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I apologize if this has been posted already, but I find it interesting after reading a bit more into the story and then into areas where Kishi may have gotten some of his inspiration.

So lets start with how where this came from. I had been reading a bit into the creation theory of the Shinto religion and came across some interesting things which I then tied into the Narutoverse, and what we know thus far.

The History:
So, the story of Izanagi and Izanami is important here, these were the last gods to be created in that particular generation of gods and were entrusted with the world. At the beginning Izanagi thrust the jeweled spear into the oceans of the world and stirred them up (creating whirlpools). To kind of circumvent a bit of the story for purposes of what I am getting at, Izanami dies, and goes to the world of the dead. Izanagi ends up going after her, however something happens (not going to detail here), and he ends up leaving the world of the dead alone. When he is comes back into the world, he bathed in the mouth of the Tachibana river in the providence of Hyuga. Skipping more details, the story continues that when he washed his left eye, he created Amaterasu, goddess of the sun, the next was his right eye creating Tsukiyomi, goddess of the moon (hows that for a direct reference to the Moons eye plan :p ) and finally his nose, creating Susanoo.

The Theory
So of course, my theory revolves around this, and the interesting speculation of where all this happened. First of all, this makes sense, he is washing the DEATH out of his eyes, connecting death with how the MS is supposed to be activated (all abilities of the MS atleast). That would then suggest that perhaps the pure blood descendant (one with the eyes, perhaps an Uzumaki as we see the importance of how Izanagi created the world), had married into the Hyuga, thus giving birth to what we would now see as the Uchiha. This would then make sense, and give the relationship of Naruto and Sauske an interesting twist as well as Hinata's desired relationship to Naruto (just a thought). However the stirring water or whirlpool is very important and symbolic of creation by the god Izanagi, which then is complemented with the fact that the Sage used Izanagi to create.

This then leaves the importance of the Namikaze clan, which I have yet to work out the details for. I suppose it makes me wonder if the Namikaze clan is the clan related to the younger son. It may make sense in the real motive of Tobi (honestly declaring war is making what his prior plan was, more difficult, thus a real motive is probably still hidden) will come to light. He likely knows who Naruto is (more so than Naruto does).

These are just some thoughts, feel free to let me know what you think! and if someone had gone through this before I apologize, I just did not see it anywhere.

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Old theory

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Lol, you made a reason for your edit? I never type in that box...

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It's already been established that the Uchiha clan was founded alongside the Senjus by the sons of the Sage of Six Paths.

So your theory holds no water. Irony.

Kishimoto has forgotten all about the Hyuugas; They've fallen by the wayside thanks to Kishi's insane lust for the Uchihas and their past will never be explored.

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They were important in the original because of the close combat fighting(no one had any amazing jutsu so the gentle fist was amazing)and sensory. Now everyone is learning amazing ranged and strong jutsu were they dont need to risk being near the gentle fist.

As for sensory, Kiba is amazing at it now, Shino can track people, and Naruto can track anyone just by their chakra. So everything about them is obsolete. Neji got completely snubbed outta the last manga chapter and Hinata only gets face time cause she is obsessed with Naruto

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Its not that, its drawing the lines properly. I am not saying that the Uchiha and Senju aren't related to the SoSP Sons, what I am saying is they are not as direct as it sounds. The Hyuga very well could have been a noble family that existed in the time of the SoSP.

What I am saying is that the family a clan with a more direct tie to Rikudo Seninn married into the Hyuga, and that the Sharingan is a result of the Rinnegan/Byakugan. It would make sense due to the similarities of it, and yet the improvements on the Sharingan eye. If we then take this a step further and argue that the Uchiha were a product of the Uzumaki and Hyuga, it would start to fit some pieces together.

Why would it be that? The uzumaki have a special and a lot of chakra, we've established that. The Uchiha need to have at least a decently large amount of chakra to use just the basic Sharingan, thus they must have a bit of strength beyond. It would also draw some lines that are less confrontational and a little more family line to Sauske.

Kyūbi no Yōko
02-15-2012, 05:51 AM
I think that Uzumaki are related to Senju ; Hyuuga are related to Uchiha.
I remember Sandaime or someone else saying : Sharingan originates from Byakugan>
Maybe this happened because an Uchiha married a Hyuuga and probably the mutation of these two resulted into Sharingan?

Uzumaki -- Senju
Hyuuga -- Uchiha.

Just a thought.

02-15-2012, 10:51 AM
The question then remains is who? Uzumaki are not Senju, they are simply related, as stated..so are the Uchiha, and the Hyuga! all one big happy messed up family.

My point here is that the Uchiha, and probably the Senju are a generation that is mixed down from being direct descendants. the question is, would the Uzumaki have been that generation (being the only clan to actually have shown the Rinnegan thus far). That is where I am drawing that conclusion.

We are not told that the Senju and Uzumaki are both related to which specific son, and I find it funny that Tobi made the statement. However we know Tobi is a liar thus far, which means we can discount most of what he has said up to this point as possibly not true.