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The Fate of Earth

The year was 2735 and the fate of Earth hung in the balance. The Milky Politicos, inspectors and judges of the Milky Way Galaxy were ready to weigh Earth’s flaws with its benefits to the galaxy. The decision would be made in the Grand Milky Court which was located above the Milky Way Galaxy’s judiciary planet, Betelgeuse. It floated above the metropolis planet where people could look and admire its beauty. The building itself was in mid-air, obviously and at its highest point it was one hundred feet in height. At its widest point, the Grand Milky Court was three hundred feet in width. It was shaped like a normal courthouse on Earth aside from the top, where it curved to resemble the top of an Arabian palace. The top of the building was made with golden diamonds to make it shine and to make it impenetrable. Underneath the lowest diamonds, the rest of the building was made mainly from bricks. The only area which was not entirely brick was the front where a white stone platform extended from just below the diamond roof. The roof was connected with white pillars resembling pillars from Greek Mythology. They connected to another white stone platform, which extended just as far as the other. That platform connected to the bottom of the courthouse. In the center of the white stone floor was a staircase which led up to the front door. The door was a double door made from extremely durable and extremely smooth wood. It was red and the top curved around like a semi-circle. There was a single yellow line in the middle of the door which was split into two halves by the sides of the double door.

Outside, many spaceships were parking, preparing for the case. Many of the spaceships were odd, as the people who attended the cases were aliens. All of the ships were one of ten types however. There were a few ships which seemed to be made entirely of fire and appeared as a flaming hot convertible. Others were simply small ball-shaped ships which seemed to be made entirely of pearls. Others were made from water and took on a shape similar to that of small submarines; they even had entrances at the top. Those boats also seemed to have things from the ocean trapped inside, kelp, seaweed and other things. Some of the ships seemed to be made from children’s toys, primarily legos. Those ships were shaped randomly as some resembled cars, some resembled vans and some resembled things that humans didn’t even know were real. Two ships were made from animal skin and shaped like convertibles, similar to the fire ship. Hanging over the mirror of one of them was a pair of dice. One ship seemed to be made of a flowing purple color. That ship looked much more like an actual spaceship than the others. It was small, but from the front tip, it curved around and reconnected at the end to the back engines. That ship had a red sign that said ‘Caution: Do Not Touch’ in black letters. A few ships were made of metal, and didn’t appear like ships at all. They were all crunched up to look like shapes; rectangles, circles or squares. One ship was made from some type of flowing silver liquid, but it was wrapped up as if it were contaminated. There were three more ships like that, but in different colors. One more ship was white and gold. It took on the shape of a motorcycle and had golden wings flowing from the sides. The rider had left a golden halo shaped helmet on one of the handlebars. Most of the ships were the last type though. They resembled black funeral cars, aka a hearse. They were a little longer than all the others, but not ridiculously longer.

Only one space remained open, the space for the Lord of the Galaxy. He always would come and go as he pleased. Inside the building, everyone was ready to start the case of ‘Milky Law vs. Earth’ where they would decide if Earth was worthy of life. It appeared as a normal courtroom for the most part. There were places where the audience sat and places where the jury sat in the corner. In the center up front of course was the judge’s seat which sat next to two witness seats. On that day there were no desks for the plaintiffs or defendants, as they were just discussing the trial and there was really no need for them. In the back of the room, there were doors that the jury and judge entered from. The floor was covered with a soft red carpet and the walls were painted white, mostly. There were also some lines of green in a few places that ran up to the ceiling. Unlike the outside, the ceiling didn’t point like an Arabian palace. Instead, it appeared as a flowing white liquid that never got under a certain point. At times, the ceiling would flow like waves from an ocean. Just under the liquid at the front of the courthouse was a small brown door which led to the top of the white stone platform outside.

The aliens varied greatly in looks. There were aliens whose skin swirled orange and red, they appeared to be somewhat humanoid as the differentiating features of males and females were the same as humans. Only one of them wore clothes though and it was a male, who wore a green vest and sunglasses. He was a member of the jury who wore the vest to contain his giant form. None of those aliens had visible genitalia. There were a few aliens which were completely see-through as they appeared to be made of clear pearls. The males were large and lumpy while the females were slightly shorter and thin. They had no legs, but they did have what appeared to be arms. The most varying group of aliens was the aliens of the sea planet, Baten Kaitos. Most of them appeared to be some sort of sea-animal hybrids. The most important was one appeared to be some type of watery goat who floated above the air with a lower body shaped like a seahorse. Another group of aliens were tiny, no more than two to three feet tall. They mostly wore overalls and had giant, wide brains. The differentiating feature between males and females were that the males were blue and the females were pink. Some of the aliens were like upright standing animals mixed with human features. They ranged from humanoid giant spiders to humanoid giant lizards. The most important was an alien who was a humanoid monkey. He actually looked more human than monkey. The only thing that made him seem monkey was his lack of an opposable thumb, his hairy body and his posture.

The next group of aliens had the most vicious look. They varied from three to six arms and all had tough shel-like bodies. Instead of having legs, they hovered over the ground. There was nothing to tell girls from boys or vice versa, but they did have two different looks. Some of them were larger with pinchers over their mouths and a scorpion tail extending over their body. Others were slender, slithery and green. Those have cobra-like heads. All of them had reptilian tongues. There was another group of aliens which seemed to be made of metal. They had the strongest looking physique as they were taller and more muscular looking than the others. The strongest of them actually had sparks showing in the cracks of their bodies. Some of the aliens seemed to be made of liquid and shown as different colors. They floated in the air with a pointed lower body and four arms. They were made of chemicals, so when they were out in public, they covered themselves. There was one single alien with an angelic appearance. She was a beautiful brown-haired, white-eyed woman who had a completely gold body. From her back, she had white angel wings and she wore a white dress. She was the kindest of the aliens and always did everything for peace. She could also fly.

Most of the aliens were of the final type. They were fancy looking aliens who were just like humans, aside from having blue or green skin and special abilities. The majority of them wore black suits and a couple of them even carried briefcases. They were mainly the aliens with power as the Lord of the Galaxy would give them everything they wanted.

Each of the alien types had one alien to represent their planet on the jury, aside from the fancy, suited aliens. They instead were given two aliens to be on the jury. It was another way for the Lord of the Galaxy to give them even more power than they had. Not only did they get two aliens on the jury, the alien judge of the court was also from Betelgeuse.

All in all, the aliens on the jury were a total of eleven. First, was the vested, orange-red swirling alien, whose name was Salph. He carried a sword over his back. Beside him was a pearly alien named Mintaka. Unlike the rest of the aliens from his planet, Mintaka stood upright like a human and had six arms. Next to him was the water goat-seahorse whose name was Dabih. Beside him was one of the Betelgeuse representatives, a female. She had green, smooth skin, long blonde hair and wore a white tank top with a box in the pocket over her left breast. Under her tank top, her stomach skin was exposed until it reached her blue jeans. She was the most popular actress in the Milky Way Galaxy, Meissa. She forced the two aliens beside her to stay at least three feet away from her. The next alien on the jury was one of the small, big-brained aliens. He was a male who had to stand on his seat. He carried a pair of sickles on his back and was named, Rasalas. Next to him was the hairy man-monkey named Biham. After him was of the vicious looking aliens who unlike the rest of the aliens from his planet, had three scorpion tails. He went by the name, Girtab. Beside him was the strongest looking metal alien who had so many sparks that it looked like she was about to explode if anyone actually even dared to look in the cracks of her metal. She of course was a female, who even had metal hair, and her name was Atria.

Next to Atria was another female from the chemical alien group. She wrapped herself up twice due to her chemical being extra dangerous. She had to float above the ground because by touching the ground, she could cause it to melt, even through the wrapping. She was a silver-liquid woman named, Maia. Beside her was the beautiful, golden-skinned angel girl whose name was Zaniah. The final member of the jury was the other representative from Betelgeuse. Unlike most of the aliens, he was smiling proudly. The man had blue skin, short black hair with yellow eyes. He wore a suit like most of the people of his race, but his suit was black and sleeveless. He also wore a black fedora and black leather gloves. On his feet, he had black leather boots and in his hand he carried a black cane. The fedora had a white dragon design that curved around the sides and across the back. Over his left arm, he appeared to have a tattoo which looked like a dragon and around his right eye he had another tattoo like a diamond. The man was known as the strongest person in the galaxy, after the Lord of the Galaxy and his name was, Adhara.

Finally, in the judge’s seat was the man who held the gavel. He was also from Betelgeuse and wore a special outfit as well. Instead of wearing a black suit like most, he dressed in all white and had slicked back blonde hair along with light blue eyes over his green skin. The way he smirked, made it obvious that he was full of himself. This man was the most popular musician in Betelgeuse whose name was, Mimosa. He held up the gavel and winked at one of the female aliens in the crowd. He then slammed the gavel down to call attention to the court and to get everyone to look at him. When he spoke, he made it even more obvious that he was arrogant. Not just with his words but with his voice. As he called attention he started, “Welcome one and all to the courtroom where you all have the honor of seeing the most talented, most intelligent and most handsome being in the universe. No, I’m not talking about Meissa. I’m talking about me, the amazing judge Mimosa. Please, take a few moments to admire me as much as you please.”

Adhara rolled his eyes at the end of Mimosa’s little speech. Adhara was a really kind and intelligent person, but people like Mimosa annoyed him. He couldn’t stand people who were full of themselves and even publically stated that he was once found the majority of the upper class society to be ‘pompous buffoons’. Adhara looked up at Mimosa and had his own words to say, “Please, Mimosa. Can you spend one second of your life not flaunting how supposedly amazing you are to everyone? We’re not here to stare at your ugly, overly obnoxious ass. We came here for an important case.”

“Oh, someone’s jealous of the almighty Mimosa I see,” Mimosa laughed arrogantly, “I can’t say that I blame you. After all, you weren’t blessed with my body, my brains or my natural talent. It’s only natural for you to act that way. I’ll tell you what though, if you behave, I’ll give you a Mimosa autographed CD collection, for free. What do you say pal?”

“I say you’re wasting words,” Adhara replied, “I don’t give a damn about you or your crappy excuse for music. Now, get on with the case we came here for before I come up there and break your neck.”

That calmed Mimosa down a bit. Mimosa was arrogant, but he knew when he pushed people stronger than him too far and Adhara was definitely stronger than him. Mimosa looked back at Adhara and sighed, “Do you always have to be such a buzz kill man? I just wanted to have a little fun.”

Adhara grunted, rolled his eyes and then looked straight into Mimosa’s eyes before responding, “You can have fun when you’re not annoying the crap out of me.”

Mimosa decided that it was best to just move on with the court case and to not bother Adhara anymore than he had. So, he turned around and touched on a wall, making a graph appear. He then turned to the crowd and spoke, “We’re here today to discuss the fate of the planet known as Earth. There has been much debate over what to do with this planet for a long time, but this is the first time we have had an official decision,” he paused, “What we are deciding today is whether we believe Earth should still be allowed to exist,” he turned to the graph, “As you can see, humans are the most unintelligent race in the Milky Way Galaxy. Without them, we have the fourth greatest average intelligence in the universe. Do you know what place we are with them? Anyone?”

“Well, according to the graph,” Meissa answered before she was interrupted.

“That’s right, with the humans included, we are ranked next to last,” Mimosa continued as if Meissa hadn’t spoken at all, “Now, it’s fine to not be super intelligent correct? However, the humans have taken this too far. They are easily in the bottom three of the least intelligent beings in the universe and it’s making the entire Galaxy look bad.”

“With all due respect sir,” Mintaka began, “Why do we even care? It’s just a stupid ranking system. It’s not like every other Galaxy doesn’t realize that we are in the top four without them. What’s the point of causing a huge fuss over nothing?”

“You’re missing the big picture,” Mimosa shouted, “With humans in our Galaxy we can’t reach our full potential. For years we have watched this embarrassing race grow. If we get the humans out of our Galaxy we can eventually become the most revered Galaxy in the universe. Think about it Mintaka, think of the possibilities for marketing. Everyone will look up to us. We will become the ones in charge instead of those other ‘superior’ galaxies.”

“Of course you would worry about that,” Adhara rolled his eyes, “We don’t really care though. Can you give us a good reason why we should get rid of humans or should we just assume you’re filled with crap?”

“Don’t include me in your little speech Adhara,” Meissa advised, “You may not care about Mimosa’s opinion but I’m with him. The more income we roll in, the better our profits. Right now, we already have to spend money to pay for the damages that humans do to the Galaxy. We can’t look at them as babies forever. Eventually we have to give them their punishment. By that I of course mean, getting rid of the entire species.”

“Thank you Meissa,” Mimosa said gratefully, “Now, to answer your question Adhara, I believe I have facts that would make even if you think harder about this,” he touched the screen again and a new screen showed up. It showed Earth with white circles around it that extended past other stars and planets. Mimosa continued, “The pollution that Earth causes has only gotten worse and worse as time has gone on. First, they destroyed the ozone layer that protected them. By our calculation, the pollution will spread throughout the Galaxy. Many of the races in our Galaxy can’t visit Earth because the pollution is like poison to them. If we allow the pollution to spread throughout the Galaxy it will eventually hit us, contaminating all of our food.”

“Does that really call for the eradication of entire planet though?” Adhara asked, “Couldn’t we simply give them a warning that what they are doing is damaging us?”

“Unfortunately, with humans it’s not that simple,” Mimosa sighed, “Humans are also the most stubborn race in the entire universe. For over a thousand years, people from their own planet have tried to make them aware of all of the damage they are doing to the atmosphere. They have ignored every single warning though. These are messages from their own people. If we don’t get rid of this species now, our entire Galaxy will suffer for their insolence.”

“If they are going to wind out killing us with their pollution then I’m for destroying all humans,” Dabih replied, “I mean this is serious stuff. If we just let the humans get away with it, we’ll be the ones dying for them. I’m sorry but I’m not giving up my life for some stubborn jackasses.”

“Exactly,” Mimosa exclaimed, “This is why Earth should be eradicated. Humans being gone won’t even matter. After all, they can’t even live to a hundred years old. That just proves how weak they are. Living less than a hundred years is barely living at all. So, before making our decision I have one question. Is keeping the human race alive really worth letting some of our friends die?”

“There’s still one problem with this,” Adhara pointed out, “You may be able to come up with all of these facts, but you forget one thing. It is against the law of the universe for beings to kill other intelligent beings unprovoked. The only way to get around that law is if the lords of all galaxies get together and a majority rule is taken where they decide that an entire race can be destroyed.”

“I know the law Adhara, but let me point out a few things to you Mr. Know-It-All,” Mimosa smirked, “You have said that this law applies to intelligent species. Well, according to the Intelligence Bureau there are two requirements for a species to be considered intelligent. First, the species must have language. Second, the species must have at least an average Intelligence Level of 413.”

“Then you’ve just made this case void,” Adhara interjected, “According to your own graph that you have brought before the court today, human beings have an average Intelligence Level of 413 exactly. As long as they have 413 or higher, we are legally obligated to allow the race of humans to exist.”

Mimosa didn’t know what to say. He had just assumed humans were below the level required. He touched the wall again to see the graph to see that Adhara was indeed correct. Mimosa grunted as he knew he had been outwitted and that there was nothing he could do. He was about to close the case until the doors to the courtroom opened and another Betelgeuse alien walked in. Upon the sight of the new arrival, everyone aside from Adhara got to their knees and bowed down to him. The Lord of the Galaxy had just walked into the room and he had some important information.

The Lord of the Galaxy was a large man. Unlike the rest of his species, he had red skin along with black eyes. From the top of his head, brown horns extended in the style of a Mohawk. He was around ten feet tall, two feet taller than the next tallest person in the room and his body was well more toned than anyone else’s. He had large muscles and long, crusty fingernails. Over his neck he wore a black cape which went down to his knees. The only other thing he wore was a pair of black leather pants and a pair of gold rings on his left ring finger. Over his stomach he also had a tattoo. It was a tattoo of rod with snakes twisting around it. The Lord of the Galaxy’s name was Gacrux. He carried a single paper in his hand and stopped in front of Mimosa before looking over at Adhara. The sight of Adhara not bowing pissed him off which was made obvious when he shouted, “When I enter a room, everyone bows to me. You are not an exception to that rule Adhara, you ungrateful bastard.”

“Forgive me for not being excited to see you,” Adhara said sarcastically, “Oh great Lord of the Galaxy, what reason might you have for giving us the honor of seeing you out in public?”

“Watch your mouth boy,” Gacrux exclaimed before taking off his robe. After taking off his robe, he tossed it over an empty chair and held up the paper in his hand then continued, “What I have here is a paper that makes this court case valid. You see, as of 4:15 today, the smartest man on Earth passed away. With him, they were barely able to reach the required Intelligence Level to be considered a species. With this man gone though, their puny brains have finally become puny enough to destroy. Their new Intelligence Level is 411 and with that, we have fallen to dead last in the universe.”

Gacrux threw the paper on the jury’s desk and it showed that everything was true. The death and the new Intelligence Level, it also showed a picture of the man who died. He went by the name ‘Derrick Goodwin’. The man was an 89 year old African-American man. He was responsible for creating many of the new futuristic technologies that revolutionized life on Earth and was by far the smartest man on Earth. The second closest was his grandson. Adhara looked at the paper and frowned in his disappointment, “Well, it looks like this case is still valid.”

“Yes, and because of that, we can now decide what to do about Earth,” Mimosa laughed, “You lose Adhara. Now, you have heard all of the evidence. We all know that humans are the shame of this Galaxy. So, it’s time to convict them for their idiocy. All those approved say I.”

With that, eight of the aliens in the jury immediately said ‘I’ to show that they approved of Earth being destroyed to get rid of the entire human race. Gacrux then voiced his approval as well, “We must get rid of these foolish humans.”

Mimosa nodded and then spoke once again, “So that’s eight people, plus Gacrux and I. Now, all those opposed say, ‘No’.”

With that, only Adhara, Mintaka and Zaniah voiced their disapproval. Gacrux rolled his eyes, “These humans are destroying our Galaxy. What more do you need to convict them of a punishment they so rightfully deserve?”

“What does it matter? Your side won anyways,” Mintaka pointed out, “Unless you forgot how to do math. I’m not saying I want to let anyone die. I just was hoping we can find another way.”

“Just face the facts Mintaka,” Mimosa began, “There is no other way. This is the right choice, not only for the benefits this Galaxy will receive but for the safety it will give us.”

“You should already know why I disapprove,” Zaniah replied.

“Yes Zaniah, we know,” Mimosa responded, “You hate any form of violence. We get it already. You and your entire planet need to sing a new song already. Damn pacifist bastards.”

“Let’s get out of here, Zaniah and Mintaka,” Adhara advised, “It’s obvious that we aren’t wanted here,” he then walked down the aisle to the front door with Zaniah and Mintaka. When he got to the door, he turned to Mimosa and Gacrux, “I hope you guys are able to live with yourselves after this.”

“What kind of crap are sprouting out now?” Mimosa laughed, “We’ll be able to live better with things the way they are going to be after this.”

Adhara turned and walked out the door with Zaniah and Mintaka as they went to sit on the stone platform beside the staircase. Adhara then spoke, “These guys really don’t understand what they are doing. They can spend all this time destroying an entire planet if they want, but mark my words there will be backlash. We will be fine with the idea of keeping disease away from our lands, but they will not like the way Gacrux and Mimosa are going about it. They won’t like seeing how much they enjoy destroying the planet or the fact that they didn’t try to think up another solution.”

“That’s true,” Mintaka agreed, “They don’t seem to realize the repercussions of their actions. Gacrux’s approval rating is already extremely low. When they do this, they will prove how selfish they are. I’m not particularly happy about humans destroying our Galaxy unintentionally as well. I don’t think anyone is. There will be a rebellion for this though.”

“I know I’m a pacifist,” Zaniah sighed, “But this makes me want to rethink my lifestyle. I can’t stand watching Gacrux and the rest of them doing whatever they want just because they feel like it. We could have done something to stop the humans from their ways even if it meant creating new ways for them to do things ourselves. There are more options they could have considered.”

“Well, I’m not going to just sit back and watch,” Adhara informed them, “I’m going to stand up to Gacrux and create my own army. We will crush this biased system for good. You two are free to join me if you wish.”

“You know I’m always behind you pal,” Mintaka grinned, “There’s nothing that would make me happier than to be able to stand with you and make a difference in this world.”

“I’ll join you too,” Zaniah replied, “I can’t promise you that I will fight someone, but I at least want to stand up for what I believe in. Also, I think it might be cool to see some new sights on this little adventure.”

After the two of them agreed, Adhara, Mintaka and Zaniah all shook hands then the aliens started leaving the courthouse. Many of the non-Betelgeuse aliens either walked pasted the three without saying anything or expressed their sorrow for the decision. A few of them mention that the agreed with the decision, but only a couple (mainly the snake and scorpion aliens) really used nasty words to tell the three of them that they were traitors for wanting to let people die. The reactions from the Betelgeuse aliens were much harsher. They called them names and told them they were selfish traitors for wanting to save the humans. The three of them didn’t respond to any of them though and just stared off as the aliens got into their spaceships and rode off. The metal ships and pearl ships changed as people got close to them. Their forms after changing varied between small cars like ships to things more like actual spaceships. The last aliens to walk out were the rest of the jury, Mimosa and Gacrux. Atria, Girtab, Mimosa, Salph and Gacrux all had some nasty words for the three of them while the rest of the jury either just passed by or said things like, ‘I’m sorry, but there’s no other way’.

After all the juries left it was just Gacrux, Mimosa, Adhara, Mintaka and Zaniah. Gacrux looked down at the three of them and smirked, “Well, we’d love to stay and chat, but we’ve got a planet to destroy. Catch you later fools.”

Twelve hours later, Adhara, Mintaka and Zaniah sat on Mars watching as they waited for Earth to be destroyed. They knew going down there would do no good as Gacrux and Mimosa would just destroy them too. So, they decided to watch and go down to Earth as soon as it was over to search for survivors. Ten minutes after they arrived, a giant silver spaceship about three times smaller than Earth flew by with a cannon aimed at the planet. Adhara, Mintaka and Zaniah all closed their eyes as they didn’t want to see what was coming next. They heard Gacrux’s voice shouting over some kind of super intercom as he laughed maniacally, “Hello, pitiful humans, this is your Lord of the Galaxy Gacrux here. I’m here to inform you that your race is no longer considered a real species. Say goodbye to your lives fools!”

On Earth, people from all over heard the voice and saw the ship approaching with the giant cannon. They couldn’t understand what the aliens were saying because they didn’t know the language but they did understand the evil laugh. Most of the people started running around screaming, ‘What the hell is going on?’ though some just sat back and waited for it to happen. During those few seconds, people rushed all over committing as many crimes as they could or prayed for forgiveness. Then, ka-boom! Gacrux shot a cannonball about five times smaller than Earth at the Atlantic Ocean. The cannonball rushed through the water causing gigantic tidal waves then exploded as it hit the ground beneath the waves. The explosion was humongous as it looked like the entire Earth blew up. Tidal waves rushed over entire continents and cities burned to the ground. Flying cars were useless as they didn’t have time to drive away from Earth. Within two minutes the entire Earth was nothing more than a burnt down wasteland. Water drenched over the ground but the damage was so awful that it did no good. Gacrux and Mimosa drove away in their giant spaceship singing songs over the intercom as the entire human race was destroyed, or so they thought.

After Gacrux and Mimosa got far enough into the solar system that they wouldn’t see anymore, Adhara, Mintaka and Zaniah made their move. Adhara jumped in a black spaceship similar to the other Betelgeuse hearse ships except that he had ripped the roof of his car off to make a sort of makeshift convertible. Mintaka jumped in his pearl spaceship beside him and it turned into a carriage like ship pulled by two pearl horses. At the same time, Zaniah jumped onto her winged motorcycle spaceship and put on her golden halo helmet. The halo turned into a fancy white helmet with a black visor that crossed over her eyes. Adhara then nodded at the two of them and asked, “Are you ready?”

Mintaka gave Adhara a thumb up to show that he was as Zaniah answered, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Adhara then shouted out, “Alright then, let’s go!”

The three then rushed off on their ships toward Earth going to three different sections of the Earth, ready to search through the destruction for any sign of life.

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Jeez, you need to become a published writer. After I finish reading your other piece, I shall read this too.