View Full Version : My Naruto Character tell me if i should reconsider some things

11-10-2011, 12:13 AM
Name: Dante Futa (Foo-ta)
Age: 16
Family: unknown but resembles Naruto in many ways
Bio: found by jirayia in one of orochimaru's experiment areas. at first jirayia thought the boy he found was an uchiha becasue he had sharingan in both eyes. after leaving with dante and letting him grow up that idea changed when naruto and dante first meet at the chunin exams and they look almost like brothers ( and sasuke kept telling dante when they met on occasions that dante was just orochimaru's succesful uchiha replication and an obomination to the uchiha name ) Either way dante isnt an uchiha and he hates orochimaru for making him what he is a mix between naruto and sasuke pretty much.
Rank: Rogue ninja/jonin
Elements: Lightning, Wind, and Fire
Specials: chidori, rasengan, mangekyo sharingan, rasen-chidori (dont get hit or your done and over with)
Jutsu: Tai, Gen, Nin
Goal: Become the 6th kage in a new village founded by him.
Enemies: Akatsuki, Sasuke, Danzo, Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Madara
Friends: Naruto, Jirayai, Shikamaru, all other naruto friendly people honestly, and Ino (girlfriend):mrgreen:
Motto: Dont get in my way.