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01-15-2012, 12:22 PM
hey anothah top 5 manga, this time its seinen
what must the clasifications be you ask? you didnt ask? then screw you
-seinen manga are manga made for an adult audience
-they HAVE to have been published in english, so no elfen lied i appologize in advance to elfen lied fans
-unlike shonen, i'm not putting the age restriction as a classification, so you may see a revisit from an old friend on that list
lets get started
oh before i start, its also required that i own a printed copy of these manga, so there are seinen manga i like better, but i just don't own any printed copies for some reason, whether they be out of print or just REALLY freaking hard to find
5. black lagoon - the story of rokuo okajima, a salaryman who was kidnapped by a group of pirates called the lagoon company, he decides to join him after the company he worked for leaves him for dead and even sends mercenaries after him. while it is good and it does deal with rather dark subject matter, its still just a thinly veiled action movie parody. but its still pretty kickass
4. Gunsmith cats - this is a fast paced action manga following a bounty hunter named rally vincent and her partner minnie may hopkins, i only own 1 volume really (btw the manga volumes are freaking huge, i thought i just got an omnibus, but no, each individual volume is just huge) but i am craving more. the manga itself though is hard to find, there were only 2 volumes at dragons lair, though for how big they are theyre surprisingly cheap. a quick warning though, some scenes ARE borderline hentai...
3. hellsing - i've already talked about this in my shonen manga list, i needn't say more
well this is embarassing...i don't actually OWN 5 seinen manga...he heh...so make this a top 4 list
4 - black lagoon
3 - gunsmith cats
2 - hellsing
alright now for number 1
1 - berserk - the kingdom of midland cowers under the oppressive rule of an evil king. a beast of a man called the black swordsman has arrived to take this kings life...*cue the song forces from the anime's ost* what follows is a mystery, but what came before is a tale of fate and loyalty, of war and betrayal. its the story of guts, a warrior with now aim in his bloodstained life but to fight and survive, and how he became the behemoth black swordsman, who dared to overthrow a kingdom ruled by a demon...young guts is rather forcibly hired into the band of the hawk by its leader griffith, the charismatic captain sees great potential in guts and hopes to use him to achieve his dream of becoming king of midland, despite only being a commoner himself. together, the band of the hawk lead by griffith and co-commanded by guts and the feisty female warrior casca gains favor and fortune through victories on the battlefield. but while fortune smiles on the band of the hawk, the wheel of fate turns for those unfortunate enough to be snared by its greatest temptations...thats the story of the anime, the manga actually follows not only that but guts' journey as the black swordsman to slay the oppressive king of midland. what can i say, the art is beautiful, the story is a dark and twisted tale of love and hate, trust and betrayal, life and death, and glory and condemnation. as griffith is now dead, and his body, now a shell of the great and ambitious man whom he used to be, is a vessel for his new life as the godhand femto. casca, after the eclipse, has now regressed back to the mind of a mere child, helpless in a world that has gone from terrible to pure hell on earth. and guts, the once mighty warrior has now been left apathetic to the world around him, now seeking only to kill the man...nay DEMON that was once his closest friend griffith. midland itself has gone from a land that was once...while not ideal, it was survivable, to a living hell where the only escape is death, the evil are the only ones who can survive, and the good are either killed, raped, or raped then killed.
honorable mentions-
chobits, i have seen the anime and i love it...but the manga has gone from impossible to find to being well...out of print.
welcome to the NHK, both this and chobits were licenced by tokyopop, thus have gone out of print
elfen lied, this series hasn't been licensed in america, thus i cannot buy it, however if it WERE to be licensed (lookin at you darkhorse and yenpress) i would buy the crap outta it
mushi-shi, i have yet to buy the manga, but the anime was really freaking good, i'll have to check it out