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Intro: Legacy

"If you died today, then what would you be remembered for? Your good decisions or your bad ones? Your kindness or your cruelty? When you die, the memories and the inspirations you leave behind are what people use to remember you; that's your legacy."

I opened my eyes after a near three-thousand-year sleep to be greeted by a bright, blinding white light that consumed everything. I didn't know who I was. I didn't know I had once been dead, or recently "awoken." All I knew was that bright light, and what came after it in a world so different from the one I had left...
"She's stablizing," a voice said, "and her heart rate is almost normal."
"Where did we get this subject?"
"I'm not entirely sure," the original voice answered, "the Commander said she was choosen by the President herself, but was very vague on the details."
I groaned as a sense of total exhaustion crushed me and made it difficult to breathe. My lungs felt old and tired, and as I exhauled I blew dust out of my mouth.
"Good she's breathing on her own," the second voice said.
"Interesting, she's waking up much faster then the others."
"What should we call her?"
The was a long pause as the first voice considered this. Finally, it responded, "for now, we'll call her Rose until we find something more fitting."
A new name, a new world, and a new body awaited me, but I couldn't focus on the terrifying excitement. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and turn away from the blinding light and let the darkness consume me once more.

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Good Intro Scarlet. Post more please!

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I like it. :3 Keep making more~

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Cool I like it.

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Chapter One: Waking Up To Hell

When I opened my eyes, I wasn't greeted by the blinding white light as before; instead, I was bombarded with pain. The kind of pain that crushes peoples' souls. The kind of pain that constantly hammers at your nerves, sending wave upon wave of agony through your entire body so even the slightest movement causes you to scream blood murder. My body felt like it was being torn apart, crushed, burned with acid, and hurled over a rocky cliff all at once, and I prayed for it to end.
I thought I heard voices trying to yell over my own blood-chilling screams, but then again they could've just been my imagination. Suddenly, the pain doubled in its cruelness and I couldn't even try to describe the sheer excrusiating agony my body and mind somehow endured.
Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like years. I didn't know how much time passed, but it was long enough that I lost my voice and could no longer scream out my sorrows. Sticky, fat tears fell down my cheeks and my skin was covered in sweat. If there ever was a Hell, then I was most certainly in it. But what did I ever do to deserve it?!
Suddenly, all the pain stopped. A long, prolonged silence engulfed me and I felt the darkness trying to consume me once again, but something in me said to fight it off, and so I did. Finally, darkness's greedy outreaching hands fell away and I took a long, unhindered breath.
"She survived the procedure," the same voice as before said in a rather amazed tone, "something about this girl is different than the others."
I craned my stiff neck to find the source of the voice. My eyes rested on a man whose face I was sure I'd never seen before, but at the same time my mind said he was familiar. His hair was a dark brown, almost the same color as dark chocolate, and rolled down his shoulders in gentle waves. He wore a simple, stainless lab coat and held what appeared to be a clipboard in his hand.
"Rose, can you hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying to you?" The man asked.
I nodded and tried to speak, but my voice was still too hoarse and all that came out was a sound that reminded me of sandpaper.
Another doctor stepped into my line of vision; this one was female. Her hair was blonde, her eyes were like sparkling saphires, and she too wore a spotless lab coat and carried a clipboard. "Rose, you are a very lucky girl, do you know that? You were choosen by the President herself to be awoken, and your new body is state-of-the-art. Soon, you will be able to leave and join our world."
"Doctor Richardson," the male doctor addressed the woman, "you're going to confuse her. She probabuly doesn't even know she's been dead for the last three-thousand years or so. We don't know what she remembers, what she doesn't, or even if her body will syncronize with the artifical limbs."
My eyes went wide. Three-thousand years I was dead? Then how am I alive now? What artifical limbs? What's going on here?! I turned away from the two doctors to look myself over and almost fainted from the shock. What used to be arms covered in flesh were new robotic arms with wires overlapping eachother in such a way it impersonated muscles. My legs were the same. My torso was a series of dials and lights that seemed to flash at random intervals and patterns. Where my heart was supposed to be was a mechanical pump, and the blood inside it was brown and too watery to be real blood. Is it oil?!
Doctor Richardson stood next to me and it was only then I realized I was strapped down to a hospital bed and hooked to so many different machines I didn't dare try to count them. "Do not be afraid, I promise you, your new body with be a hundred times better than your old one."
I looked at her with fearful eyes, mentally begging her to explain why this was done to me.
Doctor Richardson suddenly seemed to remember something and held a mirror infront of me. "Look at your new face."
I couldn't remember what I looked like before, but I was damn sure this wasn't it. My hair was as dark as the night sky, and my eyes was the color of the ocean after a bad storm. My skin was pale and flawless, and my face made me appear much younger then I actually was; three-thousand something. This is me? What did I look like before? What happened to me? Who am I? A million questions buzzed around inside my skull as I just starred at myself in the mirror.
The male doctor approached me and gently pushed the mirror away. "As ordered by the President, you will look as human as possible without actually being human and undertake any kind of mission you are assigned to. You will be trained to fight, to win, and to value loyalty to your masters above all else. Rose, you are a machine and will be treated as such. Do you understand?"
My heart, if I still had one that could feel emotions, wanted to shatter. On top of everything else that was happening to me, I was going to be treated like property rather than a person. And for what? Didn't I get a choice in any of this? What if I wanted to remain dead? Who had the right to bring me back to life and force me into slavery?! Who?! Seeing no other option, I slowly nodded my head.

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Thanks for the positive comments. I'll try to post the upcomming chapters as quickly as I can and do my best to cut down on grammatical and spelling errors.

Also, I DO ENJOY CONSTRUCTIVE CRTISISIM!!! (I think I spelled that wrong >.<) Tell me what you think can be improved and I'll try to get better, and if anyone wishes to ask me any questions they may PM me. If you post them here I will not answer them to stop the risk of giving away too many spoilers to too many people.

Thanks again for reading, and please spread this around! The more who read the better! Thanks!

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Very good. :O Its so interesting!

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She's part ROBOT?!?! Didn't see that one comming! Scarlet, WRITE MORE!!!

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I really like this. It also leaves a mental cliffhanger, will she listen to what they say? I am not asking this question but using it to show my point. I would contructivily critizise you but I can't think of any way to critisize it.

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i liek it

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Awesome chapter!


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Oooo I can't wait for the next chapter. I am also going to write a fanfic soon but I have no Idea what to write.

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Chapter Two: Five Years Later...

He ran with no sense of direction; only the thought of desperate escape. His legs carried him past ignorant civilians, past hover vehicles, and over floating sidewalks. With every step he prayed he'd get farther and farther away from his pursuers when in reality, he was falling into their trap.
Two people running with inhuman speed followed him. Neither appeared to be even the slightest bit fatigued from the near three-mile chase, though their target was almost to his limits by the sound of his labored breathing and gasping gulps of air.
Just when he thought he'd lost them, a third figure stepped out of the shadows and tackled him to the ground. The man let out all his breath in a "whoosh" as hard metal mixed with human flesh pressed down on him. "Let me go! I didn't do anything! I was framed!"
I pinned the man to the ground using my weight and starred at him with a look of annoyance. "Innocent people don't run." With that one statement, he knew his life was over. As I was instructed, I lifted the man till his feet couldn't touch the ground with one hand, and the other I used to snap his neck, killing him instantly.
Ranger and Frankenstein caught up with me then, both looked as stoic as ever. "You finished him?" Ranger asked.
I nodded and dropped the dead man to the ground, "mission complete."

It was sunset by the time I was allowed to return to what was supposed to be "home" for us half-robot freaks. Ranger and Frankenstein reported to our master, Commander Griffon, while I followed the long dark hallway to the Charging Room. The chase had worn out my batteries, and if I didn't charge them soon, I'd shut down.
I sat in the metal chair built specifically to support the weight of us, feeling the electicity pump through my body. Unlike humans, electicity didn't hurt me; it charged me. I lay my head back against the chair and closed my eyes, wondering for about the hundred-thousandth time why I did what the humans wanted me to do. Since five years ago, when I was brought back from the dead, I've done some pretty terrible things. Assasinations, executions, spying, terrorism, and torture just to name a few.
I would've given up long ago if it wasn't for the faint hope that they would fix me, or atleast, make me human again. The truth was, we weren't considered human if our bodies had machine stand-ins for organs or bones, and some of us developed a sort of hope that the good doctors who made us into machines could also un-make us. I didn't want to be a cyborg forever, but as the years went by, I was treated less and less like a valuable asset and more and more like a replaceable tool. If I caused too much trouble, or disobeyed too many orders, I'd be shut down permenentaly; right back at square one: death.

It was almost midnight by the time I returned to my quarters. You couldn't really call it a room since there was no bed or furniture of any kind. The walls were plain, devoid of any color or decorations, and the only thing that occupied any space were my weapons. A gun that fired magma bullets, a pistol that shot out ammo that on contact broke open and burned my target with acid, and my favorite, a ray gun. One shot from that baby, and it was all over.
I sat in the corner, cleaning my guns, and tried to make sense of this world I was thrust into. The humans here were educated, fair enough, but the way they behaved towards one another was as if any small social interaction would cost them their lives. In truth, with the way the President ran things, death was a constant cloud hanging over everyones' heads.
I remembered when I received my first assignment, a search and capture of a criminal, and thought it was going to be easy. Of course, with my inhuman abilities, it was, but the part that still terrified me was what happened to the criminal. She was a young girl, almost fifteen by the looks of it, and her family was poor. She had to steal for her own survival as well as the survival of her little brother. When the President demanded she explain her actions, the girl pleaded for mercy, requesting she be allowed to return to her family.
I looked to the President, expecting her to grant the girl's request, but instead I saw the President pull out a silver pistol and shoot the girl right between the eyes without so much as a second's hesitation or remorse after the body slumped to the ground. "Get rid of that," she had ordered to me and then went on her way as if nothing had happened.
On that day, I learned the truth about what humanity had become: obey me or die. That's all there was to it. So, I did my best to obey orders, follow the rules, and perform flawlessly; otherwise, I just might get a bullet between the eyes too.

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Cool chapter. I really like it. It shows what human society is coming to in real life and in the future. You made it right on the green spot between real and fiction. It is my favorite fanfic

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Awesome chapter! Keep up the fantastic good work.

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Attention Readers! Important Information!

I have always thought that adding music to something can make a wonderful thing even better. (movies are a good example of that) So, thus, I have decided to start up a bit of a competition for all of you. Please PM me the links of possible theme songs for my fanfiction and I will choose from them several I believe that best fit the story, but then I will post them here and you all my vote on your favorite via PM.

The reasons I am doing this are because, one, I enjoy having readers give me suggestions on stories, and two, I have not been successful in finding a theme song to fit because I am very limited in my music unfortunately.

After the voting (which will be about three or four days long) the person who submitted the winning song will win a prize.

1. Rep from me (however, if I have already given you rep, this cannot apply to you)
2. A chance to create a character and have it featured in the story (we'll discuss details via PM)
3. You may help me write a chapter in the story (always wanted to do that)

The prizes are of your choosing when the one person wins. If there is a tie in voting, I will break the tie with the final vote.


I will continue to post chapters as the contest is under way and I will try my best to keep on track of things.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you all help me come up with the perfect theme song! REMEMBER TO PM ME THE LINKS! PLEASE DO NOT POST THEM HERE!!!! Thank you!!!!

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Oooooooh a contest. I have a song. The one in my sig. But i bet everyone hates it.

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Chapter Three: Terrorist Attack

The early morning sun was just starting to peek over the horizon when I stirred from what I foolishly called "sleeping." Really, it was more like a period of time I kept my eyes closed while racking my brain over problems I couldn't solve. Will I ever be free of this place? Why was I awoken? Why has humanity become so cruel? Is this really worth living through?
After long hours of debationg with myself, my thoughts always turned towards the life I used to have. I only remembered bits and pieces; the smell of my mother cooking eggs in the kitchen. The relief of spring just after a long, cold winter, but mostly I remembered the accident....

"...can't believe he said yes!" My best friend, Rebecca said as she drove, not paying attention to where she was going.
"I know! I couldn't believe it either, but now I have a date with the hottest guy on the planet!" I exclaimed with vigor and we both errupted into a fit of laughter. I remember I laughed so hard I cried.
"Where are you going?" Rebecca asked after both of us gained control over ourselves again.
"I don't know. He said he'd pick the place---on my god! Rebecca, watch out!"
Three seconds. That's all it took: three seconds. Rebecca's head swung around to see what was in the rode and finally saw the falled tree. She slammed on the breaks and tried to swerve, but she turned too quickly and the car started to roll haphazardly towards the fallen tree. The roof crushed in on us, killing Rebecca instantly, and the air bags deployed, almost suffocating me.
The car continued to roll and finally crashed into the tree. Branches broke through the already fragile glass and stabbed me. In three seconds, my life was brought to an abrupt end...
I lay there, feeling my blood weep out of my wounds, knowing my best friend was dead, and a heavy despair fell over me. There was no way I was going to survive. The darkness started creeping up through my limbs, crawling closer and closer to my heart, but all I could do was weep before death took me in its cold, unrelenting grasp.

My eyes opened just as the sun shined in through my window, but I didn't feel any better under its warmth. My heart felt heavy and sick, like at any moment it was about to give out and yet at the same time knowing that was not possible. If I had the ability to cry, I was sure I'd be doing that right now, but I couldn't. My emotions were limited, and when I was in the presence of humans I had to hide them; to be as stoic as a statue and as merciless as Mother Nature, that's what we had been taught.
Frankenstein opened my door and clomped heavily in, favoring his bad leg. "We have another assignment."
I nodded at him, grabbed my gear, and followed him back out through my door. "What is it this time?"
Frankenstein glanced over his shoulder to look at me with expressionless eyes, "the President has requested our attendence. Past that, I don't know."
I quickly clamped down on my anger and tried to remain compossed. Of all the emotions I was able to feel, as however few they were, anger was one of the more powerful ones. "Very well..."

"Finally," the President said with annoyance, "I was beginning to think you'd wait till I was three hundred by the time you decided to grace me with your presence!"
Doctor Richardson bowed her head in shame, "forgive me, my lady---"
"---you've brought the machines?" The President interrupted, earning a nod from the doctor. "Good, it's about time they earned their keep. Unless their performance improves, I'm afraid I can no longer afford to keep them operational." She turned her cold, icy gaze to us. "Identify yourselves."
"I am called Ranger, my lady." Ranger introduced and bowed his head slightly in respect.
"I am called Frankenstein, my lady." Frankenstein didn't relax out of his stiff stance when he spoke, but he did imperceptivly nod.
"Name's Rose," I introducted myself last and made no attempt to show her any respect. She didn't deserve it.
The President raised a curious eyebrow at me, "isn't there something you forgot, Rose?"
I made my best "errrrrrrt" noise and answered in a monotone voice, "does not compute." The sad part was, sometimes, that actually happened to us. Mostly though, it happened to Frankenstein.
The President threw her hands up in the air and let out an irritated groan. "Did you not teach this one manners?!"
"I assure you, my lady, she does know manners, but she---"
"---it knows manners," the President once again interrupted then turned to face me again. "Leave us, Ranger, Frankenstein, and Doctor Richardson, I have to speak with this machine."
After those three left, the President examined me closely like I was an organism under a microscope. "Do you know who I am?"
"President of Hell on Earth," I replied sarcasticly and earned a painful jolt of electricity through my body. I gasped from both shock and pain, falling to my knees. So it turns out electricity can hurt me...just great...
"I will not be mocked by a machine. Regardless of you once being human, you are property. You are a possession of my government. You. Are. A. Slave. To. Me." She pronounciated every word to make sure her meaning came through loud and clear.
Though my entire body, machine parts and all, burned with anger, I remained as I was on the ground, kneeling before my "master."
The President was about to say something else when the television screen above her suddenly flickered to life. A man I had never seen before appeared on the screen, and he held a gun.
"Attention civilians! You are being ruled by a vicious dictator who only cares for herself! She would have you believe there is no way out of her grasp, that obeying her is the only way to survive, but she's wrong! Join us! Revolt! This country was formed on the ideas of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness! It is time to fight! Rise up against the evil dicator who oppresses you!!!
As suddenly as it had appeared, the transmission ended. I glanced up at the President, and by the way she stood, she was plenty ticked off. She spun on her heals to face me and lashed out with cold venom in her voice.
"Find him. Kill him and anyone who dares go against me! I will have order! I will have discipline! Anarchy will not be tolerated! Now go!"

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Oooooooh a contest. I have a song. The one in my sig. But i bet everyone hates it.
Thank you for the suggestion, but I'd perfer it if I could understand what the lyrics were saying. Otherwise, I might accidentaly choose a theme that's about an old woman and her cat or a forty-year-old man living with his mother. :p

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I know what you mean. It isn't necesarily about a specific thing. If you type in soul eater opening two with lyrics you'll find it. I will look for a good theme song. And that was a very good chapter.

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Next part will (hopefully) be up shortly.

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Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Chapter Four: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Finally! Something interesting to do! I ran as fast as my mechanical legs would carry me to my hover-cycle. It was silver and glimmered brightly in the afternoon sun. Instead of wheels, there were flames similar to those found on space shuttles. It hovered slightly off the ground; the blue flames where small when it wasn't in use.
Mounting it with a practiced motion, it instantly roared to life and shot up till I was about one-hundred feet off the ground. I revved the engine a couple times, enjoying the flames spurting out wildly before quickly retreating, and couldn't help but smile. Of all the things in the future, I loved my hover-cycle the best.
Finally, I released the brake and shot forward like a bullet. My speed climbed higher and higher as I weaved expertly between other hover vehicles and floating sidewalks with civilians riding them. Soon, I was going three hundred miles an hour! My black hair whipped in the wind and the world blurred around me, but I wasn't afraid of crashing. If my inhuman reflexed weren't enough, then my hover-cycle's emergency crash-sensor would go off and instantly swerve away from whatever I was going to collide with. Sure, there's terrible obpression in the future, but no vehicle accidents...

Slowing down to a little under ten miles an hour, I lifted my gaze to take in the massive structure that the terrorist transmission had come from. It was easily over ten stories and needed a new paint job. The roof was made of metal that rusted over long ago, and the windows were all boarded up, along with most of the doors. By the looks of things, this place hasn't been used for anything in years. Excluding the terrorists...
Suddenly, a blarring alarm screamed and red and blue lights flashed. I hit the reverse on my bike before red lazers would've cut both me and it in half easily with one touch. "High-tech security, low-tech building...who would've known?"
Men and women dressed in black robes and silver masks poured out of the building, carry every kind of weapon availible and started firing.
I cursed under my breath and climbed higher into the sky, trying to fly above the security lazers, but I soon discovered it was pointless. The entire place had a sort of forcefield around it that prevented me from getting any closer. I weaved between red, blue, and green rays as I searched for a way in. My keen sight saw no openings and I silently wished Ranger was with me. He could've disabled the security lazers easily, but he and Frankenstein left before I could ask.
Suddenly, something caught my eye. I veared away from the forcefield to see three other hover-cycles racing towards me, but these ones were black. Riding them were two men and one woman, each carried a machine gun, but instead of firing bullets, they fired bombs!
Oh crap...

Scarlet the Heroine
12-18-2011, 04:37 PM
Thank you to everyone who is reading! From this chapter on, the story is going to pick up a bit and things are going to get very interesting. Once again, thank you for your comments and continue to send me ideas for themes! If it weren't for you readers, I never would've written this story.

As always, thank you!

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Cool chapter. One thing I have minor critism on is I think you should reveal more characters soon. Sorry if you were already planning that. Again, really cool chapter.

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Cool chapter. One thing I have minor critism on is I think you should reveal more characters soon. Sorry if you were already planning that. Again, really cool chapter.
Never fear my friend, there will be plenty more new characters to come. ;)

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Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I like new charactrs!

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I wish more people read this, it is Great!

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I want a hover-cycle! Lol, awesome story Scarlet! More please!

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Chapter Five: Emancipation

Without a moment's hesitation, I shot forward. My pursuers followed me, firing heavy bombs that exploded far too close for comfort. I rose higher then I'd ever gone before and suddenly dove without warning, hoping to lose them, but they followed every move I made.
We raced past buildings so tall that they reached into space, weaving over or under floating sidewalks, and took sharp turns into alleyways or narrow streets. With all of my skill in hover-cycle-riding, the people who followed me were just as good. What made it worse was their cycles were the newer models meaning they were faster. They could catch me so easily...so why aren't they? Half of my brain tried to figure out their motives while the other half focused on finding an escape route. This part of the city I wasn't familiar with and I desperately hoped I wouldn't turn a corner and be trapped by a wall or a building.
The bombs stopped exploding near me and I glanced back towards the three hover-cycle riders. The woman sped up and passed the two men easily. She reached behind her and drew a plasma sword.
Crap! Do they even make those anymore? MyElectronic heart pounded with fear as I saw the blade zooming closer. Trying to stay away from the liquid fire, I squeezed as much speed as I could from my hover-cycle and did a risky manuver. I pulled with all my might on the handle-bars till front flame and back flame were both facing down towards the ground and I hit the emergency speed boost. In a single graceful movement, my cycle lept into the air and backflipped. Before my pursuers really knew what was happening, I landed behind them and pulled out my ray gun.
They tried to stop, but they were too slow. I fired off at the closest one, hitting his fuel tank with a single shot and he exploded in a bright show of light and fire. The second man met a similar fate. I zoomed out of the flames and slowed to a stand-still to face the woman dressed in black.
She pulled off her mask and glared at me with the coldest looking blue eyes I had ever seen; her blonde hair whipped in the air behind her when a strong gust came through. "You robot freak! Do you have any idea what you've done?!"
I grinned evilly and aimed by gun at her head, "don't know, don't care."
Suddenly, there was a flashed of blinding white light and my eyes felt like they were burning. I screamed in pain and almost fell off my hover-cycle. "What the hell...?!"
Blondie cackled and seemed to materialize beside me without warming. She tore my weapon away and beat me over the head with it. "You fool, you blasted fool. I can't wait to see Vincent tear you apart, bolt-by-bolt."
I was about to come up with a snappy come-back when my entire body flailed sparactically and I felt another painful jolt of electricity just underneath my rib cage. Before I knew was was happening, darkness consumed me...

"...hope you haven't damanged her."
"Like I really care if some piece of their machinerary gets 'damaged!'"
"Lioness, you know as well as I how important she is."
"What the hell are you talking about? The robot?! She's useless!"
My entire body throbbed in pain, but even in this state of utter misery, I would've reconized Blondie's voice anywhere.
"Enough!" A powerful male voice cut off whatever Blondie was going to say next. "You. Will. Learn. Respect."
"I will never respect a machine!" With that last statement, I heard Blondie storm off and a door slam so hard the entire room shook.
I slowly opened one eyes to see if I was being watched, but the male had his back to me. I saw his hair was a dark red and was both curly and had a "spikey-ness" to it, if those two things could even be put together, and he wore the same black clothing as the peole who chased me. He stood tall, maybe about six foot-eight or nine, and he was very muscular.
"I know you heard ever word of that," he said without turning to face me and crossed his hands behind his back, "do you know where you are?"
I sneered at him even though he couldn't see and refused to answer. I was trained to never give in no matter what kind of torture an enemy could put me through, and even if they took away my freedom, they wouldn't take away my dignity.
"You are at the headquarters of the 'terrorist' organization Emancipation."
My eyes widened. This was the same man that was on the television who openly insuled the President! He was the one I was assigned to kill! I tried to sit up only to discover I was restrained by the heaviest chains I'd ever seen. The only movement I could do was wiggled my fingers and toes, and turn my head slightly.
Finally, the man turned to face me. His face was handsome, even I had to admit that, and his features were stern but kind. His eyes were so dark they almost were black and his lips were set in a grim line. "Do you know why we brought you here, Rose?"
I looked away from his compelling gaze and still refused to answer.
"You're going to help us free this country from the President."
"Why would I do that?" I hissed at him.
He leaned in close to my ear and whispered so only I could hear, "if you help us, then we can reprogram you so you don't have to obey their orders, and when the war is over...we'll turn you human again...."

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Personaly I want her to go with the terrorists. I think that is what will happen....... I don't want to know. Ha I have as many posts as you in your own thread. If you want I can shut up and stop posting hear and just read it. Don't be afraid to tell me if that is the cas.

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Personaly I want her to go with the terrorists. I think that is what will happen....... I don't want to know. Ha I have as many posts as you in your own thread. If you want I can shut up and stop posting hear and just read it. Don't be afraid to tell me if that is the cas.
Lol, I actually think that's a little amusing, and you're welcome to post as much as you want. :mrgreen:

Until more people read I won't post the next part but I will give you this...
Rose is about to get pay-back towards Lioness and the Leader of the Terrorists is not completely as he may appear


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Same to you, merry christmas, happy hollidays and a happy new year.

Cool. I can't wait.

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You can still post it anyways.

01-07-2012, 03:33 PM
Please post the next part Scarlet!!! I need to know what Rose will say!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

01-07-2012, 03:33 PM
Me too.

Scarlet the Heroine
01-10-2012, 12:30 PM
I apologize for the long wait on the next chapter, but I'm afraid I've hit writer's block, and I've also been busy lately and haven't had a chance to really try to work through it. I promise I will try to post the next part within this week. Thank you for being so pacient with me!

01-10-2012, 12:31 PM
Writer's block sucks. ._.

Scarlet the Heroine
01-10-2012, 12:45 PM
Yeah, major suckage.....

01-10-2012, 12:48 PM
._. I just got over mine >.<

01-10-2012, 02:48 PM
I apologize for the long wait on the next chapter, but I'm afraid I've hit writer's block, and I've also been busy lately and haven't had a chance to really try to work through it. I promise I will try to post the next part within this week. Thank you for being so pacient with me!
I had writers block.
Writer's block sucks. ._.
Yes it does
._. I just got over mine >.<
So did I.

Maikeru D. Shinigami
01-10-2012, 06:15 PM
I've never had real writer's block. Unless you count 'too lazy to write' as writer's block.

01-10-2012, 06:22 PM
No, I don't count that as writers block.

01-10-2012, 06:25 PM
Its rare for me to even get it....

I guess too lazy could count...it is blocking the production of the work after all.

01-10-2012, 06:39 PM
I see writers block as a lack of inspiration for that time if you know what to write then you have no lack of inspiration, the story you have in mind is your inspiration. So I don't count being lazy.

01-10-2012, 07:26 PM
I see where you come from. :ugeek:

01-10-2012, 07:30 PM