltainiously touch multiple currents. Delivering multiple severe cuts to your opponent.

Fire Style: Combustion cannon
Weakness: Water
Strenght: Wind
Description the user build up fire in their mouth like with great fireball jutsu only he build more pressure by holding it in longer. When he releases it it creates a cannonball / burst like effect. Its faster and more damaging then the great fire jutsu but its reach is shorter.
Rank: A

Lightning Style: Lightning Punch(also known as lightning spear)
Strenght : Earth
Weakness: Wind
Description: a mid range technique where the user forms the seal and then seemingly punches the air. Generating various sparks who through the air reach the enemy first numbs them a bit and then creates a small explosion.
Rank B

Water Style : Rain drop
Strenght: Fire
Weakness: earth
Description: user forms the seals during a rainy day. Instead of fallin as single rain drops
some of accumulate and form a giant waterball(the size of a skippyball) that crashes into your opponent from the air with a the momentum it gained in the air.
Rank C

S-Rank variation:
Water Style: Concussion Rain
Description: forming multiple giant waterballs the user creates a rain made entirely out of giant waterballs. Dangerous to be used around allies.

08-05-2012, 02:56 PM
Frost style:Particle storm
Range:Mid to long range
Description:The user after weaving the necessary hand seals,places their hands near the mouth about four inches in front of the users mouth.the air in the users lungs turns into particles of frost that is released from the mouth and gathers in the users hands increasing in amount of particles,once the gathered particles are released toward the target the particles cover a wide area creating a storm of frost particles that move at a average speed toward the target.if the target cannot protect themselves from the frost particles or counter the storm.they could suffer from freeze burn,breathing difficulties,reducing of movement speed and could receive minor damage from the frost particles.

08-08-2012, 06:23 AM
So no more KG's `~( I loved my steel eatIng termites and was hoping I could still use them

I would like to put my 2 cents on blood Jutsu, remember the old Fox Eyes blood jutsu, I viewed that as an Attribute boosting effect, what I'm trying to say is that blood jutsu should manly be about boosting your body's feats and healIng (aka only Medical nInja should have access to thIs jutsu class), like Fox Eyes would be used to better you eye sight and increase your reaction time. When blood jutsu used to boost your stats, you only lose chakura.

When used as an offensive jutsu, you should always have to pay the price of sacrificing YOUR OWN BLOOD to hurt your opponent, this means you lose both Chakura and blood in hopes of hurting your opponent

Example (and a you could use this jutsu if you like wc)

Blood Style: Steaming Blood Ball
Strength: Frost
Weakness: Water
Rank: C or B not too sure
Description: The user charges chakura on the palm of there hand, 1 second later blood comes out of the users sweat glands, forming into a red, steaming ball, the steam it self can burn, and the blood is 3 x the heat of a fever, 303 degrees, if the blood hits a surface that's not water, the heat will rise thanks to the chakura in it, if someone steps on it or falls on the puddle, they will get a bad burn, if they touch the steam, they will get a minor burn, the user loses 1 pint of blood however, so they must make sure this jutsu hits or is used will as a trap.

08-08-2012, 06:53 AM
are you still accepting jutsu

08-10-2012, 08:49 AM
Fire Style: Flame Dragon
Stength: Melts Frost. Burns Plant.
Weakness: Water weakens/puts out flame. Takes two ninjas to summon.
Description: The ninjas summon an extremely powerful dragon made entirely of flames. Can incinerate the enemy by breathing fire, or charging at the enemy, causing them to be engulfed in the dragon's body.
Rank: S

Wind Style: Fuel Fire Dragon (C-S Rank)
Strength: --
Weakness: Must be used on Fire Dragon. Cannot be used on Fire Dragon if it has already been subject to Feed Fire Dragon.
Description: The intensity of fire depends on how much oxygen it is using. The Wind Style ninja blows air, thus giving the fire dragon more oxygen, increasing its power.
Rank: C: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 10%.
------B: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 15%.
------A: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 20%.
------S: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 25%.

Plant Style: Feed Fire Dragon (C-S Rank)
Strength: --
Weakness: Must be used on Fire Dragon. Cannot be used on Fire Dragon if it has already been subject to Fuel Fire Dragon.
Description: Wood and other plant material are used to increase intensity of the flames.
Rank: C: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 10%.
------B: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 15%.
------A: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 20%.
------S: Fire Dragon attack power increases by 25%.

08-10-2012, 09:06 AM
Sand Style: Sand Dragon
Strength: Does not easily conduct Lightning. Plants cannot make photosynthesis while covered in sand.
Weakness: Water turns sand to slush, fire turns it into glass, and wind blows it away. Takes to ninja to create.
Description: The ninjas create a terrifying dragon out of sand, can tear down the enemy by breathing deadly sandstorms. It can also swallow an enemy, sending them deep down into the dragon's stomach (which is somewhere far beneath the sand).
Rank: S

How to Make: Sand Dragon Glass Bomb
Step 1: Bake dragon at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 Turn. To attain maximum glassiness, a Rank D or higher Fire Style Jutsu is required.

Step 2: Allow glass to cool down for one turn.

Step 3: Attach paper bombs on the now cooled and glassified dragon.

Step 4: Shield yourself and any friendly ninjas with some sort of powerful defensive Jutsu.

Step 5: Let a rip by throwing a kunai at one of the paper bombs. This will make an explosion causing tons of deadly glass raining from the sky.

Step 6: Watch as all of your enemies take tons of Sand-style damage from the millions of razor shards of glass raining from the heavens.

Uchiha Sora
08-13-2012, 01:42 AM
Plant Style: Botanical Sage
Strength: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Rank: S
Description: User Gathers life energy from living things around you to allow you to enter Botanical Sage mode. All plant moves by the user are strengthened, and your speed/durability/strength is increased. Keep it going an extra turn for 3CP each turn extended.

Montay Uchia 17
06-11-2013, 04:23 PM
Ninja art: Rasendori
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Water
Description: The user uses Ninja Art: Shaping Technique, to combine Rasengan, and Chidori. The user must be able to shift chakra natures. Once the chakra natures of fire and wind are combined, the user must infuse the spherical orb with massive amounts of chakra, and condense it to the size as a pea. The user then opens a dimension to space, and travels through it. In the space dimension time does not exist, so while the user is running through space, the opponent does not see the user.In the time it takes to get from one side of the field to the other, the opponent only has time to blink. When the move connects it breaks through the skin and obliterates the atoms in the body, while the massive density of chakra keeps the opponent weighed down, if the opponent is strong enough, the chidori effect will come in. The chidori effect shreds the opponent to peices, and stuns them completely so that mobility is impossible. Once the move resides, the remaining chakra opens a portal to time, and speeds up the area by 1000 years, making the contacted area disintegrate almost instantly. Once all of this applies, the real worlds time has only gone by a total of 6.1663 seconds. The hand seals for this move are: Tiger, Hare, Monkey, Ox, Hare, Tiger, Boar, Dog, Bird, Dragon, Horse, Tiger.

06-11-2013, 08:52 PM
Animal Style: Beast transformation jutsu
Strength: depends on chosen animal
Weakness: depends on chosen animal
Description: user can morph into any summoning animal they want and pick up all their stats, they can also just transform parts of their body
Limitations: Kekkei Genkai
Hand seals required: tiger, serpent, dragon, ox then clap hands together
Rank: B

Sir Michael
06-12-2013, 09:47 PM
Guys, this bump was totally unnecessary. The WS was shut down months ago, due to barely any activity, and the fact users only wanted it for the custom avatar's.

We do, however, have a new system. The Naruto RP section! Contact Shisko Shi for information.

Shikamaru Nara
06-13-2013, 10:45 AM
That being said, I think we're done here.