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  1. Naruto RP/FV Rules and Guidelines!!
  2. Joon vs V
  3. Naruto RP : Spectual vs Anyone
  4. Joon & Spectrual vs Innersakura & Chimp
  5. Bombs/Inner VS Nine/Naruto of
  6. Naruto RP: Seph vs Nauto
  7. Joon vs Mangetsu
  8. Practice battle: Electro vs Shisko
  9. Naruto RP: Konoha Chimp vs Raiden
  10. Training Battle: UN! vs Shisko
  11. Sparring Match: Spectual vs Nine Tails Bijuu
  12. Naruto RP:Roy vs??
  13. Test Battle: Shisko vs NINE & Zero
  14. Epic Clash: Roy vs Sayuri
  15. Naruto RP: Divine Rush VS Green Rust
  16. Naruto Rp: Zero vs Rai
  17. Naruto Rp: Green vs Rai
  18. Aeo Kyn vs Mekuto sparring match
  19. Mitchy vs Inner
  20. naruto RP Divine Rush VS Uzumaki Naruto!
  21. Rift Village Spar: Ryouta vs Genmetsu
  22. Battle: Nine's Death.... By Shisko
  23. Shisko vs Andrew
  24. Mitchy vs Sayuri's Bodyguards
  25. Sayuri vs Mekuto
  26. Gin vs who ever free battle/ non canan
  27. Samito (Greenrust) vs. Ninja (ILIKEPIE)
  28. Mekuto (Mekuto) vs. Gin (Shisko Shi)
  29. Sayrui (InnerSakura) vs. Max (joon61)
  30. Seisiki (Uzumaki Naruto!) vs. Pool (Pool)
  31. Fight me
  32. Mitchy vs Chimp
  33. Joon(The slightly strong newb) VS Noctis(The RP god)
  34. War! Bloody Skies!
  35. War of the Bloody Skies: Noctis vs Murai
  36. Rednotchi Tranning Battle.
  37. Divine and Aeo vs Greenrust (sparring match)
  38. Mekuto Vs Aeo Kyn Sparring Match v2
  39. Gin Vs Divine - Tale of the Past: The Final Arc
  40. Sparing Match. Rouge vs Oasis: Aeo vs Mitchy
  41. Greenrust vs Zorlock.
  42. Aeo Kyn vs Green Rust (Sparring Match)
  43. Naruto RP: Nine vs Divine Rush Spar
  44. Gin vs Raiden and his Army
  45. Konoha Chimp vs UN! {Spar}
  46. Someone fight meeeee!!!
  47. N.T.B vs Greenrust (battle/spar)
  48. Bombs vS joon (spar)
  49. Gin vs Oasis Kage with Biju and Canon
  50. Spar Divine vs Pool
  51. Zor is bored. Zorlock vs 2 to 3 people
  52. Naruto Rp: Seseiki vs Gin [Challenged by Seseiki]
  53. (NoS) vs. (Andrew Namikaze)
  54. N.T.B. vs ko lee (battle/spar)
  55. Chimp vs InnerSakura
  56. Roll up, roll up for a fight!
  57. CANON WAR: Oasis vs Rift
  58. Joon vs Pool
  59. War: Seph vs Inner
  60. ZeroxNightmare vs Naruto_Uchiha Spar
  61. The Deciding Factor: Pool vs. Mekuto!
  62. CANNON WAR: Greenrust vs ZeroXNightmare
  63. Ko Lee vs Chimp
  64. Giant in the desert. (non canon/not part of story just a boss fight)
  65. Is anyone up for a spar later today?
  66. CANON WAR: Sephiroth vs InnerSakura
  67. Official Judges
  68. {Final Exams} Nine Vs Saikoro
  69. {Final Exams} Aeo vs Mekuto
  70. {Final Exams] Shisko vs Zorlock
  71. {Chunin Exams} Ko Lee vs Sephiroth
  72. {Final Exams} Divine vs Uzumaki Naruto!
  73. {Final Exams} Pie vs Zero
  74. {Final Exams} Pool vs Chimp
  75. Zorlock vs dargon. (training)
  76. Training in VOTG. Zorlock vs Alexander.
  77. Canon War: Oasis vs. Rift - Rift's Demands/Peace Treaty
  78. Lone vs Pool
  79. Naruto Rp: Taeru Vs Anybody (Battle/Spar)
  80. Joon VS Greenrust
  81. Zor's Death. Zorlock VS anyone. (Canon only for Zor. Non canon for the other players)
  82. Fight Of The Week Official Thread.
  83. Legacy of the Sky! Noctis vs Max!
  84. Non Canon Fight?
  85. Anyone wanna spar?
  86. Green vs Shisko
  87. Zorlock vs anyone/non canon
  88. Fight Of The Week 1: Greenrust vs. Divine Rush.
  89. nun cannon fight?
  90. Bombs vs Noctis
  91. Samito(Greenrust) vs Sauntro(N.T.B.) [battle]
  92. Geo vs Taeru spar
  93. Fight me so I can get ranked.
  94. Aeo Kyn vs Konoha Chimp (Spar)
  95. Zorlock vs Greenrust/non canon. Have fun!
  96. Sai vs Shisko. Yoshimekiri Hazing?
  97. Joon VS Ghost
  98. Blood Training Spar Lucas vs Aeo Kyn
  99. lucas vs Michael spar.
  100. Greenrust (Akio) vs ...........
  101. Who wants to fight me?
  102. Spar- AeoKyn (Sunata) vs N.T.B. (Hisana)
  103. Spar- Mekuto VS N.T.B.
  104. Spar- Greenrust(Akio) VS N.T.B. (Hisana)
  105. Mr. Clinton's First fight! Anyone to fight me and I win!
  106. Greenrust vs Nine
  107. Sasori's Thread: (No one but Sasori and Shisko to post.)
  108. Mekuto VS Zorlock (Non-canon/sparring.)
  109. Zorlock VS NINE-TAILS-BIJU (Non canon/OCC)
  110. Joon VS Zorlock
  111. Alex vs Taki (canon)
  112. Danzi vs Taki (OCC battle)
  113. Me vs Anyone
  114. Open Free For All Skill Bout:
  115. Zorlock's beat down.
  116. Sai vs Chimp
  117. Ume vs Danzi (occ battle)
  118. Zorlock vs Shinagato/non canon
  119. Greenrust Vs. Hokage-Yondaime
  120. DemonKato Vs. Hokage-Yondaime
  121. NINE-TAILS-BUJI Vs. Hokage-Yondaime
  122. Don't do it
  123. Divine Vs Hokage-Yondaime
  124. How about a bout?
  125. Heiki vs Kojiro "invitation to tachibana clan"
  126. Divine Tenshi VS Ichiro Taiki
  127. Zorlock vs Ninjamonkies (Non-canon/spar)
  128. Mekuto vs Ryuthan
  129. Shinobi of the Month: Nine vs Moon
  130. Hey this is new and kwl. Anybody up for a battle??
  131. Chunin Exams: Nine vs Zero
  132. Shinobi of the Month: Divine vs Greenrust
  133. Shinobi of the Month: Aeo Kyn vs Hokage-Yodimae
  134. Shinobi of the Month: Noctis vs Chimp
  135. Pool vs. Greenrust
  136. Chunin Exams: Zorlock vs Zero
  137. Red vs. ???????????
  138. Epic battle Divine vs. Ninjamonkies
  139. SotM: Semi-Finals - Divine vs Joon
  140. SotM: Semi-Finals - Hokage-Yodnime vs Noctis Arashi
  141. Bamboo Spar: Aeokyn vs Sarutobi
  142. Shinobi of the Month Finals: Joon vs Noctis
  143. Bamboo spar: Monkies vs. Ryuthan & Saru
  144. Joon Vs ME!
  145. Zorlock Vs Paratus
  146. Sarutobi(Liam) Vs Ninjamonkies (Hyoketsu)
  147. SotM: August - Maikeru D. Shinigami vs Danzi
  148. SotM: August - Noctis Arashi vs Divine Rush
  149. SotM: August - Joon61 vs Konoha Chimp
  150. SotM: August - Devroux vs Red
  151. A Deal Between The Devil And A Splicer.
  152. Shinobi of the Month: August - Noctis Arashi vs Raiden
  153. Shinobi of the Month: August - Devroux vs Gaara S.
  154. Shinobi of the Month: August - Maikeru D. Shinigami vs Shisko Shi
  155. VOTG. Test Run. Bringing down the first of the tall ones.
  156. Shinobi of the Month: August Semi-Finals - Konoha Chimp vs Shisko vs Maikeru
  157. Shinobi of the Month: Semi-Finals August - Noctis Arashi vs. Devroux
  158. Gin Hayabusa vs ?????
  159. Who's up for a challenge?
  160. Battle: Maikeru D. Shinigami vs. Ninjamonkies
  161. OOC NinjaMonkies vs Aeo Kyn (Sunata)
  162. ZeroxNightmare (Zephyr Juchiho) vs AeoKyn (Sunata)
  163. Zorlock vs Shisko. OOC.
  164. nothing
  165. Zorlock vs Anyone. OOC.
  166. Sai vs Amatsu (THE DEATH ENDING THING)
  167. Shinobi of the Month: Finals August - Maikeru vs. Devroux
  168. Ryuthan vs the mysterious woman! (Canon)
  169. Gin vs The S Rank Giants. A Battle of the Unknown Land.
  170. Seph vs some random Fodder Ninja of some random Village:
  171. It's been a long time since I last Naruto RPed
  172. Divine Rush vs TheBeastMode
  173. Aeo Kyn vs Saikoro
  174. I feel the urge.
  175. Joon VS Zorlock
  176. Zorlock Vs Dargonget. Battle of brothers.
  177. OOC Cry for help, The Unknown Army.
  178. Divine vs Akuma Same
  179. The Noctis Gauntlet
  180. Noctis vs Joon
  181. Masaru Moto Vs Dargonget. Sparing
  182. Looking for anyone to fight me in a Canon battle.
  183. Naruto RP: Jounins (Best) vs Kage (Totally Not Best)
  184. Zorlock vs Joon!!! (OCC)
  185. Noctis vs Edyl
  186. Noctis vs Zorlock
  187. Noctis vs Chimp! Taijutsu battle.
  188. Noctis vs NinjaMonkies
  189. Noctis vs Joon
  190. Horizon Battle Ground
  191. Joon vs Aeokyn
  192. Lox the little bat vs Joon
  193. Me vs Anyone (non-canon spar)
  194. Shinobi of the Month - Round 1: Joon vs Zorlock
  195. Shinobi of the Month - Round 1: Sai vs Aeo
  196. Shinobi of the Month - Round 1: Noctis vs Green
  197. Shinobi of the Month - Round 1: Ninjamonkies vs Chimp
  198. Shinobi of the Month - Round 1: Shisko vs Dargonget
  199. Joon vs Ninjamonkies vs Noctis
  200. Shinobi of the Month - Round 2: Chimp vs Joon
  201. Shinobi of the Month - Round 2: Noctis vs Aeo
  202. (Canon) Kotetsu vs Ryuthan
  203. Zorlock, Joon Vs two other challengers.
  204. Shinobi of the Month - Round 3: Chimp vs Noctis
  205. Joon vs Zorlock
  206. The Final Challenge.
  207. Knock off the Dust