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  1. Economic reform
  2. conspiracy theories hosted by jesse ventura is FAKE
  3. obama sending 30,000 more troops to afganistan
  4. Is it good to be honest?
  5. What do these facts mean as far as our perceptions of iraq and afghanistan.
  6. The End of Naruto
  7. is google too powerful
  8. Sasuke Too Overpowered?
  9. Obscenity Law
  10. Swine Flu Conspiracy Theory
  11. Freedom Of Speech.
  12. Marriage: Is it for love or the economy?
  13. great depression?
  14. Cartoon Network: The old and the new
  15. Christmas:Pagan Holiday or the Birth of Jesus
  16. Vampires vs. Lycans vs. Human
  17. Global Warming
  18. more technology more danger
  19. Post Or Rep?
  20. Death at Birth
  21. Tipping
  22. flamming
  23. Advertising, Targeting the Children
  24. Animal Experimentation
  25. This forum as an iphone/ipod touch app?
  26. Toonami the old times
  27. The worst anime toonami aired
  28. The Best Toonami Anime
  29. Reviewers must die! Or must they?
  30. Are you afraid of death?
  31. Anime Industry: bubble bursting in the last decade
  32. Religion
  33. What Action MMOrpg u guys know bout r fun?
  34. INSITE: the first legal "Supervised Injection Site" in North America - Good or bad?
  35. Kid Leashes and Harnesses
  36. Should apocalypse predictions be kept secret?
  37. who to win the super bowl?
  38. Is THIS how christans are?
  39. Which is better, "you're not" or "you aren't"?
  40. Airport Body Scanners May Be CP?
  41. What's going to happen in 2012?
  42. Is it O.K for parents to hit their children?
  43. How do you respond to your parents?
  44. What your favorite meat?
  45. Eat that mrs.gates!!! (my social studies teacher)
  46. Otaku and Weeaboos
  47. Top 5 worst American cartoons
  48. Top 5 worst Live Action Shows
  49. Right to Bear Arms
  50. I need proper feedback about buying anime DVDs
  51. who else think that this is lame?
  52. Is rap/hip-hop real music?
  53. What do you think of teaching babies sign language?
  54. ABAA: Is it racism? Is it legal?
  55. How would you define a troll?
  56. President Barack Obama.
  57. Is life worth livin, should I blast myself?
  58. Communism
  59. Do you believe in ghost?
  60. gamer debate: nintendo vs sega!
  61. Age and Anime
  62. Instant Ramen
  63. Do you agree with the "Don't tell don't do" policy ?
  64. South vs North
  65. Bush Haters: Obama?
  66. who's do u think will in the superbowl
  67. Jam: Which is the best
  68. SNL Racist?
  69. Naruto best Rivils
  70. Top Ten Final Fantasy 1-6 Characters
  71. Bottom Ten Characters of Final Fantasy 1-6
  72. My Favorite Final Fantasy 1-6 Themes
  73. Landon Donovan
  74. Pit Bull Extermination? >:[
  75. Do you believe in Aliens or life on other planets?
  76. Best Final Fantasy Title Screen
  77. Shaft or Black Dynamite
  78. Lando Calrissian vs some guy named Landon Donovan
  79. Where would you live in the world?
  80. Whch Phobia is more crazy?
  81. Single Sex Classes????
  82. Who should get in trouble for this, and what sorts of puishment should there be.
  83. Best United States President?
  84. What if the Union lost the Civil War???
  85. Non-existent Historical Battles
  86. Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter?
  87. Living Forever Fun?
  88. Incest (no flaming)
  89. Make out!
  90. who is she?
  91. Thoughts on executing prisoners
  92. Why are some people so mean/hateful?
  93. Entertaining animals held in captvity?
  94. Should electric cars make noise?
  95. Should electric cars make noise?
  96. Wearing Fur
  97. What's the best part of filing tax returns?
  98. Health Care Scandal: Democratic Congressman claims he was forced to resign
  99. Hate threads: Innocent venting or spreading negativity?
  100. What the heck...
  101. Atheism on the defensive
  102. The Zodiac Killer
  103. Is the capital of Lousiana pronounced as...
  104. If You Saw Baby Hitler Would You Kill Him
  105. Lust
  106. Fan Subs
  107. Hot or Cold?
  108. Are abortions right or wrong? (please no flaming)
  109. Good and Evil
  110. Medeleine McCann
  111. God doesn't exist... agree or disagree?
  112. The Healthcare Reform Bill was passed,
  113. Itachi is lame, so as deidara
  114. 49% of Americans Don't Pay Taxes
  115. am i the only one who thinks naruto's
  116. Affirmative Action
  117. Yay, Social Security Is In The Red
  118. Animal Testing
  119. Detentions Purpose
  120. Wars
  121. Who are my Parents?
  122. Suicide
  123. Heavy Rain
  124. Obama vs. Anybody
  125. Did anyone notice?
  126. Mayo :D vs Miracle Whipt :(
  127. Israel Air Force is...
  128. All Naruto Forum News and warning Trheads
  129. Cold Stone vs. Baskin Robbins
  130. Mrs.Frisby and the Rats NIMH vs. Charlotte's Web
  131. do you prefer cd's or itunes?
  132. Italy vs. Greece
  133. Greek Gods
  134. Your Tax Dollars At Work
  135. The American System
  136. VAT,VAT,VAT. Who wants a VAT?
  137. With Naruto Viz Forum Avatar is for you the best?
  138. monster vs redbull vs venom
  139. Is Atheism a Religion?
  140. Where do we come from? Why are we here?
  141. Viz Media vs The World...of Manga Translation
  142. Don't Compare Orochimaru to Michael Jackson!!!
  143. When did the Debate Forum become
  144. Forum Proletariat
  145. Thoughts On The Soda Taxes In US?
  146. Should this section count towards posts?
  147. UPN vs BET
  148. Copyright laws
  149. Paradox
  150. what is the worst English Dubbed Anime you ever wacht
  151. The British vs. Russian.
  152. Video Game Hacking?
  153. Adulthood
  154. Is Naruto the Reason why a 10 year old kid died?
  155. OFFICIAL Naruto Game Screenshots and links and Trailers are allowed
  156. Paper or Plastic?
  157. James Bond vs Jason Bourne?
  158. Jeeves Or Wooster?/House vs Martha Stewart
  159. Smoking or Non-Smoking?
  160. Hardy Boys vs Nancy Drew
  161. No Plot Kai this time...... Sephiroth vs. Cloud
  162. debate what is better FMA or Naruto
  163. Favorite kind of Chips?
  164. Where did the first living being come from?
  165. What Flavor is Stride's "Mega Mystery Flavor?"
  166. Why do people show public affection in public?
  167. The Battlegrounds by FierceNightmare.
  168. Happy Meals are Illegal in California......
  169. Are ordinary people fit to rule?
  170. The National Gaurd
  171. War
  172. Kyleigh's Law
  173. Gay marriage
  174. vegeta's respect
  175. Try to debate on this!
  176. Heaven and hell
  177. If WW3 was to happen...
  178. new law in arizona
  179. Hate Crime?
  180. If Pearl Harbor never happened...
  181. 70 years without food.
  182. Try to Debate on this PART 2!
  183. Existentialism: Worth it or just a waste of time?
  184. Kids Get Sent Home for Wearing American Flags to School
  185. Modern Day Segregation
  186. Predjudice
  187. Is the world too politically correct or incorrect?
  188. Why do people rob banks
  189. Is this case resonable or unfair?
  190. Bigfoot
  191. Cancel Black History...
  192. Is society raising us to simply conform?
  193. Creationism vs. the Big Bang Theory
  194. Obama on technology and video games
  195. Westboro Baptist Church = Another Hate Group?
  196. Pope finally confesses the Church's own sin!
  197. The United States Lying Down Nukes...
  198. Drinking
  199. Heaven is a place on earth
  200. The United States' Greatest Ally
  201. discussing
  202. Salsa vs Salsa Con Queso/Guacamole vs Sour Cream
  203. I Pity the Fool who don't know his Tea!
  204. mijuma vs. tsujaa
  205. Iron man or Iron man 2
  206. Joe
  207. Size
  208. Comics/Manga/Graphic Novels? Art or Craft?
  209. The Passion of the Mohammed????
  210. The Greek Gods
  211. Atlantis
  212. All Men Are Created Equal
  213. Fake Amnesty? Right or Wrong?
  214. Do you believe in sins?
  215. debate evolution
  216. The Birth Control Pill
  217. Losing our democratic rights?
  218. Which do you prefer?
  219. The Next Anti-Christ
  220. Numbers Debate
  221. Old Math vs New Math
  222. Gay Rights/Marrige
  223. 2012
  224. Ultimate Ethics Quiz
  225. abuse of the word "emo".
  226. Does This Sum Up Most Americans?
  227. Vaccines and Autism
  228. Hypocritical or Not?
  229. Does Luck Exist?
  230. What Happens When...
  231. i wouldn't be suprised if naruto goes CG
  232. Hypocritical or Not? (Different Subjects)
  233. World NEWS North Korea cutting all ties with South Korea
  234. Death Penalty
  235. There are two types of evils in this world.
  236. Norton vs Avast! vs McAfee
  237. Man lives less than women by sexual competition
  238. Do Humans create babies?
  239. The Essence of the Debate.
  240. Internet Browser
  241. Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Manga - We Could Be The Same (Turkey)
  242. The idea that women deserve more respect than men.
  243. Will we ever overcome hatred, discrimination and prejudice?
  244. Pushing Religion
  245. hentai
  246. bailout
  247. alchemy homunculi nicholas flamel and the philosiphers stone DISCUSS!!
  248. War and Terrorism.
  249. Vatican City, And The Pope.
  250. Skeptic