View Full Version : The Battle He Waited For-By Cade

07-18-2009, 12:14 PM
Paul Smaritz lived a very hard life.Both of his parents died in a car accident.His best friend died in a accidental shooting,and his granpa died.He stays with his aunt,who he hates very much,but the one thing which bugs him the most is Steve Wiley.Everyday Steve messes with him by calling him emo.One time Steve tried to choke him from behind.Paul wants revenge.He must kill Steve.He doesn't care about jail,he wants to kill Steve.When the bell rang for school to end,Paul knew what he had to do.He took out his knife and approched Steve from behind.Somehow Steve had the instinct to turn.When Steve turned around,Paul charged with his knife.Before he knew it,Steve ducked a punched him right in the stomach,knocking the wind out of him.Paul recovered quickly and slashed Steve in the arm with the knife.Steve ignore the pain and knocked the kinfe down to the ground out of Paul's hand.Steve got Paul in a quick uppercut to the chin.Paul knew he was losing.He must do something quick.Steve threw a left hook,but Paul dodge it countering it with a powerful kick to the stomach.The kick was so powerful that Steve was coughing up blood.Paul wrapped his arms around Steve's neck and choked him like a Boa Constricter.Steve suddently began to lose air and fell unconsious.This is the moment Paul watied for.He grabbed his knife and was about to stab Steve,but something force Paul to stop.He dropped the knife and left.Paul didn't know why he didn't kill Steve,but he was happy that he won the battle though.