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Hero of Darkness
08-21-2011, 07:43 AM
I am supreme. The creator of the gods themselves. I control them like puppets. I am the master of elements. The controller of Dalitha, Rtheus, Kraleel, Vicius and Ntar.

~Summons the five beings, the five demons of nature and creation.

Ntar Xylv Anitas, the god of spirit, hatred, blood lust, power lust, and hope. With his liquid fire, created the molten core.

Ntar: ......

Vicius Trith, nicknamed the wind of fate, determines every living things fate and master of time.

Vicius: ......

Rtheus Kror, rides the lightning, is as fast as light itself. With his surging legs, he created thunderstorms with the assistance of Dalitha.

Rtheus: ......

Kraleel, molded the earth, created life, and oxygen, all with visualization.

Kraleel: ......

Dalitha, with her trusty trident, gave her the rushing power to create the ocean's and sea's.

Dalitha: ......

Together, when we unite, we are invincible.