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*I will make a Data Book involving all the characters information with pictures along the way of the storyline.

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*Also the story is sort of boring at first, but I promise you if you read it later it will get more interesting.

Upcoming Events

-Some Familiar Faces Appear
-Someone becomes untouchable

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Chapter 1: Uniting

I woke up one morning, and I had no idea where I was and literally forgot pretty much everything about me, I kept looking around for anything familiar but I couldn’t find anything. Then I realized I had passed out from a battle last night and thought I died but when I started walking around someone was walking into the room, it was a girl, but she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I was wondering why I was here, then I asked, “Uh, where am I?” and she simply replied, “That doesn’t matter.” I was thinking to myself, “Who is she?” then I suddenly remembered, “Wait I am the Hakikage of the Village Hidden in the Lightning! I need to get back right away!!!” When I started running my body started to fail on me and I feel to the ground, then she came up to me and said, “You are just opening your wounds up again.” Then I asked “What happened to me?” as I tried to remember what had happened, and then I looked at her and she had a despair and sadness look over her face, then I asked “Who are you?” and she looked at me and said, “My name is Rukia, Hayami (literally Meaning Light of Rare Beauty).” And I responded as “Rukia Hayami huh, my name is Katsu Hideaki (Literally meaning “Shining Excellence in Victory”), and I am the 2nd Hakikage of the Village Hidden in the Lightning!” and she merely responded as “Yes I know.” And then I heard a huge BAM outside and we both looked to see what happened. I then saw it, it was a giant Wolf with 11 Tails and then I remember, it was that which attacked me last night, I started to run after it but it just swished a tail and I was sent flying back, Rukia came running up to me and said, “How come are you so careless?!” and I start to get up and say “Why are you even helping me?”. And she just sits there staring into space and then finally says, “Because you remind me of someone I knew.” After she is done talking I say, “Well seems like you could stay in a village, want to join the Lightning Village?” and she says “Why? Sure.” And we start to head out, as soon as we are there are a few rogue ninja spying from the distance and one says, “Hey is that the 2nd Hakikage?” then the second rogue say’s “Yes, and he is with Rukia.” Then the Third rogue says “What, why is she with him?” then the first one says “It doesn’t matter, but our missions are absolute and no matter what must be fulfilled.”

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Chapter 2: Setting Off

“Okay Rukia, lets head out.” Now Rukia responds “Aren’t you going to go after the Juuichibi, (Literally Meaning 11 Tails) it’s your villages demon spirit and is dangerous for someone to let loose and go on its own! I just stared at her then reply “Well I am certainly not strong enough currently to battle it so we need to get back to the village as soon as possible.” And she shrugs this off and says “Whatever you say.” While we are walking I here a slight noise around but I ignore it figuring it is the wind, then out of now where hands grab onto our legs from underground and we couldn’t move, then I look ahead and see someone approaching us, when he finally comes into sight we see that he is a rogue ninja from the land of the spirits, he then starts talking to us and asks, “You are the 2nd Hakikage of the Lightning Village, heh I wonder why they put a kid in charge of it, how old are you 12?” then I respond, “Yes, I am the Hakikage of the Lightning Village and I am 15 for your information.” Then the rogue responds “Who cares, your about to die anyways, why did the they make a weakling like you Kage anyways, well it works out in my favor anyways.” As he is about to charge and attack me Rukia disappears and the rogue ninja falls to the ground and then she appears behind him and says “Hey need help?” and I just say “Nope.” And I send lightning waves through the ground to set me free and I stand back to back with Rukia, “Hey, they can strike at ant moment so be prepared” and she replies with “Yup”. Once the remaining rogues pop out of the ground we quickly defeat them and then we go in to interrogate them. Once I approach the first one I pick him up by his shirt and I ask “Why did you attack us?” and he replies as “It was orders.” And then I ask “Who sent these orders?!” and he just says “The Inzukage of the Village Hidden in the White Blood.” And I think to myself “White Blood Village? Never heard of it…” and then Rukia states “The White Blood Village, I haven’t heard about them for awhile, well we got the information we needed, lets go Katsu.” She starts to walk off and I say “Wait, what do you know about it? Uh, wait for me!”

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Chapter 3: Some Answered Questions

So I run up to her and as, “Hey, what is the Village Hidden in the White Blood anyways?” she stops walking and starts to talk, “It is a village from before the First Great Ninja War, their goal was to take down all the Kages and become the leader of all the lands, I heard that the Village got destroyed after the 2nd Great Ninja War but I guess I was wrong.” Then we start to walk again and then a question comes to mind, “Hey Rukia, how do you know so much about the White Blood Village?” and then she just looks back at me and says, “It’s none of your concern, lets get going.” Then we just start walking, eventually I see a dango shop and of course I am starving so I say, “Hey, we have been walking for hours, can’t we get something to eat…” and Rukia replies “How you ever became Kage is beyond me.” And I reply with “Oh come on, PlEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”
And she reacts as “Fine what ever, just shut up! So when we start eating she asks me “How did you become Hakikage, I am serious, you seem to care free.” And I reply as “I am stronger than you think, don’t count me out because I am only 15.” And she says “Well Okay, I guess I can understand, being 15 also.” After that I stand up and say “Well we better be going, the village is only 3 hours away from here.” And she just stands up and says “Okay, lets head out.” In some far off land there is a man sitting in a chair and 2 Anbu approaches him, “Sir they were unsuccessful.” Then the man stands out his chair, “Hmm, well of course they were only Chunin, I didn’t expect them to defeat a Kage.” Then the other anbu goes to interrupt him “We also have knowledge that Rukia Hayami is with him.” Then the man starts to walk forward “Rukia Hayami, that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time, okay this is getting more interesting by the minute, okay send him out.” Then Anbu #1 says “You don’t mean, you sure you want to send him, he can be so pissed off at times?” then the man looks behind himself and says “Yes, this will all go according to plan and if it shall fail then I am not the Inzukage of the Village Hidden in the White Blood.”

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Chapter 4: The Day of Arrival

The same 2 Anbu appear in front of a group of 4 ninja, Anbu #1 says “the Inzukage requests you to go on a mission Ulquske.” Then a man walks forward and says “Tell the damn Kage I am not interested, if you don’t I will kill you.” And the anbu back up but then Anbu #2 says “Listen, you are being sent to assassinate the Hakikage of the Lightning Village.” Then the man glares at him and says “I don’t ;););););););) care, and you better leave my presence in the next 5 seconds or you are going to be dead.” Then the 2 Anbu look at each other and nod then Anbu #1 says “We also have heard other news, Rukia Hayami is with him.” Then he looks at the Anbu and says “Hmm, Rukia Hayami you say, okay I will do it.” And he poof’s away. Now it switches over Katsu and Rukia walking and then Katsu says “Finally, we are almost there, only 10 more minutes.” And then she replies with “Yeah we are really close now.” Then a man comes running up to us, and I figure out it is my Co-Kage Zachrex and he says “Oh good, the village has been worried, are you okay?” and I respond as “Yeah I am.” Then Zach gets a look of relief on his face and he says “Where is the Juuichibi?” and I look down in disappointment and I say “It was to strong and got away…” and he responds “Oh okay, So who’s the chick?” and I look at her and I say “Oh, she has been following me ever sense I saw her crossing a street and she hasn’t been able to be separated from me.” Then she hits me on the head and says “SHUT UP, THAT IS A BUNCH OF BS, hey Zach, my name is Rukia Hayami, nice to meet you.” Zach just looks at her and says “To properly introduce my name is Zach Rex, and why are you following him?” she looks down at the ground to look at me the she looks back Zach and says “Because I need somewhere to stay, I saved his life and he owed me one so he is allowing me to stay in the Lightning Village.” Then Zach says “I see, so shall we continue?” she looks at him and says “Okay” and she shouts to me “HURRY UP!” and I get off the ground and I mumble to myself “Well I would be with caught up with you if you didn’t hit me down.” And I run and catch up with them, and some ninja from a distance says, “My goal is up ahead.” And just vanishes from plain site.

07-16-2009, 04:36 PM
Chapter 5: A Disapointment

At the front gate of the Lightning Village. Zach says “Hey Rukia, do you have any particular place to stay?” and then she responded as “Well I haven’t really thought about it yet…” then Zach says “Well if you don’t have a place to stay then you can surely stay at my” and he gets hit in the head by Katsu and I say “Hey I owe her so she is staying in the Hakikage mansion!” and then Zach says “Fine fine, I guess I should take down the lightning field surrounding the village then.” As they start to walk the villagers start to get a look of relief on their face and one of the elders approaches us and say’s “I see you have returned, priorities come first, where is the 11 Tails?” and I start to grip my fist and I say “It …got away.” Then he walks to the side and says “Hmm, this is why kids shouldn’t be a kage. You are week, do you have any idea what risk you are putting your village at, I agree that you might be smarter then the First Hakikage but you are defiantly weaker and he would have given his life to save the village.” I look up to punch him in the face but then Zach stops me by putting out his hand and saying “I know this guy is a bastard, but we have to deal with it, we can be sent for execution if you hurt him.” And then turn and start walking the other way and then Rukia says “Hey wait up” and once she caught to me she asked “Why did you let him get away with that?” and I look up into the sky and I say “Because if you didn’t notice he is the elder of my village, you know what happens when you attack them.” Then she just looks at the ground and she says “Yeah, I know that…” and then I her caring a sword and I ask “Hey are you any good with that sword?” then she replies “Why you think I just carrie it around for show, Yeah I am pretty skilled with it.” And I get a confused look on my face and say “Well if that is true why haven’t you used it yet?” and she just starts to walk off and she yells back at me “C’mon, I need to know where I am staying, hurry up!” and I just continue to walk slowly and laugh to myself, then I get a flash back at how fast and powerful Rukia was and she hasn’t even used any Ninjutsu ever since I meet her so I run up to her and say “Hey can I ask you a favor?” and she says “It depends, what is it?’ and I say “Will you train me, I am far to week currently.” And she says “Hmm, I will have to think about it…” and I say “Okay, so here we are the Hakikage’s mansion.” And she says “Well it’s a bit small but it will have to do.” And I think in my mind “Small, this place is huge.” so we walk inside and I show her my office and I get to a room and say “This is where you will be staying.” And she says “Wait it says Hakikage’s room on the front, where are you going to stay and I just smile and say “I’ll find somewhere to stay, don’t worry.’ And back at the front gate of the village we see Ulquske and he says “Looks like some type of lightning base barrier protecting the village, well I don’t want to try anything stupid so “Summoning Jutsu: Living Corpse Jutsu”.

07-17-2009, 11:03 AM
Chapter 6: A Approaching Threat

Scene goes to Katsu and Rukia and she says “Fine, I will train you, meet me tomorrow morning at 7 in the training grounds and don’t be late, and I say “Okay great” and I look around and I wonder “Where am I going to go to sleep at *sigh*.” and then she walks out of my room and says “Hey you can sleep in here, I looked in your closet and there is a spare bed in there so you can just pull that one out and use it, I mean this room can fit it.” And I say :I had a spare bed in the closet this whole time.” And the -_-* gets on my face and then I say “Well okay then” and at the village gate we see a poof of smoke and 2 dead bodies rise from the ground and Ulquske says “Okay, go through the barrier and open in from the inside.” Right when they try to pass it they get vaporized into thin air and he says “Damn, this is starting to tick me off so I will have to use a little chakra, “Summoning: Wind Corpses”, heh this should work, especially because I invented the wind corpses to do exactly this type of job.” As they start to walk in the chakra pressure around them builds producing more wind, enough to deflect the barrier, once they are fully in he says “Now Wind Style: Triangular Pressure.” This causes wind to push in a perfect triangle which he able to walk through, once he gets through he states “Now where is my prey?” at the Kage’s mansion he Rukia wakes up in the middle of the night as she hears something outside, she gets out of bed and starts to walk outside, she then sees Ulquske and she gets a shocked look on her face and he says “Hey Rukia, long time no see, tell me how long has it been since we last saw each other?” and she says “Not long enough, I see he is on the move again, well I will have no choice but to kill you here.” And he responds as “Oh come on, that isn’t very nice thing to say after just seeing me again, so why don’t we sit down and chat for a while?” and she says “You could have done that along time ago but you didn’t, so time for talking is over.” And she starts to draw her sword as he approaches and says “Heh, I was expecting you to say something like that so that’s why I brought this…” she sees him grab for something and then we see shock and horror come over her face.

07-18-2009, 10:28 PM
Chapter 7: A Unexpected Surprise

Rukia and Ulquske are about to battle and he pulls out a scroll, he then says “Do you know what this is, he Summoning Jutsu: Red Death.” Then Rukia shouts out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!” and he then says “Yeah, but I can see it is already spreading through the ground, you remember don’t you if it touches even the clothes you are wearing you will be paralyzed and die in the following 2 minutes, this will spread out through this village and kill everyone here.” And she is tries to run away but Ulquske teleports behind her and kicks her closer to it, it is about to hit her but she quickly teleports behind him and sends him flying and she draws out her sword, she now says “Lightning Style: Earth Shatter Jutsu” which sends 10 lightning bolts around her separating the piece of land she is on from the earth, and she says “Now I use Lightning Style: Four Seal Prison” Which surrounds the infected area not allowing it to spread any further, and she says “Ulquske, fight me like a man instead of using cheap tricks.” And he says, “Fine I guess I have to get this thing started.” And he pulls out a food pill of a sort and he immediately vanishes and appears behind her with a kunai to her neck and says “I really wish this was more enjoyable moment I was spending with you but I guess not, so as he is about to hit her neck she sticks her katana in the ground and jumps off of it to get away and he says “Whoa, your reflexes have gotten better, but now you left your weapon out and I can take it.” When he grabs for it it disappears and he falls over coughing up blood and as he looks behind him he sees Rukia standing with her sword, she says “You let your guard down, and now this is the end for you.” As she stabs him and she notices it was one of the Wind Corpses as it slowly evaporates, she then looks behind her and she sees someone come toward her and he says “Wow, that was good, but will you be able to do it again?” she then charges at him and he uses “Ninja Art: Internal Darkness” she stops running as everything around her is pitch black, she then thinks of how to get out of this, she has to stand perfectly still and not use any chakra, when she does the jutsu ends so she gets up and starts to charge at him and when she is 5 seconds away from stabbing him in the heart she notices that he hasn’t moved this whole time ever since she released the jutsu but she didn’t think much of it as she ran at him and with the blade about to pierce his skin her movements suddenly stop, as if she was paralyzed, then she looks at the ground and she sees the summoning, she is wondering how it hit her but then she remembers she had to stop all chakra flow and that includes the Four Seal Prison Jutsu, seeing she has little mobility left she swipes her sword at him but all it does is cuts his face, he then says “Well everything went according to plan, well I need to go now, enjoy your death, it will happen in the next few minutes and he poof’s away.

07-20-2009, 02:34 PM
Chapter 8: All That Is Possible

So we see Rukia cringing as she has only minutes to live and then we here someone say “Lightning Style: Light Flash” which absorbed all of the summoning except for the remaining infecting Rukia’s body, we see someone drop from the sky and it’s Zach Rex, he starts to think to himself “ Looks like it has infected her body this fast, this is bad… I might end up having to use that jutsu… ” he tries countless of jutsu’s but it doesn’t work so he says “Crap okay I have no other choice, Lightning Style: Lightning Clone Jutsu, now surround, okay now! Ninja Art: Revolving Seal! –the only drawback f this jutsu is that the seal will come off of her and possibly land on me, or one of the 2 clones, this is risky but worth it- Now Center Seal, and Release!” the summoning disappears off Rukia and the Jutsu gets to a slow stop and disappears and Zach is now waiting to see if he gets the summoning or one of the two clones do, and he waits, and then one of the Lightning Clones Evaporate Away which he gets it’s memories and it had it, he is glad and pikes up Rukia and puts her in Katsu’s room. The next morning Rukia gets up at 6:30 and decides to go out to the training ground, and when she got there she thought –Wait, I remember battling someone last night, who was it, and I remember myself thinking I was going to die, damn why can’t I remember- then she hears foot steps behind her self so she drew out her sword just to find out it was Katsu and she said with relief “Oh hey Katsu, you want to start your training?” and I said “Yeah, I am ready anytime you are…” and then Rukia said “Okay just warning you this training is really difficult for anyone to handle so are you prepared?” and I said “Yeah, but hold on, if this should take awhile I want Zach in charge, I need to tell him that.” And Rukia says “Okay you can go tell him.” But right before he leaves we hear a voice saying “That won’t be necessary, I am here.” And Zach appears out of no where, the I comment by saying “Your Kekei Gekai is so annoying, appearing where ever you want.” And Zach says “Well seeing as you want me in charge for while you are training I will heading out now.” And I say “Well okay, that saved time, now lets begin training.” And the wind blows and I get into battle position.”

07-21-2009, 06:20 AM
Chapter 9: The Training Begins

As silence falls over the training ground Katsu gets ready to train he “Okay, when should we start?” and Rukia say’s “Whoa, you think we are going to train out here, no there is somewhere else I want us to train at.” And I say with a confused mind “Then where are we going to go, you said meet up at the training field?” and she comments back as “Just shut up and watch, Summoning: Door to the Heavens Jutsu” then after the poof of smoke clears I see a brown wooden door on the ground and she opens it and jumps in, and a few seconds later I hear her say “C’mon hurry up” so I climb down there and I see the exact same thing as from above, then I yell out “IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE, IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME EXCEPT NOW THERES A LADDER FLOATING IN THE AIR, I DON’T SEE HOW THIS PLACE CHANGES ANYTHING!” and she yells back “Just Shut up, my jutsu makes an exact replica of it’s surroundings of where it was summoned, this way the village won’t behold any destruction and we can train privately.” And I respond with “Fine whatever can we just start training already?” and she states “Fine as you wish, Lightning Style: Four Sided Barrier Jutsu.” And a box of lightning surrounds me, and I say “What, how am I supposed to get out of this?” and she says “Wait that isn’t the end of it, Fire Style Fire Wall Jutsu, Wind Style: Wind Prison, Water Style: Water Containment, and Earth Style: Earth Dome.” And now a barrier of all other 4 elements go on top of another and surrounds Katsu and she continues to explain, “Now listen if you want to master the 5 elements you have to get yourself out of there, but to make things more interesting is that it gets smaller and smaller until you are crushed to uter nothingness, that won’t happen until 5 days from this point, after the first day the lightning barrier closes in and burns out your use of lightning jutsu, after the second day the Fire Barrier burns out your fire chakra nature, after the third day the wind cuts out all your wind chakra, and on the 4th day the water shield will wash out all your water chakra, and on the last day if you are not out of it then the earth will crush you, so the sooner you get out of there the better, your training starts… NOW!” and she leaves him and jumps back into the real village and she seals off the doorway so no one can come in or out.

07-22-2009, 07:52 PM
Chapter 10: The Meeting

We see Rukia climb out as she heads towards the Kage building, as she is walking she sees a lake, she is about to step onto it right before someone approaches her and says “Hey that is a bad idea, the lake is full of electricity, if you step on it you will get shocked.” As she looks behind herself she sees a young man, she then says “Hi, my name is Rukia, what is yours?” and he replies with “My name is Akiyoshi, Akiyoshi Iwao, I am one of the only 2 Chunin this village has.” And I look astonished and say “Well thanks for not letting me get shocked, I guess I need to go.” And he says “Well see yah around.”
And she runs off, she goes into the Meeting Hall and sits down, one person says “Who are you?” and she just says “Well I have to take place of the Second in charge while Katsu is training, He told me to take place of Zach due to him being the Kage so I am here.” And the village elder says “Well shall we continue then?” and everyone states “Yes” and the village elder says “Well seeing as our Juuichibi is still at large, we will have to end up sealing it if it keeps up like this, we need to capture it right away though.” Then Zach states “Yes this issue is a pressing matter but there is also something else, another shinobi organization has been targeting our Hakikage for sometime now and actually infiltrated the village last night, Rukia here stalled them but couldn’t get rid of them and they may attack again at anytime.” And then the village elder says “Rukia huh, what is your full name?” and she hesitates but then she says “My full name is Rukia Hayami.” And he stairs at her and says “Okay, throw her in jail.” And Zach then says “Wait, don’t, if you defy me you get thrown in jail, and why throw her in jail, what has she done?” and the village elder says “She originated from the White Blood Village, the goal of that village is to kill all the Kage’s so they can freely destroy the lands and take over, according to Data she was a special one out of everyone, she was a quick killer and had no emotions, the perfect specimen to do this, but she was also very powerful, it seems like there has only been one more person like her and his name is Ulquske, he is also very skilled with a killing instinct, but the fact is she can’t be trusted.” And she says “Listen, I can see why you want me to be put in jail but just hear me out, I have changed and I am currently the only one who knows where the Hakikage is so it would be bad if you locked me up, also I am a good ally and don’t betray those who take me in, so do what you want with me but I am just saying if you make the wrong decision then it will be trouble for you, and anyways I need to say that Ulquske attacked me last night, and he will be back so we need to figure out a plan to stop him.” And Zach says “Well I can’t say I can totally trust you right now but that isn’t the issue at hand, I think it would be impossible to beat someone like him, we would need more power, and to do so we will need out demon, if worse comes to worse we shall seal it inside the appropriate user.” And Rukia says “Yes, but if I can infiltrate the White Blood Villages defenses and then get rid of the Inzukage, their isn’t really a better plan so I suggest a team of 3, Zach who do you want to carry out the Assignation of the Inzukage?” and Zach says “I want you Rukia, Akiyoshi Iwao, and myself to go on this mission, and as the Hakikage I approve, lets head out.”

07-24-2009, 12:09 PM
Chapter 11: The Plan

We see the lightning village shinobi in the meeting hall and Rukia says “Hey, isn’t it to quick to leave, we should plan to go tomorrow at noon, how does that sound?” and he says “Okay fine, how long should it take to get there from here?” and she replies with “Well 3 days at the least so we should get a move on soon.” And the elder says “Just because a mission has been assigned doesn’t mean this discussion is done, we still need to decide on what to do about the Juuichibi!?” and then Rukia says “I will go see Katsu later today and if he survives the training then I will have specific instructions for him which would be beneficial but I can’t say them because you people might not agree with it.” And the elder says “well if he dies from this then you will be sentenced to death.” And she then says “I know, just trust me.” And she walks out of the room and back to the training grounds, she makes the door appear again and goes down and starts to talk, she says “Listen, Zach, Akiyoshi, and I will be infiltrating the White Blood villages Village, we might need help and you will be our only resource for help, but if you want to become even stronger after mastering the 5 elements you will need to…” and then the scene goes to Zach talking to Akiyoshi and he says “We are going out on a mission tomorrow and we will need your help, we are invading the White Blood Village, our goal is to get rid of the Inzukage, what do you say?” and he say’s “Sure, I would be delighted to help.” And the scene goes to the Inzukage and Ulquske, Ulquske starts to say “I have spread the infection through out the village, also Rukia died by it, what a pity, I thought I would have more competition from my her, but in the end she was weak, what was all that talk about her being so great anyways, she was pre…” and the Inzukage cuts him off by saying :I can sense that she is still alive, along with the village, you must have been stopped then, I am fairly disappointed in you Ulquske, I thought you would have completed this mission, well we can rest for a while seeing as we don’t have any immediate threats.” And the scene goes back to Rukia talking to Katsu and she says “Do you got that?!” and I say “Yeah, I will do that if necessary, but that is saying if I can get passed these barriers first, well what are you doing here, go and get ready!” and she says “Okay, you don’t have to be so bossy.” And she climbs out and once again seals and makes the door disappear, the scene switches back to the Inzukage and Ulquske and the Inzukage says “Well next time you see them don’t get careless, kill them on the spot.” And he then says “Watch what you say, or you will die, but seriously do you think that next time I would let that village’s Kage live after all this, and my sister should be dead by now but she got saved so I need to finish her off once and for all…”

07-24-2009, 01:55 PM
Chapter 12: Target Sighted

We see Rukia, Zach, and Akiyoshi standing next to the villages gate as they start walking Zach releases the force field and they continue on there way, then the scene switches to a Jonin from the White Blood Village and he says “Okay, time to kill this villages Kage.” He runs into the village and spots the Kage’s mansion, he runs in and disappears, he then appears behind the Kages bed, as he draws his sword and as he is about to stab her with it she opens her eyes and he gets blown away, she gets out of bed and says “This has become troublesome, oh well, as the Hanakage of the Village Hidden in the Sakura you won’t get away.” And she gets ready to fight as she pulls out a flower and he says “Hmm, you getting a flower, how will that help? Well whatever I don’t care, your going to die!” and she says “I don’t want to fight, there shouldn’t be fighting, just peace but fine.” And she makes a hand seal with her flower and she says “Flower Style: Flying Petal Dance” and millions of flower petals swarm her, she disappears but so does the Jonin and the petals fall to the ground, a few seconds later the petals float back up and an opening comes and she walks out and the petals disappear but once the smoke is all cleared we the White Blood Villages Jonin lying unconscious on the ground, she then looks into the sky and thinks to herself –This will just keep happening, I need to send someone out to stop this- and she walks out and the guards say “Hey, aren’t you usually taking your afternoon nap around now?” and she says “That doesn’t matter, I need to send someone out on a mission, get me Miyo Ai.” And they say yes “Yes Lady Hana” and they send out a bird, the scene switches to the middle of the village where we see Miyo staring into the sky just resting and she sees the messenger bird, she calls for it and she reads the message, she then gets a shocked look on her face so she runs to the Kage building as fast as she could, once there she meets up with the Hanakage and says “Okay I am here, what do you need me for?” and the Hanakage says “I was attacked today by a White Blood Village Jonin, I need you to go eliminate the problem and there village is only 2 days away from here, can I trust you to take this mission?” and she says “Yes mam!” and she runs off, now the scene switches to Rukia, Zach, and Akiyoshi, and Rukia says “Hey, we need to be prepared, this will take 3 days and we don’t know what we are going to run into.” And Zach says “Well if we need to be there as soon as possible shouldn’t we try to get there faster?” and Rukia says “Originally yes but we don’t want to tire ourselves before we get there.” And Akiyoshi says “Well if you invited Katsu to come with but he can’t come at the moment, then how is he supposed to catch up to us if we are there and it’s 3 days away?” and Rukia says “Everything will be explained later, we should just move at a normal pace for now so lets go.” And Zach says “Fine…” and they start walking…

07-24-2009, 07:11 PM
Chapter 13: The Get Together

It has been one day and a half of traveling for Rukia, Zach, and Akiyoshi as they are walking Zach says “Hey can we take a break, I am getting tired.” And Rukia says “No, in fact we should be going faster now, so come on and don’t get left behind.” And Akiyoshi says “Well don’t want to be left behind so see ya.” And he runs ahead and Zach says “Fine wait up.” And he runs faster, the scene switches to Miyo, she then says to herself –I have been running for a day now, I think I deserve to take a break, anyways I only need 24 more hours to go- and she falls to sleep, the scene switches back to Rukia, Zach and Akiyoshi, Zach says “Hey, can we stop for a second, my legs are killing me.” And she says “Hey you don’t see Akiyoshi complaining so you shouldn’t either, anyways we only have about a Day and 6 hours left, you know what, we will stop in 6 hours if you can stay within 10 seconds of me when I stop how about it?!” and Zach says “Fine seeing as that is the only way how you will stop.” And they continue to run, as the 6 hour mark is about to come up Rukia says to herself –Well a promise is a promise- and she slows down to a slow stop as she is counting the seconds, Zach notices and he runs really fast as she says “5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1…” and Zach lands before she says 10, and she says “Fine we take a rest up ahead.” And once they get there she sees someone sleeping in the middle of the road, she runs up to them and says “Looks like she is from the Village Hidden in the Sakura.” And she try’s to wake her up, and she gets up and says “Hey why did you wake me up? I was sleeping!” and Rukia says “What is your name?” and the Sakura Villager says “Miyo Ai, what is yours?” and Rukai says “My name is Rukia, and we are headed to the White Blood Village.” And Miyo says “That’s where I was heading.” And Zach says “Yeah nice to meet you all but can we please take a break.” And Rukai says “Sorry, now knowing that other villages have been attacked we need to go immediately.” And then they all take off except Zach and he says “Meh, I guess I will go, hey wait up.”

07-24-2009, 07:27 PM
Chapter 14: The Infiltration

The team finally arrives at the White Blood Village and Rukia says “Here starts the hard part.” And she makes a hand seal and places her flat palm right in front of her in the air and then a big shine of light appears and once it dims down and a door appears right in front of them, she opens it and walks through, you then here her voice say “You better hurry, the door will disappear in 5 seconds.” And then Akiyoshi and Miyo run through it and Zach says “Yeah right, I will just stay here and…” then the door starts to vanish with the open way and he says “Oh crap, and he jumps through it, and he looks around and sees nothing but white, no floor, ceiling, or walls, just white, and he says “Hey great, now were in nowhere land, thanks.” And Rukia says “Hold on for a second, I can chose anywhere I want to go in this universe.” And Zach says “Well if that’s true then why didn’t you do this in the first place?!” and she says “Because if I had then I would have died from chakra overuse due to going to a far distance, here we are close enough to go anywhere I want to without killing me.” Then Zach says “Fine, Whatever, just get us to the Inzukage’s mansion.” And she says “That’s what I am doing right now.” And another door opens up and she starts to head out of it and she says “By the way, this one will only last 2 seconds after I exit but it won’t let anyone else exit before me so if you don’t get out of here in the 2 seconds you will be stuck in here forever.” And Zach gets right behind her as she walks out and right before the 2 seconds are up Akiyoshi and Miyo walk out and then 5 seconds pass and the door is still there and Zach says “WHAT THE HELL!!! YOU SAID THAT THE DOOR WOULD CLOSE AFTER 2 SECONDS!!!” and Rukia says “I said that do you would hurry, and would you mind keeping your voice lower, we are in the Inzukage’s mansion.” And he says “Well then fine, but let just find him and get out of here.” And as they come across his bedroom they notice no ones around and they look out side and they see that it is night, so they open the Kage’s bedroom and all 4 of them surround him, Rukia then makes a hand seal to surround him with wires so if he makes any movements with his arms, legs, and torso he will instantly die silently, then he quickly disappears but the wires are still in place, and he appears behind Rukia and says “Did you think that trick would have worked on me?” and she looks behind herself and no ones there. Then the wall next to them breaks and we see Ulquske enter as he says “Well this saves me the trouble of finding you.” And she says “Well this time you won’t get me with that trick, you can’t do it since were on your terrain and it could hurt the Inzukage now wouldn’t it?” and he says “Maybe so, but I have a few other tricks up my sleeve.” He then moves his hand up and Rukia starts to grab her head insanely, he then says “Blood Controlling Jutsu, successful.” She then says “When did you have the time to put your jutsu into me?” and she remembers in her last fight with him he ate a pill and he was right behind her but she felt an uneasy felling about it, and she says to herself –did he put that pill in y blood system?!- and he says “Yes I did, surprised I knew what you were thinking, this is one of the effects of the pill, as to controlling your flow of blood.” And she says “Well did you think you got me in a corner don’t you well you are wrong.” And then Zach appears behind Ulquske with his sword out covered in blood, then Ulquske says “Well, that hurt like hell.” And we see he was sliced in half from above the waist and Zach says “How did you not die?!” and Ulquske says “Because I have learned how to survive blows like that, it doesn’t surprise me.” And then Zach runs backwards and he starts to form hand signs and says “Lightning Style: Lightning Ray Jutsu.” And a giant blast made out of lightning comes from Zach’s finger tip and blasts through Ulquske, and once all the smoke is gone we see Ulquske with a giant hole in his chest, he then becomes a puddle of blood and states “Heh, you think you have defeated me, but once my body returns to my normal state all well and put together I will kill you 4, be warned.” And he goes off, as Rukia falls to the ground and starts to breath heavily, she says “We need to find the Inzukage, so lets go.”

07-24-2009, 07:41 PM
Chapter 15: Everything is on the Line

Rukia starts to runs and then gets stopped by Zach and she says “WHAT!?” and he says “Just who exactly is Ulquske?” and she says “As you know he is the only other person besides myself that was as skilled in killing in one shot, he gets tempered easily and he is, my older brother…” and he says “He is? Well we should get going, we don’t have much time now do we.” And she says “Right, we need to complete our mission.” And they run outside and once they stumble across a giant pillar, she starts to climb up it at the top she sees the Inzukage, he then says “You were able to get past Ulquske, your quite skilled, let me show you my power then.” And he draws out a scroll, and he then says “Summoning: Open!” and then a poof of smoke goes over the area and a small swirling portal appears on the ground, he then says “Summoning: Chakra Giant” and then a giant Eagle starts to climb out of the portal and once it reveals itself it gets instantly sucked into the Inzukage, he then goes right in front of Rukia and pokes her on the head, she then gets knocked to the Black Smith Shop 100 meters away, and Zach then uses “Lightning Style: Raining Lightning!” an the sky just starts to rain over the Inzukage but the rain is made out of electricity, the Inzukage just stood there as if nothing was happening and the Miyo with Akiyoshi says and uses “Ninja Art: Lightning Flowers” and then there are a bunch of flower petals with lightning chakra flowing through them, they hit the Inzukage but it has no effect and he just directs it all back at the users, they all fall to the ground and they are left powerless, he then appears in front of Rukia and says “Well well now, you thought you stood a chance at fighting me, but I have reached near perfection, nothing can beat me, I am far to strong, I thought you and Ulquske was supposed to be this strong sibling duo or something but as I see he is even weaker then you and you are like a piece of dirt, I don’t know why I thought you were strong or why you left this village but I will promise you that you will die soon enough, also I am surprised you didn’t die from that last blow but I am going to make sure you die from this one.” As he is about to strike her a field of Lightning surrounds Rukia and he looks behind him and he sees Zach as he is on the ground and has made a hand sign that has started the jutsu, he then vanishes from in front of Rukia and appears in front of Zach, he then says “You annoying bastard, you are going to die.” As he is about to punch Zach, he rolls over and the Inzukage hits the ground, Zach then gets off the ground and says “Fire Style: Living Ash Jutsu” and the ash around him starts to do as he commands and he sends it to surround the Inzukage, he then traps him with the ash but vanishes after and he appears behind Zach and punches him into the wall, Zach now unconscious the jutsu around Rukia disappears, and the Inzukage appears in front of Rukia again, and now the Inzukage puts all of his chakra into his fist and slams it down.

07-24-2009, 11:17 PM
Chapter 16: Those Who You Protect

We see the Inzukage smashing into the ground with his fist full of chakra, once all the smoke clears he we see someone in the way holding a palm up in the air which is holding the Inzukage’s fist and he says “If you touch her, your dead!” and the smoke clears and then we see who it is, it is Katsu, he then grabs his fist and twirls the Inzukage in the air and throws him into a building, he then walks up to him and kicks him into the building. Then the Inzukage says “Just who the hell are you!?” and he says “I am Katsu, the Hakikage of the Hidden Lightning Village.” And the Inzukage says “There is just no way someone as young and weak as you can be able to hit me this far?!” and he says “Heh, I don’t really know how to answer that myself but here I am so which means I was able to now wasn’t I.” and the Inzukage says “Well you don’t think just because you were able to throw me means that you won right, Wind Style: Cutting Pressure” and Katsu sees the jutsu coming so he uses “Fire Style: Flaming Fire Spheres” and it counteracts his Wind Style jutsu and strikes the Inzukage instead, the Inzukage then says “I might have 3rd Degree Burns but that won’t stop me, Water Style: Water Pulse Jutsu” and Katsu uses “Earth Style: Absorbing Wall Jutsu.” And it absorbs the Water and fires mud back at him, the Inzukage then says “Okay, enough fooling around, Blood Style: Triangle Trap Jutsu” and then Katsu stops moving, he then starts to cough up blood and falls to the ground, he then says “I have cut off all passage ways of blood from your heart, you will slowly die.” And then Katsu gets up and says “Heh, like that will stop me.” And he says “What,, you shouldn’t even be able to breath now let alone stand up.” And I say “Well now, you have become quite annoying, I say time to finish you.” And I create a concentrated ball of lightning in my hand and as I am about to strike he vanishes and only a few blood stains remain as I can here him say “Heh, better luck next time.” And I go to patch up the others, as I am healing them I use “Ninja Art: Transference Sphere” and with that I take Rukia, Zach, Akiyoshi, and Miyo back to the Village Hidden in the Lighting’s Hospital, then I go to the council board and I say “Hey I am going to go get the Juuichibi now, any requests while I am gone?” and the Elder says “What, you can’t go all by your self, you’ll die.” And I said “Listen I a going to need to do this sooner or later so let me go!” and he says “Fine do as you wish.” And I leave to go for the Juuichibi, back at the hospital Zach wakes up and he says “Where are we? What happened.” And Rukia says “We are in the Hidden Lightning’s Hospital, apparently we lost to the Inzukage, but Katsu appeared and saved us.” And Zach says “That show off, always trying to make himself seem like the hero, but wait what happened to the Inzukage?” and she says I don’t have that information yet…” and Akiyoshi walks in and says “Yo, after I woke up I over heard some ninja talking, what I believe they said was –I hear Hakikage-sama saved those 4 ninja. Yeah I know, I heard he beat he beat the Inzukage, wow is he really that powerful?!- or something like that.” Then Miyo walks into the room and says “No, that isn’t what I heard, I heard that he toke on the Inzukage but right before the Inzukage was going to be hit he ran away, so that means he is still at large.” Then Zach says “Well why don’t we just ask Katsu himself?” and then everyone else nods in agreement, and the scene changes to Katsu walking in the middle of a forest and he says “Since this thing is so big shouldn’t it be easy to find.” And he hears a big crash in front of him.

07-25-2009, 12:28 AM
Chapter 17: New Formation

We see Zach, Rukia, Miyo, and Akiyoshi go to the Kage mansion to ask Katsu what happened, when they see the elder sitting at his desk, Zach then approaches him and says “Hey where is Katsu?” and he says “He has gone off somewhere.” And Zach says “Where, tell me or I wi…” and ther is knocking on the door, the elder then says “Come in” and a Chunin and a Genin walk through the door and Zach says “State your purpose Akira Miyamoto” and he says “As the only other Chunin I recommend requesting back up on Katsu’s current mission along with yourself, Akiyoshi and Jounin here.” And Zach says “Well, so Jounin, seeing as you are here with Akira means that you have accepted, am I right?” and Jounin says “Yes, I have heard the circumstances and am willing to take part in this mission.” And Zach says “Well what is this mission anyways?” and Akira says “Katsu has been sent out to capture the 11 tails and we are sent to go help him.” And then Zach says “Heh, he’s already doing that, well we will just to follow him and help him.” Rukia says “Wait, how though, we don’t even know where he is.” And Zach says “Just trust me, and Akira, you don’t mind if I bring 2 more people with us do you?” and Akira says “No, not at all, actually it would be better.” And Zach says “Rukia, Miyo, you are coming as well, we should head out.” The scene switches to Katsu, he runs and watches as a small town is being crushed, once the smoke clears out he sees it, The 11 Tail Monster Wolf, The Juuichibi, and he then try’s using Wind Style” Cutting Pressure, seeing as it is a electrical monster and wind is good against it, but sure enough it just bounces off. He tries to conceal it with “Earth Style: Prison” but it just breaks out, seeing as he has no other choice he grabs for something in his pouch…

I know this chapter is extremely short but I have to save the epicness for the next chapter, and plus, there will also be a surprise coming that is a add-on of this chapter.

07-30-2009, 01:13 PM
Here is the firsts Databook which has pictures/discriptions of the characters

*Don't rate badly on my artistic skills

*The pictures got cut off/discolored when I scanned them to my computer so keep that in mind

*I know the Inzukage sucks, don't remind me

*Either then that look freely










If you want more characters in the data book request it here (http://naruto.vfatality.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10984) and just discuss this fanfic there also, I will make a new chapter soon...

08-24-2009, 10:16 PM
Chapter 18: The Exchange

The scene starts with Katsu standing in front of the Juuichibi, he then mutters “Well, I have no other choice, this may be taxing on me but I believe I have no other choice.” I then reach into my pouch and grab a scroll, I then use “Mind Conflict Jutsu” and I place my hand on the scroll and after what appears is 100 ghost eels, they then rap themselves around the Juuichibi and it falls unconscious while I make I hand seal and I fall unconscious as well, I then appear in a universe where the only thing around myself is the color navy blue, the Juuichibi then appears before me and I start to talk, I say “Hey, I have come to make a deal with you.” And the Juuichibi states “What can a mere human have that I would possibly want?!” I then get a smirk on my face and say “Well, this may be a bad decision, but I am allowing you to eat away at my soul, but if I can obtain your power.” And the Juuichibi gets a confused look on it’s face and says “Well why would I want to do that?!” and I say “C’mon, I know that is the only way how you can survive, that is what you have been doing for the past weeks you have been running free, isn’t it.” And the Juuichibi says “True, but what will you gain from it, I mean besides the power.” And I say “Well I need to protect those people around me that are close, and you are doing the opposite, so what about do we have a deal?” and he says “Sure why not kid, not like I have any downside.” And I say “Oh yeah there is one other thing.” And the Juuichibi says “What the hell is it.” And I say “You are going to be sealed inside me.” And he says “Well then forget it, I have no intention to be inside some brat all day.” And I say “Well that is quite unfortunate, in this dimension you cannot leave without my permission, and you cannot hurt me, I can control what happens and even crush you in a second, so consider my offer.” And the Juuichibi says “Fine, just don’t kill me.” And I say “I bet you are wondering, why I need the power, the reason is because there is this other force out there, well technically under the Lightning Village that could kill us all in an instant, not even the White Blood Village could stand up against it, since you have been here for centuries I bet you know what it is, don’t you.” And he says “Oh yes, I have totally forgot about him, he always acted like a kid, but deep down he was a killer, I always hated him, why bring him up now?” and Katsu says “Well, I have with the Village Council has felt his chakra starting to awaken, now to that fact we need as much protection as we can get.” And the Juuichibi says “Okay boy, I will go with you, for now to kill that mother ;);););););), but once we do I am going to escape, and kill you.” Then I say “Yeah Yeah” and I use the universe to seal him within myself and I wake myself up.”

08-26-2009, 07:47 AM
Chapter 19: A Unexpected Twist Of Events

The scene starts with Rukia, Zach, Akiyoshi, Miyo, Akira, and Jounin walking through a forest, Rukia looks up into the sky and she starts to say “Hey Akiyoshi, can you come with me for a minute?” and he says “Sure, I don’t see why not.” And they walk off into the distance, and Akira says “Hey should we continue or wait for them?” and Zach says “Go ahead, they will catch up.” and Akira says “Fine with me, they were holding us up anyways.” They continue to run forward until they see Katsu collapsed on the ground, they go run up to him and he wakes up to see them around him, I say “Hey, what are you guys doing?” and Zach responds “We heard you went after the Juuichibi and thought we could lend a hand, oh by the way where is the Juuichibi?” and I said “Well, I sealed it inside myself.” And Zach screams “Why, why would you do that?!” and I say “Because… I don’t want to shock you but I bet you noticed as well, the Shinigami that created the Lightning Village, that became so unstable that we had to seal it underground, but it has now re-awaken and it won’t be a matter of time before it breaks free, we need to get ready, by the way where is Rukia and Akiyoshi, they didn’t come with you?” and Zach says “Well, she needed something so they walked off, I say do not disturb them if you know what I mean.” And I say “Well, lets go find them, I can sense Rukia’s chakra a few miles away, lets go.” As they are running Akira says “Wait, I smell the sent of blood, let me look into this.” He starts looking around and he sees something, he sees Akiyoshi dead, he then calls everyone to look around and Katsu says “WHERE’S RUKIA!” and Zach says “I can still sense he chakra, but she was here, you do know what this looks like, I mean she once was a part of the Vil…” and Katsu says “Shut up, I won’t believe it until she admits that she did it, and even then I won’t believe it.” Then Zach says “Well looks like she is the village, my Keikei Genkai is able to track peoples positions with just anything they have ever touched, that’s how I always find you and sneak up on you.” And Katsu says “I know, lets just get to the village already.” As they run to the village the Elder approaches them, he says “It looks like your mission was a success.” And Katsu runs up to him and says “Who cares about that, I need to see Rukia.” And he says “Even as Kage you must not!” and Katsu says “Why, I need to talk to her.” And the Elder says “About a half an hour ago Rukia came up to me covered in blood, I asked her why she was like that and she stated, ‘You know, just committed a crime, I killed one of your Villagers that was a part of your villages military, you have no choice but to put me in jail.’ And I replied back to her as ‘Very well, you will be put in solitary confinement with only authorized personal that I can trust with you to visit and get your requests for and also bring you food and water once a day.’ She then said ‘I accept those terms, please bring me there’ and I then replied as ‘Okay, as you wish’” A shocked look comes over there faces.

08-26-2009, 09:28 PM
Chapter 20: Roundabout Situations and Predicaments

The scene starts with a silence from Katsu, Zach, Miyo, Akira, and Jounin, The Elder then says “Listen, none of you may see her, only authorized personal that I assign may go, furthermore, all of you have been assigned new missions except for you Katsu, you need to go back to your job as Kage, and Miyo, I see no reason for you to be here any longer, go back to your village seeing as we do not need your assistance any longer and go report to your Kage to tell her what has happened.” And then Miyo says “But wait, I can still help out here, I mean I need to finish my mis…” and the Elder repeats “YOU MUST NOT! Everyone do as ordered, Zach, your Kekei Genkai is able to track people with just something they have ever touched, we need you to track down a ninja that just went rogue, Akira and Jounin, I need you two to keep guard of the village for any intruders while Katsu and I make preparations for the upcoming actions ahead of us.” Katsu then looks at the ground and says “everyone heard that, go to your mission, we can not afford to lose anytime.” The scene switches the White Blood Village we see the Inzukage get kicked to the ground, then a man appears out of the shadows and says “It’s Over” then the Inzukage gets sliced in half, we then see the man appears, he has pink hair and is wearing a completely white shirt with black cloak covering, he is wielding a blue scythe in his right hand now stained with blood and he is also wearing black jeans, he states “Well this battle was intriguing, but he wasn’t all that strong, he was one of the weaker opponents I have ever fought.” He then looks up in the air, and states “I can feel this insane power surge though, it feels as if it were going to eat me, well I as the new Inzukage I need to find the strongest fighter here and kill all the rest, I only need one person to complete me goal.” The scene switches over back to Katsu at the village gate and he says “See you Miyo, I will see you soon.” And she states “Yup” as she runs off. Katsu then looks up and states “Well once Zach comes back we can start the mission.” The elder then approaches Katsu and says “We need to start right now.” And Katsu says “I understand.” And the Elder says “As well, once Zach comes back no villagers are allowed to leave the village, if any one does they are to be executed while being apart of the Lightning Village.” And I say “Yes, I understand, I will make that announcement.” And then the Elder says “Well what are you waiting for, lets get started” and I say under my breath “you old man, what do you think you are doing ordering the kage around.” And he says “What did you say!?” and I say “Oh nothing.” And we walk off.

09-05-2009, 12:57 PM
Chapter 21: The Uneventful Day

Katsu and the Elder approach a group of ninja which have a suit of seals surrounding them, the Elder then says “Each of you go to a point near the outskirts of the village and begin the seal, we will start once Zach comes back.” And they say “Yes sir.” As I walk off into my office, just a few minutes later Zach breaks through the window and I say “Was that really necessary.” And Zach says “Sorry, I accidentally hit window instead of the wall, next time the wall will enter through the wall.” And I say “I rather the window, well anyways are we all set up.” And Zach says “Yup, Akira, Jounin and Miyo are waiting for us.” And I say “Great, well lets go.” The scene goes to the gate of the village where the previously mentioned people are at, Katsu says “I will miss this village, but for right now we must go, well this will most likely be my last day as Kage, I hope the village is intact by the time we get back, oh and Miyo, are you sure you want to do this, you have no current obligation to help us and could get punished severely.” And she says “Yeah, this will get rid of any threat towards my Kage, I need to keep that.” And I look up into the sky and say “All right, let us go then.” And Akira says “Remind me, where are we going?” and I say “We are going to get a villages help, even just one member will do, but we need all the help we can get.” They start to walk off and the scene switches to the White Blood Village, and he says “By my name, Kampiki I will find a way how to obtain that power, now villagers of the White Blood, battle to the death and the last one surviving gets to be my helper.” They all draw out swords and start clashing, Kampiki then walks off. About 24 hours later Katsu and the others are still walking and somehow managed to get in a dessert, Jounin then says “Hey Katsu, you do know where you are heading right?” and I say “Yeah, the village is up ahead.” And then Miyo says “Can we atleast take a minute to just sit down, I mean we have been walking for almost a day now.” And Katsu says “Sure you can, but don’t expect me to wait up.” Then Zach says “Why are you in such a hurry?” and Katsu says “Because, I haven’t seen this person for a while, and he can be just what we need.” Then Miyo says “That’s it, time to use some chakra.” She then movers her hand to a central point and makes a surfboard out of compacted flower petals made from her chakra, then Katsu says “Hey, that isn’t fair.” And she says “Well you wouldn’t wait for me so I got to do this.” And Katsu says I guess you are right, and hey Akira, why have you been so quiet?” and he says “I just merely have nothing to say is all.” And Katsu says “is that so, well, we will be there in two days.” The scene switches to the Lightning Village, the Elder says “Where is Katsu!” and one villager says “According to surveillance, he with a squad consisting of Zach Rex, Akira Mashimoto, Jounin, and Miyo from the Village Hidden in the Sakura have gone rogue to pursue their goals.” And the Elder says “Damn them, we need as much help as we can…” and he starts to feel and earth quake, then the earth starts to crack and then a black claw reaches out of the hole, it pushes the ground up and gets its other hand pushes the ground above it out of the way, it starts to climb up and it appears to be as big as tailed beast, it is completely black and has a demonic mask over it’s face, it climbs out and yells out a giant roar as it quickly vanishes, as the Elder goes to the outskirts of the village and see's a giant gapping hole is in the center, the only building that was not destroyed was the Jail Cell that Rukia was in. He then sends 2 Anbu to check on her condition.

09-20-2009, 09:54 PM
Chapter 22: Devising

The Anbu approach the building and enter, they walk slowly and right in front of the solitaire jail cell, Rukia says “I hear someone approaching, I heard a huge commotion outside, what just happened?” and one of the Anbu says “We are not allowed to tell you.” And she says “Oh, then why did you come here?” and one of the other Anbu says “We were asked to see your condition.” And she says “Well, can I see Katsu, I am prepared to make a deal.” And the first Anbu said “Sorry, that won’t be necessary, we have no attention of cooperating with you, anyways Katsu is no longer a ninja of this village.” And the Rukia says “Then bring me to who ever is in charge at the time being.” And the second Anbu says “No, we will not, but we will bring him here if he feels like he should.” And Rukia says “Hmm, but can you at least bring me something to eat, I haven’t eaten for a few days” and they just walk off. The scene switches to Katsu looking up in the sky, he then sees a quick flash of darkness straight above him, he then says “We may be to late, come on we need to pick up the pace.” And Miyo says “What has happened?” and Katsu responds by saying “I believe the Shinigami has escaped and is recovering it’s power, I thought I just saw it fly over our heads, we don’t have much time.” And Zach says “Wait, but we still have a Day and a Half till we get to that village.” And Katsu says “Well, for you guys maybe but not for me.” And he taps into his Jinchuuriki Chakra to be able to move at large speeds, he then goes zooming off and Zach says “Looks like he is off, well I can get us there in the same speed with help of Miyo.” And Miyo says “Huh, why me?” and Zach says “Because, I need the extra chakra and looks like you can do this.” And Zach takes out a scroll and lays it out, he then makes some hand signs and lays his flat palm onto the center, he then says “Miyo, I need your flower chakra techniques to keep this at a rapid speed, if this is successful then we should be exactly where Katsu is and following.” And She says “How does that work?” and Zach states “The last time we took a drink I put some of my chakra into his drink and since he drank it we will be able to do this, but I need to make sphere of flower petals around us.” And she says “Oh, okay.” As she does they instantly warp right behind Katsu.” Then Zach says “Right now we see out of Katsu’s eyes, we will not reappear out of this dimension until I release it, I will do so once we get there, but Miyo, you can not release the technique, okay.” And she says “Got it.” They continue to follow him, the scene switches to the Elder approaching the Jail Cell and yells out “You wanted to see me?!” and she replies “Yes, I need to inform you of something.” And he says “What benefit will you get from this?” and she just looks at the roof and whispers “You will find that all out later.” Off in some foreign mountains we see a group of 8 and they are walking across and one of them says “So it has begun.”

Hidan of the Mist
10-12-2009, 11:06 AM
nice long as hek story though still cool