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The Gems of the Darkness


The sun was riseing, only a few more minutes until morning. The villagers would all be awake then ... the perfect time to strike.....

"Boring village, boring people, boring ninja, boring....Well boring everything.'' I said while yawning. The wind was blowing threw the lush, green trees, makeing my icey blue ponytail blow into my face. I ignored it and keept sitting and stareing into space, with a fusterated look on my face.

"Hmp....There's not even one single wanted poster up for me.... I hate this village!''
I was sitting down against a tree, I had just got done checking the village out with my pet tiger, Arisa. I had no idea what the village was called, but hey I didn't even care..... But then again I need to be known... I couldn't just live my life with out anyone knowing how dangerous.. how strong.. how mighty I was! I then thought over a few more things then finally made up my mind.

''Well, it's time to cause some trouble," I told a figure next to me.

''My pleasure, miss Suki" the figure growled beautifullly she then walked out of the shadows and you could see clearly, that she was indeed a tiger. My tiger compainion walked over to me, waiting for a comand

"Come on lets go." I said, egar to get to the village. This would be rather fun....

chapter one: wild child
"HELLO PEOPLE IN THE CITY, I'M NATSUKI THE ROUGE! HERE TO FIGHT!!!! YOU BETTER FEAR ME OR YOUR THE FIRST I'M ATTACKING!'' ....... ''AND THE ONE WHO FEARS ME THE MOST MY TIGER ATTACKS FIRST. HAVE A NICE DAY.'' I shouted recklessly, I needed to be feared... I had to be..... I would be feared... All would know MY name..

We were in a village and well causeing some trouble. But hey, That's our hobby, you can't keep us away from trouble... we basicaly invented trouble.

''3,2,1,...'' I counted waiting for the villagers to attack.

''GET HER!'' some ninja guarding the village shouted at me. The ninja came running twords me and I just sighed. I then took my hands and made 20 symbols quickly and before the other ninja could even attack I cast my justu.

''ice style: Iced Dragons, Halfs made whole!" As I said that, a giant Ice Dragon then appered, out of my ice controled justu, it was superior to my attack Double dragons. The dragon was not supposed to kill anyone just hurt them ...badly.... at the most. but then again, should I care if I killed someone?

we had been fighing off ninja for about an hour, and we both where just getting warmed up.

''I'm almost done Arisa just......There!'' I said while carving my name into the kage statue with the dragon, That would make them rember me for sure....

''Time to flee! AND REMEBER I'M NATSUKI THE ROUGE! BETTER FEAR ME!'' I then ran off, Arisa following close behind. We ran for about 30 minutes and then finaly stopped when we got into a dense forest. ''Well Arisa we'll go back there tommrow while using a transformation justu. I wonder what the price on our capture is this time.'' I said while relaxing in a tree.

Arisa jumped up on the branch next to me and said, ''Well the biggest wev'e ever gotten was 2 million.'' I sighed.

''Yeah but that was when I was younger, I had no self control and killed the whole village except for you and myself......I don't want to talk about it though.....'' I told her while closing my eyes remebering the time that all happend, but no I don't want to rember it! No! NO!

''Are you okay you look like your under pressure.'' asked the tiger with light orange fur that was striped in a beautifull pattern.

''I'm fine, I'm just remebering that day.'' I said almost asleep. The horrid memories where fadeing now... the memories had haunted me for years, but I had learned how to block them out.

''Okay I will not bug you then.'' She said while curling up into a ball also going to sleep. The night was comeing soon, must.....rest.

I hope you liked it. The begining isn't so good but it gets better later on, well at least I hope you guys will like it later on it will explain alot more includeing the title and main charecter. Tell me if you like it.

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nice, hope part 2 is even better

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Okay I'll post it soon I have alot of the story written so far I just need to edit it, and thanks it's good that someone liked the story.

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Okay I'll post it soon I have alot of the story written so far I just need to edit it, and thanks it's good that someone liked the story.
i well be weiting lol

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Chapter two: wanted

I was sleeping in a dreamless sleep.. entirly peaceful until I heard a voice.

''Natsuki wake up hurry!'' Said the familar voice. I wasn't sure someone even was talking to me, due to the fact that I was half asleep. I tried to go back to sleep but something inside me said that I needed to wake up.

''Huh?'' I asked more aleart now.

Arisa was nudgeing me with her paw. ''Someone is coming.'' she said worridly, Her eyes darting around hopeing not to be found.

''Okay...Okay.... transform'' I then transformed Arisa and myself into two trees. Nobody would ever think that we would be trees. I could her foot steps comeing this way. Okay there coming better listen.

''She ran off in this direction.'' Said a boy ninja who looked about fifteen, He had orange hair, it was short and a bit messy. He was tall and had dark blue eyes. The boy was wearing blue pants that went to his ankle, and a black shirt with short blue sleeves, you could see the netting under his shirt. His head band tied around his arm. The symbol loked sorta like a star. There was also a brown dog with him about the size of about... well a bit smaller than the size of Arisa, even though she was a big tiger. It had blue eyes and white ears.

''Hmp hmp'' Said the dog. At the noise the boy knellt down and faced the dog.

''you smell somthing boy?'' he asked excitedly.

Oh no! They'll find us! I have no choice I'll have to do it. Even though I hate this justu. Well I hate useing it on people..... I relased the Justu, faced the boy and said,

''Crystal Ice style: crystaline freeze!''

The person and his dog then froze in place, once my icey mist justu hit them and sunk through their skin.

''Arisa you can come out now I just crystalized all the liquid in their bodies.'' I said noticeing that she was still hideing. The tiger released the Justu then timidly looked around until she spotted the boy.

''Okay, I forgot you could use that justu, it looks like their just standing still.'' She said looking at them closely. I smiled then got back to bussiness. This was going to be easier than I though.

''Well time to transform!'' I said while I turned into the orange haired boy and turned Arisa into the dog. ''Lets see if we can beat our record I said as we walked off to the village. The memories had now been forgotten and stored deep within my mind.

I walked into the village casulay acting like I belonged, over the years I realized that was then number one rule when sneaking into a village, To look like you where part of the group.

''Oh look a wanted poster!'' I said quitely to Arisa. I'll read it to you." I then walked over to the poster and began reading it.

"Wanted, name Natsuki, refers to herself as Natsuki the rouge. Description, long Ice blue hair tied into a high pony tail, has magenta eyes. Wears an ice blue shirt that goes to her knees, with tight dark blue pants to her ankles. A red belt is loosely tied around her waist and a red backpack on her back. Then there's a picture of me under that..... Crime, attacking our village, hurting many and destroying the Kage's staue. Age, around twelve or fifteen. Known attacks: ice dragon halfs made whole. Other details, Has a tiger with her lager than the average size.There is a picture of you under it, and the price for capture 5,000."

I sighed at the price. It was about what I had expected, the average.

"Well we didn't beat it... lets leave this dump.'' I then turned around and started walking away from this village.

''Right behind you'' said Arisa as she follwed me. Only after a few seconds of walking we had to stop because there was a person, and I think it was talking to me.

''Hiro did you find the girl!?'' I turned around and saw a boy around the same age as the one I captured. He had white hair that was cut short. He wore a light blue shirt with netting showing, and black pants. his eyes were hazel, with bangs almost covering the tops of them. he looked so..... well it wasn't exactly handsome and it wasn't exactly cute. I then realized I was stareing at him like a girl... and I was transformed as a guy, I then came back to my senses and said

''Um no, I did not!'' I tried to keep my voice as low as possible, but it was hard since my voice wasn't so deep, it was actually a bit higher pitched than normal. I then hid my face as I blushed at the bad attempt to sound more like a boy.

''Then what are you doing back here?'' he asked confusedly. I tried to think of an awser but Arisa started talking.

''O....'' Began Arisa, I then takled her and coverd her mouth. Didn't she know that the dog couldn't talk!

"Ummm I was hungry so I came to get some food.'' I said, still trying to keep my voice as deep as possible. Hopeing that he belived my lie. I really belived that it was a good lie, but there was a hint of doubt in his voice.

''Really if your mom finds out she will kill you and don't start saying stuff like she's the Kage of the village, She won't want to lose someone as talented as me, and since when did your vocie sound so strange? I'll get my mom to fix you up a cup of tea. Come on.'' he said wanting me to go with him.

''I can possibly not, but could I have some warm water with honey in it insted?'' I asked since my throught really was sore. And You don't really get honey in the forest unless you steal it or like being stung by bees.

''Idiot,your allergic to honey," he then sighed and continued in a kinder voice. " Come on now.'' the white haired boy then grabbed my hand and dragged me down the street. HEEEEELLLPPPPPPPP I don't want to goooo!!!!! I thought even though no one could read my mind.

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In about two more posts it will explain more about her and the title.Did anyone like it? :p

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me!!!lol i cant believe she oh god im almost laughing lol!

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Okay thanks!
Sorry if anyone didn't like it,I just couldn't think of a begining.

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Chapter 3: Rasberries

I followed him down the street then inside a house and sat down at the the white kitchen table. He told me that he would go get his mom, so now I was able to talk to Arisa without being found out.

''Arisa he's coming back soon so don't talk, just play along but remeber you can't talk. Got it?.'' Arisa shook her head as if to mean yes. Good, I thought. Moments later a woman walked into the room.

''Hi Hiro! Glad you could make it! I'll make some Tea for you and Daisuke.'' Said a woman with short green hair, bangs almost covering her hazel eyes. She wore a pair of green pants and a long pink shirt. She then started to make some tea, and after fifteen minutes it was done.

''Here you boys are, I hope you like it!'' she said while handing us the glasses. I'll need to go right after I drink this I thought, or else Hiro's body will unfreeze and he'll come running to the village. I could then eaisly get captured.

I picked up the tea and started to drink it. ''This tastes good, what kind is it?" I asked my touge feeling suprizeingly heavy but I ignored it.

''Rasberry, I'm glad you like it, my own recipe'' she said while pouring herself some. I quickly stood up my head spinning.

''What I'm deathly allergic to rasberries!'' I said blackness taking over my eyes. the older woman gave me a smile.

''No thats with honey dear, not rasberries.'' She told me while still smileing. I have to get out of here I thought but it was two late, My eyes had been taken over by blackness and I was falling.... falling.The last I heard was Screaming and someone shouting take him to the hostipal.

I opened my eyes ''Where am I'' I asked out loud.... No anwser. I asked louder.... still no anwser. I looked around and saw nothing.

''Am.... am I dead?'' I asked quietly, quite frightened.

''No you are not, at least not yet.'' Said a booming voice behind me. I turned around to see a face it was glowing blue and resembled a pure white panda.

''I am your inner most guide. Here to warn you of a great danger.''it said in it's noble voice

''What is it?'' I asked the panda. he gave me a wise look in return and said

'' It's yourself.'' ....."I will show you what I mean......''

He closed his eyes, and everything became light again. I was in my room, in my home.... the home I used to have. It was that day. The most dreadful day. the day I so much wanted to forget.. to erase...

''I don't wan't to see it! No! '' I shouted struggleing not to look.

''You must and you will!'' Commanded the loud,booming voice. I could no longer keep my eyes away. I was staring driectly at myself exactly four years ago.....

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Tell me if you like it! :p

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ouchies!this sounds painful

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Chapter four: too much power

A sickly girl was laying in bed She had short icey blue hair and cloudly magenta eyes. She was wearing a dark blue pair of pajamas. It was night time, all was quiet except for a slight coughing sound and the blowing of the wind, but then there was a sharp knock on the open window.

''Hey there little girl you look awfuly sick would you like me to help you?'' asked a chipmunk on the windowsill. The little girl looked at him innocently. ''Why...yes *cough* my parents are so worried about me,*cough* I would do any thing to get better so they don't have to spend so much time and money on me.*cough*'' Said the little girl.

The chipmunk ran up to her bed and stood at the foot of it next to a very small tiger. '' I feel so sorry for you. So how about I give you something, give your tiger something and heal you you would like that right?'' Asked the chipmunk. The little girl tried to smile but failed in the attempt.

''Oh please do so'' said the girl weakly. The chipmunk grinned, almost evily.

"Okay all you two need to do is put on these necklaces and you will be healed." The chipmunk handed the girl the necklace, it had a lavender flower gem on it connected to a chain. it was extremely bueatiful, and glimmered in the light.

"Okay I'll do it. Thank you so very much.'' said the little girl while putting on the necklace, at the same time the squirrel was putting one on the small tiger.

Once the necklace was on the girl it began it sizzle and pop. It then melted into her skin.

''Owwwwwwww!!!! whats happening to me!?!?!'' After a few more seconds it stopped she sat up and grasped her lavender blanket gasping for breath.

''You fool, you have been branded to my obediance with a dark gem, and so has your tiger, for I'm Kenta, the only survivor of the banished."

"As you already know the banished are sent to the diminish realm and will eventualy get eaten by monsters..... or become immortal. I was able to survive there for ten years and during that time I was making the dark stones while hopeing to find a way out one day. Finally one day I was lucky and there was a rip in time and space, wich was during a great Shinobi war, The war of the wars. I kept myself quiet and hidden for the past ten years I've been out of the realm. Looking for a victem and creating an army of shapeshifters.....

I have sensed great power in you little girl and you will now also be one of my servants and help me take over the world because you have the mark.'' he said. I looked where the gems used to be all that was left was a tatoo of the gem on the skin and a chain with nothing on it. Power ceazed over the girl. She felt stronger than she had ever been before, only the feeling was out of rage and hatered..The tiger grew twice her size and each claw had become it's own mini sword.

''I..I've never felt stronger, but I feel too strong I need to let go of some power.... I need to...... kill, kill. Come Arisa we need to kill." She said standing up out of bed.you would of never guessed she was deathly sick a minute ago.

"She fell under my spell!'' The chipmunk said, then turned in to a raven and flew away.

Tell me if you like the story! :p

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oh god!this is freaky!but good keep writing im on the edge of my seat

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The little girl smashed her door to peices, and went down stairs to the living room where her parents were talking to a docter. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see my parents die in front of me, or the kind docter who was my uncle. I heard blood crudleing screams and and shouting. Soon after the girl and tiger walked out smileing. Enjoying it.

They went along and killed every single villager one by one enjoying the moment. Once the twosome were done with the villagers the girl cunched her hand and went to the kages's building I also couldn't look at that either, it was to sad. The kage had always been so kind to me and the other children. She was also my sensei, since I just became a Genin. I herd screams and shouting and finaly a weak voice said ''Seal!'' Then there was a loud thump on the ground as the Hokage fell to her death. Soon after the girl realized what she had done and went running out of the village crying her tiger following her.
I started to cry as well.

Everything turned back to blackness and the panda appeared again. ''Do you know who that was?'' he asked. "Yes it was me and I regreat what I've done with every bone in my body and to every last breath.'' I told him, tears leaking from my eyes. ''I think you now know what to do.'' He said as everything turned light again.

'' I must Break the bind then save the world from Kenta the banished.'' I screamed.
I then looked around and saw a pair of hazel eyes staring at me.

''Stop shouting will you?'' The person said while healing me with chakra. I reconized his voice. ''Your Daisuke!'' I exclaimed. ''Yea,and your natsuki.'' said another voice. I looked and saw more people on the room all in medic clothes execpt one, Hiro. ''Yes thats me. Sorry about earlier.'' The boy kept frowning. ''yea whatever. Just don't do it again.'' Said the orange haired boy.
''There your healed miss. Now the hokage wants a talk with you. Don't worry she goes easy on children.'' Said the boy with hazel eyes. ''I'm not a kid I'm fourteen.'' I said harshly. "Yeah, like we even care. Now how 'bout we leave now so the Kage can come, so we don't have to do any work.'' said Hiro. ''Okay, she's in good contition we can leave her now.'' Daisuke said and all the medics left execpt one in the coner.

The mecdic took of her mask to reveal lavender hair and lavender eyes.
''Welcome to the village hidden in the stars, I would be pleased if you would stay here I'm the Star-kage. But before you can join can you please explain your actions to me.'' She asked me.
''Yes miss I will, I just have some issues, I sometimes get a power of rage in me and want to fight. It's hard to explain miss." The kage looked at me closely with her lavender eyes. ''Hmm..I can sense a great power of rage and evilness in you, But deeper down i can sense cocmplete pureness. I'll let you stay, I'll have my son, his friend, and maby Amaya watch you incase things get out of control, deal?'' she asked. Hmmm, might be worth it..... ''Deal, but where is Arisa?'' I asked looking around the room. The kage smiled "She's still at Daisuke's house and I'm guessing she's using a transformation because she looks exactly like Takeshi.'' The starkage told me. ''She obeys order very well'' I replied proudly. the kage smiled. ''Thats great, you can stay her untill you aren't as weak.'' She then left the room and closed the door behind her. I soon fell into a deep dark dreamless sleep.

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''Hey you wake up, you get breakfast in bed by the orders of my mom. She put this thing in it so it clears away the rasberry stuff.'' Said Hiro. Another person walked into the room and said, ''Actualy It has a special liquid in it to clean your system of any leftover rasberry cells that was not completly gotten rid of, it's like poision to your body, same with Hiro here and honey.'' said Daisuke. Hiro looked annoyed, yet again. ''Yea, whatever, I don't care about your medic stuff.'' He said now slouching in a chair. ''You should really have better posture, slouching could ruin your ability as a ninja!'' said the white haired boy quite annoyed also. ''Look guys please don't start a fight in this room...... please.'' I said. I mean they are so annoying!

''Sorry miss'' said The medic. I looked at the food. It looked good, but I wasn't that hungry.....
''If I eat this can I get out of the hostipal?'' I asked them looking down at my breakfast. A glass of orange juice, and some pancakes with syurup.
''Yea, there not posined, then you can leave and stay with Amaya.'' Said Hiro still slouching in the chair. I looked confused and darted my eyes around the room, no one elese was in it.
''Who's Amaya?'' I asked them.''My twin sister we are both fifteen, You would like her. I'll introduce you two later.'' said the white haired boy.''Okay" I then ate my breakfast. It was quite good actualy, but made me feel sick afterward.

''Ugh, I feel sick.'' I said clutching my stoumah.It fellt like I ate 20 kunis. ''Good that means that your completely healed, Come on I'll take you to my House you will be staying with Amaya." said the boy with hazel eyes. ''Okay'' I said while standing up,''I'm ready to leave.'' ''Yea, follow us, we'll lead you to the girl,come on.''Said Hiro.

I followed them back to the house where I fainted. ''Here go inside I'm staying out here.'' Said Hiro standing by the door. I wondered why but shruged, I didn't really care. ''He's afriad of Amaya, come on inside.'' The white haired boy told me. Hiro's face turned pale. ''I'm not, she's just a little strange. She doesn't even look like you.....'' He said while backing away a bit. '
'Were faternal twins idiot, how many times do I have to tell you that.'' Said Daisuke as he opened the door.

I followed him till we got to a door in a far coner of the house. Daisuke then knocked on the door. ''Amaya, can you come out and meet Natsuki, She will be staying with us.'' He said. A few seconds later the door started to creak open slowly. ''Hello?'' Said a voice. ''Can we come in?'' asked Daisuke. ''No, wait outside.'' Said the voice. The door soon opened all the way and out came a girl. she had long wavy black hair with no bangs. Her eyes where a deep dark black color against her pale skin. she had a black long sleeved shirt that flaried out at the ends and one arm in a black sling, the collor of the shirt went all the way up her neck. The shirt went down to her waist, she then wore a black skirt that whent to her knees with long black pants underneath. Her fingernails and toenails were painted black,and there was a pure black raven on her shoulder.

To me, she looked sorta...... unhappy.

"You! Your the one who broke my arm! you will pay for that.'' She said once she saw me. She then started moving her good arm in some strange ways. The raven then flew towrds me talons out, beak ready. ''Ahhh!'' I ducked as it slashed at me. ''Crystal/Ice style crystaline freeze!'' I said aiming at the Raven.
"...nothing happened?' 'I said while barely dodgeing the raven's talons again.
''Amaya, stop it. Your not supposed to attack people for no reason." Commmanded Daisuke. ''Fine, brother I will stop but only because you told me to'' Said Amaya summoning her raven back to her. I sighed, happy that I wasn't hurt. ''Come, you will be using a cot in my room.'' She said beconing her hand wanting me to follow her into the dark room....

Tell me if you like the story! :p:):p:)

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I followed her into the room. The walls were painted black. In a corner there was a bed with a black blanket and pillow. A window with black curtains covering it was directly over it. On the same wall there was two small cages, one holding a raven. Next to that was a window also covered with black curtains on the next wall there was a closet. The only thing that wasn't black was the tan floor, even though it had a couple black rugs.

''Um...I like the color, of the floor'' I said while looking around. ''I hate it, now I'll go get that cot.'' She said as she stepped into the closet and closed the door. I never knew someone who like black i said then looked around the room.

I froze when I saw the same raven that attacked me. It was glaring it's small red eyes at me. I relaxed once I realized that it was in a kage. It couldn't hurt me. There was also another raven in a seperate cage it was tinted slightly purple. I looked at the two empty cages, the black raven belongs in one but what is the other one for I wondered.

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I will write more but the paragraphs always gets cut off. Tell me if you like it so far.

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oh the paragraphs, it doesnt matter just do this:
"LA LALALALALALA!!!!" I sung horribly just to get on my brother's nerves.

"Will you shut up you shrieking banshee?!" My older brother, Will, said. I stuck my tongue out at him and continued my wailing. My brother covered his ear with two pillows. I brought out a stick and started whacking him ferociously on his head and back.

"I, my dear-" I stuck him really hard at that word, "brother, will never shut up, even if it kills you." I said cockily. Suddenly he roared and started lashing at me with the pillows. I tossed him his own stick and we faced off. I attacked first. I lunged in at a good speed, but my brother dodged it. He the made a horizontal slice and I ducked under it, trying to make him lose his footing by kicking his legs. He stumbled, but took that to his advantage and made a lunge himself. I got poked in a rib and gasped dramatically, but kept fighting like a brave and valiant warrior. I made vertical and horizontal strikes, feigning fatigue, not getting in a single hit. I suddenly lunged forward, and my brother parried. But then I twirled around and hit him once during my rotation and another time after the rotation ended. I had hit his waist, and a shoulder.

My brother, with a dramatic air, clutched his waist, and I went in to finish the kill. I behead the mighty plague of my existence, Will the Older! We both imagined a fountain of blood spurting up, then his head rolling to a dead stop on the floor, with his skin a slight red, his flesh bloodied and pulsating, and a bit of bone sticking out in the center. Grinning, I helped my brother up.

"When did you add the twirl, Felica the Younger?" My brother asked in mock gentlemanly way.

"Ah, my dear elder, my fighting style has yet to be shown to you!" I said in the air of someone important. We both laughed and went to the kitchen to see if we had any chicken from last night.

something like that, k cherry?

07-21-2009, 04:49 PM
note that was just an example for the paragraph thing

Deaths Revenge
07-21-2009, 07:36 PM
I like it, its a little out there but its still believeable. I would just ask for a little more detail and a continuation =p.

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After a few minutes Amaya came back into the room holding a cot. "Here you go, I will be back later........ I need to find one of my ravens." She said and walked away. I looked around, It was freaky in here..... excpesialy the raven. The black raven was stareing at me, with it's small red eyes. I backed away slowly then turned around and ran out of the room, slamming the door closed behind me. As I walked down the hallways of the house I saw a painting of a tiger on a wall, it made me rember that Arisa was probably still in the kitchen. It took me a few minutes but I finaly found my way down to the kitchen. Just as I was about to walk through the door I heard a voice say.

"Oh your soo cute. Would you like some tea or water?"

"Tea please miss." Another voice replied, and I could tell that it was Arisa. I then walked through the door and saw the same green haired woman strokeing Arisa's fur. I stood there for a few seconds before the woman stood back up to make the tea. I then quietly walked over to Arisa. I sat down next to her and began to talk.

"Hello Arisa. I am finaly out of the hostopal!" I said keeping my voice low so the lady wouldn't hear me. To be honest I was quite scared of the woman.

"Oh Suki, it's great to see you, I'm glad your okay. This woman is kind why don't you say hi to her-"

"Arisa I have no time to talk. I just need to tell you one thing. I need to talk to you alone..... in private. about something about the saftey of the world. No one can overhear us..... Okay?" I asked

"Yes Miss Natsuki." Replied the tiger. I nodded then silently walked away. I stood there in the hallway for a few seconds wondering what I should do. I might as well practice some justsu I guess though. I then walked twords the front door than walked outside so I could pratice.

When I got outside I saw Hiro standing behind a tree. "What are you doing? Are you sooo afraid of Amaya that your hideing behind a tree?" I asked him. He nodded and said,

"Yeah, she's just freaky. Expecially her ravens. I'm also waiting for Daisuke, He's takeing too long, he was only supposed to get his ninja tools so we could spar!" The orange haired boy told me just as I heard the front door creak open. We both turned around and saw a familar white haired boy with hazel eyes.

"DAISUKE!" We both said at the same time. The white haired boy smiled and said.

"Yep that's me. But anyways, Hiro You were hideing from Amaya again weren't you....... Oh well. Come on let's go to the lake and spar." He said. Hiro nodded and the duo set off leaveing me behind. Since I also wanted to spar I decied to follow them. I hurried up and started walking next to Hiro. The orange haired boy looked at me then stopped, Daisuke also stopped once he saw that Hiro had stopped.

"What are you doing?" He asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Uh, I'm sparring with you guys.... why else would I be following you?" I told them. Daisuke smiled politely.

"Sure you can come, Just try not to kill anyone or hurt them badly in the match." As he said that Hiro looked a bit annoyed.

"Your way too optimistic." The orange haired boy mutered. I laughed softly but stopped when I heard a voice saying,

"And I will join you brother and friends. "The voice sounded familar, Like Amaya's. I turned around and indeed it was Amaya. but she had a red tinted raven on her shoulder this time. Daisuke looked at her with a worried glance.

"Amaya..... you can't possibly fight when one of your arms is in a cast." Said the hazel eyed boy. Hiro looked relived and said,

"Y..... Yeah...y..you can't.....so.....g...go and ...play...w..with your ravens." His face was almost pale when he said that. He must really be scared of Amaya. I thought.

"Nonsense. I can only use one arm. It is no burden, but thank you for thinking about my saftey." The black haired girl said, calmly as always. Things won't turn out well if Hiro spars against Amaya.... he will be too scared to fight...

"I call sparring Amaya!" I quickly said my icey blue pony tail bounceing up and down as I jumped up and down. Amaya looked at me for a moment and her lips almost formed a smile.... or was it was just my imagination......

"Well, I'm deleighted....... now I have a reason to get back at you for breaking my arm." She said calmly. I looked around nervously.

"But you said that..... oh never mind..." I said not careing at the moment. I followed the group and soon we got to a bueatiful, crystal blue lake, it was shimmering in the sunlight.

"We are here." Amaya said.

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OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY POST TO WORK!!!!! I haven't posted here in a while but same thing.
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Also My writeing style has changed alot now that I read through my posts.

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There I just edited all my posts to put more details in them. I hope the story is good.

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not bad cherry...

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Thank you!

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not bad, i like it