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not many people ask why my right arm and left leg are Iron...

Chapter 1

I was walking along a misty road in the dead of night when i saw a small sillouette in the distance. It was that of a small boy.
I yelled "what are you doing in the middle of the night out here boy."
At this time i had gotten close enough to see the boys face. It looked like that of a person long dead. The veins were black and protruded through the skin. He was wearing the clothes of some far away royal.
He was crying. And by the looks of it he had been for some time but the tears werent water they were blood.
That was when i noticed traps on either side of the road. From what i could see they fired senban. They fired and i missed most of the onslaught but 2 hit me in the arm and leg.
"Oh crap!" the senban had paper bombs attached at the tail

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cool story jun:D

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chapter 2 tommorrow

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working on part 2 now

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chapter 2: death

I woke up and knew that someone was dragging me across dirt. I looked down the road deleriously to see if there was anyone to help me. But all i saw was my own blood.
That was when I decided to look up at my captor. He had the same fetures as the boy I had seen. Black veins protruding from his skin and clothes from some far away noble.
I didnt know where they were taking me. The man was strong so I wasnt able to get free.
Suddenly I felt extremely tired and blacked out...
I woke up with a sword in my face and what looked like a gun to my left and right.
"Who... Are...You,"was all I could manage.
"You killed all of my friends, my family. You will pay!" said the stranger with the gun to my left.
"Shut up man he didnt kill them. Not in this form anyway."the man with the sword said
He hit me with the back of his sword

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woah thats really creepy

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Chapter 3: ressurection

I woke up in the house i had been knocked out in. I had a massive headache and my arm and leg throbbed. Both had been bandaged up with blood crusting around the bandages.
"The only reson I fixed you up is for information." said a man in a wide brimmed hat sitting by a fire he had made.
"What information do you want? Why I am here?"
"Yes and how did you kill a village full of people in one night?"
"I did no such thing. I cant even remember what happened last night!"
"Exactly! Do you remember one of the villagers bitting you?"
"Yeah, one of them got me in the arm and in the leg."
"Exactly! You were bitten by an infected. It is a highly contagious mutegen that travels through the blood I dont know what will happen to you but you must be careful."
"What are you saying? What will I become?"
"Nothing for now but you must be careful not to let it overcome you..."

continued in chapter 4: Infection

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omg that is cool

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Chapter 4:Infection

The infection spread the day the odd man left. I noticed that my pupil in my left eye had turned entirely red. And that my right arm and left leg were growing back. But they didnt look normal.
The man left behind some food for me to eat, a small sheep and some rabbits. I ate one of the rabbits on the first day.
He also left me with a sword and a Musket as I found out it was called. They were for hunting when the mutation finally took hold completely. Which was to happen in 3 days.
I dont know what will happen on that day. I thought. But I must make the best of it.

"This is the day Im supposed to turn." I said to myself, 3 days before the infection started and now my arm and leg had compleately regrown. But with numerous blades sprouting out of them.
"This is only the start of the infecion." The pupils of my eyes were compleately blood red.
The mutation started when I saw the little sheep I had been saving for this day. I ran over to it and bit down into its neck and tore it off. I did this until the entire sheep was gone except for bone.
That was when i noticed a mechanical arm and leg to fit me in the corner. I had a plan to stop the infection...

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wow :shock:

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Chapter 5: Ravenor

I had blacked out because of the grafting process. But when I woke up there was blood caked around the grafts and running down them. I focused all of my tired brain to make a thumbs up sign and move my toes.
It worked and I could move the grafts with much ease. That was when I saw my othere limbs. They were Demonic from the look down to the many blades jutting from them. They were moving still but I threw 2 senban at them with my right arm and they stopped moving finally.
That was when I noticed the lead ball on the floor like from a musket. When I was young I got a scar from an accidental gunshot that they never got out of my left shoulder. So I looked down at the scar and it wasnt there!
Just then the door opened and a tall man strode in wearing a rosette with a styleised letter I on it. "Demonhosts must be eliminated!" and he pulled out a flintlock pistol.
"Who are you?" I yelled back. That was when I noticed blood running down my mouth and I felt my teeth. They were all fangs.
"I am inquisitor Gideon Ravenor and you must be killed!" He fired...

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Chapter 6: Joined

The lead bullet passed right through my heart and into the wall behind me. But I was still sitting there with a sharp pain in the left side of my chest.
I had been holding in the demon ever since i had been infected. But it was too much. I let go...

I woke up with ravenor laying on the ground, blood running down his chin and with black eyes. My iron arm lay on the ground about 5 feet away. And my leg was over on the couch.
I pulled myself along by my left arm to reach them but I felt a heavy boot push down onto my back.
"Kid you are the first demon host to beat me...heh. I would like you to be the first to join my band!"
"Sure as long as you get off me!"
We ate and drank that night in celebration of the agreement...

to be continued