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07-10-2009, 12:31 AM
Chapter 1-Forest of Death

???-Sir Doukage theres trouble in the forest of death!
Shento-Huh? Call the ANBU to the scene!
ANBU 1-Yes sir!
ANBU 2-It's showtime
I am Larnet Shanato, I'm part of the ANBU ranks. Shento Uchiha is the 2nd Doukage of the village hidden in the trees.
Larnet-Let's GO!
*Forest Of Death*
ANBU 1-*panting* we've been at it for hours and we've found nothing...
ANBU 2-Larnet...let's head back...
*hears moving in the trees*
Larnet-Not yet...
*A kunai comes flying at the group*
ANBU 1 and 2-Woah
???-You have some guts I'll give you that...
*??? and ?? jump down from the trees*
??? and ??-GUTS ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!

07-10-2009, 01:23 AM
Kinda too short,but the storyline is good so far.

07-10-2009, 01:26 AM
I'll be making a longer one tommorrow.

07-10-2009, 11:42 AM
Chapter 2-Enter: The Fangs

Larnet-Who are you guys?
???-I am Yokusan
??-And I am Ledel
Larnet-.....So your freaks?
ANBU 1-But you should watch your back!*ANBU 1 and 2 throw kunais at...Larnet?!*
Larnet-Woah! What are you doing!?
ANBU 1 and 2-We're not ANBU Black Ops members.
Larnet-Then who are you?
ANBU 1-*Takes off mask*I'm Kusoko
ANBU 2-*takes off mask*And I'm Zukado.
Yokusan-The four of us make...
All but Larnet-THE FANGS!
Larnet-The Fangs?...
Ledel-Yes and here.....you're going to die.
Larnet-I'd like to see you try!*forms hand signs*Ninja Art-Solid Clone Jutsu!*3 clones of Larnet appear*
*The Fangs splits up*
Larnet-Lets GO!
*Larnets group spilts up*
(Larnet vs Yokusan)
Yokusan-Where is that brat?...
Larnet-I'm right here!
*Larnet throws a kunai*
Yokusan-Gah!*throws his own kunai*
*the kunais collade*
<Larnet charges at Yokusan and punches him in the face. Yokusan throws som e shurikan at Larnet to distract him while Yokusan preforms hand signs. *Ninja Art-Dark Bomb Jutsu*A wave of explosive energy comes toward Larnet>
Larnet-Oh no!
<The energy explodes leaving broken logs, but no blood. Yokusan turns around to meet a straight punch to the face by Larnet. Larnet forms hand signs*Taijutsu-Meteor Pound!*Larnet slams his elbow and knees into Yokusans ribs so many times he breaks them. Then he slams Yokusans head into the ground knocking him out>
Larnet-One down, three to go.*takes Yokusan and leaves*
(Larnet Clone 1 vs Ledel)
LClone 1-This will be too easy.
Ledel-Ha! You wish!
<Ledel charges at LClone 1 with a kunai knife. LClone 1 counter-acts with his own kunai knife. They both cut each other on the arm.>
Ledel-Now disappear fool!
LClone 1-Ha! you'll have to do better then that to get rid of me! Ledel-What!? But how?!
<In her distraction LClone 1 made a lightning clone and had it go behind her*Lightning Clone Explosion!*the clone exploded with Lightning electricuting her till she was out cold>
LClone 1-Shes finished*picks her up and leaves*
(Larnet Clone 2 vs Kusoko)
LClone 2-Man this guy is huge! Kusoko-Time to die runt!
<uses hand signs*Ninja art-Deaf Strike Jutsu*a wave of energy flushes into LClones 2 ears>
LClone 2-Gah!
Kusoko-This jutsu is an advanced form of my friends jutsu Dosu. It goes into your ear and tears it apart from the inside. Now its time to DIE