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Maikeru D. Shinigami
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Chapter 1

The Jury Ruins A Perfectly Amazing Movie For Me

Let's face it, at some point in your life you've done something that you weren't proud of. Maybe you stole some candy from a supermarket or maybe you got an A on your math exam, but had the answers on your arm the whole time. You can tell me. Don't worry, I don't judge. I'd have no right to judge you even if I wanted to. Cheating and Stealing? Who hasn't done those? Do you know what I did? I killed my father. Well, not really, but the judge seems to think I did.

So, while I am here in the courthouse, this fat bastard who probably spends his whole life eating donuts is blocking the exit door. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Cops aren't all fatsos that eat donuts all day. Well, this cop is different, he's eating a donut by the door. It's such torture to watch him eat that in front of me acting like I'm not even here. In front of me, this large white man with glasses is staring down at me with his cold eyes. The sight of his crusty old fart self makes me want to puke.

Anyways, so this guy in a black suit is making me go up to the podium, and I'm really just wanting to make a break for it. What ignorant punks would actually think I killed my own father? Apparently these guys would. I can't stand the look of their judgmental, wandering eyes nor the eyes of the people in the audience. I can hear them making nasty whispers about me. They're lucky I'm in front of this judge or they'd be hearing a thing or two from me. I guess they are going to anyways, since the suited man wants to ask me questions.

Question 1: Where were you on the night of January 25th?

My Answer: What time exactly sir? Around 7 PM, I was at my friend's house listening to some tunes on the radio and checking my Facebook. It seemed that Anthony just got back from the gym and was excited about something or another. Eh, I guess you wouldn't know Anthony. At 9 PM I went home, and watched Spongebob Squarepants for two hours until my parents were asleep. After that, I did my nightly masturbation ritual, like all guys above the age of 13 do.

Question 2: During the two hours you were 'watching Spongebob', did you get up for any breaks?

My Answer: Depends on what you consider a 'break' exactly. I got up and made myself some popcorn between the third and fourth episode. I got one of those cheap Mountain Dew rip off sodas named Lemon-Lime during the same time. Other than that, I took my trash back later.

Question 3: When you took your 'breaks', where was your father?

My Answer: During my break to go get the snacks, he was sitting in his easy chair. As usual, he had fallen asleep watching CSI: Miami. When I came down to throw away my trash, he was gone. I didn't think much of it, since I figured he had just gone to bed.

Question 4: During either of those times, do you remember killing him?

My Answer: No sir, I just went into the kitchen as I always when I'm hungry.

Question 5: So, you didn't kill him, even a little bit?

My Answer: Well, not that time. I mean my dad has said that I kill him inside a little bit every time I don't make an A on a test.

Question 6: Are you aware that your father was found outside dead, on the ground, at approximately 10:30 PM with your bloodied guitar by his head?

My Answer: Do you honestly think I don't know by now?

Question 7: And were you the one who smashed his head with the guitar?

My Answer: I'm pretty positive I already said I didn't kill him. Should I say it again?

Question 8: Do you enjoy being a smartass, boy?

My Answer: I take full pride in that ability.

No further questions.

Finally, I can go sit my ass back in that comfortable seat in front of the judge. The people in the audience are saying even nastier things than before. Now they think that I'm a liar, a murderer and a smartass. It's really not fun being accused of something you didn't do. So, when the judge asks me what I plea, I ask him exactly what he means. Don't laugh at me, I have never been into knowing what goes on in a courtroom. I now know that that is a simple procedural question they always ask. He asks me again though.

Judge's Question: What do you plea?

My Answer: Not Guilty.

The jury is going to the back room and I'm just waiting for them to come back and say that I've been cleared of all charges. This whole situation honestly feels like something from a movie I've seen, except a little different. What was the name of that movie again? Ah yes, The Shawshank Redemption. That was a great movie, don't you agree? Hopefully my case will start off better than his.

Now that the jury has come back to the room, I'm waiting to hear my verdict. I have my fingers crossed, hoping it brings me good luck, though I know it never does. The Judge has picked up his papers and is staring at me. Guilty as charged. Well, that ruins a movie for me. Thank you Judge Farts-Too-Much. I'm sure I will have fun with my ten year sentence in Sin Prison.

Well, as it turns out, I'm going to have a lot more fun there than I realized.

Author's Note: Anytime a word is surrounded by quotes ('), it means that the character used air quotes around the word.

01-07-2012, 02:23 PM
This was really good, I also thought this was hilarious, lol:

Question 8: Do you enjoy being a smartass, boy?

My Answer: I take full pride in that ability.

01-07-2012, 02:30 PM
I like it! =]

Ino's Girl
01-07-2012, 02:47 PM

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-07-2012, 11:07 PM
Chapter 2

I Watch A Guy Get Eaten By Piranhas

So here I am, on a small boat, watching the waves pass me by on my way to Sin Prison. Apparently Sin Prison is on a secluded island in the middle of this vast sea. I just tried to ask the boat captain, Frank Lianeti what that means. When I ask for more info about Sin Prison, he just laughs though. There are four others here, on board the S.S. MT. MT stands for Murderer's Transport. So, it seems as though the four others on this boat have murdered someone, or at least been accused of it.

There's the quiet boy sitting in the corner, who can't be any older than 15 years of age, just crying. He goes by the name Oliver Jones. There's a loud mouth bald guy who spits every time he says something. His name is Jack Hunter. He looks very greasy and hairy, like he hasn't shaved any portion of his body except his hair in years. I'd say he's probably around 35. There's a boy sleeping in the middle of the boat. According to the boat captain, his name is Daniel Larkin. He looks pretty normal, aside from his brown hair that extends below his shoulders, I'd say maybe 22.

Last is this crazy girl named Amber Villa. She's the only one on the boat that actually seems like she might have killed someone, aside from maybe Jack. She's been carving into her arm with a pocket knife every hour, leaving a new tally on herself. I'm not sure exactly what they tallies are for, maybe it's the number of people she's killed. Perhaps she has some diabolical plan to murder us all with toxic gas when it reaches a certain hour. Either way, I don't want to know. She reminds me of a goth kid. She wears black eyeliner all around her eyes. She also has black hair with red highlights throughout her hair. Her black pants have chains all over them and her black vest seems two sizes too small since I can see her bellybutton above her studded belt. It looks as though she has size A breasts though, which means I'm not getting any fanservice. I tried to ask her her age but she just screams obscenities anytime someone talks to her. I'll just guess and say 18. Freak.

Unfortunately, this means my only real company is the greasy, bald guy. He is a pretty friendly person, but he just smells like rotten fish. I am fighting back my urge to punch him in the face. After telling me about his trip to Long Island and how he was also not guilty of his crime, it seems he has realized that I don't really care. I say that because he's now going to sit by the sleeping guy, where he smokes a cigarette. That's not very cool, he could give Daniel lung cancer from secondhand smoke. It's none of my business though, so I'll just leave him alone.

It is now seven hours into the journey. I know because Amber just carved into her arm again. In front of me, I can see the island where the prison is located. From here, the prison seems massive. There is nothing else on the island, just this giant prison. If I were to estimate, I would say it's probably around 30 miles long and 20 miles wide. It's an interesting design too, as the prison walls line the shore. If the shore juts out in any way, so does the prison. On top of the front wall in front of me in large red blood letters, are the words 'Sin Prison'. Yeah, I'd definitely say this is the place.

We are pretty close to land, but Oliver just now began screaming. He's apparently not very fond of being imprisoned, and who can blame him? He seems to have annoyed Amber greatly as she is running over to him telling him to shut up and to stop being a baby. That just makes Oliver cry more though. After he screams out that he can't take it anymore, Oliver jumps out of the boat into the sea and tries to make a break for it by swimming away.

It's only been a couple seconds, but Oliver is swimming back to the boat. He's screaming for help, but as I look over at him, I can see his body is being ripped to pieces by these small cannibalistic fish. I decide that it's not worth my time to save him and risk getting eaten myself, so I just stare at him instead, while the water turns red. No one else seems to care either, they'd rather all just keep doing their own things. The boat captain is now turning around to say something to us. Apparently this sea is more like a gigantic lake. The name of it is Piranha's Cove.

I just looked forward at the prison since we are basically right up on the shore now. These people really are mocking me now, with this giant prison. The entire thing is made out of cardboard. How it still stands, I don't even want to ask, but yes, it's all cardboard. The guards just opened the door to the prison, and inside I see that the prison looks like it's just a huge, uninhabited island, with only prisoners walking around or sitting on the ground. Great, I'm stuck on a prison island surrounded by a lake filled with piranhas, which only has a cardboard prison border. Effin' great. Is this really what prisons look like now?

Ino's Girl
01-07-2012, 11:31 PM
Aw, that was so sad =( Interesting story

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-08-2012, 12:24 AM
Yeah, I enjoy killing people off. :3

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Very good.

01-08-2012, 12:52 AM
Hell, that was interesting. Amazing work man. A kid being eaten by piranha and them sitting there and watching goes to show you this place is probably not for the faint of heart.
Plus you're very gory in your descriptions. =p

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-08-2012, 12:54 AM

For purposes of clarification, I shall say a few things.

1. You are not meant to know the name of the main character.
2. You are meant to wonder how he got stuck in this situation.
3. You are meant to wonder what happened to the father.
4. You are not meant to know what the story's plot is just yet.

01-08-2012, 12:57 AM
Main character's name is clearly Maki Shineru (yes I got the name from your username)
nice start and I wonder how prisoners they have on the island

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-08-2012, 02:40 AM
Chapter 3

The Prison Warden Gives All The Prisoners Their Key

The boat captain is nice enough to me and the other three people on the boat to guide us through the open cardboard doors of the prison, helping us avoid the piranha infested waters. He's very nice considering we're all convicted murderers. As we step in through the door, the boat captain Frank waves us goodbye. To be nice, I wave back until a prison guard bumps me in the back, telling me to move forward. I hate being told what to do, but I am a prisoner now, it seems. So, I want to make sure my sentence doesn't get any longer than it already is.

So, as I'm walking in I see how the cardboard structure is held together. Over the top of the walls an electric fence has bars which cross over the entire island, holding the top in place. As well as making it to where none of the prisoners can even consider leaving through the air. The bottom of the cardboard is held together by this silver metal thing that goes around both sides. It's shaped perfectly around the island and reminds me of the bars you have to use to keep an above ground pool in place. I didn't notice until I walked in, but the cardboard walls were all thick. There are so many cardboard pieces that it is about two feet thick.

Now, I look around the inside of the prison. It's just as it looks from the outside. We are on an island, literally. There are no cells to hold us back, no shackles around our wrists. There is only a large island, uninhabited, aside from us prisoners. From the point of the island I am on, I can see just in front of me, a large forest that covers the island as far as I can see. I do see some buildings hidden in the trees, vaguely. A couple shacks and a larger, rectangular, metal building that I can see above the trees, to be specific.

From this moment on I will use different writing styles as I feel necessary to preserve my identity and to better portray the story in full.

Around the prison island, there are twenty-nine prisoners total. Four of them just entered about five minutes ago. The most interesting of the prisoners however, is a group of 7 that are playing cards on a piece of cardboard. The man on the left side of the circle is wearing an unbuttoned, silky red shirt along with blue jeans. He has short blonde hair and his eyes are beautiful shade of blue. He has no tattoos, but he does have nice abs. He goes by Alvin Roland. Next to him, is a woman named Leann Irving, who is chewing on a straw. She is laying on her stomach with her cards in her hand, and looks like she hasn't brushed her light red hair recently. Her eyes are brown, and she's wearing orange pajamas with a blue shirt that looks like it was just thrown onto her, since the top of her breasts could be seen. She seems like one of those 'can't be asked' girls.

Next to her, is a man famous because of his father who is a successful inventor. Everyone knows him here as Eric Johnson the Third. He is actually sitting on piece of cardboard to keep his black suit clean. He wears a red tie with a yellow buttoned up undershirt. His outfit basically looks like a tuxedo. He wears his brown hair slicked back and fool of hair gel. He apparently carries an extra shirt which he uses to keep his black loafers clean. Next to him, on the opposite side of Alvin, is a man named Galvin Helshmidt. Galvin looks like the leader of a biker gang. He wears sunglasses, a leather vest with a large flame on the back and a rough looking pair of blue jeans. His black hair is about shoulder length, and he wears these large leather boots. He has a goatee and a mustache on his face, all black. In his mouth he smokes a cigarette and around his wrists he has chain bracelets. On his right arm he has a snake tattoo and on his left arm he has a few tattoos. On his shoulder, a small skull. Underneath that a flaming Ace of Spades. Under that, he has a sword tattoo that goes down to his wrist.

Next to him is a guy who flips his hair too much, Burt Nicholas. He has long, perfect, blonde hair and green eyes. He has no scars, no blemishes, no hairs, nothing. He is wearing black jeans with a nice looking red shirt, along with a black belt that holds his pants up. He has no stains on any part of his outfit, and is admired by everyone for his cleanliness. Next to him is the polar opposite, a really fat man, who is chewing on a Snickers bar. He only puts his Snickers down long enough to take a drink from his two liter of Pepsi that is right beside him. He sits on his ass and looks at his cards as if he wants to eat them. His hair is short, dirty blonde and just like Leann's, looks like it hasn't been brushed in days. His skin is covered only by his hairy arms. It's amazing that he doesn't have a beard like Galvin. He wears a blue tank top that doesn't cover enough, as every time he moves, you can see his belly jiggling. Like a couple of the others, he also wears blue jeans. It wouldn't be surprising to hear that he can't stand up. He goes by the name Lance Burbin.

Lastly, between Lance and Alvin, is a girl a who keeps staring around at everyone in the group. She is the only who hasn't won a single hand yet, and each time she loses she gets an undeniable look of frustration on her face. She has long brown hair, that goes down to the middle of her spine. Her eyes are a light brown, and she is fairly thin. She seems like your average everyday girl. Her tennis shoes are black, her jeans are black and her shirt is white. Like many girls, her clothes are pretty tight. Which allows you to make out the figure of her average size breasts. All in all, they seem like a pretty interesting group. At that point, the prison warden walked in.

Prison Warden: Welcome everyone to Sin Prison. You 29 lucky prisoners have been selected to spend your prison time on this secluded island. Before I get started telling you anything, I have something I want to hand out to you.

I stood back watching as he started walking up to everyone and giving them some small object. I wait in anticipation as he gets closer and closer to me, when I see a small glint from an object he gives someone. It must be something shiny. However, now that he has reached me, I'm a bit disappointed. I now hold a key in my hand. That's it, a silly little key. What good is a key supposed to do in a prison that has no cells or shackles?

01-08-2012, 06:59 PM
Great chapter.

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-08-2012, 08:46 PM

Chapter 4

I'm Going To Be Competing With 27 Prisoners For My Freedom

I find it humorous that our warden has called us '29 lucky prisoners', since normally you wouldn't say that to prisoners. It almost feels like I'm being punked and put on a reality TV Show. Is something special about this key? It doesn't seem any different than an ordinary key. In fact, I've probably had ten or twelve keys just like this one I'm holding in my hands. So, what makes this piece of crap so different? The warden apparently was reading my mind or something as he is just now standing in the middle of the field announcing to us the conditions for a sort of 'game'. Oh, great! I didn't sign up for this.

Prison Warden: I'm sure you are asking yourself, 'What is this key for?'. You've probably already figured out that these are no ordinary keys. What do they do exactly? Well, they are different for each prisoner, so I'll just let you figure it out for yourself. What you are here to do is survive. Your keys will assist you while you're hear living on this uninhabited island, so do not lose them. If you lose your key, you are basically dead. What we are going to compete for is 'freedom'. The person who survives the longest on this island will be the person who gets to leave this island, with all their charges cleared. When you 29 were selected to come here, we did a lottery for your cases. Your names are not listed on your crime, instead we have given each of you 29 a fake name. So, anyone who doesn't survive here will be assumed to have suddenly disappeared in the eyes of the law. Any questions?

Young Man: Yes, I am wondering, let's say we don't want to take part in this game for survival and want to just go to a regular prison. What would you answer to that?

I'm kind of curious about that myself. The warden says we are playing a game to survive, and that we have keys that will somehow benefit. Yet, he doesn't tell us how much time we have. In fact, aside from knowing that the game is for us to survive, I don't understand the reason behind this prison at all. Why would you want to let a prisoner roam free without charges? While I was thinking that though, I heard a loud sound of a gunshot. The warden just shot the young man in the head. So, that means this game has come down to me and 27 other prisoners. The Prison Warden has picked up the key and is now answering the question.

Prison Warden: The answer to that question is, you die. Anyone who doesn't wish to play this game, will die right here on the spot. I have taken around any sort of ranged weapons you have on you, and if you try to attack me with a melee weapon, the guards and I will unload a cap in your asses. That would certainly even out the playing field. We originally had 30 people who were going to play this game, but it seems that two are already dead. The first one down was Oliver Jones, a fifteen year old boy. This second young man is Quincy Leon. Such a shame to lose two people early on in the game. Anyone have a question that won't get you killed? Splendid, then the guards and I will be leaving this island now as you 28 attempt to survive here. If you are curious, my name is Andrew Lockhart, and I wish you all good luck.

I watch as the warden and the guards leave the island. I'm still not sure what to think about all of this, but there's no way I will lose at whatever this is. I may be one of the few people here that didn't commit his or her crime. It is my duty to make sure that as an innocent man, I regain my freedom. It's the only thing in this world that I have to live for. Plus, if anyone is going to survive, it shouldn't be a real criminal, right?

We all remain in the open area of the field, as we try to decipher exactly what the keys are supposed to do. There are two people speaking in the corner who seem to be getting along pretty well based on their laughter. One of the two goes by the name of Faris Krane. He basically looks like a nerd. He has these huge-bug eyed style glasses, along with buck teeth which are covered by braces and grey eyes. When he laughs, it sounds more like he's snorting. He has short, curly orange hair along with many freckles on his skin and is very skinny. He wears a white shirt with blue stripes along with khaki shorts and brown loafers with knee-high white socks. In his shirt pocket, he has a pen and a small notepad. He is about 19 years old.

The guy he's talking to is someone who wouldn't really stand out much. His name is Darren King, and while he doesn't seem like much of a talker, he doesn't seem very dangerous either. He wears his hair around the regular length for a 20 year old boy, down to the top of his neck. Like many people around, he's just wearing blue jeans. Over his chest, he has a plain black shirt. No glasses, no blemishes, no hair or anything like that. On his feet, he wears normal tennis shoes, colored black and white. He's pretty short compared to all the other guys, and is likely the type that only doesn't get dates because no one notices him for the most part. He's just that average guy you might see pass down the street and not even notice.

Ino's Girl
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A survival game? This story got even more awesome xD

01-08-2012, 09:07 PM
hmm Maki Shineru is going to have some trouble and I wonder how long until one of them steals a gun

01-09-2012, 02:11 PM
A survival game, huh? Pretty cool.

01-10-2012, 05:12 AM
you kill people off faster than anyone else I have ever read or seen. I find it very disturbing.

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-10-2012, 07:19 AM
I find it very disturbing.

Thank you!

Hidden Ninja45
01-10-2012, 09:22 PM
Based on your avatar and signature, I think I see the inspiration for this.

01-10-2012, 09:36 PM
Based on your avatar and signature, I think I see the inspiration for this.

Mirai Nikki FTMFW.

01-12-2012, 03:03 PM
Thank you!
Your welcome!!

Maikeru D. Shinigami
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Chapter 5

A Gluttonous Man Cannot Control His Appetite

Darren and Faris both stand alone, talking about some small things, seemingly becoming friends. They laugh and enjoy themselves very much. It must be nice to have a friend who is so kind and generous even on such an island. Most of the friends you could make on the island are nothing more than thugs and low-life fools. What is increasingly odd though is that everyone except the seven people playing cards, are staring at Darren and Faris as they converse.

Darren: Oh, yeah, I'm a pretty big fan of this one show, A Haunting. I've been a pretty big fan of ghost stories and the paranormal for a long time. I once considered writing a book about it, but I could never come up with a story about it and I'm too afraid to look for a story like that myself.

Faris: Hauntings huh? So, you like stories of possession and death. That sounds very intriguing. I'm not quite so much into things like that. I more enjoy anything that emphasizes intelligence, no matter what kind. I am a big fan of things like Bill Nye and a couple movies known as Cube and Hackers. I like when people have to use their brains to accomplish something and seeing people trapped in a seemingly inescapable situation. Though this prison island isn't really what I had in mind. *Faris laughs*

Darren: *Darren laughs too* I'm not really the most intelligent guy in the world, so I don't always understand things like that. However, I have seen all three of those things, and they seem pretty interesting. As a guy who enjoys things such as A Haunting, I can surely appreciate intelligence in things. Even though I was having difficulty keeping up with Cube for instance, it was still interesting the things played out. I really enjoyed the characters. It also made me think about what I want to do with my life. I'd still like to be a writer, but I haven't come up with anything yet.

Faris: Yes, the characters were very well created, I really liked Quentin in the movies. It was nice to see him suffer mentally in the cubed prison. It's not something you see all the time, which made me happy. I kind of know what you mean too. After watching the movie, I also thought about what I wanted to be. My mom always told me that I should become a cook. Even though I am good at cooking though, it's not really what I'd like to do. I'd really like to be a hacker. Not really a hacker who breaks into things to destroy, but one who breaks into things to assist.

Darren: That could be interesting. There's not many people with so much knowledge on hacking that will use it to assist. Or at least, it seems like most want to just screw around with things. You mom wants you to be a cook because of your cooking skills though. When we get out of here, maybe we could hang out and you can show me some of those skills.

Faris: Why wait for then? There's enough items around here to create a meal. In fact, I can go ahead and create one right now, if you like. So, what do you say? Would you like to try out one of my delicacies?

Darren: Yes, very much so.

Faris walks over to the woods nearby and starts searching around for something or another. It takes him a few minutes, but when he finally notices a small animal, he pulls out a knife and stabs into a pig, killing it. He places the pig down and then looks at the trees around the area before finding the tree he wants. Faris cuts down several pieces of the tree until the tree begins to fall over. He takes the wood from the tree and starts carrying it back to the open area. After placing the wood down in a spot away from people, he starts rubbing wood together, causing a fire to start. As the smoke rises he goes back into the woods and picks up a larger stick that he found lying around. After wiping it off with his shirt, he picks up the pig and pulls the knife out of its body. Faris sticks the stick through the knife hole and out the other side before wiping off the pig with his shirt as well. Faris takes the pig back over to the fire and begins to cook it. Darren walks over to him.

Darren: That's kind of nasty to be going in and killing an innocent pig like that. I feel kind of bad for the thing.

Faris: We don't really have any other choice. You heard what the warden says. This is a game of survival, and unless we do things like this, we won't have a chance to survive, right? It is nasty, but just remember, we eat pigs all the time, so this is nothing new.

After a while of cooking, Faris tells Darren that the pig is finished and hands it to him after letting it cool off a little. Darren insists that Faris have part of the pig as well, but Faris denies it saying that he's not hungry and that Darren was the one wanting to taste it anyways. Darren smiles and goes to bite into the pig, but before he could take a bite, the fat man that was playing cards, runs over and snatches the pig out of his hands.

Darren: Hey! What's the big idea you fat bastard. That's my meal, give it back before I gut you.

Lance: You don't need anything in that skinny body of yours. As you can see, I need my food, so get lost loser.

Lance pushes Darren across the ground and then starts devouring the pig. Darren gets pissed off at the man and is about to jump in at him, until something crazy happens. Lance begins to choke and call out for someone to help him. Everyone stares at Lance at he chokes, but no one does anything. The six people he were playing cards with before simply look over at him and then turn back around to play their game.

Lance: This isn't funny guys. Seriously something is wrong--

Before Lance can finish his last statement, the stick drops out of his hands and he falls to the ground. Faris walks over to the body and puts two fingers on his wrist. After a couple seconds, he decides to make his own sort of announcement about the man and some other things, as he picks Lance's key up and puts it into his shirt pocket.

Faris: Killing off this tub of lard was too easy. This is what happens when you trust food made my someone for you I guess. Your key didn't help you out much did it, you disgusting pig? *Faris spits in Lance's face* What do you expect though from a man that received the Gluttony Key? It has to be one of the weakest keys ever. It only allows you to find meals in any situation. It certainly is no match for my key.

Darren: You, you were trying to poison me.

Faris: You can think of it that way all you want, but I don't like you or dislike you. As long as you stay out of my way, the same fate will not befall you. I merely used you as a pawn to draw out the weakest link and expose him for the fool that he is. It's amazing what one can do by poisoning a man's dinner. Here's a free lesson for you though. These keys are special, I noticed mine automatically, because I am much more intelligent than you. If you want to survive on this island, I advise you to find the ability of yours. Otherwise, you are going to die. This is a survival game, and I can assure you, the warden will not be letting more than one person off of this island. That said, you should probably watch out for the one man that has already ran into the woods. It seems he already understands the game and probably has a very powerful key. The man known as Caleb Winters.

Ino's Girl
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That was interesting e.e

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-16-2012, 08:36 PM
That disturbed face makes feel all tingly. :D

Ino's Girl
01-16-2012, 08:47 PM
Good, it will give you more ideas!

01-16-2012, 09:43 PM
maneating chickens

01-27-2012, 08:12 PM
are you going to kill someone almost every chapter?

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-28-2012, 04:43 PM
I didn't kill anyone in chapter 3, and technically didn't kill anyone in chapter 1. 3:

02-02-2012, 05:34 AM
that is why I said almost :3