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07-12-2009, 08:38 PM
okay my story writing skills probly suck, but here is my fanfic-thing. like i said, it might suckk. enjoy the suckish story. if u like it, comment! [just so ya know: tetsu means mistake, tori means bird, akai means red, izou means legacy and tsuki means moon, urei means grief] ^_^

"Tetsu!" Tori screamed, as she ran through the forrest. "Tetsu! Where are you?" Tori was dodging kunai and shuriken, thrown by enemy ninja. "Tori!" a familiar voice said. With tears in her eyes, Tori turned around and saw Urei, her old friend. "Wh-where is Tetsu?!" Tori screamed. Urei walked up to her, and dropped to his nees. He hung his head down, afraid to look in her frightened eyes. "Im sorry, Tori. So sorry...." Urei held his hands out. "What did you do?!" Tori whispered at the sight of his blood stained hands. Urei just shook his head. Tori had tears streaming down her cheeks, "Your a monster" she accused him. "Now my baby wont have a father." Urei stood up, still looking down. "Im sorry, I found him dead, but I did not kill him." he said straightly. Tori dropped to her nees and covered her face with her hands. As she sobbed, Urei held her tightly. "Ill be there. For you. For your daughter." he hugged her.

1. Akai's Legacy
About fourteen years later, Tori's daughter Akai, has become a ninja for the village. "Haha, come on, Izou!" Akai yelled to her friend, as she ran through the village. "Akai! Wait!" Izou yelled at his hyper-active friend, "Your to fast!" "Your to slow! Now move it!" Izou just stood there, ignoring her. After a few minuets of being paranoid, Akai turned to see her friend staring at her like a freak. "What are u looking at?" she yelled. Izou didnt answer, he just stood there. So, Akai walked back to him, put her hand on her hips and said, "If you dont communicate back, I'll kill you." Izou busted out laughing, "Sureee!" he said.
Akai just glared at his foolishness. "Akai, its time to come home now!" she heard her mother yell weakly. "Alright! You win this round,boy! But I warn you, you shall not win the next!!" Akai said as she started to walk home.

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haha i like this keeping going cause im interested

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haha, im not good at writing long storiesss.

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that was great i can't wait to see more

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