View Full Version : Naruto shippuden on Zune xbox live

09-05-2011, 06:45 AM
I want to know some useful things, somebody can help me?
I readed somewhere that Naruto shippuden would be on Zune marketplace Xbox live US. Is that true?
I have account on US xbox live and there is not Naruto shippuden.
You know something about this?
Guys say something.
You have xbox360?
Nobody? Hey? You know something?
You have xbox and zune? You have USA account? Chceck it? Nobody?
Even on this page there is written that naruto is on Zune.
But where?
Subtitled episode of Shippuden can be downloaded on Zune? Where? Someone can Tell me, Where I can find it?
Where is it? PLEASE TELL ME!
55 views and nobody dont know what im talking about?
Sorry, I searched on the wrong section. I found it. Its sad that its not in HD(or maybe these episodes i saw are not in HD?) Okay but its cool that I can buy Naruto episodes. Only 160 microsft points.