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08-21-2011, 07:28 AM
I know that probably all of You know me.
I am obsessed with animation in Naruto series.
I wanted to ask You guys.
I read on wikipedia that Naruto is the 5th manga that sold more than 100 milions of copy in Japan.
So I wanted to ask You.
If You are true fan(I am) all of You would want the remastered version of first Naruto anime.
Remember the Ova - Sage Naruto vs Sasuke?
Think about whole Naruto series, every episode, every move, every talking scene would have animation like that.
That would be the best thing in this WORLD!!!
I want Naruto remastered version.
If only in Japan Naruto is sold more than 100 milions(probably more volumes) so that mean in whole world is more than 200 or 300 milions of Naruto fans right?
If we have petition that everone on the world can see says:


I think there would be more that milion signs.
In Naruto first anime for the first time, The Best Animation in Every Japanese Anime was used in episode 30 - revive sharingan!

That was great episode and great battle.
Why every episode isnt like that?

I couldnt sleep beacuse of it.
I always think about Naruto with animation from that Ova - Sage Naruto vs Sasuke.

That would be awsome.

If Studio Pierrot would make One episode in month of Naruto remastered version I would be happy.
Every episode like that.
I would cry I would be so happy.
Please think about it.
Obsessed with animation in Naruto anime dude, Please for Help :)

08-21-2011, 07:31 AM
Naruto remastered anime without fillers would be the best thing ever happened.
Soundtrack should stay of course. And voice Actors, they are the best too.