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  1. If you could make one filler jutsu, character and battle...
  2. If you could have any summoning creature, what would it be?
  3. If you could create your own, unique naruto character, what
  4. DBZ meets Naruto
  5. Which do you prefer:Anime or Manga
  6. naruto's world
  8. Naruto's 10th Anniversary: Japanese Site
  9. Shippuden Fillers vs. Naruto fillers
  10. When is Naruto Shippuden coming out?
  11. your fav manga
  12. Favorite Clan
  13. Favorite Movie
  14. Naruto Manga [Updated march 26]
  15. Favorite Team 7 Memebers, and why
  17. Favorite chapter or episode?
  18. Bijuu
  19. Chibi Madness~! ?
  20. The Best Akatsuki
  21. Fav jutsu
  22. Favorite Naruto game
  23. Anime Expo anyone?
  24. Favorite Opening/Ending Part 1 and 2
  25. Fave Book
  26. Who has the BEST lines in Naruto?
  27. Favorite Element, or Character
  28. Anyone here from the Bandaicg Naruto forum?
  29. Favorite naruto girl and guy
  30. Who would win
  31. Favorite team???
  32. **************spoiler warning*****Favorit akatsuki member???
  33. ******SPOILER WARNING******** Favorite Pain body
  34. what would win curse mark VS Biju mode
  35. Naruto's Mother: Dead or Alive?
  36. Kakashi vs Hidan
  37. Temari vs Ino
  38. Who would look best in an Akasuki robe
  39. What anime do you like besides Naruto.
  40. Pelet Choji VS Mangekyo Kakashi
  41. Dubbed, Subbed, Or Fan-Subbed and why?
  42. Absolute favorite thing in naruto
  43. The 6th hokage?
  44. What's the best arc in Part 1?
  45. Which one of these do you do?
  46. If you could control any element, which would you control?
  47. Who's your favourite Naruto Character
  48. Which New Forum Avatars do you Want Most?
  49. Naruto Shippuden Comes out winter 2009 ?
  50. Between shino and tenten which past do you want to be shown?
  51. Fillers......darn.....
  52. who would win in a fight?
  53. Who's art is better Sasori or Deidara?
  54. .... SPOILERS...Hidans birthday!
  55. Perviest Guy on Naruto
  56. sasuke, naruto, kakashi and sai, vs orochimaru, kabuto, ....
  57. which boy and girl would look better in an akatsuki robe
  58. Who has the best Jutsu?
  59. What is your nindo?
  60. Is there going to be any uncut manga volumes...?
  62. Laughing Shino arc
  63. Naruto in America
  64. Should Subbed Naruto Have the Cuss Words in it?
  65. The Official "When's the Shippuden Dub Coming Out?" Thread
  66. Fillers vs... Nothing
  67. If you lived in the world of Naruto what would u do?
  68. No Naruto April 11th.
  69. And April 11th at 9:30 is...
  70. Possibility of naruto coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Naruto back in the U.S. or NO
  72. The Official "The Naruto Dub Is Finished" Thread
  73. Did anyone go to Narutotrek recently?
  74. Who is better-Naruto or Sasuke??
  75. Random Poll-Dialga or Palkia?
  76. What age groups does "Naruto" appeal to?
  77. Stupid shows!!!!!!
  78. let's take a vote !!!! who is better tobi or sasori ???
  79. Halo war's vs naruto what team win?
  80. Who is you most all time fave Naruto Characters?
  81. What would u do to if u had chakra?
  82. My Poll who most emo
  83. The pain is coming to konoha!
  84. The reason sasuke won the fight!
  85. Twilight or Warriors Books?
  86. Censoring Error in Naruto Volume 37
  87. Who would win
  88. Favorite Nindos
  89. Favorite Naruto shipudden song
  90. Whats Your Favorite Tailed Demon
  91. Who's Sharingan is Stronger Sasuke's or Itachi's
  92. What if Oprah Showed the Naruto Manga Some Love?
  93. naruhina or narusaku?
  94. Yondaime vs. Naruto
  95. *****SPOILER***** Sasuke vs Itachi
  96. akatsuki
  97. Which Akatsuki Member Would You Married?
  98. favorite song
  99. Last Naruto Manga???
  100. What would happen if Sasuke returned to Konoha?
  101. Naruto vs. Sasuke, Final Battle.
  102. The Birth of a New Forum (for your viewing pleasure)
  103. NARUTO SHOW 323-324 comes out
  104. shukaku?
  105. Really is it weakining
  106. do you like fignewtons, nachos, or dolphins?
  107. Atatsuki
  108. If Kakashi combines his lightning chakra with his rasengan..
  109. With all the blood ingesting going on dosent anyone get AIDS
  110. Favorite and most powerful tailed beast.
  111. If you could be a ninja from the leaf village `
  112. quiz me
  113. when will three tails arc finish?
  114. if you were the creator of naruto series....................
  115. witch is better?
  116. Which apperance is better?
  117. Who you would like to meet.
  118. poll whers naruto going to air
  119. Naruto questions.******Spoilers******
  120. Which Is Your Favorite Clan?
  121. who you would have hot coco with.
  122. who for president
  123. The Office
  124. what's the most disgusting moment in naruto history?
  125. best character
  126. what was the best fight outta al of naruto
  127. Who naruto will end up with
  128. Who you would like to have a mustache
  129. Naruto subbed or dubbed
  132. When is Naruto caoming back ?
  133. black ops
  134. Sasusaku fans only!!
  135. what is your favorite fight with sasuke or naruto
  136. How did you find out about this forum?
  137. favorite character
  138. What game system?
  139. What Do you think will Anbu Black Ops will do in Konoha?
  140. Who will be the one from Akatsuki to join Konoha?
  141. Will Naruto destroy Ninja System?
  142. Who would you be more afraid of?
  143. Who would win between Kakashi and Guy?
  144. whose hairstyle is the best????
  145. who's hotter (for the guys out there)
  146. who's hotter (for the girls out there)
  147. Who is Tobi
  148. Time period of Naruto
  149. Deidara********Spoilers*******
  150. whois more emoitionless
  151. A question about Konan
  152. Crime Scene Naruto!
  153. Which do you prefer:Anime or Manga
  154. do you think pain and naruto are brothers???
  155. who's the ugliest characther for the girls.
  156. if you had to chose a strong naruto guy who would it be?
  157. i have a question about naruto/naruto shippuden
  158. what nick name?
  159. Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu
  160. akaukski vs sephiroth council+ heros of FF vII
  161. 5th Shippuden opening
  162. the final battle.who would win?
  163. Will Naruto become Hokage?
  164. kissing scene
  165. Manga fights **********spoilers**********
  166. Naruto might come to an end
  167. shikamaru fans
  168. Filler for Episodes
  169. Neji Vs. Spider-Man
  170. which akatsuki has the most cool abillity
  171. who is the cutes/hottes char on naruto that you would kiss
  172. Favorite avatar.
  173. Favorite Couple
  174. If Sasuke came to your house
  175. Which 'Teacher' would you like to have over for a visit?
  176. New avatars are awesome but I am getting confused.
  177. make up a character
  178. Naruto volume 45 cover in the U.S.
  179. If the Third Hokage...
  180. what jutsu is coolest?
  181. if you could be any akatsuki mem. who will it be ...spoiler
  182. which naruto char would you marrie
  183. Tenten vs Ino??
  184. What Ino couple do u like better?
  185. Spiderman VS. kakashi
  186. If Hinata came to your house?
  187. If Sai wanted to be your friend would you?
  188. The worst possible couple EVER!!
  189. What if?...
  190. If sasuke hugged you and kissed you
  191. Who is Tobi?
  192. byukugan,sharingan, or rinnigan
  193. If Ino came to your house...
  194. Naruto Shippuuden Movie: Kizuna (Bonds)
  195. If someone tried to kill your favorite character
  196. CCG, Uncut box set, Manga What do i buy
  197. Fav Anime
  198. Kiss Itachi (For Girls)
  199. Naruto Ending after pain
  200. Favorite Shippuden Arc
  201. If Shino pulled a prank on you by..
  202. Use of acceptable Swearing in the Manga
  204. Who do you want to die in naruto
  205. if you could create your own naruto episode......
  207. Nejiten or Leeten???
  208. Gaara kiss (for girls)
  209. Sharingan
  210. dance crazy
  211. Who do u like best???
  213. Vol 33 DVD Single - No
  214. If Sasuke wanted to be your boyfriend(GIRLS ONLY)
  216. Where do you get your Naruto books
  217. Hell Girl anyone?
  218. What would you eat if you were a ninja on a mission?
  219. The Apocalyps!
  220. Whats the newest naruto issue out in u.s.a.?
  221. Favorite Naruto Pairings
  222. Naruto Best Jutsu Element
  223. Created Character
  224. A Different Main Character
  225. Favorite Neji battle
  226. Naruto theories...
  227. which type of elemental ninja do you want to be?
  228. Favorit Hyuga
  229. best couples!! =) =)
  230. The Hidan and Asuma Fight *SPOILERS*
  231. what if sasuke stayed with the leaf village
  232. Naruto in china.
  233. Favorite Clan
  234. Favorite Sensei
  235. Favorite Puppet
  236. Who Is Better Sensei?
  237. Events that need some awnsering
  238. Episodes
  239. Favorite?
  240. Group info?
  241. Have You Ever.....
  242. akatsuki fans
  243. Favorite Sound Four battle
  244. taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu?
  245. MAIN PLOT
  246. Favorite Shikamaru battle
  247. Favorit Uchiha
  248. The Ultimate Jutsu
  249. If you Cosplay who do you cosplay as?
  250. Kisame at pool poll