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Ninja of Cao
07-11-2009, 06:13 PM
I dont know for sure if this thread is posted in the right section, but...
Im writing a book of Naruto, with my own characters and story. I maked this thread to write down most of the book here. Please comment about what you think of the book. I have maked three series of the same story. Here, I will explain the Second Series (the first one was not so good).
First, you should know the main characters.

The heroes:

Chin Tao is the main character in the series. He is the prince of the Tao Clan, and is an adept using Ninjutsu. Together with his two known siblings, Jun and Zhao, he is a part of Team Tao, under the elite Jonin Sha Wen. He has great skills using a Katana, and is trained in resisting Genjutsu. However, in his body, a demon named Hitokiri is sealed. If Chin runs out of Chakra, Hitokiri will take control of him. Hitokiri is close to immortal, but is also a fierce warrior, who never lets his opponents survive. Chin appears as a very calm and peaceful person, who prefers negotiation before battle.

Jun Tao is Chins younger sister. She has great skills with almost any weapon, and is also an adept in Taijutsu. Unlike her brother, she would never escape a battle. In battle, she can summon any weapon, and also uses Katanas in close-combat. Her skills relies on physical combat, since she is almost fully unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

Zhao Tao is Chins and Juns little brother. When he was about 6 years old, he transformed himself into a polecat, and is even now unable to transform back to human. He is very fast, and can summon a huge army of armed polecats. He also uses a scythe, and several explosives in combat.

Sha Wen is Team Taos teacher. He is an old veteran Jonin of the Tao Clan, and has fought countless of battles. Even if he has reached the age of 89, he is still a very strong Ninja. In battle, he surronds his hands and feets with Chakra to increase the strength in his punches and kicks. He is very fast, and has mastered the Lighteye.

Qin Tao is Chins, Juns, and Zhaos uncle, who took over the throne when their parents were killed. He is the eleventh Tao Emperor, until Chin is old enough to rule his Clan. His best technique in battle is to use Chakra to his hands and feets, to make his punches much stronger, just like Sha Wen.

TenTen is Chins girlfriend (I know what you think: she is together with Neji. But I did not knew that while I was writing the book, and I am not going to change that now). You probably know her skills with weapons, but in these series, Chin has also trained her in several Elemental Techniques.

That was the heroes, now to the villians.

The Yan Yuuno:

Yan Tao is the founder and leader of the organization Yan Yuuno. It will later be revealed that he is Chins older brother, and also was the one that ordered the assassination of their parents. Yan Tao is one of the greatest known experts in Genjutsu, and has invented his own unique power: The Shadow Sharingan. The Shadow Sharingan has the ability to make illusions that may inflict pain upon, or even kill the opponent. He is also known as the Second Hitokiri.

Yan Kurogasa is a Ninja that reminds very much of a spider. He has the back of a spider, is able to create spider web, and can control giant spiders. He also has four arms, four spider legs, and eight spider eyes. His bite is poison, and he also uses much other poison-based attacks.

The Third Hitokiri is an expert in an ancient sword art, and is able to move fast enough to cut down 50 enemy Ninjas in five seconds. His hair is covering his right eye, which is a permanent secret eye-power. It reminds much of a sharingan, but with a yellow background instead of red. The yellow Sharingan has the ability to reflect any incoming attacks at the opponent, three times its original strength. His weapon is a Katana blade.

Yan Kunemaru is the partner, best friend, and apprentice of the Third Hitokiri. He is an expert on assassination, and has several knifes hidden in his robe. He can make very acrobatic moves while avoiding attacks, and then make a quick strike at the opponent with a knife. To be evil, he always seems very happy, calm, and positive.

Yan Sanosuke is an expert puppet master. He can control up to four puppets at the same time, which all can fly, and fire missiles, poision darts, and sharp edges. Himself is very rare seen in combat. His only weapon except for his puppets, appears to be two small blades, one in each arm.

Yan Sarutobi is a Ninja with an open crocodile mouth around his head (reminds much of Zetsu), which can close itself to defend him from incoming attacks. He is very rarely seen in combat, but it has been seen that he can summon several monsters that attacks the opponent.

The Fourth Hitokiri is Yan Taos partner, girlfriend, and apprentice. She wields a long Katana Blade, and is able to move just as fast as the Third Hitokiri. During a training session with an army of Jiang Si, she fastly slained the whole group.

Yan Jiang is a strange man... or maybe creature would be a better word. He has a head of a lizard-like creature, a tail, and green skin. He is very physically strong, and wears a Zanbatou.

The Jiang Si is a huge army of immortal Ninja-zombies (I took them from Shaman King). They cannot be killed, but you can defeat them if you destroys their entire bodies. The Jiang Si varies their weapons, but all of them is very physically strong.

__________________________________________________ ____________

That was the main characters in my book. More info will come soon. Please leave replies. Tell me what you think about the book etc.
Dont be afraid to criticize!
By the way, here is my own encyclopedia of my book: http://trialsoftao.wikia.com/wiki/Trials_of_Tao_Wiki#Naruto:_Trials_of_Tao. It's not finished yet, however.

07-11-2009, 06:14 PM
sounds like a good story

Ninja of Cao
07-12-2009, 09:46 AM
In my first post here, I introduced the main characters of Naruto Expansion: Trials of Tao. In this post, I will give you information about other characters in the Second Series.

The heroes:

Nikito Tao is a Ninja that covers most of his face with a headgear, except for his eyes. He wears a Zanbatou, and has great physical strength. He also uses Red Chakra, instead of the regular Blue Chakra. He is rarely showing any feelings, and is a powerful warrior in battle.

Qi Tao is Nikito Taos best friend and comrade. He uses a Kunai in close-combat, instead of throwing it, and can summon a Chakra Whip. He is an expert using knifes and short blade-weapons.

Mei Tao is Nikitos and Qis female comrade. She is a Ninja of the Tao Clan with great skills in Taijutsu. She also has long iron edges attached to each finger, and uses them to scratch the opponent.

Sagara Hyuga Tao is a Ninja that was borned to be a Hyuga, but converted to the Tao Clan a few years ago. He also posseses both Clans Kekkei Genkai (Byakugan, Rotation etc. and Lighteye). He is one of the greatest Taijutsu masters in the Tao Clan.

Wu Tao is a blind Ninja, with a bandage covering his eyes. However, his other senses is strong enough to detect the opponent without seeing him/her, and he is just as good as Sagara in Taijutsu. He also uses poison throw needles in close-combat.

Xiao Tao is Wus and Sagaras female comrade. However, she first pretended to be a boy, to learn the male Ninjutsu instead of the female. She wears the mask of the Tao Clan ANBU, and is an adept using throw needles. She also has another speciality; she can use Chakra to make her hands sharper than a sword, and stab the opponent.

Himura Tao is a Ninja with a special contact to animals and the nature. He can control just about any animal or creature, and he can transform several parts of his body into animal parts. He can also get wings and fly.

Yahiko Tao is a very special puppet-master. He dont uses threads connected to his doll, but controls it with his voice. He also is an expert using the large Shurikens, and his doll is able to fire missiles, blades, and needles.

Cho Tao is the female comrade of Yahiko and Himura. She has not been seen in combat much, and her only special technique appears to be the summoning Jutsu; she can summon up to seven dragons, one for each element, that attacks the opponent.
And now, the villians

The Yan Yuuno:

Yan Shu is a Ninja with the ability to copy any enemy technique, including Kekkei Genkais. He has no own techniques, but also gets the same as the opponent in battle.

Yan Jin-e is not a human, but a snake with arms. He can transform himself into an exact copy of the opponent, and use the same techniques. In his usual form, he can spit poison at the opponent, and summon a giant snake.

Yan Udo is a former member of the Tao Clan ANBU. He converted to the Yan Yuuno a couple of years ago. Like most members of the Tao Clan ANBU, he is great with throw needles.

Yan Kaoru is a Kunoichi that has great skills using Katana blades. She has two swords hidden in her robe, and is an expert using an ancient blade style.

Yan Myojin is a Ninja with the Shikotsumyaku, the ability to let the bones grow outside the skin, and use them as meele weapons (see Kimimaro Kaguya). He also has a tattoo of an eye on his forehead, which can control the mind of the enemy.
__________________________________________________ _____________________

I think that was all.

Now, you have read some info about the characters in the Second Series. The story will be explained later.

Ninja of Cao
07-12-2009, 10:24 AM
Hi again. In this post, and some others, I will give information about the coolest battles in the series. This is one of my personal favorites:

The six-part battle
A team of Chin, Jun, Zhao, TenTen, Xiao, Yahiko, Nikito, Qi, and Himura, is going on a mission to capture Yan Tao. However, even he has a group, and during the hunts, the two teams reaches each other several times. Each time the teams reaches each other, one member of each team is left behind to fight. This will result in the following battles:

1.Yan Udo vs Xiao Tao (two former members of the Tao Clan ANBU, with the same weapons and techniques, against each other).

2.Yan Sanosuke vs Yahiko Tao (two puppet masters. I wonder who will win?).

3.Yan Jiang vs Nikito Tao (two very strong guys, both of them fights with Zanbatou. Interesting fight...).

4.Yan Kunemaru vs Qi Tao (two knife-experts against each other. Who will win?).

5.Yan Sarutobi vs Himura Tao (one controls monsters, one controls regular animals. Probably a good fight).

And the end battle:

6.Chin, Jun, Zhao and TenTen vs Yan Tao (it may sound obvious which side that will win this fight, but that may not be right. Yan Tao is the strongest member of the Yan Yuuno).

The results:

Fight 1: Xiao Tao eventually defeats Yan Udo, who escapes in a Shadow Illusion.

Fight 2: Yahiko Tao wins after a long and hard fight, but mistaked Yan Sanosuke to be dead. He will return later in the series.

Fight 3: Nikito Tao wins. Yan Jiang were also mistaken by Nikito to be dead. He will return later in the series, just as Yan Sanosuke.

Fight 4: Qi Tao wins by stabbing several knifes into Yan Kunemarus body. But Kunemaru survives, and reappears later in the series.

Fight 5: Himura Tao eventually succed in taking control of Yan Sarutobis creatures, and maked them kill him. However, just before the monsters would kill him, he replaced himself with a clone, and escaped.

Fight 6 part 1: TenTens and Juns combined weapon attacks at Yan Tao failed. Both were defeated, but survived.

Fight 6 part 2: Zhao Tao were also defeated quickly. He became unconscious.

Fight 6 part 3: Chin Tao and Yan Tao were fighting a long, fierce battle. Chin eventually stabbed his brother with his sword, but Yan Tao used a technique so that they switched place. Chin fell to the ground, appearantly dead.

Fight 6 part 4: TenTen takes Chins sword and attacks Yan Tao once again. She misses all attacks, and is knocked to the ground again.

Fight 6 part 5: Sha Wen appears behind TenTen and takes up the fight against Yan Tao. But even he is soon defeated.

Fight 6 part 6: Qin Tao confronts Yan Tao in a very long battle, and eventually hits Yan Tao with a Chakra Blast Hand. Yan Tao died.
__________________________________________________ _____________________

This would be a cool battle if it could be showed in an anime, but it would take like ten episodes. Well, even if Qin Tao killed Yan Tao, he is not dead yet. In the end, he reunites with the Yan Yuuno, and is planning to get revenge at the Tao Clan.

To be continued...

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Ninja of Cao
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Ninja of Cao
07-12-2009, 02:55 PM
This is the first chapter in my book. I dont know how good it sounds, I had to translate it into english. But, here it is:

Chapter 1

The –Kages of the great Shinobi-nations had sent several politicans to a city in the Hidden Leaf Village to discuss about a new peace treaty. The city was obviously under heavy guard by the Ninjas of all nations. However, they did not relised what would come against them…

A New Threat

The two walls sorrunding the city were filled with Ninjas and soldiers, both the city wall and the outer wall. In the city, the politicans were opening their meeting.
- Welcome. The Leaf representative said while entering the disussion room. – I guess you all know why we are here; to discuss about a permanent peace treaty between our nations. – Is there any questions before we begin?
- Yes, actually. The Sand representative said. – What about the Yan Yuuno? The Leaf representative stopped.
- We are aware of the precence of the Yan Yuuno. He said. – The Yan Yuuno members wears black robes, with a mark of an eye on the back. – I have ordered our Ninjas to attack such a person with full force.
- Good. The Sand politican said and sat down.
- Now, let the meeting begin.

Far outside the city, just beyond visual range of the outer wall, a group of five men walked towards the city. They were wearing black robes, and most of them were covering their faces. The Ninja General at the outer wall were the first one to notice them.
- Unidentified people incoming! He shout to the Ninjas on the level above him. He took up his binoculars and watched the group.
- “wears black robes”… he whispered to himself. He kept watching the group until one of them turned around. The Ninja General saw a mark of an eye on the back of his robe.
- Red alert! He screamed. – Yan Yuuno members incoming! – Everyone, get to your positions!

The Yan Yuuno Ninjas suddently stopped.
- I will take care of them myself. One of them said.
- So we should just stay here and watch the fireworks? Another of them said.
The First Ninja started to walk against the outer wall without responding. The Ninjas were prepared to throw Kunais and Shurikens, and the soldiers prepared their bows. The Yan Yuuno Ninja only raised his arm and a green ball started to shine in the middle of the outer wall. The Ninja General were suddently running towards the stairs.
- Get down! He screamed. But he didnt get a chance to take cover until a huge Chakra explosion fully destroyed the outer wall. Several large stones, body parts, and blood were falling from the sky after the explosion. The Ninja walked through the ruins and closed in at the main city wall. The Ninjas at the city wall were preparing their weapons, while some of them walked down and stood behind the city gate.
- He is in range! One of the Ninja Generals cried. – Throw your weapons! Hundreds of Kunais, Shurikens, needles, and other weapons were throwed at the Ninja. Strangely enough, every single weapon fell to the ground without harming him. He held a Ninja Hand Sign, and a Clone of him appeared. The clone jumped up to the top of the wall and cut down five Ninjas with a Katana. Everyone on the level immediately attacked the clone, who killed everyone without any trouble. While the Ninjas were concentrating at the battle on the wall, the city gate suddently exploded, and the Yan Yuuno Ninja entered the city. Large groups of soldiers ran against him with blades and spears ready. The Ninja rotated and a large shockwave were sent out of his body, cutting down the entire army. Suddently, long arms, reminding much of tentacles, launched from the ground and started to attack the soldiers and Ninjas on the ground. One of the Ninjas used Ultra Fire Bullet in a try to stop an incoming tentacle, but it was unaffected.
- Stop him! One of the soldiers shouthed, before he was crushed by one of the huge tentacles.
Hundreds of soldiers surronded the battle, and started to throw spears and fire arrows.
- It dont work! A Ninja screamed. – Use explosive talismans! The ballista artilleries followed the orders and started firing explosive spears. But still, the tentacles were unaffected. A group of Iron Ninjas entered the battle.
- Heavy Weapon Strike! They all shouted, and thousands of weapons fell from the sky at the arms, all exploding. One of the arms were fully destroyed, and two others were damaged. The artilleries kept firing, until one of the arms destroyed the whole building.

In the discussion room, a Ninja suddently entered.
- Sir, the city is under attack by the Yan Yuuno! He screamed.
- How many are they? The Sand politican asked.
- It is just one, sir. A dead Ninja suddently fell to the balcony, and an explosion destroyed the wall. The Yan Yuuno Ninja entered the room.
- Who are you?! One of the bodyguards said and prepared to draw his sword. The Ninja raised his arm against the bodyguard, who fell to the ground immediately.
- I am Yan Tao. He said. – The second Hitokiri. With those words, he launched a large energy ball at the politicans, which killed one of them. Suddently, the baclony exploded, and Qin Tao entered the room. Yan Tao quickly disappeared, and so did the arms.
- Who was that? One of the politicans asked.
- That was Yan Tao. Qin Tao said and stared at the smoke after his disappearance. – The leader of the Yan Yuuno.

__________________________________________________ ____________________
How did it sound? It was a little hard to translate it into english (I dont live in an english-speaking country), but I think it went out well. Please subscribe.

07-12-2009, 09:21 PM
I really liked it, but why would you use Tenten? She's weak and ummmm.......... weak. BTW those names sound a bit too Chinese.
Yan Tao is a mix of Madara, Pain, and Itachi.
Chin I think is Naruto since he's the main character.
The other Yan is Orochimaru.
Why are there so many Yans?
Why are the Third and Fourth Hitokiri villians?
I think it's a great story! :mrgreen: I modified this post to match what you said.

Ninja of Cao
07-13-2009, 05:41 AM
That was many questions, but I try to answer what I can.

I dont really know why I used TenTen.

I know more Chinese names than Japanese.

The Tao Clan is not the Uchiha Clan. The Tao Clan uses Lighteye, and is not from the Leaf Village.

The Shadow Sharingan is a special eye-technique developed by Yan Tao. Only he can use it. It is a Sharingan, but with grey background instead of red.

I have not seen so much of the Shippuden series. But Yan Tao is the most powerful member of the Yan Yuuno. But if you look at Yan Tao, he reminds much of Itachi.

Chin has a different personality than Naruto. He is very calm, positive, and prefers to avoid battle.

The Yan Yuuno is not the Orochimaru Clan. When I created them, I were inspired by the Akatsuki.

Yan is the Clan name of the Yan Yuuno.

The Second (Yan Tao), the Third, and the Fourth Hitokiri is just very powerful Ninjas that is able to destroy entire armies by themselves. The First Hitokiri is more like a demon sealed inside Chins body.

I hope that this answered your questions.

07-13-2009, 07:56 AM
Tenten isn't that bad.
oh and nice story.
Luv it!

Ninja of Cao
07-13-2009, 08:35 AM

By the way, TenTen is even stronger in these series. Chin have teached her several techniques of the Tao Clan, including Chakra Blast, Thousand Icicles Strike, and Burning Ground.

Ninja of Cao
07-13-2009, 08:41 AM
The First Series takes place between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.
The Second Series takes place immediately after the Shippuden-series.
The Third Series takes place about 10 years after Shippuden.

Ninja of Cao
07-13-2009, 02:11 PM
Go to this page: http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10703, to vote about your favorite character in my book.

Ninja of Cao
07-13-2009, 03:04 PM
Maybe I should write about some of the battle scenes.

07-13-2009, 03:36 PM
That was many questions, but I try to answer what I can.

I dont really know why I used TenTen.

I know more Chinese names than Japanese.

The Tao Clan is not the Uchiha Clan. The Tao Clan uses Lighteye, and is not from the Leaf Village.

The Shadow Sharingan is a special eye-technique developed by Yan Tao. Only he can use it. It is a Sharingan, but with grey background instead of red.

I have not seen so much of the Shippuden series. But Yan Tao is the most powerful member of the Yan Yuuno. But if you look at Yan Tao, he reminds much of Itachi.

Chin has a different personality than Naruto. He is very calm, positive, and prefers to avoid battle.

The Yan Yuuno is not the Orochimaru Clan. When I created them, I were inspired by the Akatsuki.

Yan is the Clan name of the Yan Yuuno.

The Second (Yan Tao), the Third, and the Fourth Hitokiri is just very powerful Ninjas that is able to destroy entire armies by themselves. The First Hitokiri is more like a demon sealed inside Chins body.

I hope that this answered your questions.
No no no. I don't mean Yan Yunno. I mean Yan Kurogasa. And Yan Jiang. They're both really creepy.

Ninja of Cao
07-13-2009, 03:44 PM
Oh. I thought you meant the Orochimaru Clan and the Yan Yuuno.

07-13-2009, 08:05 PM
This is a great story ;p

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its great

Nikito Tao
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Nikito Tao
07-19-2009, 07:43 PM
Really cool.

07-26-2009, 11:19 PM
its pretty cool dude keep goin

07-26-2009, 11:21 PM
sounds like a good story
lmao at the spoiler

Ninja of Cao
08-04-2009, 12:50 PM
I am planning on writing large Ninja profiles about the characters in my book.

Ninja of Cao
08-04-2009, 02:15 PM
Here is the first Ninja profile. its about Yan Tao, my personal favorite villian in my book:

Name: Yan Tao.
Age: 24-26.
Gender: Male.
Eye color: Grey.
Hair color: Black.
Specialty: Shadow Sharingan, Genjutsu, Katana.
Affiliation: Tao Clan (former), Yan Yuuno.
__________________________________________________ ______________


“You saw what I did. Do you want the same power? Become my apprentice, and I will teach you to become stronger than in your greatest dreams. Join me, join the Yan Yuuno.”
- Yan Tao, recruiting Yan Myojin to the Yan Yuuno.

Yan Tao was one of the legendary Swordsmen during the Tao civil wars. He was the Swordsman of the Darkness, and earned the rank of Hitokiri through his countless killings. In his teen, Yan Tao left his clan, thinking that the Tao Clan was “too weak” to be his clan. He was creating his own Ninja Squad, which was the start of the Yan Yuuno. The first future member he met was during a visit to the Hidden Mist Village. It was at the time of the Kaguya Clan’s uprising against its village. Yan Tao saw a boy, barely eight years old, who were cutting down several enemy Ninjas. The boy mistook Yan Tao for being another enemy Ninja, and tried to attack him with a sword made of bones. Yan Tao easily avoided the strikes, until the boy was hit by the attack from a Mist Ninja. Several other Mist Ninjas appeared, and surrounded Yan Tao and the Kaguya boy. All Ninjas immediately attacked Yan Tao. Yan Tao was fast to react, and killed the enemy Ninjas with a single attack. The young boy was impressed of Yan Tao’s powers, and became his apprentice. The boy, formerly named Myojin Kaguya, re-named himself to Yan Myojin to honor his master. Later, Yan Jiang and Yan Kaoru were recruited in a similar way. After two years, Yan Tao had created the full Yan Yuuno.

During the start of the Second Series of Trials of Tao, Yan Tao were attacking a town in the Hidden Leaf Village, destroying entire armies of Ninjas. Yan Tao searched through the Leaf Village after his brother, Chin Tao. When he first saw his brother, accompanied by TenTen and Sha Wen during a training session, he ordered two of the other members to attack them. The Third Hitokiri and Yan Kunemaru attacked as ordered, and started a short but fierce battle, resulting in Sha Wen heavily wounded. The two Yan Yuuno members disappeared.

After barely a month, Yan Tao was confronting his little brother for the first time. Chin Tao was unaware of Yan Tao’s ability in Genjutsu, and was nearly killed before a real fight could begin. TenTen immediately acted, attacking Yan Tao with several Kunais, and her Nunchaku. TenTen were hit by Yan Tao’s Dark Chakra Blast and fell unconscious. Chin Tao stood up and kept attacking Yan Tao, with no result. Chin used Ultra Chakra Blast, which burned down a quarter of the forest, but Yan Tao was unaffected. When several other Ninjas from the Tao Clan appeared, Yan Tao disappeared.

In his final battle, Yan Tao confronted Chin again. And once again, Chin was defeated. TenTen, Jun Tao, and Zhao Tao, was also quickly defeated. Chin stood up again, and kept attacking Yan Tao, until he succeeded in stabbing his older brother with a Katana. Yan Tao, however, used another of his own techniques, which switched the places of Chin and Yan. Now, Chin had his own Katana stabbed through his body, and he fell to the ground, apparently dead. TenTen, knowing that Yan Tao could only be killed with weapons summoned by his family, grabbed Chin’s sword and rapidly attacked Yan Tao. Yan Tao was still able to avoid her attacks, and her multiple strikes ended by Yan Tao broke her wrist. Then, Sha Wen appeared behind TenTen, and engaged Yan Tao in a new fight. But Sha Wen was defeated as well. When Yan Tao was about to finish his injured enemies, a powerful attack hit him, and Qin Tao appeared on his dragon. Yan Tao and Qin Tao engaged in a long and fierce battle. But Yan Tao’s earlier fights had nearly drained all of his Chakra, and he was eventually hit by Qin Tao’s Chakra Blast, and died.

However, in the end of the Second Series, the rest of the Yan Yuuno comes to Yan Tao’s corpse, which suddenly disappeared. Thick, dark smoke surrounded the Ninjas, and they heard Yan Tao’s voice saying: “it is not over; a Hitokiri cannot be defeated.”

Weapons and Skills:

Yan Tao was known as the Sonna Shumi by the Yan Clan, which in their language means: “The man who kills with the sight”. Yan Tao has developed his own eye-technique, which he calls the Shadow Sharingan. It reminds of a Sharingan, but its grey instead of red. The Shadow Sharingan can create painful or even deadly illusions. Yan Tao also has extremely high skills in Genjutsu, and he can create a clone which can fight very well with Taijutsu. Yan Tao also wears a Hitokiri Blade, a special Katana assigned to the legendary Swordsmen only.

Personality and Traits:

Yan Tao’s personality is basically calm, but still easily aggressive. In combat, he usually barely moves, but lets his Shadow Sharingan destroy his opponent. He shows no feelings of mercy or caring, and he always kills his opponents.
__________________________________________________ ______________

That was the first detailed Ninja profile from my book. More will come soon. Remember that I may update these profiles if I want to add or remove anything from a character's story.

Hokage Jack
08-04-2009, 10:15 PM
Dang, this is good! But it kinda reminded me of Episode 2 of Shippuden in the beginning.

Ninja of Cao
08-05-2009, 11:00 AM
Did it? Why?

08-05-2009, 08:01 PM
This should be in the Fan fiction place

Ninja of Cao
08-08-2009, 05:50 PM
Please go to this page: http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?p=820859. There, we can discuss if I need to do any edits in my book.

Kaoru Tao
08-16-2009, 05:20 AM
Wow. This was really good. Write more of this!

08-17-2009, 09:00 PM
Maybe one day you can get it published!!! YAY!

Ninja of Cao
10-18-2009, 07:44 AM
A lot of things in my story has been changed since I created this thread.
I should make a new thread...