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03-31-2012, 01:12 PM
I've recently bought the game naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations and I've cleared all survivals, Tornuaments, and unlocked all characters so here are my tips on what to do in the game.

Click on the spoiler on the section of the game you would like to read
Story Mode:
Story mode has returned in the game however it kinda sucks the game is based on what the people wants and tells you all the stories about your favorite characters however they have gotten rid of the boss battles which sucks.

My tips in story mode a relatively what you'd do in common sense
Screw listing to the story cut through all the senses and beat the crap out of whomever you are faceing
You will unlock the scenes from the movie which can be viewed in the collection menu
When in part 2 naruto's story when faceing orouchimaru's story you will be in your awakening. Avoid fighting in close rage with orouchimaru challenge him to a long rage battle and use your tailed beast ball and chakra projectile
When in Itachi's story during your last fight with sasuke you will be in your awakening. Attack sasuke at close rage and continue to attack him. If he uses his ninja dash to fall back use your forward ninja dash to prevent him from getting space
When in Jirayia's story in his last battle against pain you will be in your awakening. Challenge Pain to a long range battle.
When in naruto's story against Tobi your opponent will be in his awakening. Attack tobi in close range but be vary wary of his substituion. If you can time it right use your ninja dash to attack him when he substiutes. When he falls back be careful of his inblockable attack be sure to use your shuriken to stop him
When in sasuke's story in his final fight with itachi your opponent will be in his awakening. Be sure to attack your opponent head on instead of falling back.

Surivival and Tornament

What I like about the game is they invented a tornament and a Surivival which is really cool it took me a while to complete them so here are my tips

In the first few tornuaments will be relatively easy their very easy to complete
When you get to chunin level they will start handicaps however the hadicaps are a simple challenge and can still be completed easy however if you begin to take to much damage and or lose you substitutions fall back and give them some time to recharge
When you reach jonin and kage they will apply heavy handicaps. Now I suggest to use your jutsu heavly and if you ever get a chance to use an ultimate jutsu even if opponent has little health use it. Challenge close range opponents to long range battles.
Survival mode will be easy for first few levels
When you get to intermideate surivavl will be harder. Be careful of close rage fighters now
When you get to advanced it will be harder. Use your ultimate every time you get a chance. Use jutsu heavily
In the final survival you will continue to face enimes
In this surival the enimes a releatively easy to beat their at the level when fighting in the semifinal of genin rank tornuaments so blow through them with easie

General Tips

In the game they've added some useful tips which can help you or hurt you I've thoughtfully planned a stradegy to use them and help you against them
Ninja Dashes

You may now ninja dash inbetween combos
You may now use air dashes
When an opponent is out of substituions use a ninja dash in between your combo's this helps when your on the ground however useing this in air combos is tricky to handle with some characters. It's even better when your chakra gage is full.
It takes more chakra to use a forward dash then back dash now and useing it in a combo can take more chakra
If your skilled time it when your oppoent substitues to continue the combo
When dealiing with an opponent who attacks timeingly with a substituion you want to have a good ultimate like madara uchiha's
Jumping in the air will help you cut off a ground combo however dealing with an air dash pretty much screws you
Counter with good grabs such as madara
Ninja protectiles

Each character now has default ninja projectiles
Sasuke and Sage mode naruto's projectiles have now changed
You can use these to help you during a ninja dash
They don't deal as much as in the former game
Long ranged fighters

Long ranged fighters can now use back ninja dashes in the air
Long ranged fighters can now use ninja dashes in the middle of a combo
Longe ranged fighters still pretty much suck as when cornered their ninja projectiles can still be blocked
You can mix in you jutsu when a person uses a ninja dash

You may now substitue by pressing the press of a button but you have a limit
Use the ninja dash method to confine you opponent
Use standard combo's without ninja dashing inbetween them to conserve chakra for the ninja dash method
When your out of substitutions your screwed
Keep distance between you and your opponent.
guard to prevent combos

You may now continue you move without jumping forward
Use your chakra projectile or a long rage jutsu to attack your opponent

If your guard is shattered the effects must were off before you may substitute
When in awakening mode when your guard is shattered their will be no effect

03-31-2012, 07:18 PM
Omg. For the tournaments, I didn't even know that the later matches had handicaps. xD, I just breezed right through them all.

06-24-2012, 03:53 PM
Can you make tips for specific characters?