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I am writing a story of the legendary 7th Hokage's life...Bolt-Chan!
Well...here we go!

"I want to be the greatest ninja and to be the 7th Hokage! That is my dream!" said Bolt.
"That was once my dream too Bolt-Chan...but now...I'm not so sure if I can make it." whispered Tsukisuke"I'll show you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it! I can beat him sensei! I'll never back down from a challenge, I'll never give up and I'll never go back on my word! That is my nindo! That is my ninja way!!!"
*Bolt takes off running*
"Wait!*cough*Maybe if I just have a little faith in him...he is his father's son after all..." *Tsukisuke loses consciousness*
*Bolt chases after ???*
I know I can beat him! I can't lose! I can't afford to lose! This battle could very well cost me my life!
"So you finally found me then eh?" said ???
"Yes and I'm not going to lose! Not this time, not ever!" Bolt retaliated.
*??? holds up Tsuma and laughs*
"How will you ever beat me while I have Tsuma!!!!!!!" laughed ??? maniacally.
"Like this! Shadow clone jutsu!"
"You expect to beat me with that puny jutsu? Pathetic."
"I don't plan on Beating you with this jutsu persay."
"Then just how do you plan on beating me then?"
"You'll see very soon!"
~End of Prologue

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sounds a lot like naruto...

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sounds a lot like naruto...

he is a lot like naruto as you'll find out soon.
im going to post a chapter a day :mrgreen:

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okay ^.^

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I think this one's a Naruto counter-part. >.<

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oh well as long as no naruto characters are mentioned HOLY CAT CHANGE KONOHAMARU'S NAME!!!it is copyright issues

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oh well as long as no naruto characters are mentioned HOLY CAT CHANGE KONOHAMARU'S NAME!!!it is copyright issues

aww...really? i was hoping to use characters from naruto...all right i'll change his name then...:(

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yea but u cant u could get problems with the copyright characters u no? dont want that happening!

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yea but u cant u could get problems with the copyright characters u no? dont want that happening!

no i dont.
oh, and i didnt have time to write the next ch. today so i'm gonna do a double chapter tommorrow. :roll:

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Sidenote-All the characters in my story are like the ones in Naruto so rep to whoever figures out who is who so far.
Chapter 1 Bolt's story
"I feel so bad for him mom." said a little girl.
"Don't feel bad for him Tsuma, he's a monster! I don't trust him. One day he could kill us all!" responded the girl's mom.
"But he's not a monster he's a boy just like me...isn't he?"
"No honey he's the ten-tails jinchuuriki. The sixth hokage almost died defending the village from the beast! I don't trust him."
"Oh..." said Tsuma.
*They walk away. Tsuma takes a look back at him and a look at her mom. Then they continue walking"
*Bolt hangs on a swingset almost in tears. He wipes it off and gets up.*
"It doesn't matter what you think of me! I'm gonna grow up to be the greatest hokage! You'll see! And when I am you'll all respect me! I'll never give up!" Yelled Bolt at them while at the same time making a scene.
*Tsuma looks in complette awe*
"Yeah right. You think you can be the hokage someday? Within one week you'll probably go back on that and just be a loser." said a boy.
"Shut up Ren! I never give up and I never go back on what I say! That's my nindo MY NINJA WAY!"
*Tsuma looks over at them still but is happier*
"Heh, loser"
*Ren walks away*
*Everyone else leaves as well.*
*Starts to rain.*
"Well ninja academy starts tommorrow...that's a plus." said Bolt before he walked away.
~End of Chapter 1
Chapter 2 A leap in time. Graduation day
"Today is finally the day class! It's the day where you graduate to become full-fledged genin! All you have to do is pass the graduation exam!" said Tsukisuke, "Come with me when I call you and take the exam. First up is Ren."
"This'll be over quickly" said Ren.
*Two minutes later*
"Amazing Ren! You may be as good me at all those jutsus!" said Tsukisuke, "Next up Tsuma."
*After everyone else goes*
"Last but not least Bolt." said Tsukisuke.
"Awesome! I'm gonna pass no sweat!"
*Follows into test room*
"Okay Bolt first transform into the sixth hokage."
"Okay check"
*Ten jutsus later*
"Okay now last is the substitution jutsu. I'm going to throw a couple of shuriken at you and you need to use the jutsu got it?" said Tsukisuke.
"What if I fail?" said Bolt obviously freaked out.
"You'll get hurt. That's your motivation now go!"
*Readies shuriken*
~End of chapter 2

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Yeah...i'm done nobody is even reading it...Althoughit does kinda suck lol

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Don't say that master;)
I loved the story:mrgreen:
It was AWESOME!!