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  1. Coolest naruto character
  2. Do you believe in God?
  3. Love Doesnt Exist: Part II
  4. Tired of me shareing my faith? TEN DONT SAY A FREEKIN WORD!! (Does not include TBC)
  5. Opinions
  6. Obama: Yay or Nay
  7. What is this Debate Forum?
  8. Debate Forum Rules.
  9. I guess ill have the first debate
  10. The REAL First Debate; Silence does not Exist
  11. The end of time itself.
  12. Why Posts Shouldn't Count Here
  13. My Gender(Now about why I am called a guy all the time)
  14. Do you think the bible is true?
  15. do you believe in science or in religion?
  16. What is better?
  17. Does Perfect Exist? And If So Is It Good?
  18. Does Love Exist?
  19. The Chicken or the Egg
  20. The Posts Should Count
  21. Is it better to be alone?
  22. A Dashing Tale!!!
  23. PS3 or 360
  24. rep? usefull or useless?
  25. Immortality
  26. 2012
  27. Girls or Boys
  28. Global Warming
  29. avacado: fruit of vegetable
  30. Do you believe in Peace
  31. Heaven, reincarnation or rotting?
  32. Death or life?
  33. Pro Choice or Pro Life
  34. What is the best economic system?
  35. Naruto:Will he ever be hokage???
  36. Does Love Have Limits?
  37. Muslims: Evil or Misunderstood?
  38. Why?
  39. Die Old
  40. Democracy
  41. Who would you choose?
  42. Okay, enough with the anti CN threads already.
  43. Battlefield or Knock You Down
  44. Omnipotents: The truth
  45. Batman or Superman.. Which one is Better
  46. Marijuana Legal or Illegal
  47. Video Games-Harmful or not?
  48. meaning of life
  49. Mmmm What would you like?
  50. Mario Or Luigi
  51. Fur, Feathers, or Scales?
  52. Debate. Other Life forms?
  53. 2+2=5?
  54. TIME TRAVEL!!!! Yeah, I went there!
  55. Implanted GPS
  56. Controversy AHEAD!!!!
  57. H2O= Flamable?
  58. Define Family
  59. The Christian Topic
  60. Democrat Or Republican
  61. shadow or sonic
  62. world peace or war?
  63. Which PSP is better?
  64. Mangagirl
  65. which came first the chicken or the egg?
  66. which fanfic/story do you like the most on this forum
  67. [Euthanasia]: Mercy Killing/Physican-Assisted Suicide
  68. What do you think of this lawsuit?
  69. President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill.
  70. War
  71. Does Santa Claus exist?
  72. Is commiting sucide a selfish thing to do?
  73. Does God exist?
  74. Will you never learn? Love STILL doesn't exist - Part III
  75. Top 10 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Destroy American Society
  76. Debate for the side of the Argument you disagree with.
  77. Transportation
  78. Euthanasia. Yes or NO?
  79. Good vs. Evil (the ultimate popcorn romp)
  80. Speed Dating.
  81. Contentment, good or bad?
  82. Guns and Public Rallies.
  83. Racing
  84. Vick; A new man?
  85. Same-Sex Marriage (Yeah I Went There)
  86. Piercings and Tattoos.
  87. Chun Li or Lara Croft
  88. Nuclear Weapons Testing
  89. Punishment Vs Rehab
  90. Human Cloning
  91. Michael Jackson... Oh boy.
  92. the "should cn real stay debate"
  93. Going to heaven is impossible.
  94. The Communist Takeover Theory.
  95. Should Severely Ill Patients Should Be Allowed To Die?
  96. The King of America
  97. Children being lead into religion
  98. A question about Christianity.
  99. Can people change?
  100. Right or Wrong?
  101. do you think this is fare
  102. Do you believe in Destiny?
  103. A Desensitized world; for better or worse?
  104. Parents under attack.
  105. I think this forum has proved itself.
  106. Death
  107. Scientology; Religion or Cult?
  108. Is Christianity a test of worthy?
  109. So Many Men
  110. Fire starter
  111. Should Evolution be Taught
  112. Assumptions based on Looks
  113. Was Mary really a virgin?
  114. Government Stimulus Grants.
  115. Common Sense
  116. Superstition
  117. I'm So Confused
  118. I wonder how does scary events happen?
  119. Soul-crushingly cute or Soul-crushingly cruel?: Enter the puppy
  120. Double Stack or Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger
  121. Would you live forever
  122. Gay People in the Military
  123. Invincible vs. Immortal
  124. If you were invincible?
  125. Women #2
  126. Men!
  127. Women as Objects?
  128. Mods Deleting Threads
  129. Hey People Come Look At The BullCrap That's Coming Out Of Your Television
  130. Dreams
  131. Needs Vs Wants
  132. Would you want to?
  133. government and religion
  134. The hottest celebrity Women alive?
  135. Propaganda/Media. please read and give opinion
  136. Aged religion... as good as fine wine?
  137. Are lives equal?
  138. Emotions and Nature
  139. Best movie of the summer?
  140. Naruto successful on Disney XD or is it Doomed
  141. Public Service Announcement
  142. Is the u.s.a still safe
  143. are humans worth it?
  144. My Negative Feelings of 9/11...And who gives a damn about our soldiers? Not you.
  145. 5th Hokage V.s 5th Mizukage ? Who would win ??
  146. Buses; your view?
  147. obama's speech.
  148. If Obama fought Bush
  149. The new Michael Moore movie
  150. i just thought of something
  151. the full moon's affect on people
  152. Your thoughts on the ACORN scandal
  153. The Republican question
  154. Obama vs Kanye
  155. Wars
  156. America should stop editting anime and movies
  157. A Woman's place.
  158. FFS Joe Wilson
  159. Idols
  160. swine flu...ppl overreacted...
  161. What If?
  162. Food Battle 2009!!!
  163. racism
  164. mind over matter
  165. Should certain teenagers be allowed to drive before they are 16?
  166. meaning of life
  167. Unruley Children
  168. Obama adding on.
  169. Why?
  170. What do you think?
  171. The Real Issue
  172. Fifa World Cup 2010 Football (soccer)!!!!
  173. tomatoes are vegetables
  174. Stereotypes funny?
  175. This is so messed up
  176. Is hunting bad?
  177. congress needs reform
  178. Martial Arts
  179. Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize
  180. Better to be a Rogue during the War???
  181. Jackie Chan VS. Rocky
  182. Prime Jackie Chan VS. Prime Jet Lee
  183. How come do guys...
  184. Where did we come from???
  185. What's with the...
  186. TBC real deal or Hacker
  187. Sleeping Aids
  188. A debate on forum weddings trend.
  189. Eye for an Eye?
  190. I constantsly ask myself this question.
  191. The True Meaning of Life
  192. Killing for Punishment is it right?
  193. Do you support Breast Cancer Research?
  194. The White House VS Fox News
  195. Racist views on Primetime TV
  196. Do you think he's Cute ??? ( Baby Pics of Landon )
  197. The most annoying
  198. Religion - Root of All Evil?
  199. The random debate thread
  200. Yankees for 2009 world Baseball Champs
  201. curse words
  202. Kingdom hearts VS final fantasy
  203. ur greatest wish in the universe ????
  204. Hell: Is it a place?
  205. Rap isn't real music, huh? Also the debate that has been going on for centuries.
  206. My username
  207. Flash Games
  208. Well? What do you all think?
  209. Michael Phelps.
  210. String Theory
  211. Fort Hood shooting
  212. Money can buy anything
  213. Twilight..Hate it or Love it...
  214. Are Graphic Novels the Same as Manga??
  215. being ''emo''......lifestyle, culture, fashion or just a stereotype?
  216. Batman meets D&D
  217. Nature vs Nurture
  218. Jthm
  219. School..should i go or not
  220. has the world gotten this out of hand?
  221. Hockey!
  222. Govenor vetoes bill that would allow gay partners to be buried together.
  223. Marijuana Should be legal
  224. My Top 5 worst animes ever!
  225. Friday the 13th! is today!
  226. Sprite or 7up or mountain dew or sierra mist
  227. Food fight!
  228. immigration laws
  229. Cutting? Why do people do it?
  230. Debate on school
  231. Guess who's back?
  232. to all who belive "jurrasic park 4" is coming out
  233. Demyx well no longer get Disrespected in this forum
  234. which system is better
  235. Why Kids fail in school
  236. Torturing Terrorists...
  237. Waterboarding Torture?
  238. Cloning
  239. Regarding a recent Nuclear policy suggestion
  240. have things really changed?
  241. Which computer os is better
  242. Canadian woman loses benefits over Facebook photo
  243. What do you think is better?
  244. John Mayer vs. Taler (Toma:) An Epic Showdown of Non-epic Proportions
  245. evolution?
  246. Rank the Holidays!
  247. Do you believe God exists?
  248. do you think polio will be eradicated in 2010
  249. Global Warming Emails
  250. Autotune Music