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{ok, this is Uzume's story keep in mind its only the beginning}

CHAPTER: 1- The Staring Point
As the 15 year old girl held her newborn sister in her arms she knew that life was going to be different from then on. Shifting her weight she looked back at her village over her shoulder. Looking back to her mothers headstone she sighed and gave a weak smile.

"Sorry, Mom, I can't tolerate these people like you did. They'll never like me or Hisui...they'll never take care of us cause they never wanted us to be born. So, this is my goodbye to you and to this wretched village." she said.

Walking back to the small hut that she was born and raised in she packed up the baby's things and placed the infant into a special sling that went around her front. Looking back over her shoulder at the door she saw her twin best friends, Yasha and Tenshi {15}, standing there.

"You're actually leaving?" Tenshi asked pulling her dark brown hair behind her peirced ear. Yasha shook his head.

"Yeah." Uzume answered her.

"Not alone, your not!" Tenshi said bringing out her bag, her twin followed her actions and brought his own out with him.

"I can't ask you two to come with-" Uzume started...

"Your not...we're telling you." Tenshi started...

"We're coming." Yasha finised. Uzume's metallic green eyes watered up and she wiped the newly forming tears away and smiled at her two friends.

"All right...let's go!!"

Over the next year Uzume and the twins met Ione {17} and Flow {16} who both were outcasts from their clans. Ione for being gay and Flow for being barren. The five friends found raising little Hisui was harder than it looked as the child showed a unquie talent for shape-shifting....

"What in the---" Ione trailed off as he looked at a baby version of himself. Uzume slapped her forehead and moaned.

"Great, another reason for me to hit my father's spirit in the afterlife!!! She got the ablity too!!"

"What "ablity"?" Flow asked watching the baby "Ione" toddle around. Tenshi and Yasha couldn't breath they were luaghing too hard. Ione glared at the twins.

"The same ablity I have...though Dad taught me how to control it..." Uzume said shifting into a pre-teen form of Flow. "The ablity to shift into a person or animal at any given point in their lives. Also, to copy their memories, habits, DNA, jutsu, everything about them just on one moment of physical contact." she said sounding like Flow.

"That's a nifty ablity..." Flow said clearly impressed. Uzume shurgged and shifted back into herself.

"Yeah, it made playing Hide and Seek a whole other ballgame when we were little." Tenshi said giggling. Yasha shook his head and picked up the baby, poking her in her left rib cage she hiccuped and returned to normal, metallic grey eyed Hisui.

"So, Uzume who was your father?" Ione asked. Uzume got this far off look and smiled.

"He was a Biju expert for our village...my mom was a medic-nin. They met on the battlefield. She tended to his wounds and it was love at first sight. The village was against their union,but neither one cared. Soon after I came along....then some group came and said that they wanted Dad's intelligence...Mom was three weeks along with Hisui....the village elders let them take my father away...but not after he hugged me and mom and said her name..."Hisui...that's my daughters name...Hisui". After that I never saw my mother happy again. Not even after she held my two minutes old sister...She died of unhappiness the day my sister was born. So, I left and now...i know my goal in life. To stop that group."

"Do you even know who they are?" Tenshi asked.

"No, but after we find a hideout and stableize oursleves in this world and after Hisui grows up a little more. I think we'll be able to move."

Yasha's black eyes were dark with thought as he and his sister shopped in the nearest village the next day. He watched as a family walked past them. Tenshi knew her brother well...he wasn't just thinking...he was plotting. The only other information that Uzume knew about the group was the fact that they wore black coats with red clouds on them. She knew that if they ever met anyone with that coat then they'll know why back in their home village her brother was know as the "Lighting Fox" and she was the "Water Lily". Sighing she smiled at the vendor and picked out some food items. Feeling her brother tense she stepped back a little and moved her elbow to catch him in the gut. He stopped and she looked where he was looking and saw two figures with those coats. They wore straw hats that had a bell hanging from it. She looked at her brother payed for the items and then gave him the items to carry.

"If you start a fight here then little boy I'll spare no expense kicking you hide all the way back to the hideout." she said in a low tone. Yasha sighed and carried the bags like his sister told him. They path that they took lept the two figures in sight at all times.

"Hmmm...they're going to a Collection Office?" Tenshi mused as they watched the two figures walk into the old shack. Tenshi walked to the entrance to the hideout and knocked on the rock wall. It opened to Flow who smiled at them and let them in. Uzume caught the now three year old Hisui and nodded to the twins as they entered.

"So...what happened?" she asked seeing Yasha's eyes.

"We saw two of those coats today...they headed for a Collection Office with a box on one of their backs."


"My assumption is that maybe one handles the money intake by Collecting Bounties." Tenshi stated.

"All right..anything else."

"I know the name!!" Ione exclaimed bursting in through his special entrance.

"What?" Everyone else asked.

"I just saw two of those coats as I headed into the Collection Office today...I asked the guy who they were and he said that that was Sir Something or another and some other guy..but, he said they were from his best customers!!!" he said without breathing and then he sat down and heaved. Uzume grinned and let little Hisui chase the puppy they found a year earlier.

"Well, all good things must have some starting point...this is ours..eh, Uzume?" Tenshi said.

"Yeah, this is the starting point for The Company!!!"

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nice man!write some more, u have me interested!

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{ok, time to write Chapter 2- New Members...I'll warn the readers now there might only be three to four chapters...heh, sorry.}

Chapter 2- New Members

Uzume's straight royal blue hair flowed in the wind. It had been three years since she started The Company and so far things were going well. They had no run-ins with the Akastuki and that's how she wanted it. The only back draw to this was...she looked behind her at her now five year old little sister. The child had gotten their mother's royal blue hair just like Uzume, but their father's metallic grey eyes...instead of Uzume's metallic green like their grandmother's. Uzume sighed and turned back around to her.

"Hey, Hisui!!!" she called. Tenshi and Yasha watched as the five year old ran up to her sister and giggled.

"Yeah, ZuZu?"

"I have to go and take care of some things, but Ione and Flow will be here to take care of you...okay?"

"Okay!!! Flow!!! Ione!!! Sui's hungry!!!" Flow walked out and caught the child.

"Are you serious?"

"Nope!" Hisui said.

"All right, lets go eat something that Ione cooks okay?"

"Yay, RAMEN AND DUMPLINGS!!!!!" The child cried running past Flow and into the kitchen. Flow halted in her steps.

"R-Ramen and what?!?" she asked clearly stunned. Uzume smiled and looked at Yasha and Tenshi. The twins both nodded and walked toward her and the three walked out the double doors. Uzume looked up to the ninja cats that guarded it. The two cats were huge, with their tails alone they shut the heavy oak doors and Uzume heard the iron railings clang down. Satisfied that Hisui was safe, Uzume shifted into the apperance of Tenshi's and Yasha's younger sister, Neko. The three took off in opposite directions and "Neko" ran into a group of five guys.

"Hey is this where The Company is?" a tall hooded one asked.

"Yeah, we wanna join!!" a small squinty eyed one said.

The other three remained silent. She watched as one pulled out a kunai and sat aginst a nearby rock. Uzume smirked at the two that talked and beckoned to them.

"Come on, if you beat me then you get in..."

The two lunged and Uzume just stood there and waited until they were 5 feet away, then she jumped into a tree and let them fall onto the pitfall trap she had laid behind her.

"Didn't say I wouldn't cheat..." she grinned and then felt a kunai on her back. Kneeling behind her was a young man around his early twenties. His blonde hair was short and his dark grey eyes sparkled with amusement. The other two looked up and grinned. One was a weasel of a man the other was a gentle looking man. Uzume sighed and leaped out of the tree and onto the ground below. The other two looked at her and she nodded. Dodgeing the two kunai that each threw she rolled to the bushes and blocked the punch that one aimed. Three exsaughting minutes later she and three were at a standstill...Uzume let the shifting fade and looked at the shocked trio.

"So, who am I looking at that passed my entrance test?" she asked. The blonde smiled.

"My name's Yuui, these are my friends Mikoto {weasel-guy nodded} and Kai {gentle-guy bowed}."

Uzume nodded and inclined her head.

"Name's Uzume and if you guys follow me then I'll introdunce you to the first five members of The Company."

The trio followed her and Uzume looked as Tenshi and Yasha both walked up, Tenshi had four following her and Yasha had three. She grinned and knew that the rumors that Ione started had spred like wildfire. Walking up to the doors she looked at the cats and guestured to the new members.

"These are the new memebers...introdunce yourselves..."


The cats nodded slowly and opened the door. Their tails lifted the iron bar and pulled the doors open. Uzume smiled and then stared as Hisui caught her blue ball. Standing behind the small child was a youth with black hair and dark brown eyes. He watched Hisui with a calculating look and then looked up at the group before him. Ione walked in and stopped.

"Who-Who the hell are you?!?" Ione asked in clear shock. Kai looked at Uzume.

"He isn't an orignal member...is he?"

Uzume looked up at the cats who now were glaring at the newcomer. She figured that by that reaction he must of come through the side wall. But, there were countless traps all around the walls.

"How did you get in?" she asked shakly. The man grinned and pointed up.

"You really need to have areial traps and the name's Riku." he said. Uzume paused and crossed her arms. Tenshi and Yasha both looked at each other over her head and sighed. Yuui looked at them and relaxed.

"Is he an old friend?" Yuui asked.

"Yeah, but the last time we saw him was at the end of a rope...and he was dangling from the other end." Tenshi said pointing at her brother. Yasha shrugged and looked away. Uzume smiled and walked over to Hisui leaning down she took the ball and said...

"Riku, meet Teki and Miki."

"Who-" Riku was cut off as the two cats jumped up from their perches and landed with one paw each on him.

"My gate watchers. You didn't introduce yourself to them...first."

"R-Riku!" he stuggled out his name. The cats let him up and curled around Uzume and Hisui.

"That's my good girls...now if anyone else gets past the traps and land infront of the door, give them a hint as to introduce yourself and then let them in...thanks girls."

"Love you, Teki!!! Love you, Miki!!!" Hisui said as the two cats leaped back onto the wall. Uzume walked into the hideout and looked back.

"Flow, will take you to your rooms. Oh, meet the youngest member of The Company my baby sister Hisui."

"Hiya!!! Are you guys Zuzu's friends?"

Tenshi cleared her throat. "Zuzu is what she calls Uzume...no one else can or else...well, we have no problems in replacing you."

Over the next month six more were added to the group and Ione stopped the rumors cause of the new members only one was a cook. The six were named Sessho, Maru, Hiro, Kisa, Ritsu, and Yuki. Only two were girls.

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cool! write more this is very interesting!

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u cant mention kakuzu's name in ur story becuz of legal stuff since hes part of the naruto universe also im not sure that u can mention the akatsuki in their put since u spelled it wrong u prolly get around that

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u cant mention kakuzu's name in ur story becuz of legal stuff since hes part of the naruto universe also im not sure that u can mention the akatsuki in their put since u spelled it wrong u prolly get around that
ulp...shoot forgot about that..thanks!!!! There I edited it!!!

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{okay, here's chapter three!!! now to forewarn you guys I did forget some rules....unfortunenately that's a flaw of mine...~sigh~ so, if that group is apperaed then I'll only describe their coats and another thing...I'm no good at fight sencens so, those'll be vaugely described...I'll see if I can hightlight it for you guys.}

Chapter 3- Missing Members

It had been three years since Uzume recurited her 17 other members. Hisui was now 8 and Uzume was now 23. Uzume had noticed that lately things had gotten risky since that group had found out about The Company. Her members were saying that they saw those guys at certain missions to stop them. Uzume felt she was going up against guys that really weren't normal and most likely not human. She brethed in to calm herself and looked up at Teki and Miki. The two gaint ninja cats had slimmed down and now looked more like the big cats that they were distantly related to. She looked back at Hisui and wondered if she was wrong to want to protect what her Father had so much knowleadge of.

"You are not wrong..." Yasha said as he walked out of the shadows to her. Uzume smiled and looked at him. Yasha had grown into a fine man. His dark brown hair was pulled back into a half ponytail and his black eyes reflected wisdom and strength. His left ear was peirced with a point hanging from it and his body had become nicely built for all the fights he had been in. He stood next to her and punched her gently in her arm. Riku walked up next to them and looked silently up at Uzume. Fearing the worst Uzume faced him.

"What happened?" she asked.

"The report from the lastest mission...it was me Yuui, Saka, Karo, Maru and Yuki...Uzume, they were there and your looking at the only one left."

Uzume buried them in the front of the hideout. Teki and Miki conforted little Hisui who only knew that those five wouldn't be able to play with her again. Uzume shook her head.

"Could it get any worse?" she thought. She later regretted that thought as a couple months and six more graves later that group attacked the hideout directly. Uzume wasn't there, but when she heard about it through rumors she flew back. She looked at the doors and saw both cats were still there. Teki was missing half her left ear and Miki was missing her right eye, but other than that the two were alive. She briskly walked in and saw the graves were untouched and the only death was Riku, who had fought one of them away from Hisui. Uzume only heard that the guy was pale with gold eyes before she raced past Ione who gave her the report and to Hisui. The little girl was holding Riku's head in her lap.


Hisui looked up at her sister. The almost 9-year-old had been crying.



"I hate snakes!!!"

Uzume couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Okay, snakes are not on our favorite list anymore. Gotcha."

Hisui sniffed and later that day after cleaning up they buried Riku. Three weeks later Uzume was walking through the woods not too far away from the hideout when she heard a hiss. Turning sharply she backpeddled as a snake lunged toward her. She dogded it but felt another snake bite her leg. Screaming in pain she went to throw a kunai at its head, but quickly felt the poision rush through her. Before everything went black she saw red eyes. She came to with Hisui, Miki, Teki, Ione, Flow, Yasha, and Tenshi all aroud her.

"Wha-what happened?" she asked.

"We don't know. We heard you scream and then some guy...in that coat mind you...came out of nowhere and dropped you off in front of us and said that the poision in you wasn't going to kill you." Ione said.

Hisui held up a bell. Uzume looked at her.

"Zuzu, lookit he gave me this bell!!!"

"It came from his hat." Yasha said.

Uzume sat up and rubbed her leg where she saw a bandage. Tenshi looked pissed.

"You ever scare the hell out of me like that again....I'll kill you myself."

"Yes ma'am."

While Uzume recovered which took her a good year...turns out that the poision was more potent than she gave it credit for. She lost all the others but her five friends and little sister. Soon the front of the hideout was Hisui's favorite plac to sit and relax. Miki and Teki grew more feirice to the point that none but, Hisui, Uzume and the other five could even go near the hideout let alone the doors. Yasha at one point told Uzume that he had always loved her. She in return told him that it was in more than devlopment for her. The two spent two weeks together and at least three nights. Soon Uzume was up and about and then Hisui noticed that she started to act a little differently than her norm. For about half a year Uzume completely dissapeared. What Hisui didn't know, but everyone else did was that Uzume and Yasha's little time together had resulted in a set of triplets...the triplets were kept with Neko back at Uzume's home village. Then the unthinkable happened. Uzume sent Flow and Ione out on a mission and their bodies were sent back. Two months later Hisui was just turning ten and the twins were sent out. They were due back the day before her birthday party. One the day of her birth Hisui was sent two presents...two big presents...that when she opened them Miki and Teki yowled in saddness and Uzume fell to her knees and brought her sister to her. Later that day after buring the twins and looked at her sister.

"Hisui, I'm going to find Uncle Yain and Uncle Aki. They'll help us get this group...don't leave here untill I come back or I send a crow to you with a message."

"Okay, Zuzu."

Uzume smiled and looked up at the cats as she left the hideout.

"You two know what Neko looks like. She should come with my children and Uncle's when I tell her to. Protect Hisui and them, love yo both, Goodbye. Chances are that I won't be coming back...don't tell Hisui."

Hisui left the hideout.