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02-09-2012, 05:08 AM
So thinking about this a bit, we've taken the idea that the Rinnegan is the natural progression of the Uchiha who are able to achieve such a level of power within their visual powers...however, the origins of the sharingan and the name of the "cursed clan" have me wondering whether this is actually the case or not.

So lets look at what we know about the rinnegan and sharingan. The rinnegan was the original visual jutsu that the SoSP had, we don't know how it evolved to that, and unlike the sharingan, we do not know if it can be activated and deactivated in a similar way. The sharingan, in its earliest time of recognition actually looks like it comes from the Juubi.

This then leads me to believe that the Uchiha some how related to the juubi, making them the cursed clan because of how they are afflicted by the juubi chakra. Consider that we know the Juubi was an evil demon that the SoSP saved the world from, and then consider the war waged between the elder and younger sons of the SoSP. At some point it feels as though the Juubi was something that some offspring attempted to take and use to their advantage, thus cursing themselves and their offspring. It would give them the ability to control the tailed beasts in the sense that the Juubi and the tailed beasts were once a single creature. However that "hate" or "malicious evil" would always be present in those cursed to run said course.

How then, did Nagato receive the Rinnegan? well considering so little is know about the land of whirlpools (we aren't told much atleast), lets make a few different assumptions here about its residents. As the leaf has ancestors of both the elder and younger sons of Rikudo, perhaps we can make the same statement here, lets then take it a step further and make the statement that said residents (Uzumaki and others) were those of the two rivaling sons that have reconciled, thus allowing them to unlock the power of Rikudo's sealing jutsu's drawing them ever closer to unlocking his power. This would then create something outside of the Senju/Uchiha battles and requirements (and it already has with the sealing jutsu), and on top of that would be different and "special" chakra to not only house the bijuu but also to combine with the bijuu..

Well sorry for the wall of text, please enjoy!

02-10-2012, 12:19 AM
Yes it would make sense since they are distant cousins, of senju, that they are the split offs of Senju and Uchiha families who fled war. That explains why Uzumaki's are not drained by the sharingan/riunnegan like kakashi is.

Or you could say that each son spawned a famed clan, but they and the So6P are actually Uzumaki, and that is why Nagato was chosen. Also the Uzumaki symbol resembles the older sons whirlpool rinnegan (rather than ringed rinnegan of Nagato, Tobi, and Madara.)

Maybe the symbol was chosen after their rare eyes, that unlock in some Uzumaki.

02-10-2012, 07:46 AM
I am not so much positive of what it means tbh, Something directly links the Uzumaki to Rikudo because of that sealing technique which is exclusively his. I suppose it is possible for that to be the case for sure! Though I've always wondered whether the Uchiha were a split off based on a lot of factors. I guess my statement is the Rinnegan isn't so much an evolution or de-evolution of the Sharingan, the Sharingan was the Juubi's eye, and the Rinnegan existed on its own. That makes me believe that these two different dojutsu's are mutually exclusive.

This then begs the question as to the relationship of the Uzumaki to the Uchiha, and whether they are some how closely connected in a way...Though wouldn't it be interesting if the story that Tobi told us was backwards and the elder son was the good guy, the younger son was evil, and in the younger son's pursuit for power ended up with the Sharingan for messing with Juubi chakra...

02-10-2012, 10:49 AM
Hm,the Sage saved the world from the Juubi and now the new Sage,Naruto,will defeat Sasuke(who originates from Juubi) and save the world again :D

02-10-2012, 11:03 AM
Either that, or it will tie into my theory that Tobi is the remaining chakra of the Juubi in the form of a man. I mean we have the Fox, the Octopus, etc..so why couldn't a 0 tailed beast (the juubi) exist and be the form of a person?

edit: dunno why I put squid, must have Calamari on the brain :p