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07-17-2009, 08:37 PM

Ever since I was a little kid I was ignored. Whenever I wasn’t ignored I was hated. Every person I ever met ignored me whether I knew them or not. My own father hated me. Those eyes, I’ll never forget them, he gave me a look that was a mixture between hate and shame. He never cared about me once in my life. I never knew the reason why everybody hated me. I always assumed that I had said something wrong and I offended them and that was the reason they hated me.

One night my father couldn’t take it anymore. It was the night of my 12th birthday. He gave me my most prized possessions that I will have forever. These were his prized possessions as well. He gave me the twin katanas that he made from his bare hands. I was so happy, I thought he changed his mind and started to love me. But I was wrong. Later that night while everybody was asleep, he stabbed himself in the heart. Next to his body lay a note, that note said, I have committed suicide because of my son; he disgraces me in so many ways. When I read the note, you can’t imagine how I felt, I felt as if my insides have been torn up, I shook uncontrollably and threw my head down as the warm tear ran down my face. After that night, I locked myself in my room constantly and never talked to anyone, but things changed and I started becoming more active again, because of the one person who loved me, my mother.

A year has passed since my father died.

My mother has loved me since the day I was born. She always cared for me and made me feel good about myself. She made my life worth living. She was my precious person, she was my only friend.

07-17-2009, 08:37 PM
Chapter 1

"Okay mom I’ll be back in a couple hours I’ll see you then." I said that to my mom as I walked out of the hours to go on a walk. I snuck my twin katanas out with me. My mom doesn't approve of me training with them because I could get hurt and nobody would know, but I decide just this once it would be okay to train alone.

I walk down the dark path into a large field were a gigantic oak tree stands. I know I’ll never be able to cut through it so it’s my perfect target. I usually come here to relax but today am different, it’s time to train. I slash at the tree with both katanas training for hours, becoming more and more exhausted.

After 2 and a half hours I decide that was enough and I decide to walk home. On my walk home I thought about what was at home that I was going to do later. As my house came into sight I smiled to myself and continued walking. But as I was looking at my house I saw two black blurs run from the house. Then mere seconds later the house exploded and was engulfed into orange flames. I was completely shocked my knees caved under me and my mouth was open, then the tears kicked in. This was the house I grew up in, this house held everything that was precious to me, except my katanas which were with me. Then I thought about my mother and how she might be dead, and I cried. I needed to find out if my mother was alive or not.

07-18-2009, 12:10 PM
Chapter 2

The tears stoped. I watched the orange flames until they died. I was filled with exictement. I neede to reach the house as soon as i could. Once the fames stoped I got up. My legs were still wobbly, so i had a hard time when i tried to walk. I kept going hoping my mother was still alive. I was so confident, i knew my mother was alive, she just had to be.

When i reached the house i saw the full extent of damage. Everything was destroyed; not one thing remained. As i walked into the kitchen, or what was left of the kitchen i searched around for any sign of my mother and found none. I was so happy because i thought she escaped. But that all changed.

As i walked into what was left of the living room. I was a burned body on the floor, the body was damaged so badly that you couldnt tell any details about it except that it was a body. I droped to my knees, my heart stopped for that one moment. I was so heartbroken. I started crying again and i remember all the good time i spent with my mom. I cried harder and harder and i swore i will find and make whoever did this suffer 10 times worse than what i have suffered my whole life.

07-18-2009, 12:13 PM
Wow....that is a very good story Hawk....Very emotional

07-18-2009, 12:14 PM
Wow....that is a very good story Hawk....Very emotional
Thanks :D, it was really random when i thought about it, i thought about it while in a pool